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heart Now I Know

I just didn’t know what the worth of a gold is until I tried refining it. I didn’t care to check the intensity of the sun rays since I was complacent about the darkness within. I just thought I knew so much about love and now everything is measuring up to my past folly. And I could have boasted I would be all for a partner until my frailty played out.

So I met this wonderful wonder to my world. She was to me one of those ladies and I was to her the guy I have ever been – full of his own ageless emptiness. And I just didn’t know how love’s fortune shone on me. I just can’t tell how you have melted my heart and molded it better. of course, it’s still mystical how you have managed to make me this covetable version of myself.

Truly, I thought I knew about love and I was shocked to know I’ve been a celebrated defeatist all my life. With a feel of your love, my heart took a new turn. With a touch of your care, my soul was renewed, my spirit came to life. And here I am, with a lover I can be proud of all my life.

You, you and you have been the anchors upon which my life was being held. You and you have been the picture I see in my future. And you have been the source of my timely merriment.

Now I know that love is real and only the wise can testify. Your love has made me wise. Yes, I can proudly say I love you. Good Morning.

Heart Touching Good Morning Love Letters for Her

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  I Saw It Coming

I just knew I would pass the stage of loneliness into a union so treasured. I knew I would get past my limitless hurts and pain.

With you I have tasted love in its rarest sumptuousness. With you I have seen how things can change totally from worst to best – yes, you changed me.

When I met you, I saw the passion in your eyes. With each moment we had I saw what your love could offer. With each step along the way, I knew where this would actually lead. With your priceless commitment to this relationship, I have seen how excellent a life can be. With your outlandish care, I have been made to know that there are still angels in human form.

To say it as it is, you’ve been the same wonderful person I met some time ago. You have remained a friend, a confidant and a lover. You have become my timely source of joy and you’ve proven to be the best my life would ever need.

  Beneath the Surface

Can it be that I’m not losing my mind this occasion? Is this not just some fantasy playing in my head and with my emotions right now? 

Those were the thoughts that were running through my mind as I was ushered into the break of new daylight. 

My friends always make fun of me that I can never find love or be loved, they always talk me out of looking at the brighter side of each relationship that I may have found myself in.

As I’ve always battled with low self-esteem all my life, that when I met you I never believed I could be showed love the way you did. 

And I’ve never for a moment thought I’d find love in the place where I did, and how it all came about. 

You came into my life and you saw beyond all my flaws and shortcomings, you saw this handsomeness that lies within me which I don’t even know existed. 

Yet, you taught me not just to believe in myself, but also to have confidence in facing the difficulties and uncertainty of life again and again.

Thanks for coming into my heart; life and world, my dear. 

I love you so much more. 

  You Loved All of Me

We fall in love for various reasons at different times and places which are best known to each one of us. 

We meet someone, who upon meeting our lives have never been the same again, and that was the same story with me when I met you. 

Thou at the time when you came into my life, I was so furious with life since I’ve always been hard luck with love.

Life had hurt me in so many ways that I finally settled down with despondency and rejection, as I’m tired of fighting. 

And your friends said, you should have fun dealing with me because they never get a chance to know me the way you do. They didn’t even see what you saw in me. 

Despite my flaws, you loved me. Despite my imperfections, you loved me still and despite my shortcomings, you loved all of me.

I want you to know that I will cherish, honour and respect you better every day of my life with every of my last breath. 

Good morning from me to you.

  Lean on Me

In life, sometimes we are faced with situations that are most likely beyond what we ourselves can bear alone. 

Carried away with the present troubles of life, which are weighing heavily on our hearts, we lost track of ourselves and our paths. 

Each and every day, you’d be thinking and asking yourself; will there ever be a way out of this circus? How long am I going to be in this state? 

Fear of the unknown burns so hot in your heart, that you kept pondering what will tomorrow be like; better or worse? 

I’m not proposing to take your all struggles away at once, but I’m promising that we’re facing and going through it together because you’re not alone. 

