111 Love Messages for Her or Him

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Love is so magical that it can be the greatest thing you want to wake up to and the main reason for which you stay up late at night.

Conversely, love can be the last thought someone wants to see cross their mind. It could be the least of merriment someone wants to imagine. That is how bad love – the bad side of it – can bring.

I don’t wish that for you, my dear friend. I wish you the best instead.

These two phenomenon sometime could come unexpected, but the last time I checked, it’s more of a choice than you and I could ever imagine. Fact of the century!

What do I mean? 

Love doesn’t grow to its endless bliss either by nature or by default. The main means by which love grows is when it’s grown and nurtured to its best. Only those who dare to give the shot enjoy the streaks that come with it. 

Be that as it may, it’s the call of you and I – a clarion can at that – to make our relationships worth it by giving in the required recipe. 

You see, there is no limit to the extent to which we can give to a relationship, whether in kind or in any other wise. Then, it’s only those who want to see the realization of a love that lasts, that are audacious enough to give I their quota. 

You want to see your relationship grow? Then work it out. 

Hint: I call this post a chain rhyme. 

How?  All the numbered love messages has at least a common word with the one that precedes them. 

Let me explain further. 

Using number one and two as examples, you will see that the word WORLD is common to both of them. 

Read from number one to the last and you will find out that they follow the same sequence. Enjoy. Mwah. 

1.Loving like ever, so you are. Waking up with this thought is lifetime fantasy for me. I am lost in your world! I love you my sweetness.

2.You deserved to be treated like a queen as you have treated me like a king. We rule our world! I love you so very much.

3.You deserved to be treated like a King as you have treated me like a queen. Take my heart, it’s all yours my crown. I love you.

4.The Crown on my head, the soothing relief like never before. My warmth when comes cold, even more are you. I love you.

5.I love you so much, and that I can say a million of times. I will always do for as long as I am alive. I love you.

6.I am alive, I love the way I live my life. It’s been wonderful, all because I have a special one inside my heart. I love you.

7.Inside my heart dwells a jewel of inestimable awesomeness. The last time I checked, you will be in there forever. I love you.

8.Forever is the deal. The deal of our love. Ever unbroken is the seal. The seal which binds us together.

9.We are ‘bonded ‘ together in love. No ill feelings, no retreat and no surrender. We’re good to go all the way. I love you.

10.All the way, all my days, it’s you I will follow, even until the end of time. No one deserves me but you my love. I love you.

11.As long as you are the same you, no one will ever deserve my heart but you. I love you.

12.My morning and night, all that I am, I give to this relationship. No reason other than, you deserve my heart. I love you.

13.This relationship is all I need to move on. Your love, your care, your ways, are all the muse to carry me through. I love you.

14.My rhythm and my best muse, that is none else but you. My everyday desire, none fits but you. You are my best.

15.No more second guessing, you are my very best. No more looking back, the future is bright with you.

16.I can see the writings on the wall. No more doubting your allegiance. I can see the future so bright with you my love.

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17.Come rain come shine, I see me with you my love. I give in totally, with unshaken allegiance. I love you.

18.I give in totally nonstop. I am loving you wholly, too late for me to stop. You are mine forever. I love you.

19.I will love you wholly. Giving in totally to see this love last. Thinking I would leave? Give up that thought!

20.More of your love forever I am thinking. You are my best, so I lose if I would leave you. I love you.

21.I am sticking to you like my skin to my body. This is so cute – changing the way I am thinking.

21.Love that is deep skin. Big and fat in my heart and not thin. Lovely and lovely is how it’s been. Fit for me – that’s your love.

22.My weary moments is done. I’ve found the one fit for me and none else but the lovely you.

23.My ecstasy and lifetime bloom is you. Fit for me is all about you. So glad I found a lovely one as you.

24.I feel complete with you, my ecstasy and my ending rhythm. Boundless is my love for you.

25.Ecstasy is the word, rhythmic is the feeling, and forever is the time; the time of my love for you.

