Sweet Romantic Love Messages for a Loving Husband

Sweet Love Messages for Your Husband, Romantic Love Texts Messages for Your Husband or Cutest of Love Text Messages to Say Good Morning, Good Night, I Miss You, I Am Sorry and Thank You for loving me?

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Romantic I Love You Text Messages for Husband

If you want to be happy as a wife, then you have to make your husband happy. Here are romantic I  love you messages and quotes you can use to make your hubby happy.

1. Love Is

Love is…
The look in your eyes when you wake me in the mornings
The feel of your heartbeat next to mine
The gentle feel of your caress when you touch
And the kind consideration with which you treat me.

2. My Knight

You’re my Knight in shinning armour
The strong reassuring arms I run to every night
It feels so good to be loved by you
And to know that this love will never end.

3. You’re The Best

To me, you’re the best amongst men
Your strength lies in your sterling character
You shine forth as gold from amidst them all
You’re the best and I love you with all my heart.

4. My Man

My man is as strong as a stallion
His head filled with Godly wisdom
On his shoulders are grace and honour
His feet as sure as the sun on a summer morning.
I am so proud you are my man.

4. Your Gaze

Your gaze sends the shiver down my spine
I live for the look in your eyes
You’re the reason I glow
You’re the reason I smile.

5. I Am Blessed!

I am blessed amongst women
Because you crown me so beautifully
No one sees my shortcomings
They’re buried in the thick folds of your love.

6. I Wake With A Song

I wake with a song
I shine all day long
I conquer and I slay
All because you’re by my side.

7. The Elegance Of Your Stride

I love the elegance of your stride
The genuineness of your smile
I love the confidence in your gait
The sureness of your love.

8. I Never Knew

I never knew love could be this sweet
With nothing but beautiful moments
Loving you is like an old wine
It keeps getting tastier with each passing day.

9. When I Met You

My search for love ended when I met you
You fulfill me
You complete me.

10. Thoroughly Satisfied

I’m thoroughly satisfied with you my love
No one can love better than you do
You crown me perfectly, totally
I’m thoroughly satisfied.

11. Different Packages

Love comes in different packages
But I’m lucky you’re the package
In which mine came in.

12. When You Look at Me

When you look at me
My heart forgets to breathe
My voice catches, my brain freezes
And all I want to do is bask in the love in your gaze.

13.Your Love

Your love frees me like a bird
I’m in flight to touch the skies
I’ll achieve the best of my dreams
I’ll reach the zenith
And it’s all because of your love.

14. I’ll Still Love You

The sun will stop shinning
The moon will finish its course
The earth like a carpet will roll away
All these will happen, yet I’ll still love you.

15. You Evoke in Me

You evoke in me the strongest of emotions
So pure and true
Emotions timeless and ageless
Famed from the days of the ancients to contemporary times
You evoke in me beautiful love.

16. Your Chest Is Home

Your chest is home
That gives shelter from all my fears and doubt
It keeps me warm from cold and chill
Your chest is home and I know it beats for me.

17. You’re My Crown

You’re my crown
And I wear you with pride
You fit so perfectly
And sit gracefully
I’ll gladly do your biddings
And follow your lead
Cos with you l know my heart is safe.

18. My Heart Is Locked In Yours

My heart is locked in yours
Safe, never to be released
And it rejoices because we beat as one.

19. Your Voice

Your voice is music to my ears
The sweet melody that sets me on course
The smooth blend that torches my heart with fire.

20. I Admire You

I admire the raw power you exude
I admire the humility with which you exercise it
I admire the way you head our home
I admire the way you guide and shield us.

Thank You Love Text Messages From Wife To Husband

Whenever you appreciate your husband as a wife, then you tend to receive more goodies. Here are Appreciation Love Text Messages for Husband you can send to your lovely husband form your heart.

21. Look At Me

Look at me
See how I glow
See how I radiate beauty
It’s your love that gives me my shine
Thank you for loving me the way you do.

22. A Silent Code

There’s a silent code
An unwritten law
Even now, it is pervasive
In many homes, in many lands
A woman should be seen, not heard
Not so, in our home and it’s all because you understand
All because you choose to be different
Thanks for giving me a voice my love.

23. Thank You

Thank you my love
For the helping hand you’re always willing to lend
For your ever ready shoulders to lean on
For your eyes that see the tears even before they’re shed.
Thank you because your heart knows and cares.

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24. My Covering

Thank you for being my covering
Thank you for shielding me from the world
Thank you for loving me like no other
Thank you for being my umbrella.

