Celebration of Life Invitation Messages and Ideas

Celebration of Life Invitation Messages: Celebration of life is a unique occasion arranged to celebrate the loving memory of a deceased loved one. The entire ritual is a time-honored way to respect the departed soul and an opportunity for the loved ones to recall the fond memories they shared with their loved ones. Finding the right wording to invite someone to write a celebration of life party invitation or a memorial service card can be difficult. The entire affair is more informal than a funeral. Below you will find some excellent ideas to invite someone to the party of celebrating life. Read the sample messages for the celebration of life invitations below and use them to welcome people to your precious one’s celebration of life.

Celebration of Life Invitation Message

We have held him in our arms for a while, but our hearts will hold him forever. You are invited to celebrate our dear (name) ‘s beautiful life on (date, time, and location).

Our beloved (name)’s love leaves memories in our hearts that nobody can steal, and to honor his memory, you are invited to celebrate his meaningful life.

Please join us as we celebrate the life of our beloved (name). His beautiful life needs to be remembered and honored in the most charming way.

You are cordially invited to join us to celebrate the charming life of (name). We request you to bring your fondest, most lovable memory of him with you.

Joy resides shyly beside woes, and to celebrate that joy, the family of (name) invites you to celebrate his beautiful life on earth.

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Let’s celebrate the most thoughtful person we ever met who had touched so many hearts in his lifetime. Join us with your thoughts, prayers, and precious memories of the departed soul.

You are invited to join the celebration of life service of (name) on ( date) at (time, location). Please come and celebrate the life which sprinkled our lives with joyous moments.

Raise a glass with cheer and remember the happy times. Let’s celebrate our beloved (name)’s life together with a smile on our face because he would love that. Join us on (date, time, location)

Please join us to celebrate the well-lived life of our dear (name). Join us to remember our loved one and to have a celebration of his/her memory.

A beautiful life is deserved to be celebrated most beautifully. We hope you will join us in this celebration of life on (Time, Date, Location).

Memorial Service Invitation Message

Memories of our loved one are precious, and the time to recall those precious memories is now for it is very of utmost importance to keep sorrow at bay. We invite you to the memorial service of (name) on (date, time location).

Leave your sadness at the door and join us on (date, time, location) to have a memorable memorial service in loving memory of (name)

The honor of your presence is requested as we gather on (date, time, location) to remember our loved one.

Please join us in the celebration of the beautiful life of (name). Your precious presence will honor the memories of our departed loved one.

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Let’s find the joy of knowing and reminiscing the memory with our beloved (name). You are invited to the memorial service of (name) on (date, time, and location).

Please join us as we celebrate our memories with our loved (name) on (date, time, and location). Your precious presence will be appreciated.

Wear your best apparel and join us to toast this beautiful soul who had touched our lives in so many beautiful ways. Join us to remember (name) on (date, time, and location).

We invite you to share your beautiful stories about (name) with us on (date, time, and location). Let’s have a happy time in memory of (name)

The last thing (name) would want to have us crying over his loving memory. So, we invited you to the best memorial service one can ever have. Please join us with a happy smile on your face to celebrate his happy life on earth.

To honor his glorious memory, we invite (name)’s family and friends on (date, time, and location). Please do join us at his favorite place with your happiest memories with him.

The entire concept behind the celebration of life is to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away. When a loved one dies, a period of unspeakable grief follows. But instead of grief, you can choose to pay respect to the departed soul by celebrating his life. Finding the right words to invite friends and family for the celebration of life events can be a tad tricky. But we’re here to help you. Equip yourself with the right words to craft a celebration of life and memorial service invitation. Fill out your tailor-made celebration of life invitation card, letter, email, or social media invitation with our template messages. Celebrate the memories you shared because even though the person is no more, the memories you shared with him were meant forevermore.

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