26.Superlative is description of my love for you. Ecstatic is its feelings is more than tingling sensations. Love you.

27.The way I love you is beyond description. To say it as it is, this love us superlative! I love you.

28.Our love, as I can see is beyond the scope of our thoughts. It’s magical and ever thrilling is it.

29.I am overwhelmed by the fulfilment that this relationship brings. This is magnanimous that it can’t be scoped!

30.Unspeakable joy beams on me. Looking into the future, glad that it’s fulfilment that I see. Happy I’m yours.

31.Our love is sure unbreakable, and to say of the pleasure it brings, it’s sure unspeakable. Glad I’m yours.

32.I wake up being glad that I am yours. Soothing it is to know that nothing will separate us.

33.I am giving in my all, I am done chasing shadows. I belong to you and nothing shall separate us never.

34.I am giving in my all, withholding nothing. I am making you my one and only, giving no space to none else.

35.My indisputable, my jewel, my one and only. No one qualifies to be that except you.

36.A jewel of inestimable qualities, a heart with indisputable allegiance. My joy my merriment, that is you.

37.I give my allegiance to this relationship. I choose to be your unending joy and merriment. Love you.

38.The merriment that this love brings, I can’t tell it all. The ecstasy that each moment gives, are more than what words can say.

39.Your care, your love, your heart in love to see us grow are more than what words can ever say. Thanks love.

40.Your care for me is super. Your love for me is magical. How this makes me feel is indescribable.

41.To love you all my life, I am capable. To care for you all along, indeed I’m able. You’re forever mine.

42.Mine forever, that’s who you are. My daily muse and my rhythm none else fits but you.

43.The rhythm of your love makes me palpitate. To go with you down the aisle, my love I can’t wait.

44.Being inside your arm forever, for that I can’t wait. My love and the centre of my happiness, none else fits but you.

45.The centre of my happiness, the reality of a desirable gladness, my love and my all, is who you are.

46.My most treasured gift, my heart and my endless desire. The best of amusement – that is you my love.

47.The day you came into my life was the very day I received the most treasured gift. Your worth is limitless.

48.Can’t stop reminiscing about the day you came into my life. I would have been miserable without you.

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49.My life without you is a call for miseries. Can’t imagine what I would have been without you. I love you.

50.An end came to my agelong miseries the day you came into my life. I am so glad I found you my love.

51.Looking into the past, my best day was the day you came into my life. Now every day is like that day for me. Thank you for making me yours.

52.It is overwhelming knowing that I am yours. May God bless the day you came into my life. I love you.

53.God has blessed me enough for giving you to me. Now I declare, forever I am all yours. I love you.

54.I belong to you forever. Under any kind of weather, come rain come shine, I declare, I’m all yours! I love you.

55.I can stress it forever and shout it on all the mountains that I belong to you from now until a day after forever.

56.I just wish I could declare my love for you on land, over hills, on all mountains and through the whole world. Isn’t it worth it?

57.I call tell of your love and care to the ears of a humans, I can shout it through the whole world. It’s worth it.

58.No matter how much I can ever give to this relationship, you are worth more than a million of it. I love you.

59.I didn’t know this love will give me this much. You are my one in a million. I love you so much.

60.’So much’ are the words that least tell how I love you. I wish I can give you more than enough. I love you.

61.Loving you daily can’t be enough and neither does giving you my all means you don’t deserve more.

62.No going back, and no looking back. I am giving my all to you and you only. You deserve more.

63.I am glad I am not going back to my weary moments. Looking forward to the best this love would bring.

64.I will be faithful to this course. I am just glad this is the moment I have been waiting for. I love you.

65.All my life, I have waited for the moment my miseries would be gone. That moment came when I met you.

66.My life met with bliss when I met you. It was the moment I have waited for all my life. Thanks for giving me the chance.

67.Thanks for giving me this undeserved chance to be the love of your life. I promise to treasure it. I love you.

68.Your care and your love are undeserving for me. They are worth being treasured forever – a promise!

69.Being your one and only is a promise I will ever keep. To care for and to love you, a lifetime act.

