10 Sex Tips that Will Change Your Bedroom Game

Can you imagine a healthy and serious relationship without sex? Neither can we. Sex is what makes all your late night dates complete, what helps you relax and relieve your stress after a long day of work. What can be better? Well, there’s always some space for improvements. Here are 10 tips that will change your sex life once and for all. The advice was provided by ukrainian brides, and, you know, these beauties know everything about good sex.

  1. Never Skip the Foreplay
    Why would you, anyway? It’s arguably the most exciting part of any sexual intercourse, right next to orgasms. It helps girls get dripping wet and also prolongs your sex for some time, which, as a result, multiples both satisfaction and excitement. Kissing, rimming, role-play, oral sex, tantric sex – everything works!
  2. Lube, lube, lube!
    Most of us think about lube only in regard to anal sex. However, lube also works great in vaginal penetrations. Some girls don’t get all that wet because of the particularities of their health or physiology. And it’s totally fine – just add some lubricant to make this sexual act feel great for both you and your partner.
  3. Communicate
    Of course, sex is all about touching. But it by far does not mean that you should not talk about it, discuss it or so. Communicating your preferences, turn-ons and turn-offs, your do’s and don’ts can help you much more than trial and error on the sexual battlefield.
  4. Keep it Spontaneous
    Planning is what makes adult life more or less bearable. But when it comes to sex, scheduling your acts and having precise timing can ruin all the possible beauty of the process. Don’t hesitate in having spontaneous intercourse just because you feel so. Emotions and feelings cannot be timetabled!
  5. Mornings and Afternoons
    There’s this strange tradition to postpone sex until it gets dark outside and people actually go to bed. The morning intimacy, in the soft sunlight, when the air is fresh and almost creamy – doesn’t it sound electrifying to you? Or when you stay all day binge-watching Netflix, in the afternoon? Just perfect.
  6. Watch Porn Together
    Yes, you got it right – watching porn videos together can dramatically change your bedroom experience, and for good reasons. You get sexually aroused together; you can learn some curious things from it, be it new positions, clever plots for roleplaying, ways to use props etc. Of course, some women may refuse to do it, and it’s totally fine.
  7. Let Your Girl Take Charge
    The 21st century is all about interchangeable social roles. Why not implement this idea in your bedroom? Let your girlfriend decide what kind of sex and in which position you are going to have today. Let her dominate you 100%. Who knows, maybe it’s your kink after all?
  8. Find Her Special Zones
    Ever heard of erogenous zones? No, it’s not a myth, and stimulating her clitoris and nipples is not more than 10% of things that can excite her and prepare her body to get penetrated vigorously. Find those spots and take full advantage of them!
  9. Romance is Your Friend
    A perfect sexual intercourse can hardly be imagined without any romantic pins here and there. And while making up an entire romantic three-course candlelit dinner to have a great night of sex is optional, being romantic is a must if you want to get the best experience.
  10. Get Freaky
    You know what ruins most modern couples? Boredom! It may sound weird but that’s how it is. Same goes for sex. Knowing each other’s bodies perfectly and making love the way your partner likes the most – all that is fine. But letting yourself go, making up new plots, using new toys, picking new locations can bring your sex to the next level. Go for it!
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