Pour out all your cares, anger, worries and anxieties on me and I’d be happy to help you share and bear your burden and ease you off the weight and pains. 

When you need someone to lean on; a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to talk to, I’ll always be here, to give you that undivided attention you crave for.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.

  My Long Walk to Being a Gentleman

In my dealings with others in time past, most especially ladies, I’ve always been rude and grumpy to them.

How to be a gentleman was far from me as I found myself lost in thought this morning. I hardly know how to talk, dress, or walk like one.

As I was been raised up in more than five different foster homes in five different cities across the country.

Each home unleashed and opened my horizon to different characters and traits that are inhuman.

Little did I know that I’ve been gradually shaped into what I myself considered grievous with a daily encounter with folks in the environs.

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How can I recover from this madness? Is there ever going to be a cure for it?

My upbringing in the past didn’t avail me the platform to develop how to treat and respect ladies nor talk to one.

And then, I met you and you came into my experience and change my whole concept of how a lady should be treated and cared for.

I’m a perfect gentleman now, all thanks to you, for not giving up on me even when I pushed you away countless times.

I love you to the moon and back.

Good morning and have a great day.

  Definition of Beauty

On a very lovely and sunny day, I was reminiscing about what beauty entails, and what can be seen before someone is said to be beautiful.

I got myself in a deep thought and at the same time questioning; “can someone be pleasing and not beautiful?”

As different strokes for different folks, same is true with each and everyone’s opinion about the definition of beauty.

And to me, when a lady is with little or no facial make-up; blush, eye lining or lip rouge and she’s still very winsome to the eyes of the beholder, that’s what I call “Awelewa.”

Then again, you walked in and I was swept away by your fragrance and lost in the glitters on your face.

You don’t have to go the extra lengths or do the unthinkable just to look gorgeous and elegant as you’re amazing just the way you are.

You’re indeed a definition of beauty, my love. You know that I love you right? Well, I do.

  My Virtuous Woman

Once in a very faraway village where debauchery and licentiousness, indecent and evil runs in the veins of most of her inhabitants.

They lived an old woman with her young and handsome lad, who always stand for what’s right and true.

Despite the air she inhaled and the water she drank were contaminated with vice, she’d encourage and charge her son never to give in to such immoral life.

Sooner than later, death claimed my mother’s life to breast cancer and I was all by himself with no hope to live anymore.

Then you came into my life at the time I was really depressed and lost, taught me to live an ethical and upright life once again.

You turned out to be the virtuous woman, whom my mother sent to me in place of her, to always keep me in check when I tend to go astray.

I love you so much more than you know.

Good morning from me to you.

  You Alone

In days of tragedy and moment of uncertainty, I always long to be with you in your bosom as I do find the courage I needed to start afresh with you alone.

And when I’m financially not flamboyant, emotionally tired and physically down, the appropriate antidote for me anytime is you alone.

I wouldn’t mind doing the unfathomable just to put a smile on your face, and no pranks that I won’t be able to pull off just for you alone.

There used to be a space in my heart, but not anymore as it has been filled up to the brim with your love and you alone.

And each time we spent together was awesome and delightful, as they were never a dull moment with you alone.

The best thing that I ever had and I will always have; to love, honour, protect and cherish is you alone.

And all I needed in life to fulfill God’s divine purposes and plans concerning my life is you alone.

You’re no doubt a source of life to me, and I couldn’t have wished for another beside you alone.

I love you beyond words.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.

  Blessing Indeed

Most times we always look for the right thing in the right place but always at the wrong time.

Feeling depressed and sad when we couldn’t find or get hold of them, and sometimes think less of ourselves o the long run.

Such was the state that I found myself in, as each and every day I keep fighting and beating myself up.

Till when I was knocked out of happiness, I was completely drained of strength and was emotionally tired.

But you stood by me and encouraged me to never give up, you inspired me to soar higher amidst the challenges of life.

