50+ Sweet Cute Good Morning Texts Messages for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Plus, Lovely Compositions of Sweet Cute Good Morning Love Texts Messages for your Husband, for your Wife, for your Baby Boo, for your Sweetie or Sweety pie, for your Man, your Woman or your Lady.

You can also use this collection to say I Miss You to your Lover in the morning, by ending the messages with “I Miss You”. Send this to your Sweetheart early in the morning and wait to see the magic of texting your lover.

Did You Know?

Every morning is just the same one until it is accompanied by sweet accolades from a loved one. When you receive a morning greetings cum wishes from someone you love, amidst untold challenges, then no doubt that you are really being loved.

Love is only said to be fantastic when it’s shown in romantic ways! And these good morning messages and other love messages on this site are written to help take your relationship to the greatest height.

Do you have someone to share these messages with? Then such must be a great person. These are Best Collection of Sweet and Cute good morning texts messages for her or him to wake up to. Perfect Love Sms to assure him or her your Love in the morning.

“Never miss a day without saying good morning to your love. If you do, you will build up your relationship forever.”

Wait… See these Cute Love Paragraphs for Your Girlfriend.

Heartfelt Good Morning Text Messages for Him

Here are lovely good morning messages and quotes you can send to your boyfriend to gear him into fulfilling day.

There are moments when lovers don’t miss each other,

Moments when they don’t feel for each other.

The last time I checked, such don’t exist between us!

I miss you more than you could ever imagine.

Good Morning my one and only.

In love, forever I will love you

In care, forever I will care for you,

All that you need, I will give you,

Till death, my heart belongs to you.

Good morning my heart and my love.

Great oceans are made from small drops,

As great buildings are made through foundations

No matter how long it takes

Our love will stand sure and stay forever.

Good morning, my love.

Morning night and noon, every day of my life

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Your thought is so great in my heart

Knowing I have a future with you,

I am as blessed as ever. I love you.

Good morning, have a great day ahead.

My life is sweet but sweetest with you,

My heart is lovely but loveliest with you,

I see myself so great, but greatest with you,

Forever and ever it is me and you.

Good Morning my lovely sweetheart

Heartfelt Good Morning Text Messages for Girlfriend

Sweet and amazing good morning messages for her that will make your girlfriend love you the more.

Of all women, you’re God’s best design

That true love is real, you are sure the sign.

My love my life, my joy combined

Good morning to you, my heart, my sunshine.

Mornings are beautiful and so are you

Sunshine is bright and so the smile of you

Beautiful and glamorous, that is you.

Lovely and ever caring, still same you.

I promise to keep you ever beautiful.

I choose to bring the best out of you.

Lovely and lovely forever shall you be.

This is my purpose and plan for you love.

Good morning my angel.

All your plans today will succeed,

All your doings will end in success.

You will stay great and stand up tall.

You will not be derailed and you won’t fall.

Good Morning My Love.

It won’t be in my heart ever to leave you

But stronger and stronger in love to make you

My morning night and noon it will be you.

If I ever come to this world again, it will still be you.

Good Morning my lovely love.

Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Boyfriend

Make your boyfriend eager to enter into today, because of the great assurance this good morning messages for boyfriend will give to him after reading it.

It’s worth more than thanking God for,

My life every morning and night with you,

It’s more than moments of fun,

Spending my days with you.

I love you, good morning sweet.

Forever in your love, I am lost

Without you in my life, sure I am lost.

Forever through your care, I want to live,

This is true, and not make believe.

I am your six and you are my five,

I am serious, I need you to survive.

It is you I want- only you my love.

For you are the moment of joy in my life.

Good morning my love.

great idea is complete with execution

And an ocean is great if not stagnant.

My future proves lovely since it’ll be with you.

How happy and blessed I am having you my love!

All my worries are gone,

All my struggles are done!

My future is great with you

And from now, that I can envisage.

I love my life with you. Good morning

Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Girlfriend

Don’t let a day like this start, without you sending good morning messages to your girlfriend from your heart.

  • There is something I love about my night

It’s sleeping and still waking up renewed of your love

My life couldn’t have been great this way

Thank you for choosing to be mine. Good morning.

  1. Thank you for always being there

Thank you for being my one and only dear.

Thank you for ever being close and near.

Ever grateful and ever grateful I am my dear.

I wish you Good morning my love.

  • Waking up every blessed morning

And having my bath, saying my prayers

And dressing up gorgeously,

But without the thought of your love

Is a sure way to have a bad day.

Good morning my love.

  • Every morning when I wake

I thank God for the gift of life

I thank Him for making me lovely

And also thank God that I have you

Good morning my one and only.

  • Faith rules out all fears

As abundance rules out lack

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Your love rules out the worst in me

And I am lucky having you as my love.

Cute Good Morning Texts for Him or Her

Make this morning an excellent one for your boyfriend or girlfriend with lovely good morning text messages and quotes for him or her from the heart.

