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I Miss Those Moments

I’ve tried to keep my mind off the tension, said I wouldn’t let this pull me down. I’ve tried to smile and laugh amidst the pressure, to see how I can cope without you here… But can’t you see it’s not working? See, I am missing those moments we once shared. I miss you.

I Miss You, My Heartbeat

You’ve been all that I needed in every single way, until I looked sideways, forward and backwards and you’re like a lifetime far from away from me.
Missing you is like missing my heartbeat.

I Miss You, My Confidant

I banked on your show of love, I gave in to giving it all within me, until I look around and loneliness catches me unaware. You’re so far away from me, my Confidant. I miss you so much.

I’m Missing My Companion

It all started as a quiet and helpless tone which later turned to a still small voice and now audible for the deaf to hear… It’s the rhythm of I miss You. Yes, I’m really missing you, my companion.

I Miss You, My Angel

From my Myriads of trouble and pains have you saved me. You remained an Angel of unfailing strength to until I look around and you are missing. I am missing you here.

I Am Feeling Cold without You

Without you, without your touch, without your face, I’m here all alone. It’s hot around me, but cold within, cold that you’re not here with me.
I have missed you.

Can I See You Soon, Please?

Tens of thousands of blanket still wouldn’t do, and the heat of a sun would try and fail… To keep me warm without your embrace!
I miss you. Please can I see you soon?

Am I Alone in the World?

I see the birds flying, watch the leaves waving. I see the sun still shining, the moon has gone into its hiding… But no matter what feelings these give, it’s like I am alone in the world.
Isn’t that because you’re not here with me? I miss you.

I Miss You, My Sunshine

The dawn wins the dark moments every day, the moon gives in to the moon as well. Here am I missing my own sunshine, seems like the dawn isn’t happening since you’re not here. I miss you.

Will this Loneliness Be Forever?

My night was fraught with loneliness, and now the day is here with an offshoot of that menace.
I’ve been waiting all days, now seems forever to set my face on the one I so much love. I miss you, just know.

Romantic Words to Say I Love You

Romantic Words for Him or Her – Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Romantic Words for Husband or Wife

You’re Overly Adorable

Your love to me is worth more than the precious stone. It comes to me new every day and makes you appear fresh day after day like a newborn baby. You’re overly adorable, my Queen.

You’re more than Alluring

Not only does your presence splits my face with thousand smiles. It melts my heart into vapour that emits sweetness. And hearing your voice alone set things at motion in my heart. You’re so alluring, dear.

You’re so Angelic

Who says angels only around in heaven! Well then, this earth might just be my heaven because right under this planet, I have met you, my angel. You don’t resemble an angel, you’re simply and absolutely one.

You’re Super Attractive

There’s something in your eyes that pulls me closer to you. There’s something in your smile that makes me unable to resist you. There’s something in you that magnets my heart to yours.

Your Love Is Amazing

This relationship has been more than breathtaking since it started, my shadow can rightly tell. The feelings from it are beyond descriptions, awe-inspiring to my bone marrow.
You know what? Your love is more than Amazing! I love you.

You’re My Dream Come True

All I ever desired in a lover…
All I ever wished for in a partner…
All these I found in you and more. You’re the soulmate I need. The moment I found you, I knew my dream had come to be.

You’re Bae

You’re more important than the most important thing in my life.
You’re my priority… The number one person in my life. Whether we’re together or apart, your love remains the most paramount business I have.

You’re more than Beautiful

You don’t only appeal to my eyes but also to my heart because you’re beautiful inside out. I must say I’m fortunate and proud to have such a damsel as mine.
You’re astonishingly beautiful, honey.

Your Love Is Bedazzling

Your love shines brighter than the morning star and more intense than the sun is your affection towards me. It shines brightly into my life and illumines my world. I can’t imagine what my life would look like without you, Sweety. You’re my sunshine.

You’re My Beloved

Your place in my heart is not a part but the whole of my heart. All of me have I committed to our love. That in my heart you may dwell and grow and that I also may make abode in yours forever. I love you my beloved.