Then, it caught me off guard when I found out you were all I needed all along to unlock my heavenly treasures.

Indeed you’re my blessing in disguise, as from the moment you stepped into my life, my joy knows no bounds.

I love you more than love itself.

Good morning and have a great day.

Sand of Time

Recently I’ve been having terrifying nightmares about my past life, since I had a very tough and rough time growing up.

I’ve been emotionally wounded and bruised from ill luck relationships in which I was entangled in.

Even though when I tried hard not to think about it and forget that I’ve ever been in such a mess, the scars it left on my heart just won’t heal.

Every night I get to face and deal with the horrors playing in my head as I lie down to sleep, before I was brought back to reality by the cock crows.

And I was at the edge of losing my mind, after been tormented every single day that I felt miserable.

You came and brought restoration to me; comforted me in your bosom and healed me of the scars which have haunted me so much more.

I love you so much more.

Good morning and have a great day.

  Thank You

When I thought there was no reason to live again, you came and gave me one, thank you.

You encouraged me to never tap out or give up when life seems to press heavily on me, thank you.

When I’m down and I needed motivation, you cheer me up and inspires me to never lose hope, thank you.

I’ve confidence that our future is bright and glorious, because you’re in my life now, thank you.

And I’m so blessed as you gave me a reason to love even deeper than before you came into my life, thank you.

I’m joyous as you loved all of me – flaws, shortcomings and imperfections, thank you.

It’s a pleasure to have you in my life, my dear. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for yesterday, thank you for today, thank you for tomorrow and thank you for being real.

I love you beyond words, my dear.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.

  Until the End

As humans, often times we are faced with uncertain circumstances that are most likely to stick around much more longer than we expected.

We’re always on the look out for whom to throw blames at for the situation that we find ourselves.

Forgetting that, why the problem stick with us, is that we are in possession of what it takes to solve it.

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I was furious with life, as each day brings back memories of past hurts, defeats and failures.

Such was the dilemma that I was entangled in, and was faced with a decision either to give up or not to give up.

Right about that time, you provided me the strength and courage I needed to carry on, my dear.

You’re always there for me even when I feel like I don’t deserve you nor your love.

I love you more than love itself.

Good morning from me to you.

  You’re Everything

If ask, different people will say different things about you depending on what you’re to them.

Parents, you’re their very own favorite daughter, while siblings; you’re their one number sister of life.

To friends, she’s the coolest and understanding person ever to have as a friend.

An agent; you’re a client, while to an employer, you’re just one of her various employees.

You’re only a passenger to a bus or taxi driver, and to a market woman, you’re one of her customers.

To classmates, you’re a colleagues, and while to others you’re just YOU.

But to me, my love, you’re so much more than that, because you’re my everything; my all in all.

From your pretty eyes to your small nose, from your compassionate heart to your glittery face and down to your sexy legs, I love it all, my dear.

I love you beyond words.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.

  Twist of Fate

They were days that I took your emotions and kind gestures and understanding for granted.

Many times also I’ve denied you undivided attentions and affections as I ought to have given you.

I promised not to hurt you, but I find myself hurting your feelings over again unconsciously.

As some of the uncertain circumstances we faced are what makes or mar us.

No matter how many times there was a fuss between us; how much we disagreed to agreed, it has never made me careless about you.

And it will never make me to reduce neither my respect, honour, love, care nor value for you; it will never.

I know that we’re always stronger when we join our forces and stand together, no matter the situation we are faced with.

I’ve learned to trust in us from you, my love, even when there’s every reason to doubt.

You know that I love you right? Well I do.

  Imperfect Us

Sometimes I wondered why you’re still with me after causing you so much pain and suffering.

They were times we quarrel and resent each other as relationship is not always some bed of roses.

I know that mistakes are inevitable in relationship, we utter words we don’t actually mean when we’re angry.

We argue not because we find joy in it, but it helps us to respect our differences.

