5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Hiring a Teenage Therapist

As a parent of a teenager, it’s no more news that they go through several emotional ups and downs due to the pressure they get from their social lives, school, and the general bewilderment that comes with growing up.

Most times, what these teenagers need is the attention of their parent. However, certain problems that are more difficult to solve may also arise, such as prolonged mental stress, major life changes, or tricky family problems. These types of problems can be best solved with the services of a professional and experienced therapist.

Although therapy for teenagers may sound strange at first, it can go a long way in making sure they recover from any mental disorderliness or stress they find themselves in.

As a parent of a teenager, here are five questions you should ask before hiring the services of a therapist for your child.

How Does Therapy Help Teenagers?

Therapy can help teenagers become more aware of different situations, thinking patterns, as well as reactions affecting their emotions. Therapy also educates them on how to regulate and keep their emotions under their control. Teenagers usually deal with more challenging and complicated social and emotional issues, thus making a good professional therapy service the right way to solve these issues.

What Is the Number of Therapy Sessions Required for a Teenager?

The number of sessions needed depends on the specific problems, and also the commitment, effort, and motivation of both the teenager and the parent to apply the skills and strategies listed out by the therapist. However, research has found out that teenagers with most common social or emotional issues like mild or moderate worry or anxiety usually need about 8 sessions in order to make a solid progress.

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Does a Teenager Need Privacy During Therapy Sessions?

Teenagers need to have some private time or space where they can freely and safely express their feelings and thoughts without the inspection of their parents. Although it is advisable teenagers share their therapy sessions with their parents, you shouldn’t make it compulsory. Always respect their decisions for maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

This confidentiality, however, can be broken when it is believed these teenagers are at on the verge of causing more damages to themselves or to others.

How Much Does Teenage Therapy Cost?

As a parent whose teenage child is in need of the services of a therapist, it is imperative you know how much each therapy session will cost. Depending on the type and the location of the therapist, as well as the issue your teenage child is facing, prices can vary greatly.

For example, therapist offering 100 percent independent and private services tend to charge more than government-funded therapy options. This is because there are certain substantial overheads as well as a highly trained therapist that are involved in providing high-quality therapy services to your teenage child, in a comfortable office and a central location.

Parents that cannot afford a private therapy service can ask their GP for a referral to the best government-funded therapy service available. This will help in ensuring your teenage child gets the therapy service they need.

How Often Should a Teenager Attend Therapy Sessions?

This also depends on the specific problem, and how quickly he/she is making progress.

But for most mild or moderate issues, like anxiety or worry, a few weekly therapy session is enough to fight against any immediate challenges. This can then be followed by other fortnight therapy sessions for the purpose of practicing and reinforcing new habits and skills.

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In conclusion, teenage therapy is one of the best solutions for any child going through any form of mental disorderliness or stress. As a parent, you need to have adequate knowledge about teenage therapy before enrolling your teenage child for any therapy session. This will help eliminate future mistakes and regrets. Having a personal conversation with your child about hiring a therapist shouldn’t be overlooked as his/her opinion is necessary for a successful therapy experience. Find out more here.