Marrying Your First Love

Of all the feelings that a person can experience, first love is the most romantic. Someone will say that it is just a chemical reaction of hormones, but others are not likely to agree. Like any exciting state, both positive and negative, it leaves a mark on our soul for life.

First love develops in its own way for everyone: for some, it ends with marriage or a happy relationship, full of useful experience, while for others, first love leaves non-healing wounds in the consciousness and ends with a hard breakup. But still, it is hard to overestimate its meaning: if a person could love for the first time, then they will be able to feel this feeling in the future. Perhaps, these subsequent feelings will be different – stronger or weaker, but they will come back again for sure.

Naum Olev once said, “Not everyone is able to love; love is akin to talent.” Psychologists say that if you have had a positive love experience in life at least once, even if you already have been married, had children, and have tried single parents dating, you will be able to recall it, remembering all the good things that happened to you. Much worse when there is no such experience because, in this case, it has to be earned. With regard to the first love, this means only one thing: once having fallen in love, we will fall in love again and again.

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The strongest feeling a person can experience

Ask anyone if they remember their first love. Sure, 99 out of 100 will answer yes. Moreover, they will tell you about it with special warmth in the voice because it leaves the deepest trace in the heart. The strongest impression is often the one left after the first sympathy. By the way, some people like to argue whether first love is real love or it is just the result of chemicals boiling in our body. After all, teens tend to exaggerate their feelings.

You know, sometimes, first love does not happen, and a person simply does not experience this marvelous feeling. People like this can date, communicate with people they sympathize, and even get married, but they will never love them for real. A serious, conscious love comes much later. But even then it brings the brightest, most sensual and unforgettable impressions. Sadly, it can result in cheating and a breakup.

What inspires a person? What gives every human strength? What makes us get on the toughest mountains and conquer the highest peaks? It’s love, ladies and gentlemen; only love. It does not matter whether you believe in it or not. It is sure to knock on your door one day.

First love and marriage

Have you ever wondered how often does first love end with marriage? Well, it is clear that this usually happens in school years when we are still so young and romantic. School buddies, if they managed to finish the school and go through life together, will have a very strong relationship. And they may carry their feelings through years.

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First love is a wonderful feeling. It inspires, gives energy, and makes hearts tremble. First love encourages lovers to commit absurd and lovely deeds. It is so rich in emotions. When a person truly falls in love for the first time, they begin to change the attitude towards life and many things. A person begins to change in general.

Here’s an interesting fact: most golden anniversaries are being celebrated by those couples the members of which married their first love. It does really sound like a fairytale. Love from the first sight, wedding, and long and happy life together.

What do the statistics say?

English sociologists have proven that first love is stronger than most of the feelings we experience or can imagine. Interesting results were published by the YouGov research center, following a survey on family relationships. It turned out that couples marrying their first love have stronger and more romantic relationships than couples consisting of partners who are already experienced.

According to the statistics studied by specialists, as of September 2014, 46% of adults in Britain are married, and 27% (13% of the population as a whole) are married to their first love.

YouGov’s survey results prove that feelings inside the couples who have been married for the first time and have never had serious relationships before are stronger than those who used to love. So, 97% of people who are married to their first love are sure that they will be with their spouse until the end of their lives.

According to experts, it is possible that the results of the study were affected by differences in attitudes towards families of different generations when older respondents helped tip the scales in favor of first love. As divorces have become a more usual thing in the last few decades.

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