70 Get Well Soon Sms, Text Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Best and Latest Get Well soon Messages, Get Well soon Wishes, Get Well soon Quotes, Get well soon Sms, Get Well soon Text, Get well soon Inspirational Sayings, and Get well soon Words for your loved ones and Colleagues. Motivational Get Well Messages, Specially written for Him or Her.

One of the best times to prove our love for those we love are the times of sickness. We might not understand how they feel at such times, no matter how hard we try. Then, to help them pull through the undesired moments, we do our parts by sending Text Messages Wishing, Praying and Hoping they get well soon. Our piece of advice, wishes and prayers often go a long way in making them better.

Pick one that suits and send to that special person you care for; your Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiancé, Fiancée, Mother, Father, Colleagues, Business partners, Co-workers, Boss or Well Wishers.

Get Well Soon Sayings

Do you have who is sick that you wanted to tell get well soon but you short of words to use? The following get well soon for someone special will beat your expectation.

  • I wish you remember this moment and smile.

Smile that it came but you won it all.
I wish you quick get well soon.

  • It’s great to have a life free of turmoil.
    Great to have all moments in joy.
    But whatever comes our way…
    We must know that tough times never last.
    I wish you well my dear.
  • A time like this might not come with much of fun.
    It might be sad, even seeing a moment like this…
    But know this my dear…
    No matter how hard it is, we are more than able.
  • Life doesn’t promise an all-time bed of roses.
    Sometimes life comes with thistles and thorns…
    But no matter what life brings in their numbers,
    We have all it takes to get through.
    It is well with you, just believe.
  • Every today becomes yesterday,
    Every passing moments soon turn history.
    No matter how hard it is now my dear…
    This too shall pass and become history.
    I wish you well.
  • I know that smiling is easy when everything is going on well
    And the reverse holds when things take the sorrowful path.
    I might not know how much this hurts,
    But I know of the end which is better than this beginning.
    All will be well my dear.
  • It only takes seconds for nights to turn days,
    And takes a moment for wounds to heal.
    It is going to take just a moment for you too,
    And you will be on your feet, hale and hearty.
  • It might not have ended quickly as you expected…
    It might even be taking more than you planned…
    But one thing is sure – It won’t take your life!
    Just believe my dear and all will be well.
  • As long as there will be morning,
    The night will ever be ready to leave…
    As long as there is life,
    Hope is worth celebrating.
    All will be well my dear.
  • Winter doesn’t last forever,
    And so does every night.
    No matter how hard this is now,
    It will come and go.
    Be strong my dear.

Best Get Well Soon SMS

The best get well soon sms messages for someone special to you.

  • Time will fail me to say how I missed you.
    You being down is like I’m losing part of me.
    All I want is for you to get on your feet!
    Please promise me you will soon.
  • If doctors try their very best
    And there is an emptiness within,
    Since healing didn’t come quick…
    I am here to feel the emptiness within you,
    And you will see yourself better shortly.
  • In struggles and pains,
    In weakness and sickness,
    Just remember this one thing…
    I will be there for you.
    Please get well soon.
  • Take your pills they will help,
    Eat some food, they will help more.
    But above it all, be strong within!
    It takes your inside to get quick delivery.
    Be well soon dear.
  • If all wishes come true,
    I will wish that I take all your pains,
    Your struggles and your sickness.
    I can’t stand you being sick,
    Please get well.
  • If I am a magician,
    I will transfer your sickness to my body in seconds.
    But I am your lover, and so I will help you get strong.
    I love you.
  • Like oceans are formed with few drops,
    Your health shall come in a moment.
    Just stay strong within,
    And I will be here for you too.
    Get well soonest my love.
  • A day without you is like thousands,
    A moment without you is but gloom upon gloom!
    I missed the moments we shared together,
    Please get well and I will be glad.
  • I understand how you feel,
    In am so sorry for not being there.
    Please forgive me, and get well soon.
  • This is taking too long,
    And it is really telling on me too.
    Don’t make me feel sad more than I am,
    Get well soon, I plead.
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Cute Get Well Soon Messages

Send the following get well soon text messages to that special person that is sick to wish him or speedy recovery from sickness in the body.