Your Smile Is Bewitching

My day remain incomplete until I have heard or seen you smile. What the parting of your cheeks does to me is beyond me. It enamours my heart. And like charm makes me fall for you over and over again.

I Am Blessed

I thank my stars every day for the sweetness it brought into my life.
What would my life had become if I hadn’t met you? You dropped into my heart like honey, and my life knew no bitterness again. I am indeed blessed to be blessed with such a blessing as you.

You’re A Blessing

Since the day you came into my life, it has changed for good. You brought peace, love, joy, progress and many goodies into my life. It’s obvious you’re not just a lover for the present but a further partner. I

Your Eyes Are Bewitching

What I see in your eyes, only my heart can explain it. Your eyes like two shining stones rubbed against each other, releases sparks that travels through my heart down my spine, putting me under the spell of your love again and again.

Your Touch Is Breathtaking

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A finger touch from you sends current into my heart. With a pat from you, my whole world rejuvenates. And a warm embrace sweeps me off my feet, keeping me swinging in the air.

You’re so Charming

With your beautiful eyes, you have captured my soul. Your alluring smile melts my heart. Your voice as sweet as that of a bird holds me in awe of your love. You’re wonderfully and perfectly shaped by God.
I haven’t seen anyone as charming as you, my angel.

Your Voice Is more than Cute

I can trace you out if I hear you speak among many because your voice is one of its kind. It’s distinct and comes with a uniqueness I’m yet to find words to describe. It sets something up in me when you call my name.

Your Ways Are Classical

The way you carry yourself can make any man lay himself down for you to walk on. You walk with utmost elegance and with a kind of confidence that describes your person. This and lots more is what makes me love you, baby.

You’re Classy

You appear in a fresh manner on every of our meetings. I’ve wondered for long what it is… But finally, I fixed it. It’s your dressing. You have a superb dress sense. You know what fits you per time. You’re just so fashionable.

You’re so Clever

You’re not only physically beautiful, my queen. Your inward beauty speaks volume and attracts me to you always. The way you talk and react to things shows just how intelligent you are.

Your Words Are Captivating

The way you express your love towards me gives my chills. Especially when you have to say it in words… Those words drive my heartbeat, making it skip many beats.

We Are Compatible

Love, they say, is not about two perfect people loving each other but about two imperfect people loving each other perfectly. The complete love we have for each other is obvious even to the blind. This tells me we are compatible.

Your Love is Complimentary

Your love is more than I ever wishes or bargained for. Your care is more than I’ve heard or seen of lovers. Your type is more than I’ve learned all my life. Your love gives it all. I love you.

Your Love is Complementary

With all the broken pieces of me, your love made me whole. While I grope in darkness, your love was light for me to see. In the midst of my troubles, your love was the soothing arm I saw, and in times of pains, your love became my balm. Your love is complementary, indeed. Thanks for loving me.

You’re Compassionate

One major thing that turns me on about you is your compassionate nature. You feel so much concern for people and you are always ready to render help. This is a rare quality to come by, dear. I love you so much for that.

You’re so Dear to Me

If I were asked to place a price tag on you. Dollars will be fine, but no amount would totally define your worth. Pounds would have been okay too, but how much can equate your worth! I would simply put ‘Priceless’. Your worth to me can’t be represented in currency, my dear.

Your Words Are Dazzling

It thrills me when you speak because you express an unusual intelligence. I’m always bewildered by your words which are full of wisdom and brilliant wits. I wish you know how proud this makes me feel. I’m lucky to have a smart chap like you.

You’re Delightful

I am so alive when with you because your talks, pranks and jokes shine like light into my heart, brightening up every dark spot. I must say you’re sweet and pleasing to be with, my Love.

You’re Delectable

Setting my eyes on you constantly arouses my desire to have you as mine over and again. You have so much attractiveness, that it’s become difficult for me to resist staring at the beauty I’ve got in you.

