5 Signs Indicating the Need to Visit a Marriage Counselor

Most times, people go into marriages without having the right tools to manage its inevitable challenges. And while some people know exactly when things are going out of kilter, others are totally oblivious of the change.

If you want to have the best of your marital life, it’s better to know where and when to get help  if things take the unexpected turn

The big question then is, “how do you know the right time to visit a marriage counselor?

Below are some trigger behaviors and signs indicating the need for marriage counseling.

1. When You Are Living Separate Lives

Couples living together like roommates rather than a married couple is a major sign that they need counseling. This, however, doesn’t mean a couple is doomed simply because they don’t do everything together. Instead, if there’s a lack of conversation, communication, intimacy, or a feeling of just “co-existing”, then it is high time you hired the skills of a professional marriage counselor who can assist you in sorting out what is missing, and how you can get it back thus saving your marriage.

2. When Your Sex Life Has Significantly Shifted

It isn’t strange for sex to diminish a little bit after you have been together for a long time. But, significant changes within the bedroom is a sign that something is not right. When changes like this start happening, it is advisable you seek the help of a well-trained marriage counselor to help you in tackling this problem.

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3. When You Keep on Arguing Over Little Things

We all have trigger behaviors, (specific things that get us angry), which wouldn’t even bother the majority of other individuals. Example include issues such as laundry, the way the dishwasher is loaded, and eating the same meal for dinner all the time. The other partner may not understand why these misunderstandings keep on happening and what he/she can do about it. A counselor can assist a couple to discuss these problems and find out what the root cause of the problem is.

4. When You Are Facing Ongoing Relationship Issues

There are certain sticking points or arguments which often last for several months without any sign of resolution in every relationship. This can include, different views on finances, disagreeing sex drives, as well as child upbringing. These challenges may look quite impossible to overcome, but they can still be tackled, and both partners can come to an agreement. Counselors or therapist will be helpful if both parties are ready to understand and see things from the other partner’s perspective and are also willing to reach an agreement.

5. When One Partner Is Financially Unfaithful

Financial unfaithfulness can be as damaging to a relationship as a sexual affair. In case one partner hides his/her expenses and incomes form the other partner, or wants to be in charge of everything related to finances, then it is advisable the other partner brings up the issue of how family finances are gotten or spent. If your spouse refuses, consult a professional counselor to help you settle the conflict.

  • Conclusion
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Watching out for these signs can go a long way in helping you avoid a more complicated problem in your marriage. Ensure you encourage yourself to visit a counselor in order to get your marriage back on track. Marriage counseling is a perfect way to tackle any upcoming or future misunderstandings that may arise in your marriage. I hope this helps someone out there. Thanks for your time.