Heartfelt You Are My Queen Quotes for Her

No Queen sits on the same seat with her king, but not like you:
You are qualified to have access to all that I have.
You fit in into my life, my goals and my career and so…
You deserve the best of me. I love you so much my queen.

Every home or kingdom has rules. But these can be overruled when higher authority comes to play! Love may overrules set rules, especially in relationships and marriages that are made to last. The quote above shows you how love can actually make the best of you, giving you the very best. Like every other quotes, it’s lovely to be sent to your Girlfriend, Fiancée or your Wife.

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As long as your relationship is such that calls for celebration, such that is a model for all friends and loved ones, chances are that you would really wish to explain how it makes you feel personally to your lover. When such moments come, you are my queen love quotes, like the one below can help describe how her love makes you feel deep inside.

You are my Queen and My Love

Sweet memories forever made and shared
The love flowing to the toe, from the head
The best of its kind, ever seen or ever heard
That’s our love, sweet beginning, but no end!
You are my queen, and I love you till the end.

There are lovers and yet there are lovers. When you have the one you can be proud of, you will see the need to feel on top of the world and even feel like proclaiming it all on roof tops. If she’s been there for you all along, and you have really been blessed having her as the queen of your heart, the love quote below is the best you can send to her.

How Blessed I am to have You as My Queen

How blessed I am that you are my Queen
No ill feelings, all day with you is win win!
Cutest of all, most beautiful my eyes have ever seen
It’s ever lovely with you, through life’s thick and thin.
I love you so much the queen of my heart.

Answers in life, they say are more than questions. And when you can find the right answer to the questions of your heart, it’s likened to winning a jackpot. As much as I know, getting “Yes” to a romantic proposal is one of those moments every guy doesn’t want to experience debacle. They all want to say it once and then get the soul soothing “Yes I will!” Well, the quote below doesn’t guarantee the answer you need… But can sure help if what you need is “Will you be my Queen Quotes.”
The rest is yours. Smiles.

Will you be my Queen?

The road has been so rough
And yet the journey so tough
I hit the end of the journey seeing you
And an empire I wish to build with you…
So I’ll be your king, if you’ll be my queen.
I love you, please will you be my queen?

Everybody wishes they won’t experience a moment away from their lover, especially when it’s a relationship that’s an embodiment of bliss. But, you and I know that no matter how hard we want this, many factors won’t let us have all the time we would ever wish to have together with our lover. If this is happening to you, send the “I am missing you my queen quotes” below and you could be helped. Do you really miss your Lover? Then send any of the “I miss you quotes” below.

I am Missing you my Queen

No day goes by without thinking of you
Without you, nothing is right that I’ll do!
That I’m missing you, no lies, but ever true
And ask me how I feel, I just can’t construe
I am missing you my queen.

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I Miss the Queen of my Heart

It’s confusing I am here without my heart
It’s like I am alone, lonely in the whole world
Your absence, striking my heart as would dart
And I’m so pale and weak, even lost for words
I love you, but I am really miss you.

When your lover becomes your friend and then positions herself a queen to you, you undoubtedly hit the world of untold wonders. And it’s like line falling unto you in pleasant places. The stage I am talking about here is every heart’s wish. When you get yours come true, you are like the luckiest on earth.
Does she deserve to be called your queen? Then send the short but cute love letter below to her as a proof.

Letter to my Lover, my Friend, and My Queen

Loving you all moments I am doing till eternity
Sticking with you I’ll do, won’t soil my integrity
You are my queen, I’m your king, that’s reality
My all my life, I’m giving you my heart’s totality
I love you queen, and I will forever do in royalty!

Everyone goes through the search of finding that perfect match, that true lover. When you hit luck by finding the right one for you, satisfaction hits maxima and it’s like you should tell it to the world, especially when she’s everything you ever wanted in a woman. She’s beautiful and worthy to be your Queen? And you are sure that she’s the one for you? Then send the quote below as proof.

I have found the One for me

It’s my pleasure you being in my life
And great honour that I’m part of yours
A load of mess I am without you in my life
Unbroken, the cord of love which binds us!

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You are worthy to be my Queen

We can flock together, we are lovers of a feather
You’ve been like lovely mother, and I like a father
Staying closer like a brother we are to each other
You worthy to be my queen, don’t need another!
I love you the queen of my life.

You are my Beautiful Queen

The best of adjectives can’t just describe you
Neither can my heart say what in me you do
I have known your love to be pure and true
But the depth of your love I can’t construe
You are my beautiful Queen. I love you.