Disagreement opens up our mind to see and appreciate one another opinions regarding an issue.

We fight not because we enjoy doing it, but we always do learn from each battle ground at the end, which is what I love about us.

We’ve had worst things than this in the past, still we triumph over and over again together.

The beautiful part is, they help us to strengthen our relationship ties when its done in love and view from a positive perspective.

So I’ll always fight for and with you and our relationship, no matter the prize to be paid and no matter what obstacles to conquer.

I love you more than love itself.

So I wish you have a great day. 

  My Life’s Chef

I’ve always been so miserable as life seems not to be fair on me, at least that is what I thought.

Since my life was so much more tasteless just as a food without salt is insipid.

Nothing was intriguing and interesting to me anymore, and I’ve lost my taste buds to the unforeseen circumstances I once met with.

I was never appease with what life throws at my table, just as unseasoned dish only satisfied hunger, but you never get filled, so was I.

And here you are, you bailed me out of the prison of malnutrition that my heart and soul was in.

You’ve spiced me up from the first day that I set my eyes on you and you came into my life.

You alone add the flavours my heart yearn for and give me a second chance to love and live again.

I love you so much more.

Good morning and have a great day.


Most folks tend to think that our affair is a perfect fit, they are no ups and downs in our lives nor in our relationship.

Someone once said:
“I really do cherish their relationship, they don’t have anything to worry about”

While to another:
“I wished I’m the one in this sort of romance, where everything is just too perfect”

Truth is, once awhile, unpleasant things are bound to happen in any relationship which we have to deal with.

Times and Days you’d feel like calling it quits, because you can just stand it anymore.

We too had our moments and differences, ups and downs, and concerns we have to handle on a daily routine to keep our love flourishing.

They were days we had to disagree with each other in order to agree, sometimes, starting a fight that don’t worth winning.

And they were times we had fuss, days we resent each other and moment we had to argue.

Amidst it all, we respect our differences, we appreciate our similarities, we agree to stay together and fight for our love.

I love you beyond words, my dear.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.

  The Girl from My Dream

On a very cold wet night, I got home all drained as it was raining so heavily outside and I was really tired.

As I curled up on the sofa listening to music on the radio, was suddenly lost in my thoughts, then I found myself in a very faraway city – wonderland.

Here in an imaginary place of subdue comeliness, I met a lady. She was beautiful, strong, elegant, caring, and lovable.

She accepted me the way I was, and love me for being real.

My day was incomplete without seeing or hearing from her, as she later became a bigger part of my life.

I was knocked out of my thought and back to reality by a loud terrifying sound from across the street.

And there you were, standing in front of me wearing a big smile on your face like the lady in my dream.

All I could come up with as I opened my mouth and tried to speak was; “you’re here too”

Then I realized, you turned out to be the girl whom I’ve been envisaging in my heart.

I love you more than love itself.

Good morning from me to you.

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  Stay With You

Sometimes we find ourselves in conditions where we ought not to be or don’t wish to be.

While in this horrible situation, we end up in a total state of confusion.

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As challenges and temptations are what we can’t run away from as long as we’re in this planet.

It’s also a reminder that, as human we’ve got water and blood running in our veins.

They are what will either make or mar us, depending on how we approach and take a stand to face them.

When everything seems to be unbearable, unpredictable and uncomfortable with you, don’t tap out, my love.

You’ve been in such dilemma before, and you’ve gotten out stronger and better than you were before.

And you’ve taught me how to persevere in difficult times, stand tall and fight even when all odds are against me.

I want you to know that I will always stay with you, no matter whatever you’re passing through. I’m always here for you, my dear.

You know that I love you right? Well I do.

Good morning from me to you.

  Just a Hurdle

Often times, we find ourselves envisaging on what a life without an issue to deal with would be like.

Having a problem free life, where you don’t have to deal with emotional stress; financial crisis and environmental plague.

We tend to forget that those problem we’re dealing with won’t be here forever.