Your Meals Are Delicious

Your meals don’t only have a mouth-watering aroma but also has a unique taste that can make anyone become Oliver twist. I must confess your meal is the most sumptuous I have ever tasted in my life. Your culinary skill is superb, my dear.

Our Love Is Divine

When I look at how we met, where we started from, how we grew together in love and how far this love has brought us, I can only see divinity at work. And a divine love, they say, knows no end. This is how I know we’re in this together forever.

Your Sincerity Is Desirous

Your openness was the first thing I saw when I came close to you. It was too transparent. Especially in an era where sincerity has gone into extinction, it’s a virtuous quality to possess. I love this about you.

You’re My Dearest

I have hobbies but you’re preferred. There are places I love to visit but your heart is my choice, any day. I can think of a million things to do but thinking of you remains the most interesting. You are dearer to me than my life. Of a truth, you’re my dearest.

You’re so Elegant

Your appearance is attention seeking. You’re well refined in character. You words are so much graceful that they melt a heart. Even your silence is golden.
Everything about you speaks elegance, my darling.

Your Love Is Enchanting

At first, I see your face on everyone else’s. Then, I started to hear your voice when people speak. Now, I see you everywhere I go and in everything I do. I seem to be lost in your enthralling love.

I Love Your Endearing Words

I wish you know how my heart races when you call me by those sweet names. I feel my heart racing towards yours at a speed that can’t be measured. How much I’m cheered up by those endearing names.

You’re Exciting To Be With

It’s not for formality I love to spend time with you. No. There’s something about you that makes me always wanna be around you. I realize it’s because you’re fun to be with. There’s no dull moment at all with you.

Your Care Is Extraordinary

The way you show concern for me and everything I do baffles me. Even more than I care about myself, you do for me. With your heavenly care, you have saved me from impending dangers and helped to mark a lot of achievements.

You Have An Exceptional Character.

I have met people with good attitudes but none is near to you. Your comportment and the way you carry yourself with dignity makes me love you more. Your unique way of life is simply worth emulating.

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You’re My Everything

Without you, my life would be as tasteless as a pot of soup lacking salt. And as meaningless and dark as this earth without sunlight. You brought taste, meaning and light into my life. You’re as dear to me as my breath. You’re my everything, dear.

You’re Emphatic to a Fault

Your sincere concern for people is so obvious, even the blind can see it. The way you strive to contribute to people’s happiness and impact lives inspires me. You’re to me like the cutest hero ever.

Our Love Is Fabulous

The way we met… How it all started… The clinging of our hearts… The working together of both… Our little misunderstandings… The swell times we had… Our secrets… Our plans… Our words… All these and lots more are the reason my heart beats fabulously.

Your Smile is Fascinating

Sometimes, I think God took extra time to create you. Because the way your lips and teeth are carved distinct. Whenever you let those lips curve into a smile, giving way to the attractive set of teeth, I feel my lips fidgeting to give you a kiss.

You’re so Friendly

It takes a warm heart to accept everyone and make friends with people. This is a quality you don’t only possess but has also possessed you. The reason people want to be around you everywhere you get to. I love this about you, baby.

It’s Fun to Have You Around

I always look forward to our meetings as it seems to be the only time I have optimum fun.
I have become fond of being with you. I must confess, I can’t wait for the day we’ll meet never to part ways again.

You’re Altogether Fantastic

Talk about your smartness, you’re more intelligent than your age. Or is it your humility!, you’re down to something more than earth. And when I take an umpteenth look at your captivating beauty, I can only conclude that you’re fantastic inside out.

I Fantasise Our Future Together

My day is incomplete until I sit alone in the world of my own, close my eyes that I may see clearer, and bring before me the picture of you and I as a couple, living in our world, full of love indescribable.

You’re More Than Gorgeous

It will be an understatement to say you’re dazzlingly beautiful.
Your enthralling eyeballs would make any man fall for you. Your well-shaped figure and natural beauty captivate my very soul. You’re the most gorgeous of humans I’ve ever seen.

