Trending I Am Happy Because You Are in My Life Quotes

Either way, happiness is a very beautiful emotion: one we can’t really explain, but when we are happy, we just know it, irrespective of how good or bad our day may be.

Most times, our happiness is always attached to the feeling of being loved or cared for by someone: something we should always be thankful for. And who else should make us happy if not our family, friends, lover of our lives, spouse, or other significant fellows as the case may be.

Now, we know that great difficulty is always being posed when it comes to finding the right words to say thank you to the one who has always been making life meaningful for us; that’s why we did this compilation of 2019 trending I am happy because you are in my life quotes to lovers and relations alike.

With this list of seventy carefully scripted and well written quotes, you too can tell your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, significant other, or even friend, how special he or she is to you through the years, and how you want to make him/her yours forever.

I Am Blessed to Have You in My Life Quotes

Are you blessed and happy for the gift of love and friendship from this person? Then use these I am happy because you are in my life quotes and messages for him or her.

  • I am happy because you are in my life, and I am grateful to God for the kind of person you have been to me over the years. I love you so much.
  • If there is anything I am ever grateful for, it is the fact that you came into my life at just the very moment when I was thinking of giving up on life. I am so happy you are in my life, and now living in my heart.
  • I really believe that you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for being so sweet.
  • You have been the only reason why I have been happy in the last two months. That’s because I met you two months ago. Please, don’t stop loving me; it’s the only thing that has been keeping me going.
  • The way you laugh gives me a feeling that I’ll always be laughing for the rest of my life. You are so important to me, and I am forever thankful for that.
  • Hello handsome/beautiful. Sometimes I look at you and I wonder how I got to be this close to you. I am damn lucky!
  • I started flirting with you because you were the hottest girl I had ever laid my eyes on. Now I have fallen in love with you because you have the most beautiful heart I have ever felt. I love you.
  • Is it love? Is it friendship? Is it close-ship? Is it relationship? Whatsoever it is we are having, it mustn’t end. Because you have been a blessing to my life since we began doing things together.
  • Sometimes I wonder I am strong enough to fight for love. Then I remember you and I suddenly grab my sword. Lol!
  • I’d do anything just to have you stay with me for the rest of my life. I love you, and I’m grateful for our friendship.
  • There isn’t one person in this world that I want more than I want you. You’ve been so amazing to me.
  • I have become addicted to you because of the charming aura which your presence brings. Thank you for being you.
  • Until my very last breath, I’ll never stop thanking you for who you are. And even in death, my soul will be thankful for all you’ve done for me. I love you that much!
  • I’m going to make endless memories of you; and when I get tired, I’ll begin all over again, and make endless memories of you.
  • I wish you more than you wish me for the day. I wish you smiles and laughter birthed by sweet memories. Have the best of your day dear.
  • You won’t know how much you mean to me until you check my heart and figure how much I’ve been thinking of you.
  • I met you for a reason…and I am thankful for that reason…just that I don’t even know the reason. Lol!
  • Whenever someone asks me what I am most grateful for, you always come to my mind. Because you are the best thing that has happened to me in the last one year.
  • I’m grateful to God for your life, and I want to let you know that spending most of my time with you has made me realize how much I’ve been missing things in my life.
  • I haven’t always been at my best when it comes to loving you, but you have been my strongest source of finding love. I will never be perfect for you, but I promise you I will always love you with all of my heart.
  • I love showing you how much I love you because I am happy for how good you have loved me.
  • To lose you is my worst fear…I don’t think I can live without you. You have bewitched me: my spirit, my soul, and my body.
  • If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you.
  • Words can’t describe the energy that runs through my body whenever you’re around: just by your touch you make me forget the rest of the world.
  • There’s just something about you I’m scared to lose because I know I won’t find it in anyone else. What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.
  • I am happy because you are in my life. If I am the choice of choosing anyone in the world, it would still be you.
  • I promise to plant kisses like seeds on your body, so in time you can grow to love yourself as I love you.
  • I love seeing you happy and my biggest reward is seeing you smile.
  • It doesn’t matter how I call you baby girl, little kitten, princess. At the end of the day they all mean the same thing. I am just happy you are in my life.
  • When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I see you. There is nothing I can do without thinking of you. I think you’re just the best thing that’s happening to me every day.
  • I love it when I call you those funny names. Because for that moment, it makes you happy. And I’m always happy when I see you happy.
  • Maybe I’m scared because you mean more to me than any other person. Maybe I’m scared because I may lose you like I lost the rest. But you are everything I think about, everything I ever need, and everything I want.