  • It doesn’t matter how long this has been.
    And it’s irrelevant how much pain you’ve lived through.
    I am assured it’s all over and your strength is renewed.
    It is well with you in Jesus name.
  • This may be your worst moment,
    But it won’t be your end.
    The time of refreshing, soon shall come,
    And songs of testimonies you shall sing.
    You will be well.
  • Your strength will not fail
    And your might will not wane;
    You may be down today,
    But renewal is just by the way.
    Lay hold of it and it is well with you.
  • 24.I know your body may be weak,

But sure your heart is strong.

Stay strong inside your heart,

And watch how you quickly recover.

You will get well soon.

  • I hope this makes every feeble thing in you bubble,
    Like as a horse that has its strength.
    I hope it makes you come back alive, like a phoenix.
    Stay strong within and don’t you lose hope.
    All will be well with you.
  • Healing with speed
    Strength never the less
    Might as viable as a seed
    And recovery in the express
    I wish you quick recovery.
  • I sincerely hope that once again:
    You’ll find the ease to smile
    And the speed to walk the miles.
    You will soon be filled with gale,
    And your strength won’t be frail.
    You will get well, and all shall be well with you. Amen.
  • Don’t mind what the report says,
    Don’t mind the prescription of drugs.
    Only mind just one thing….
    That God is the greatest healer.
    You will get well soon.
  • The doctors have rightly said,
    “We cure but God heals.”
    I hereby leave you in God’s hands,
    And I trust He will heal you now.
    You are healed in Jesus name.
  • I am not happy the way things are with you,
    I feel so terrible seeing you on sick bed.
    I want you to promise me just this…
    That you will be better in minutes.
    Please get well soon.
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Touching Get Well Soon Quotes

Let to text messages give encouragement to the sick, lovely get well soon SMS you can inspire a sick person to a speedy recovery.

  • There is just a condition I desire for you now…
    It is for you to be sound in health.
    Seeing you down makes me sad,
    Please get well soon.
  • May peace like outstretched arms engulf your ailing frame
    And may healing flow into the same.
    May you receive strength to play your favourite game,
    May you recover in short time frame.
  • Little and little can drugs do,
    Even less can the doctors administer;
    But God shall be your healer.
    You are healed in Jesus name.
  • I missed your smiling face,
    I missed your chuckles,
    I missed your pranks,
    Get well soon buddy.
  • More than the doctors can do,
    More than the drugs can work,
    I wish you a quick recovery.
    Please get well soon.
  • If you get weak in your body,
    Don’t get weak on your within,
    Harness the strength in your mind
    And watch as you get well soon.
  • Being down, I hate it,
    Not being strong, I detest it.
    Get on your feet and shame the devil.
    You are strong in Jesus name.
  • No matter how I try to persuade you,
    I can’t give you the strength you need.
    You have to harness it from within,
    For in you lies the will to be well.
    Get well and get up friend.
  • The dead can’t be healed,
    Only the living can be.
    Stay alive from your within,
    And watch how soon you get well.
  • May the drugs work right.
    May your strength come quick.
    May you be better than you were before.
    This is my wish, and so shall it be.
  • Strength to your bones
    Health to your flesh,
    Wholeness to your whole being…
    This is my prayer for you.
    It is well with you in Jesus name.
  • Just this I believe, no more no less,
    That as you were, days before,
    So shall you be in a moment.
    I welcome you into sound health galore!
    It is well with you buddy.
  • The only heritage you have for now is your body.
    I encourage you to take care of it very well.
    I always want you to be well,
    So take care of yourself friend.
  • Stop doing this to yourself
    Take your drugs, I plead.
    You can’t get well just like that,
    And you know it.
  • Heavy hearted? I will be with you.
    Feeling down? I will help you up.
    Feeling sick? I will encourage you to use your pills.
    Please take care of yourself dearie.
  • Don’t be tired of life too soon,
    Your health will be back to normal in a little while.
    God is still in the business of healing the sick,
    Just believe and your healing shall come.
  • Quitting doesn’t make winners,
    Like giving up doesn’t make victors.
    Don’t give up on yourself,
    For God has not given up on you.
    You shall be whole. Just believe!
  • Sickness can make your body weak,
    But don’t allow it to break your mind.
    You will be strong like never before,
    Just believe it and it will be done.
  • When you are fifty,
    You will be like sweet sixteen,
    This sickness is not the end of your life,
    Your health will be back like that of a new born,
    Just don’t believe it’s going to end here.
  • You will get well and better,
    You will get stronger and stronger.
    You will love your health once again.
    Just don’t see this as a dead end.