  • Your love for me is more than waking up and remembering that I have someone like you. It’s the reason my heart beats well whether I am asleep or awake.
  • No matter how the night ended, knowing you will be part of my day is enough to get up well and better.
  • Your presence might be the worst gift ever for some, but I am glad it’s the very thing that makes the best part of me.
  • Good morning my armour. I am set for the wonderful moments of today. Sweet will it be since you are there.
  • I don’t want this thought of you to only end in my mind. Seeing you today would be a dream come true. A deal? Just saying Hi.

Best Good Morning Text Messages for Him or Her

Here are good morning your lover will like if you send it to him or her.

  • I have found the love of my life, I am done playing games. My heart is forever yours my love. Morning.
  • I feel like I own all the words in the whole world. Funny enough none is fit to describe how I feel for you. Good Morning my desire.
  • Lovely, that’s every moment with you. Lonely are the ones without you. It’s going to happen again today. Good morning. I miss you.
  • The best of my life’s ecstasy is the fact that you are in my life. Thanks for giving me the chance to be your love. Good morning to you my love.
  • I have chased bad dreams, but they all ended the moment you stepped into my life. You are my angel. Good morning.

Classic Good Morning Messages for your Lover

Do you want to be classy in your greetings to your lover this morning? Just send him or her the following classy good morning text messages for boyfriend or girlfriend from the heart.

  • Our love is made of more. Its ecstasy is built to last. Limitless streaks all the way. I am glad it’s with you. Good morning my heart.
  • Relax my love. I am always yours. I belong to you forever for none else fits in my heart. Morning my dove.
  • Our relationship proves more glorious each day. I wish the celebration also comes at same rate. Good morning my love.
  • All mornings come with a desire to love you more, knowing your presence in my life has ever we been the reason I am moving on. Thanks my love.
  • I might not be the sun to brighten your day, but I will be the source of joy by which your hope wouldn’t smolder. Morning.

Sweet Good Morning Love Messages your Lover will Love

Use the following good morning my love text messages for lover inspire you boyfriend or girlfriend into a perfect day.

  • So far so good, no regrets and no ill-feelings. You rock my world baby. I love you. Good morning and have a wonderful day ahead.
  • Come rather not come shine I am staying with you. Just came to reassure you of my love for you. Good morning and have a super great day ahead.
  • I wake up each morning with the tingling feeling that I owe you much. You have given me more than I ever asked for. Good morning my dearest.
  • Shout out to the woman of my life. You deserve the best from me. Just want to say good morning. Mwah.
  • Shout out to the man of my life. Thanks for always being your best. I wish I could do more! Morning sweet.

Sweet Beautiful Good Morning Love Messages for your Lover

Make your message be the source of courage to your darling by send him or her the following cute beautiful morning my love messages for him or her.

  • Your love is giving more than I ever wished or asked for. You are my world best. I love you a lifetime. Good morning my sunlight.
  • Nothing makes a good morning more than the standard scintillating fact that you are in my life. Morning, I love you. Morning.
  • The sun is really trying to lighten my days, but 100 of it wouldn’t lighten my heart. It is your love that does that. I love you. Morning.
  • The moon is gone, the sun is here and soon will be gone too. But I will be here for you all day my love. Good morning. 100 Kisses.
  • You deserve the best of me. You are more than being far too kind. You always make my day.
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Wake up Text messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Be the one to wake your lover up from bed by sending him the following good morning have a great day ahead messages for boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Much of joy I start my day with. Much of happiness are lined in the moments in it. This couldn’t have been great without you. Good morning.
  • Joy beams on me, my heart sings for joy. I am merry. And these because, I have a lover who cares enough to make me glad all day. I love you sweet.
  • I stop being worried about my past the moment I found you as the joy my daily life needs forever. Good morning my best friend.
  • With every morning comes boundless opportunities for me to be glad, especially when it starts with your thought. Good morning my sweet.
  • The thought of your love is more than tickling sensations, and that of your sweet embrace is more than a lifetime of ecstasy. It’s happening again. Good morning sweet.

I Love you Good Morning Text Messages for the Love of My Life

  • My best of mornings come with a Cuddling warmth from you, whether you’re here or not doesn’t matter, as long as you are in my heart. Good morning.
  • Loving you with all my might come easy. Awake am I for your love all day, no dizzier. How this makes me feel, oh yeah tipsy! I love you. Good Morning.
  • Of all life’s pain, you have become the best of soothing relief. You are the awesome rhythm/beat my life wants to dance to all my life.
  • I am no more afraid of tears because you’ve got the magical wiping hand. Sadness can’t stay in my life again since you became my happiness.
  • We have come this far that it’s not worth looking back again. I am with you my love, come what may. Good morning, have a great day ahead.

Does these describe your Lover?

“You can’t be more romantic than that. The way you speak to me always show your high level of humility, love and care. It always melt the pains and agony inside of me, whenever I have any. I can beat my chest that school didn’t teach you that. It’s self-made! I love you.”

The first time I saw you, the attraction we shared was undeniable; explosive and romantic, even. This did stir something within me that had turned my whole life around. It took hold of my heart and set it romantically aright. The heart that was once shattered – broken in pieces – now beats in love.

I couldn’t imagine life would treat me fairly. I never thought I could get the best out of life. You are my best. You are my love. My life, my prime source of joy and happiness you are. You mean more than the whole world to me. I love you.

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