70.My heart is ever for you and you only. I care enough to see this last a lifetime. I love you.

71.My heart is ever meant for you. Clinging to you forever, that I will do, and with none else but you only.

72.I am clinging with you the love of my life. I am standing with you come what may. We are inseparable.

73.To be the best couple that ever lived, no doubt we are able. I see this hitting reality come what may.

74.I am not doubting your love for me. Your love is the best thing that ever happened to me. You’re my hero.

75.It would only be favour having such a hero like you as my love. It’s worth being celebrated for a lifetime.

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76.I wouldn’t have gotten this much I a lifetime had you not come into my life. This is perfection in its prime.

77.I hit the prime of bliss when I met you. I wouldn’t recover from the untold joy this brought. Your love rocks.

78.Your love is my prime joy. Waking and sleeping comes easy having realized this. I love you.

79.Glad you have interest in my heart and not solely on my body. It’s more than a blessing to have realized this.

80.I will wait until I become my best. It’s easy, knowing that my heart is the best one for it. I love you.

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81.My heart chooses to love you not only in this world. My love for you goes beyond. You are my best, I love you.

82.My love for you is beyond description. No word in the world fits perfectly to say how it makes me feel.

83.Your love and care are more than monuments to my memory. It’s so hard for me to describe how it makes me feel.

84.Your love and care are more than super. How it makes me feel is second to none. I love you.

85.The bliss I feel inside of me is second to none. There is no second guessing your love being my endless rhythm. 172 Romantic Love Messages for Her – Girlfriend

86.Every time I check, your love proves to be my boundless muse and my endless rhythm. I so much love you.

87.My unspeakable joy, my timely inspiration and my endless merriment, is what your love proves to be every time. I love you.

88.For all I want, your love is timely. For a future of bliss, your love is more than capable. I love you.

89.I see my future with you in adorable bliss. I see my needs and wants answering to being timely met.
Can’t wait to go down the aisle with you.

90.My most desirable goal is seeing myself going down the aisle with you. Don’t want to wait – counting it in seconds. I love you.

91.I wish I wouldn’t just wait to have that golden ring tuck into my ring finger. It’s worth the waiting anyway.

92.I think about the golden ring, the nuptial merriment, and I wish the day comes now. Don’t just worry, I will wait.

93.I can’t wait to officially and legally have you as mine. I can’t wait to enjoy all the marital merriment. I love you.

94.I am glad that I will be finally have you as mine. Can’t wait to see that dream come true. I love you.

95.You are my irreplaceable and my dream come true. My most desired pleasure are you. I love you.

96.Having you has ever been my most desired pleasure. Oh how I love the way this love is changing me.

97.I see this love changing me. The best of me is what it’s making me into. I wouldn’t let go. I love you.

98.I have signed the deal, and I wouldn’t let go. I have given in all of me, and forever that holds true.

99.Loving you forever is a done deal. Letting go is never going to be an option. You and I all the way.

100.If I have a million options, they will all be you. You and I are the best match all the way. I love you.

101.Among a million you will ever stand out for me. Stand out as the best match for none else but me. I love you.

102.We are the perfect match. And this is a fact that will ever count – count forever. I love you.

103.I am perfect with you forever. What a matchless combination I see us becoming.

104.Unbeatable is what I see us becoming. Right in the confines of your love, is where I see me ever abiding. I so much love you.

105.Ours is unbeatable. Super and strong is it, and so unbreakable. Inseparable – that is who we are. The best of their kinds’ is who we are. The unbeatable two, none else but you and me.

107.This love is best of its kind. I allow it to make the best out of me. I give in my best. I love you.

108.I give in my all, withholding nothing. I surrender to the dictates of your love, for you are my best. I love you.

109.I give myself to this relationship, withholding nothing. I accept your hand in love as we both walk and grow.

110.There is no limit to the height to which this love will grow. I accept the idea to make it worth it. I love you.

111.It is a dream come true seeing this love grow to this height. I must tell of its awesomeness. I love you.