Good Morning My Love Poems for Him or Her

Good Morning my Love Poems for Him or Her: Good Morning My Love Poems for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife. Sweet, Cute & Romantic Good Morning Love Poems to make your Lover feel on top of the world every day.

Can We Talk About Poetry?

You can’t underestimate the power of poetry to help bolster up the romance in a relationship. And when you need to say good morning my Love poetically, these Poems are Sweet and Cute enough for you to use.

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Have a good day Love Poems for Him or Her.

Good Morning Sweetheart Poems for Him or Her

When your sweetheart deserves the best of sweet poems for him or her to wake up to, these good morning sweetheart poems are the best for him or her. Th best of good morning sweetheart poems for the one you love. Romantic good morning love poems for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. The Moment I Met You

I saw boundless love the moment I met you,

The moment I met you, I knew your love is ever true.

How I wish this has happened earlier in my life,

If it has, now I would have more than I have.

Good morning my love.

2. I Love You with Every Part of Me

I love you with every part of me

I love you with every breath in me.

Doing this forever, is sure for me,

Cuz your love is true and cute for me.

Good morning my love.

3. Love that is Everlasting

Love that’s everlasting and enduring

Still always hoping and untiring.

Such that is ever cleaving and never leaving

Is what to you I will forever be giving!

I love you. Good morning my love.

4. I Will Be Here with You Forever

Your love to the whole world I declare

Forever in love with you I will be here

Whenever you call I will be there

Never far away from you but always be near.

Good Morning my Love.

5. My Love for You

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My love for you will be precious than laurel

My words, bringing sweet memories not quarrel

Heaven on heart will our love be, not hell.

You my sweetness, the whole world I can tell.

Good morning my Love.

6. I Need You to Know

When all in life amounts to zero

I will stand by you, be your hero

Even when all answers end in no no

I will be your yes, just need you to know.

I love you, good morning.

7. Your Love is Real not Fake

Swimming for real in the ocean of your love

So soothing it is like downpour from above

It’s a lovely thinking of you whenever I wake

And I have tested your love, it’s real not fake.

Good morning my love.

8. How Are You Today

Yesterday was lovely and good am I today

Smiling at your thought, not much words to say

Can’t keep you off my mind, even when I lay

You just on my mind, like my heart is on relay.

Good morning my love, how are you today?

9. Without You by My Side

Incomplete was how I felt without you by my side

It’s too much to bear, the feelings I just can’t hide.

Going through the day without you is twice as bad

Be there for me today, or you will make me go mad.

Good morning my love, have a great day ahead.

10. You Are a Priceless Treasure

Priceless treasure of highest value

Closer ever to my heart, is who you are

You ever caring, so loving and so true

The best I can ever find, surely that’s you.

Good Morning my Love.

Good Morning Love Poems for the One You Love

One simple proof of love and affection for the one you love is to share affirming words of love. These good morning love poems for the one you love will do just that.

11. You are a Gift from Above

Forever is my heart opened to your love

For you are a gift sent to me from above

Loving you forever is all I’ve come to do

Sticking with you, forever me and you.

Good Morning my Love.

12. My Mind is Made Up

To love you forever, my mind is made up

For better for worse, with you no break up

Romantic streaks all the way, going non stop

And if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.

Good Morning my Love.

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13. Loving you 247

To love you I will do, 247

Perfect are we, combined we are seven

Made to last, our signed from heaven

Complete we are, like a team of eleven

I am secured in your love, you are my haven

Good morning my Love.

14. Our Love will Last Forever

I love you, and I am doing this for me.

For without you, lifeless is all of me.

I am taking this far more than you can guess.

And that this will last forever, it’s yes and yes.

Good morning my love.

15. I Promise to Love You Forever

To love you forever, this I promise me,

And to stay close forever, that’s same me.

Giving you romantic moments, beyond your guess

That also I want to do, throughout my years.

Good morning my love.

16. This is Who I Want to Be with You

Someone who will brighten up your day

Someone who will stay and no going away

Someone who will take off your shame and pain

This is who I want to be to you, again and again.
Good morning my love.

17. The Reason for Your Happiness

For your happiness, I want to be the reason,

And to love you, I’ll do that in and out of season.

Romantic moments with you none missing.

And your heart that you give me, not misusing.

Good morning my love.

18. Thank You for Loving Me

Of all close to my heart you are the very first

Of the loveliest in my heart, you are the first.

No one and nothing ever made me feel this great,

So thank you for loving me at this rate!

Good morning my love.

19. I Want all of You

My happiness, when the morning comes

And my joy, to make my days awesome.

I want all of you in and out, not just some.

For without it, my life is full of raging storm.

Good morning my love.

20. You Came and Saved Me

I remember when life was so hard for me

The more I tried the worse I saw of me.

But you came and you saved me

Oh how I’m loving this new life of me.

I love you. Good morning my love.

21. How You Make Me Feel

No one else has ever made me feel this way

For dark and gloom without you is my day

Making me feeling like all day is pay day

You are one in a million, that’s all I can say.

Good morning my love.

22. I Am Lucky to Have Chosen You

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Looking back I see I’m lucky to have chosen you

Looking into my future, I’m glad it’ll still be with you.

Nothing do I plan to live for, if it’s without you…

My life would have been nothing if not with you.

Good morning my love.

23. You Bring Much Pleasure to Me

You are my smile and laughter sake

Bringing much pleasure to me when I wake

Your sweetness to me, more than of best cake

Cute smiles and laughter, yours real not fake.

Good morning my love.

24. Your Feeling is more than Ecstasy

The feeling of your love in me is more than ecstasy

The thought of you in me is more than romantic

This is more than all I’ve heard and known about love.

This is really making me feel on top of the world!

I love you, my lovely sweetheart.

Good morning my love.

25. You Brought a Turnaround to My Life

I never thought I could get all you give me, in a lifetime.

I never thought I could feel complete any more.

You coming into my life is for me a big turnaround,

And I choose eternity to thank you for all you have done.

Sweetheart, I love you. Good morning my love.

26. How My Life is Without You

Like a confused stranger on a trip without road map

So is all my life, morning night and noon without you.

I could try, try and try to be better on my own

But the best I can ever be is through you my love.

I love you my sweetness. Good morning my love.

27. Through Life’s Thick and Thin

When life makes you go through thick and thin

Look back and forth and I sure will be there

When hopes seems dashed and you’re fainting

My allegiance to you will not wane my dear.

Good Morning my Love. Have a great day ahead.

28. My Love for You is Real

My love for you is real, not blatant lies

Look deep, and you’ll see it in my eyes

Staying with you I’ll do, no goodbye

To love you I will do, even until I die

Good morning my love.