10 Steps to Get the Beautiful and Healthy Summer Body

The approaching of summer sees droves of new members enrolling in gyms aiming to get well-shaped and beautiful bodies to flaunt in the summer on the beaches. Most people do anything possible as they take abs workouts and fad diets which offers them crazy promises of gifting them healthy, fit and amazing bodies for the summer. However, it is crucial to take steps and strategies that will result in overall wellness and does lead to unhealthy trendy dieting or sustaining injuries from doing overly intense exercises. You should avoid those diets that come with promises of great bodies in a few weeks as they cause body deprivation of essential nutrients and other harmful habits.

Below are some healthy steps on how you can get that beautiful and healthy summer body:

  • Avoid the “Quick Fix” Trap
    It is common to hear or come across quick-fixes to a healthy body like slimming pills or diet, but you should avoid them. The best idea is to make small, healthy changes in your lifestyle that you follow through consistently. Go for the changes that suit you- be it adding one more workout to your weekly routine or taking a healthy breakfast or drinking plenty of water. To achieve a life=long lifestyle change, you need to keep taking steps in the right direction.
  • Forget the Weighing Scale
    The weighing scale can cause you untold frustration and negative feelings about yourself by giving false results. The scale readings do not necessarily show muscle gain. Use other better measures to determine your fitness like how well your clothes fit, and improvement in energy levels or ability to handle more reps or workouts you could not do previously. However, if seeing your scale readings motivate you, go for it.
  • Keep Your Heart Pumping
    Frequent workouts are necessary for great physical and mental health. You should aim at doing cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes daily for five to six days in a week. You do not have to go to the gym daily. You can have a variety of high, moderate and low intensities in your cardiovascular training and benefit from having your heart beating well and getting that killer physique.
  • Strength Training
    Endurance training results in great physical and mental health. These workouts improve your metabolic rate resulting in continuous combustion of calories all day long. Other benefits of strength training are gaining lean muscle mass and general body strength, enhanced endurance, performance and energy levels. all these help you to keep your weight in check.
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  • Dieting is a Big No
    It is advisable not to diet but to eat healthy as you will drop the diet someday. You ought to get a healthy relationship with food and eat to benefit your body. Eat a variety of foods that are healthy and nutrient-packed and enjoy yourself. most importantly, consume lots of fruits and veggies.
  • Olive Oil
    Olive oil is a healthy oil that has plenty of essential monosaturated fats necessary to keep the skin healthy and protect it from UV rays. You can take a tablespoon of olive oil daily or have it with salad or fish to get the essential fatty acids for a healthy and soft skin.
  • Make Healthy Smoothies Your Friend
    You can keep yourself well-refreshed throughout the summer by taking healthy homemade smoothies that are made up of fruits, low-fat yoghurt and some ice to keep you cool. However, avoid smoothies that are a product of frozen yoghurts or ice-cream since they may be highly packed with calories.
  • Drink Lots of Water
    Sweating that occur during hot summer days may leave extremely dehydrated which is unhealthy it may trigger a craving for foods which you really do not need, You should drink lots of water and not to wait till you feel thirsty as that is a bit late. You can also go for other healthy alternatives like green tea or coconut water if plain water is not appealing to you. You could also throw some fruit like lemon to spice up your plain water.
  • Do not Do Drastic Changes
    Avoid taking drastic changes in diet as they may harm your body instead of benefiting it. Instead be gradual. You can cut on sugar and avoid too much salt. You need to avoid a sudden health kick and instead take plenty of fruits, vegetables and food with lots of fiber. A sudden alteration in diet could cause bad bloating so get into the healthy food you intend to be your lifestyle gradually.
  • Use Sunscreen
    The hot summer months can easily spoil your skin due to the destructive UV rays so you need to make use of some sunscreen lotion, with not less than SPF 30. Also, if your skin is sensitive, consider using a mineral-based sunscreen and avoid sitting in the sun during the sun’s hottest hours-10am to 4 pm to minimize UV radiations. When you are out in the sun for long hours, keep applying the sunscreen once in two to three hours.
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