25. What Patriarchy Says

Patriarchy says ‘ hush woman’
It says ”ssh! Your opinion woman doesn’t count.”
Patriarchy has no use for me beyond my vagina
But you my love, you shine
Oh you shine,
You amplify my voice
You believe in my abilities as a human equal to any man
Your chivalry has no hint of superiority.
I just love you my love and I thank you.

26. You’re My Man

You’re my man and I’m proud to be called your woman
You’re complete in yourself
And it’s so easy to just complement you
You don’t put me down just so you could shine.
You believe in me and support every of my dreams
For all these and more I say thank you my darling.

27. My Strength in Weakness

Thank you for being my strength in weakness
Thank you for standing by me in my dark hours
Thank you for your love strong and true
Thank my husband, the crown on my head.

28. Being Your Wife

With you as my husband
Being a wife is less daunting
When I look at others
I realise how blessed I am
I want you to know I love and appreciate you.

29. You Support Me

When others bring down theirs
And elevate them just above thrash
Your support makes me shine
And radiate like I have no fault.

30. Thank You

Our marriage is characterized by peace
Turbulence free and a feeling of heaven on earth.
If any competition, it’s to outshine the other in loving
Thank you for being a part of my life
Thank you for being my partner in love.

31. Thanks for It All

Thank you for your smile ever ready
Thank you for your non judgmental criticisms
Thank you for the peace that’s your being
Thank you for being you.

32. You Sing My Praise so Loud

You sing my praise so loud
You treat me like I’m the best thing to happen to the world
I feel like a princess
I feel like I conquered the world.

33. My Backbone

To my love, my backbone
The one who gives me the courage to stand in face of adversity
The one whose smile cheers me on
The one who encourages and believes in me
Thank you.

34. I May not Say It Often

I see your patient endurance
I see your restraint when my mouth runs loose
I see your tender loving care at all times
And though I may not say it often but I appreciate you.

35. No One

No one knows me like you do
No one took the pains to
You treat me like the most exquisite
Like the most valuable
I love you my darling and I thank you.

36. For the Ambience of Joy

For the ambience of joy that is your presence
For the feeling of love and acceptance
For the shower of affection
I’m grateful for life
I’m grateful for what you made it for me
Thank you.

37. You Inspire Me

You inspire me to be the best I can
I want to live to a ripe age
I want you right by my side
To explore the wonders of the earth
And enjoy the beauty of its pleasures
You inspire me and I want to live life to fullest…with you.

38. I’m Confident

I’m confident in your confidence in me
I don’t ever wanna do wrong
I don’t ever wanna betray your believe in me
Thank you for seeing in me what no one else sees.

39. I Wonder

You tell me I’m the best
You tell me I complete you
You don’t see my inadequacies
To you I’m perfect
Yet I often wonder what makes me all these to you
I realise that yours is a love born of choice
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

40. Tough World

It’s a tough world out there
A real struggle
Dog eats dog
Only the strongest survives
In this crazy world, it’s so good I have you to come home to every night.
Thanks for being there
Thanks for being a soothing balm.

I Miss You Love Text Messages for Husband Far Away

Below are Romantic I Miss You Love SMS for My Husband who is Far Away you can send to your hubby, to show him you love him despite the facts that he is not around.

41. What Does a Lonely Heart Do?

What does a heart do when it is lonely?
What does a heart do when its lover is far from home?
It fills the void with music and occupy the silence with melodies
Yet for me music has lost its cheer
All I want is you back, right by my side.
I miss you beyond words.

42. Come Home Love

Nothing is the same without you
All’s dull and lifeless
I can’t even will myself to smile
Come home quickly my love
This loneliness is killing.

43. I Never Knew

I never knew love could hurt this much
Your absence has left me raw
It’s like an open wound left to fester
I can’t bear this anymore
Please come home.

44. I Count the Days

The calendar is my company
I count the days and yearn for your return
If I could shorten it, Alas! I would
But I’ll wait patiently and pray for your safe return.

45. I Am Hungry

My soul is hungry
My body is starving
I long to be wrapped in your arms
And gaze in your eyes
I miss you my love.

46. I Quiver

My body quivers every night
With emotions pent up
Come home my love
Let me find sweet release in you.

47. Crazy World

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It’s a crazy world out there
The struggle is real, fierce and biting
It’s crazier still without you by my side
To soothe my nerves and massage my tired bones.
I miss you.