Everybody wants the best and the best of all the available best. Everybody sure knows what it means to have the best, even if some have only seen it in the movies. Of course, nobody wants to settle for the less, you and I sure know that.

Now let’s keep the story short: Is she really the queen of your heart? Does she deserve a poem from you as her king? Or a Cute Love Message to her that’s lovely and sweet? Would you love to say, “I love you too” in a special way to her?

No matter how you want to send to her, the following are perfect for all occasions.

You are the Queen of my Heart

Just like a journey, your love took me so long
And like a won battle, you’ve kept me so strong
Tested and trusted, you are ever right not wrong
And I must confess, you’ve been my joy, my song!
You are indeed the queen of my heart, I love you.

Send the one below to the one you really love and you are sure the love will stand true forever.

A Poem to my Queen from Her King

You are my queen I am your King
True Love to you is all I do bring
No other one to you I ever I’ll cling
You are mine forever, to you I sing
I love you my heart, I forever do.

Short love message to send to your queen? The one below is sweet and romantic enough for her.

A Cute Love Message to my Queen

I wish I could play this with flute
And make all keep mum and mute
A song to her that’s lovely and so sweet
She’s my queen, me her king who’s cute
I love you my one and only

Use the Poem below to show how much you care for your lover.

From my King to Her Queen

You said you love me, and I love you too
And I agree we’re one, and never ever two
We are meant for each other, that’s also true
Perfect love indeed we make, just me and you.
I love you, and I will forever do.

Send this next quote to the one that really deserves a place in your heart.

To my Queen, the One I Love

I’ve search through valleys, even mountains
And couldn’t find what your love do contain
Sweet memories, like business with just gains
Is what the totality of your love do contain
I love you, and I am proud to say it!

Is your relationship really going to last forever? Then the quote below can help put the message across to her that you love.

You and Me forever, it’s a done Deal

I’ve logged into your love, and never to sign out
Romantic streaks, ever giving you, no time out
I am pleased with you love, and so giving in my in and out
Unbreakable is the answer, to know what this love is about
You are mine forever, and it’s a done deal.

Whenever you have stopped all contemplation in your heart concerning who should be in there as the sole lover, and you have chosen her forever, the next quote is perfect to be sent to her.

A Piece of me to Her my Queen

A place in my heart I give to her
Closer than ever, I want to be to her.
Than a brother, I’ll stay close to her
A friend and a lover, I’ll ever be to her.
From your King, I love you my Queen.

Does she make everything right? Is he your daily muse and timely source of merriment? Then the next quote is cute to be sent to him or her.

You make Everything Alright

Perfect is the path, that with you I take
Soothing is your thought, whenever I wake
Loving you has been my joy, not a mistake
I am giving it back, your love I won’t forsake,
For I have proven it, your love’s real not fake.
I love you so much my queen.
(I love you so much my King.)

Whenever you wake up and the thought of your lover crosses your heart, a little smile is bound to flush through your face. Yes or yes? Well, I know it’s true for relationships that are going great. So you want to send her a good morning quote, poem or message? The Good Morning Quotes below are perfect for your queen.

Good Morning to my Queen

The breeze will always blow
As much as the oceans do flow
As they do, my heart thinks of you
And I wish it’s same there with you
I love you I just want you to know.
Goodmorning my heart, my queen.

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Awake my Love, My Queen

Awake to the bliss of the morning
Awake love, it’s bright and sunny
Awake to my embrace, my dear
Awake to my love and utmost care.
Good Morning my Love, my Queen.

Have a Lovely Day my Queen

I can see this relationship going far
I can see it erasing even all scars
Shining now is it in my heart of heart like stars
And ready to go with you, even to Madagascar!
Good morning, have a lovely day.

When the day is over, there comes the moment you are forced to take a peek into how the day went. If it was awesome and she was part of the reasons, chances are that you want to find a way to replicate the caring move. Am I right? Then send the Good Night Quotes below to the queen of your heart.

Good Night to My Love, My Queen

The sun has given way to the moon
The night calls, the stars answer the call
Watch your eyelids, as they close soon
And sleep well tonight, my love, my all.
Good night to you my Queen.

I wish you Good Night Sleep, my Queen

Now the days is over, the night draws near
Yet in my heart, you’re intact still my dear
Sleep in love, wake up and I’ll still be here
You just need to know, forever for you I care!
I love you my queen, good night.

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