Get Well Soon Wishes for Him or Her

Wishes your lover a speedy and excellent recovery from sickness with the following get well soon wishes and quotes for lovers from the heart.

  • The source of my inspiration is gone,
    Mood swing takes over me!
    I can’t do anything right,
    All because you are sick.
    Please get well soon.
  • You will be alive
    You will survive this.
    You will not die
    We will still share many high fives
    You will get well soon.
  • Heights may fail the birds
    And depths may fail the fish
    But strength cannot fail you.
    You’re strengthened.
    It is well with you.
  • As Nights turns into days,
    And sadness turns into merriment
    You weak moments shall soon turn moments of strength.
    Please get well and be strong
  • Your health may you regain
    And strength may you attain
    You’ll walk again, again and again,
    Because your healing is beyond bargain.
    You are healed!
  • Injections in their many numbers may fail
    and attention may be but in vain,
    but forever, this is a forgotten issue
    because God has come to the rescue.
    Your sound health is settled in Jesus name.
  • If you are strong, so am I
    If you are weak, so I am.
    I wish you get back on your feet soonest.
    Please be strong. Take care.
  • Don’t fall sick this time.
    This is when I need you most.
    I am in pains, you not here,
    Please get well soon my love.
  • I feel so guilty leaving you alone,
    I am sorry, I couldn’t help it.
    Please be strong for me,
    And you will make me proud forever.
    Get well soon my love.
  • I feel so guilty sending an sms,
    I should have been there in person.
    I am so sorry it has to be this way,
    Please stay strong and get well soon.
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Get Well Soon SMS Messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Wish your lover a speedy recovery with the following get well soon text messages for him or her.

  • It saddens my heart to see you not well,
    It gives me so much of struggle within.
    A part of me is gone when you are down,
    And I need you to be well, for me to be well too.
    Please get well soon dear.
  • Now I can’t walk alone,
    I can’t smile alone,
    I can’t do anything just alone.
    Please get well soon. I miss you.
  • If all you need is a smile,
    I will give it in millions.
    If you need a hand,
    You will have the whole of me.
    I can give anything, just to see you get well.
    I love you.
  • You are my better half,
    If you are week I am weaker,
    If you are sick, I am sicker!
    Your pains are my pains,
    Please get well soon my love, my dear.
  • My productiveness dropped,
    My joy is mixed with sadness.
    Everything is going out of kilter…
    Please get well before it goes I’ll with me too.

150+ You Mean so Much to Me Quotes and Messages

  • I missed your smiles,
    I missed the cookies,
    I missed your warmth,
    I feel empty within.
    You are sick, I am too!
    Please get well soon,
    And I will too.
  • There are thousands of wishes
    But just one is super superior now
    I wish you well.
  • Better and better shall your health be
    Stronger and stronger shall your body be
    You shall be well and up and doing
    Get well soon my dear
  • I am now okay, in fact doing very well.
    I eat well and I’m back to shape.
    That is what I wish to hear from you shortly…
    And so shall it be.
  • I see darkness giving way to light.
    I see your hurts and pains being over.
    I see you winning this battle and the devil being put to shame
    It is happening. Just have faith.