48. I Need You

In my wildest dreams
Never knew I could need another human, the way I need you.
I crave your soothing touch on my jarred nerves
I crave sweet release as you take me to the heights of pleasure.
Come home my husband.

49. Incomplete

How can a body be complete
Without the head beautifully seated in its place
And its crown adorning it?
I’m incomplete my love
And it’s because you’re not here
Come home.

50. I Never Knew

I never knew I could survive this long without you
But there’s so much a lonely heart can take
I pray with all my heart
May death not separate us
And may the Lord keep you until your safe return.

51. I Miss You So Much

I miss you so much I cry myself to sleep
The pillows are wet with my tears of loneliness
Every night is an ordeal in pain
I can’t wait for this to be over
Come home my love.

52. When I Close my Eyes

When I close my eyes all I see is you
When they’re wide open, it’s you I still see
I see you everywhere and in everything
I can’t keep you off my mind and it’s so scary
Please come home.

53. Come Cover Me

Your absence makes me feel exposed
I feel vulnerable, like I’m an easy target.
Come quick my love, come cover me.

54.When You Left

When you left, you took with you a vital part of me
There’s no vigour left in me
Only mirthless existence
Please come home my love
Let me live again.

55. Cold Nights

The chill is real
The pillows and sheets offer no comfort
The nights are cold without you
Come relieve me with the pleasure of your presence.

56.  I Have Learnt

You were always there for me
Never knew what it was like to be alone
Now I’ve learnt to appreciate everything I’m blessed with especially you.
I won’t ever take you for granted again.

57. Time Drags

Time drags
Oblivious of my pain
Unaware of my loneliness
The clock’s tick takes forever to strike
Every hour brings me closer to your return
I’m waiting my love, come home soon.

58. Your Absence

Your absence has taught me
I have learnt from loneliness
When you return, I’ll cherish and value you more
For I have seen how priceless you are and how difficult life is without you.

59.  What I Miss

I miss the warmth of your embrace
I miss the arms that rock me to sleep
I miss the smile I wake up to see in the mornings
I miss you oh I miss you.

60. Like Eternity

You’ve been away only a few days
Yet it feels like eternity
I miss your heart beating against mine
I miss your cheerful banter
I miss our little arguments
Wrap up love and come home quick.

Good Morning Love Messages for Husband

Wish your husband a good and wonderful morning with these good morning love text messages for husband.

61. Waking in Your Arms

Waking in your arms is all I need to know the day will be good
You’re my good-luck talisman
Your presence agrees with me
Good morning.

62. My Wish

My wish is that the night continues
So that I’ll never have to rise from your embrace and face the grim realities of the day
But then dawn is here
A new day is birthed and duty calls.
Good morning love.

63. Can You Hear?

Can you hear the last echoes of the night fading away?
Can you hear the soft whispers of the morning brushing our curtain?
Can you hear the loud siren of the cock hailing the morning?
It’s a new day, good morning love.

64. We Overcame

We overcame the night and its darkness
It’s a new dawn love
Let’s go overcome the day and its troubles, good morning.

65. No Fear

No fear! Not one!
I can take on any day
Pile it up with it’s challenges
For me, it’s just another hurdle before the trophy
I can take on any day and it’s because I wake in your arms.
Good morning.

66. My Charming

Good morning my charming
My heart beats for you
And your snore reassures me of your love
The night is over, welcome to a new dawn.

67. Sleep no More

The fields are awake
The flowers are blooming
The sun is seated in the sky like a golden ball of fire
So sleep no more my love
It’s a new day.

68. Each Waking Moment

Each waking moment
When I turn and my body locks in yours
My heart is filled with gratitude
For being blessed with the finest of men
I love you my husband, good morning.

69. Awake and Crown Me

Your queen is up
But her day can’t begin
Without you, she’s incomplete,
Uncovered and exposed
So awake my love and crown me.

70. Every New Day an Opportunity

I welcome each day
With joy and gratitude
For you’re always by my side
Loving and cheering
The days are beautiful, the nights are golden.
My heart swells with love
It could burst
So each day is an opportunity to pour my love on you.
Good morning my husband.

I Am Sorry Love Text Messages for Husband

In a relationship, saying sorry for every wrong did should not a difficult task for all the parts involved to do. Here are I’m sorry love messages for husband a wife can send to her husband after a misunderstanding.

71. Don’t Take It to Heart

Those hurtful things I said in anger
They’re mere words, please don’t take them to heart
I promise I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut when angry
Don’t be mad my love.

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72. Please Forgive Me

My mouth runs at will
I’ll learn to rein it in
My words hurt you
I can see it in your eyes
Please forgive me.