How Great Is My Love For You

Each time I try to express my love for you in words, they failed me. I then resolve to use action and that again fail me. With what then, shall I demonstrate the height of my love for you! I realize it will take forever. That’s why I’ve promised to love you for a lifetime.

What Generous Heart You’ve Got

When I was in need and thought I had arrived at a dead end, you showed up and like an angel and saved my soul. You have ever since remained saviour. What more could I have asked for in a lover, than a large heart!

Your Hands Are Gifted

When you put your heart into doing a thing, the result is always nothing but success. In your hands, businesses thrive. In this same hands. you wrapped me, keeping me warm in your love and there I remain safe.

I’m Forever Grateful To You

A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to appreciate you for the immeasurable love you shower on me. Your, support, care, encouragement and lots more have gone a long way to making me who I am today. I’m grateful, Love.

This Love is Heavenly

Ours is a unique love story. Our love like a shining morning star brightening up our lives. And shining forth into our future, illuminating our walk through and through until we’re made into one.

My Heart is Hot For You

You set my heart on from the first day I told you I love you and you responded that you love me too. On a continuous race is my heart, reaching for more and more of your affectionate love, that my heart may never stop burning for you.

Your Hunkiness Drives Me

Before I knew the beauty in your heart at all, I was attracted to that of your physique. Your well built body drives me amok. Your figure is the perfect definition of an endowed man. I’m in love with your look, baby.

You’re My Heart Desire

Before I met you, my heart desired you. Then I got my desire but my heart has never stopped desiring you. The more of you I have, the more I want to have. Day and night, my heart pants after its desire.

You’re Helpful Always

In every way, you have massively contributed to my life positively. Your pieces of advise go a long way. Your encouragements keep me pedaling. Your life inspires me. And above all, your love gives me strength.

Every Part of You is Huggable

So I thought I wouldn’t get the best I ever desired in a lover until I met you. Then I looked at you and felt like hugging every part of you. You’re so lovable to the toes!
I love you.

My Love for You is Ineffable

Each time I try to describe how I feel for you, I default. And every effort I make to express in whole what I have for you, always prove insufficient. In action, I’ll keep expressing it and in words, I’ll keep singing to you, how much I love you.

You’re Forever Incomparable

Nothing in this planet can be likened to you, my Queen. You’re unique inside out. Every of your way is distinct. The reason my heart has a unique beat for you alone. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, you’re Incomparable.

Our Love is Immortal

From the day our love was birthed, it has been growing younger but stronger. The older we grow, the younger and deeper our love for each other. We’ll love till old age and beyond this world for ours is an enduring love.

You’re the Most Intimate to Me

Closer than my flesh are you to my heart. You are there when I sleep, there when I wake, there in the noon, and at dawn, you remain there. Your thoughts alone consume my day. And dreams of you only, has my night.

You Are of Irreproachable Character

I’ve been able to test you in all known and learned ways, yet you remain as great as you are in words, deeds and action.
My conclusion? Your character is blameless!

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We Are Inseparable Lovers

As light can not be separated from day nor darkness from night, so our hearts can’t be separated from each other. Through tough and thin, our hearts have grown and thicken together. Nothing whatsoever can put a stop to this shining love.

You’re Irreplaceable In My Heart

Who can touch my heart the way you do. Who can make my happy and smile the way you make me do! I searched mountains and valleys and found none else. Your place in my life can only be occupied by you alone and I forever.

Our Love is an Inspirational Story

It didn’t seem like friendship could happen, then Love crept in unannounced. When there’s was no sunlight to keep the seed growing, it bulged up into a wild tree, producing fruits of sweet flavour. Our love story is that which makes me love us.

Your Love is Intoxicating

Like a new wine shacks, your love drives me crazy. I’m overjoyed because I got more than I asked for. I jump up for the way your love pumps my heart. I have known Joy since I found you and this Joy will I keep with everything I have.

