4 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Counselor

In this contemporary world of ours, it is without a doubt that an average person’s first port of call in dealing with life’s problems is the internet. Whenever you want to solve a problem you first of all do an online search. Thus, it is only natural you would also turn to the internet when you want to hire the services of a counselor.

Obviously, there are several counselors offering online counseling services to potential consumers or clients. So, the question is, how can you make the best choice out of many available options, in a way that it won’t just be a chat with a random counselor but will have a strong therapeutic impact on your life?

Below are some things to consider in order to make an informed and educated choice when choosing an online counselor.

Find Out What You Want

Making sure you have a clear understanding of what you want from an online counseling service is the first thing to consider. You need to have a good knowledge of what you want to get counsel on, and what your goals are. Counseling hinges mainly on the level of the relationship existing between the counselor and the client. Determine what is important to you in getting the service of a counselor. What are those qualities you need for a counseling chat? Would you want either a younger or an older counselor? Is a counselor’s gender of any importance to you? Do you want a counselor with a similar cultural background as yours?

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How Much Do You Know About Counseling?

To become a reasonable counseling client, capable of making an informed decision, you need to be properly educated on what counseling is all about. Make out time researching different counseling modes online.

Consider various options relating to counseling approaches (such as narrative, cognitive behavioral, and person-centered) and have a clear understanding of what is best for you. It is also advisable you consider how this counseling will be delivered to you. There are different ways this could be done online, so find out if you will be more comfortable with a face-face counseling chat, an e-mail counseling chat, or any other method available before choosing an online counselor.

What Are the Skills, Professionalism, and Experience, of the Potential Counselor?

When you opt for an online counselor, you will be having a relationship with a particular person, unlike using an e-counseling website. Though the website may disclose some details about the counselor you may want to talk to, it is necessary you evaluate the professionalism of the counselor yourself. Find out what his/her qualifications are. Does he/she have a formal academic qualification gotten under internship supervision? Is he/she licensed? Find out if the potential counselor is bound by any professional code of ethics, and if he/she can provide answers to your questions professionally.

Is Their Counselling Style a Good Fit for You?

Make out time to interview your counselor so as to understand how he/she works and also to find out if their counseling style is the best fit for you. Certain necessary features of any counselor include a covetable listening ear and empathy. If an exploratory or creative counseling style, and a good sense of humor, are a real catch for you, you might decide to go for it. Any other characteristics that may be of importance to you should be clearly noted, and ensure you look out for these when choosing an online counselor.

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