73. The Shadow on Your Face

I can see the shadow of hurt on your face
You try to hide it
But I know you too well
You’re hurt and I’m the cause
Please forgive me.

74. I Hurt You

I hurt you
Yet in your magnanimity
You carry on like all is well
I know you’ve forgiven me
But I won’t take you for granted
So I’m going to ask like I should
Please forgive me.

75. Two Wrongs

It is true…
Two wrongs don’t make a right
I’m never going to let anything come between us
Your love is much too important to me
So my love, please forget the past, Let’s move on.

76. I Know You’re Hurting

I know you’re hurting
I feel the same way too
I’m sorry for the part I played in this
Can we call it a truce and be friends again?

77. Way too Important

I won’t hurt you if my life depended on it
You’re way too important to me
But it seems like I just did
Can you please forgive me?

78. Trust Me Again

It’s not easy to trust your heart with someone who keeps hurting you
But I’m learning to be better
And I’m doing my best to be a worthy custodian of your heart.

79. I Won’t Hurt You Again

I won’t hurt you again
No more
I realize I’ve cared less in the past
But please forgive me
I’ll treat you the way you deserve.

80. Only Natural

Our love is everyone’s envy
We share a deep affection for each other
Yet conflict is only natural
But I know you and of course you know me
There’s no hard feelings harboured
So let’s forgive and move on.

Good Night Love Text Messages for Husband

Romantic good night love messages for husband is all you need to make your husband feel relax all through the night.

81. Lovers’ Night

The moon is out
High and bright
It’s a night for lovers
I’ll spend it in your arms.
Good night my Love.

82. Sweet Release

Emotions pent up
High and fevered
See the night is here
I’ve waited for it all day
Let’s go to bed my love
Let me find sweet release in you.
Good night rest to you.

83. Sleep Calls

It’s been a long day
Our bodies tired and weary
Sleep calls
So my love, let’s go
Let the bed welcome our tired bodies.
Good night.

84. The Day Ends

The day ends
Only when you have eaten my meal prepared from a heart that loves
When I hear your belch of satisfaction and sigh of content
When you’re safely tucked under the blanket and right by my side.
Good night.

85. Rock Me Baby

The night’s my favourite part of the day
That’s when I have you all to myself
So come to bed baby
Come rock me to sleep.

86. Behind Our Bedroom Door

Behind our bedroom door
We leave out our cares and worries
We cling together and draw strength from each other
Behind our bedroom door
We unite as one against the world.

87. Gone To Sleep

The flowers have gone to sleep
The birds went with them
We will go to sleep too
But our hearts remain awake
Singing the symphonies of our love.

88. Dream

When you close your eyes to sleep
And you open them in the world of dreams
I’ll be waiting for you
Because our love never sleeps.

89. Nothing

Nothing is as important as the nights
When I’m nestled in your arms
When I can feel your heart beating against mine
When nothing matters
But you and I.

90. I Wouldn’t Notice

Our bed could be hard rock
Under the scorching sun
I wouldn’t notice
Because I’m entranced in your love.
Sleep tight my love.

91. When You Close Your Eyes

When you close your eyes to sleep
When you dream of good winning over evil
And you dream of Angels and Celestials
Know that I said a prayer
Asking God yo keep you safe.

92. May You Be Safe

When the world turns dark
When night takes over from day
And darkness takes over from light
When the forces of evil come out to ply their trade
May you be safe
Cocooned under the shadow of the Almighty.

93. May You Find Rest

You’ve toiled all day
You’ve worked the drills
Now you’re back to home sweet home
May you find sweet rest
One you truly deserve in my arms.

94. The Moment is Ours

We’ve given
Oh, we’ve given
Everyone has gotten a share of us
Now is our moment
Come enjoy the bliss in my open arms.

95. Let Me Love You

Let me love you
Let me rock you baby
Till every knot is lose
And every fatigue gone.

96. Dream

Dream about Angels singing their sweet melodies
Dream about flowers kissing the sun
Dream about me and my endless love for you.

97. Endless

Our love is endless
Uninterrupted by sleep
It only serves to strengthen it
Because when we wake in the new day
It is new and fresh.

98. Together

I’ll be in your dreams
We will travel it together
I want no breathing space
Don’t want to ever rest from you.

99. Night In Awe

The sun is asleep
The night is in awe
It Will keep watch
And be a custodian of our love.

100. Hush

Hush hush!
It’s a night to hush
And join nature
To celebrate our love.
Good night to you.