You Are Always Inspiring

Talking to you does not only increase the chemistry in me, it also raises my spirit. What can be more precious than having a lover who inspires you every day in every way. Even your lifestyle and personality alone inspires me.

Loving You Keeps My Heart Joyful

My heart rejoice for your love makes me who I am. And when I look around, all I see that matters is the way my heart beats for you. For loving you has made this world a sweet place for me and as long as I love you I have life flowing into me.

Your Love is True and Just

There has been no time I doubted your love for me because you have proved beyond reasonable doubt, in words and in deeds how much you love me. The beat of your heart for me is so loud and clear in my heart.

You Are So Kind

You constantly prove to me that love is kind. The kindness to show me is beyond me. A lifetime will not be enough to pay you back. For the times you raised me when I fell. For the times you stood by me when I was tried. I love you forever.

Your Lips Are Kissable

I get lost in thought whenever your captivating lips meets with my gaze. They draw me closer and closer, I feel like holding you tight and tighter, giving you the kind of heavenly kiss that is capable of setting us on a trip to paradise.

You’re More than a Kindred

You are not from my clan and yet you understand my thoughts and ways. You’re not from my family and you understand me this much. You gave me the best, even.
You’re truly more than a kindred.

Your Love is Legendary

You were not my first love and yet you’ve revamped my ideology about love. You’ve shown and proved over and over again that there’s more to love than people share.
To say the least, your love is legendary. I love you.

You Have a Lovely Gaze

Your eyebrows are naturally well shaped. When your attractively arranged eyelashes blink over your sexy eyeballs, I develop goosebumps. I lose concentration and all I can think is what beauty I’ve got.

Life With You is Lively

I love and knew the purpose of life when I found you. Each time spent with you is like another beauty of life unfold. And when we part, I can only think of and look forward to the next time we’ll be meeting. I like it with you. You spice up my life.

Your Love Brought Me Life

Until I met you, I thought I had life but what is life without love? Your love coloured my life and made it an enviable one. In your love, I found Peace, happiness and love it self which are the components of life. Now, I have life because I found you.

You’re More than Lovable

It’s amazing how you command attention wherever you go. Your outer and inner beauty speaks volume, everyone wants to associate with you. You’re sweet to behold. Appealing to the eyes, and lovely in all spheres.

Romantic Words to Say Good Morning

Romantic Words to Say Good Morning to Someone You Love

Morning, Let’s Do It Again

It’s another day with its activities that sure will make a great day for you and me. 
We’re always there for each other, so let’s do it again today. 
Morning and have a lovely day.

It’s Another Day for Us

It’s another day full of fun
It’s another day full of love
It’s another day full of unending joy…
Because it’s a day with you and me in it. 
Good morning to my parent in merriment.

I will Be There Today Too

Being with you is a promise I won’t renege on. 
Being your go-to person is a perpetual clarion call. 
Whenever you need me, I’ll be there… Even today.
I love you and you. Morning.

You Can Count on Me Today

When you need a smile, I’ll keep my cheeks ready.
When you need some warmth, my arms are ever open.
In all you do, with all you wish, you can count on me for my part. I love you.
Good morning.

It’s Going to End in Joy

It’s another day of your love, another great day of your care.
It’s another day of activities that I know will end in Joy.
A good morning to you from me.

Romantic Words to Say Good Night

As Long as I Live

Beyond the shining of the sun and stars, beyond the darkness of the night hour, beyond the timeless air that blows… As long as I live, I’ll always love you. Good night.

We Are Never Apart

I watch my eyelids close, my body keeps it calms. It’s going to be some hours without you but I know we are never apart. Lovely night.

A Better Night to You

I just came to say it like I have been saying it and will continue to say it… It’s a good night for good people and a better night for better ones… Have a better night, my love.

I will Still Be Here

No matter how long the night would be to keep me from seeing you, I’ll forever be here for you. Have a nice night my dear. I love you.

My Daily Wish

I wished that we end each day with enough joy to launch us into another. It now happening. Good night to you, my love.