Baby Shower Invitation Wording and Messages

Baby Shower Invitation Wording & Messages: Maybe you just have known about the good news and thinking of announcing the news of pregnancy. Or you have decided when to have the baby shower and looking messages for baby shower invitation card. Whatever it is, throwing a baby shower party and sending invitations to your guest, friends, colleagues or relatives is essential. A baby shower party is a pretty occasion that holds so many love and blessings for the upcoming baby and celebrates the happiness of the expectant parents. Keeping in mind the feelings of the mommy-to-be and of course the daddy too, here we’ve arranged some baby shower invitation wording and messages ideas.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Bibs, diapers and bottles, the little one is coming! Make the baby shower of our first child memorable with your pleasant presence.

We’re about to have a baby on due, but have no clue! So just have fun, wine and dine on our baby shower party. Please do come.

No hint whether it’s a girl or boy, but it’s a twin! Please join us on this moment of joy to twice the excitement with a book instead of a card.

Magic is about to ferment with the arrival of our twins. Please join us to honor our twins-to-be.

Ahoy! A precious bundle of joy is knocking our door as ten little toes and fingers are crawling down from heaven. Join us to celebrate this remarkable moment.

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With the grace of God, we’re going to be three as a little angel is on its way. So let’s make this exciting day special with a baby shower.

With Bonanza and fun, we’re having a party to spin. Be a part of our paradise and celebrate the arrival of our little munchkin.

Our life’s greatest adventure is about to start. Please join us on this special occasion to welcome the advent of our first baby.

Baby Shower Invitations For Boys

Our little world is going to be completed as we’re expecting our baby boy to come to this world. Let’s celebrate this blissful occasion with lunch and games.

An adorable little boy is about to lighten up our world very soon. You’re invited along with your family to make this happy moment more cheerful.

He’ll be daddy’s copy and Mommy’s good boy; waiting eagerly to hold him in our arms. You all are invited to twice our happiness.

Life is offering us the most precious gift ever in the shape of our baby boy. Please join us for a baby shower to welcome our prince.

It’s a boy this time and our adventure begins with love. Join us for a baby shower to make the fun of this adventure hilarious.

With little dreams, a tiny little boy has sent from heaven. Join us to celebrate the happy occasion of a baby shower.

We’re very exhilarated to welcome our adorable little man into this wonderful world very soon. Hope you’ll be happy too to celebrate our newest addition. You all are invited.

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With the grace of God, we’re expecting a baby boy. So come join us for a baby shower with games and lunch.

Baby Shower Invitations For Girls

A baby girl is just on her way. Please join our baby shower party to welcome the baby and bless the mom-to-be.

Daddy’s little chubby princess is on her way. Make yourself free to join our baby shower party to welcome the baby girl and the mom-to-be.

With happy smiles and blissful hearts, we’re waiting to take the little chubby cutie in our arms. You’re invited to bless the mom to be and her upcoming princess.

With her heavenly smile and pleasant presence, she’d make everything worthwhile! Having our little princess shortly. Please join us to make the baby shower cheerful.

We’ve arranged for a baby shower and Luncheon to heartily welcome our second darling daughter. Please do the honor to join us.

Daddy’s princess and Mommy’s heart is on her way to come. We humbly invite you to join us for a baby shower.

She’d be the light of heaven and beauty of the world; we’re the lucky parents-to-be of a baby girl inviting you for a baby shower.

Our cutest baby girl is almost here and it already feels like pink and pink everywhere. As the baby girl is on her way, all of you are dearly welcome to join for a baby shower.

Funny Baby Shower Invitation Messages

A Tutu or a tie, that’s a surprise! We’re expecting our first little munchkin on its way. Please join us to twice the joy.

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Whether it’s a little lady or little man? What do you guess? Come to our baby shower to reveal this.

All over again all those little tiny clothes, toys, diapers, cradle and all those going to take place in our home. Please join our 2nd baby shower.

First was blue, and now it’s pink; we’re happy to spread the happy-sprinkle. Come join our baby shower party. Don’t forget to bring a book with your sign!

We’re looking for the big day coming when our little monster will come to this world. Join us to make our waiting memorable.

Baby dolls, tea parties, tutus, ribbons, and bows- we’re waiting eagerly to see all these around the home. Come join us on our baby shower of baby pink.

As our superhero is on its way, so set apart this precious day! You’re invited to join our baby shower for a baby boy.

Tiny gaping and sleepy sighs; nursery rhymes and lullabies- we’re the parents-to-be! Inviting you to join our baby shower with love.

So, your little one is a few days away from you. Congratulations you for this beautiful milestone of your life. You can choose perfect wording for the invitation of your baby shower from here. We hope that you would like the above mention baby shower invitation etiquette, template and the idea of inviting the guest with humor. Make your special day more precious with our arranged baby shower invitation messages and wording ideas.