  • I am in love with your smile, your voice, your body, your laugh, your eyes. But most of all, I am in love with you.
  • I want to hold your hand when I walk in the dark. I want to see the stars as I laugh at your jokes. I want to kiss your lips as I look into your eyes. And I want to cuddle with you as I talk about my day. You’ve been the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • Words aren’t enough to tell you how wonderful you are to me. When I am with you, I always want to grab you and kiss you long into the night.
  • One text from you changes my whole mood. Thank you for your love.
  • I only saw you for a second, but it made my day.
  • When I looked at my past, I saw something missing and then I realized it was you. Thank you for coming into my life just when my life was going missing.
  • I’m having one of those days that make me realize how lost I’d be without you. I love you, sweetie.
  • When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, and remember that’s where my fingers fit perfectly.
  • I don’t think you understand how important it is for me to hear you talk to me every day. I love you my jewel.
  • Your kindness and super care always make me wonder what life would have been without you. You are my hero and I love you eternally.
  • Thank you for being a kind person to me. When you need someone to be there for you, I’ll be right there by your side always!
  • You have this incredible way of making my heart happy. Thank you for being the source of my happiness.
  • One day it finally came true: the special someone that I loved, loved me too. And that special someone is you.
  • To survive, humans need food, water, and shelter. Me, I just want you and everything your body presents.
  • To have you in my life is my joy. Be with me always!
  • My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction.
  • They say you only fall in love once, but that can’t be true… Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.
  • I love my life because it gave me you, I love you because you are my life.
  • They say love hurts, but I’m ready to take that risk if I’m going to be with you.
  • There are only two times that I want to be with you. No, three: today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • Your love is the only armor I need to fight all of life’s battles. It’s the reason I’m happy you’re in my life.
  • My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you!
  • Before I was in a relationship with you, I was suffering from commitment phobia. After being in a relationship with you, I am suffering from an addiction phobia. I now love you too much. Lol!
  • You’ve been the source of my strength: all of my fears and worries seem to disappear when I am with you.
  • I am very selfish and self-centered about the things that I want, and the thing that I want most desperately is… your happiness.
  • I don’t care, whether it is a selfie or a belfie – any photo that has you in it, makes me go crazy. I love you.
  • Even the mere silence of love has the power to drown out all of life’s chaos. I love you.
  • I am so cold this morning. I think that it’s time you wake up from your slumber and we cuddle.
  • I knew I was in love when I stopped thinking about how pretty you look and started seeing the beauty within you.
  • Kiss you, think about you, hug you, drool over you, miss you, dream about you – these are the things I can do anytime, anywhere and all day long. I love you.
  • Thanks so much for your morning SMS. Really glad to have you in my life. I wish you the best of today as you wished me too. Love you, mwah!
  • I plan on being with you until forever ends.
  • No matter how secure I would ever make my heart, you will remain the only one with uninterrupted access. Don’t ask why, you just deserve it!
  • Every time we cuddle turns into my life’s newest priceless memory.
  • Love makes you realize that life doesn’t need to be perfect as long as it is happy.
  • Just like how nothing and no one can come close to looking as pretty as you, nothing and no one can come close to loving you as much as I do. I love you.
  • Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. And now, I’m already planning to live the rest of my life with you.
  • You know, sometimes, I don’t even have anything to send to you as a message. But the thought of you alone becomes an instant sms to me. Thank you for being everything to me. I love you everyday, and forever more.
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• The morning breeze on my face makes me think of you. The sun on my skin makes me think of you. Even the birds singing their beautiful songs make me think of you.

• Hey baby. I know that you had a long night, so I sent you a picture of the sunrise, so you could see how beautiful it looked today.

• The more I’ve gotten to know you, the more I’ve realized how awesome you are. I love you.

• I love you more than words can define, feelings can express and thought can imagine.

• If you were Facebook, I would check your updates 24/7. If you were Twitter, I would keep tweeting ‘I Love You’ every day. If you were Instagram, I would upload our selfies all day long. If you were Pinterest, I would pin my heart on you.

So there we have it. 70 messages to suit your rightful expression for how happy you are to have your significant other in your life. As always, you can edit or alter some words to use what is most appropriate of your daily language.

Plus, we added few bonuses beyond the 70 marks just to give you a few extra lines you could find useful in other ways.

What do you think about our post? Which particular number gets straight to your heart and drives home your point? You can share the post with friends or drop a comment to tell us exactly how you feel.