Funeral Invitation Messages and Wording

Funeral Invitation Messages: Losing a family member or a close friend is the worst nightmare for anyone. The grave loss puts the friends and family in shambles. But, even in the moment of great despair, some rituals and customs must be maintained to pay respect to the deceased. The funeral is a ceremony that holds great significance and a way to honor and remember the deceased person. After a person’s death, all his/her friends, colleagues, and acquaintances must be informed of this unfortunate event. This is not an easy task at all. Most people don’t know what to write in a funeral invitation. So here are some examples of funeral invitation messages and wording.

Funeral Invitation Messages

I would like to invite you to the funeral ceremony of [Name]. I hope you will come and pray for the deceased soul.

With a sorrowful heart, we are informing you that [Name] is not among us anymore. I hope you will attend the funeral and bid him a last goodbye.

[Name] used to adore you a lot. He always treated you as a family member. We will be really grateful if you come and pray for his departed soul.

Tomorrow the funeral ceremony of [Name] will be held at [Place]. We are expecting your attendance at the funeral.

We would like to inform you with a heavy heart that [name] passed away today morning. We are arranging a small funeral tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers.

Everyone will have to go when their time comes. This is the truth of life. We are holding a funeral ceremony in memory of the deceased soul. May his soul rest in peace.

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With the deepest sorrow, we would like to inform you that [name] is no more with us. We are holding a family funeral. I hope you will come and be with us.

[Name] lived a very beautiful life. Till her last breath, she enjoyed her time. I hope you all will remember her enthusiasm for life. Please come tomorrow to [Place]. We are holding a small funeral for her. 

All of us will have to go someday. And [name] left us all today. I hope you will come to her funeral and bid her last goodbye.

[Name] was a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. She always took care of everyone around her. I hope you will come to say the last goodbye to her tomorrow at the funeral.

In loving memory of [name] we are holding a funeral tomorrow at [Place]. I hope you will join us with your prayers. Lunch will be served at the funeral hall.

We would like to inform you, [name] passed away today morning. I hope you will remember her happy face forever. Please join us tomorrow at her funeral.

Life is short but [name] definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you will cherish all the happy moments of him forever in your heart. We are holding a funeral tomorrow, so please join us.

Dear [name] is no more with us. But he will be forever in our hearts. Please join us at the memorial service tomorrow. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Our beloved [name] is no more with us. He fought till his last breath like a warrior. I hope you all will join his funeral tomorrow to pay your respect to the deceased soul. May his soul rest in peace.

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The funeral ceremony is a very heart aching event. All the friends and family come to bid their last goodbye to the deceased soul. Everyone recalls all the beautiful times with that person. Some people mourn, some pray for the deceased soul and the family they leave behind. Some people arrange food and prayer sessions. It is not easy to arrange a funeral, also not easy to write an invitation to your close one’s funeral ceremony. The deceased’s relatives and friends must take the initiative to reach out to everyone as soon as possible. And to bid sweet goodbyes to the deceased in a proper manner send out funeral invitations through printed letters or online messages. Here are some examples of what you can write on a funeral invitation card.