9 Most Ridiculous Laws of the World

Some laws adopted several centuries ago, not only have long lost their relevance, but also raise smiles and bewilderment. We have collected the most ridiculous laws of the world, which are perceived as a joke, but threaten with quite serious jail time.

If you are going to visit a country, we advise you to familiarize yourself with local laws. And in case of any controversial point, you can competently respond and avoid problems with power structures. After all, as it’s known, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Florida, United States

In all buildings of this city, the entrance doors open exclusively outwards. Such a law was adopted so that in the event of a fire, it would be easier for people to escape.

Also in this city it’s forbidden for housewives to break more than three plates (or four cups) per day.

Cleveland, United States

Women of this city are forbidden to wear patent-leather shoes. It turns out that such shoes can mirror the underwear, and many men can take advantage of it.

Los Angeles, USA

In this city it isn’t allowed to bathe more than two babies in one font.

In addition, local authorities prohibit catching and licking frogs. This is due to the fact that the skin of some species of frogs contains hallucinogens, so teens have found how to use it to their advantage.

Minnesota, United States

In this state, you can’t dry the items of the female and male wardrobe on the same rope. In addition, local residents aren’t allowed to sleep naked. The question arises: how do authorities verify the implementation of this law?

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A very surprising law is in force on the territory of this country. It turns out that owners of pigs are forbidden to give animals the nickname “Napoleon”, otherwise they may face serious problems. Apparently, there were a lot of people wishing to do this, or why did they come up with such law?

United Kingdom

A very unusual injunction forbids members of parliament to enter the House of Commons in armor suit. Interesting, but does anyone still have an armor suit?

Also there is a law especially for lovers at railway stations in the UK. It turns out that in this country (as well as in France) there is a law prohibiting kissing on the platform, because of the delay in the departure of trains. For such manifestations of feelings there are specially designated places where you won’t disturb anyone.


On the territory of the country there is a law prohibiting women, who are called Maria, to have sex for reward. And in general, prostitution here is out of favour.

By the way, one more law forbids men to appear on beaches in Palermo naked. But women – welcome. No one will say anything against it.

United Arab Emirates

It’s forbidden to photograph people and animals. If you somehow accidentally broke this law (let’s say, tried to capture the perfect image of the beach, and instead photographed a Muslim woman), then you must immediately delete the photo. Otherwise, the offended lady can report to the police – and you will be indicted for the intrusion on privacy with subsequent arrest.

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If you come to this country on the holy feast of Ramadan, then you aren’t allowed to consume water and food in public places. Firstly, this is disrespect for local traditions, and secondly, it’s better to eat in some specially allotted places.

Swaziland, Africa

Women are not allowed to wear undergarment. In the case of violation, special people have the right to force a woman to remove her underwear or personally tear it off the lady and pull to pieces. Interesting, why such a ban didn’t affect local men?

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