It’s a phase each and every one of us in the journey life must pass through in order to get to where we planned to be.

It’s also another one of life’s numerous hurdles we all sometimes need to jump over and over again.

And as you embark on this race course, I want you to know that, I’m with you to motivate and cheer you up, my dear.

I love you more than love itself.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.

  A Detour

Unpredictable events happens in life which sometimes do take us off the right track on the road in which we are journeying.

They were different exists on this new highway in which we find ourselves walking on while others are driving.

Should I take this exist; the next one or the one after that?

That has been the question we ask ourselves and sometimes battle in our minds on the driveway.

Though all exits are good since they are no wrong exits, but not all good things are right either.

And our different destinations in life happens to turn some good things to bad things.

My love, I want you to see this obstacle as only a detour to arrive at your destination.

And I’ll be honoured to enjoy the ride with you, my dear.

I love you so much more.

Good morning and have a great day.

  Made for Each Other

There’s always a vacuum of problem which life creates for us that we need to take care of.

But most of us don’t even pray to have any problems or difficulties with our spouse.

Often times, they tend to be what we don’t bargain for, and here we have to deal and clean up the mess after life.

And we too, just like every other folks, have been through one of a hell situation that early cost us our lives.

We were once at the verge of crying ourselves out and we had a choice to give up on each other, but we didn’t.

Why? Because there’s still something to fight for; something we both treasure; something that’s very dear to us – OUR LOVE

We go through one trail to another, yet they didn’t break us, instead we wax stronger together, because we’re made for each other.

I love you beyond words.

  You Saved Me

At a very tender age and growing up in a small neighbourhood, I don’t believe that there is something called “Second Chance”

I’ve been gambling with life and lived it like a gamble game I thought it to be; and I was careless about where and how I lived it.

And then, my life turns upside down within a twinkle of an eye, and I knew then that my life will never be the same again.

I was very upset with how my life turned out to be; and it was crystal clear that I’m left with the option; “just give up.”

There was nothing left to live for; there was no future to hope for; and there was no point living anymore.

Just when I thought I was at the end of my road, and that nothing good can result out of my life.

You came around that period, you saved me and gave me a second chance to live, my dear.

You know that I love you right? Well I do.

Good morning from me to you.

  Dance in the Rain

Life in the city was always moving too fast and furious and so was with mine, that I never take a moment to stop and think about you.

How you cared for me; how you inspired me; how you respected me; how you loved me; how you motivated me. I almost forgot about it all.

And I almost forgot about you and your love that you’ve bestowed upon me.

I was caught up with the affair of the world, and I didn’t notice that I was hurting you so bad for neglecting you outside during those cold wet nights.

Just then, I was thunderstruck and was brought back to my reality about how I’ve not been giving you the affections you deserved.

Can you dance with me outside in the rain, please? Allow me another chance to cherish and love you again.

I love you so much more.

Good morning and have a great day.

  My Wonder Woman

Each and every day you amaze me, and leave me dumbfounded.

As no two people does it like you do nor how you will handle me.

The way you kiss and caress me each time when I’m curled up with you in your bosom.

Being with you makes my day better and my life much better.

When I’m down, you motivate me; I’m stronger when I’m with you. You helped me to soar higher more than I could have attained on my own.

You’ve add so much value to me ever since our path crossed and you came into my heart.

You’re indeed my woman of wonder, my dear.

I love you more than love itself.

Good morning from me to you.

Once a Dreamer

And like every other young and vibrant teenagers, me too have a great deal of dreams to accomplish.

The top most of it centered on my desires and needs in a relationship; what the lady should possess.

I’ve been envisaging how the woman of my life should be and what she would look like.

Kept asking myself if dreams ever come true; are they not just some sought of myth which we’ve taken to be fact?

With you in my life now, it’s an assurance that dreams do come true.

I can continue to dream the more because they are certain to come to realization as long as you’re with me, my dear.

I love you beyond words.

So I wish you have a great day. Good morning.