Sweet Cute Text Messages for Best Friends

Sweet Messages for Friends, Cute Messages for Friends, Sweet Friendship Sms for Caring Friends, Cute Friendship SMS for Caring Friends, Thank you Messages for Best of Friends. A collection of nice Text Messages for Lovely friends and Colleagues.

Let Us Talk About Friends Indeed?

“Real friends are scarce, and caring hearts are not easy to find. If you have one who cares for you so much, then this Sweet and Cute friendship Sms messages are enough to shower accolades on such friend”

Some friends are really friends indeed; best and perfect ones at that. Send these text sms messages to such nice, caring, friendly and loving friend.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Best Friend in a Text

1. You are such a darling.

2. Your care is so magical.

3. You are a friend indeed. 

4. You mean so much to me.

5. You are more than awesome.

6. I just love everything about you.

7. You just won’t keep surprising me.

8. Your friendship is sweeter than honey.

9. I never met a friend as selfless as you.

10. Words can’t help to thank you enough.

11. You deserve an award for benevolence.

12. I’ve searched and known that your type is rare.

13. You are one of a kind.

14. You light up my world.

15. You are my kind of a pal.

16. You are my every day delight.

17. Your friendship is true and pure.

18. You just never disappointed me.

19. You have never ceased to amaze me.

20. I just can’t get enough of this friendship.

Sweet Messages for My Best Friend – Sweet Messages for Best Friends

21. You Led Me Right

You are my direction when I lost my bearing,
And like a covering, when there’s nothing to wear,
Your care is touching and worth admiring,
Without you today, I would be nowhere.

22. You are a Friend Indeed

Thank you for being a friend indeed,
Thank you for your help in time of needs,
Thank you for being with me when I was helpless,
Thank you and thank you, I wish I do more for you.

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23. I Can’t Pay You Back

If I owe money, I could gladly pay,
If I lost my way, I could trace it back,
But if I lose my life, how can I get it back!
Your love and care is what gave me life!

24. You Are My Best

You are my choicest of friends,
Forever this is how it will be.
I have seen love and care,
But yours is exceptional.
You are more than a friend.

Sweet Messages for Friends 2

25. Your Heart is Blessed

A loving heart is known to be scarce,
A caring soul is seen to be rare,
But yours comes on a platter of gold!
Oh! I am most blessed of humans!
Thanks for being more than a friend.

26. You Are more than Just a Friend

He is a friend, who cares for a neighbour,
He is a friend who loves his fellow friend,
But more than a friend is he who gives his life.
More than a friend you are to me.
I love you.

27. You Are a Friend In Need

In time of troubles, real friends show
In times of need, loving friends we know,
More and more of these you are to me.
I pray our friendship lasts forever. Amen.

28. You Are a Friend Indeed

Your love is to be cherished,
Your care is to be envied,
Your ways are to be loved…
You are a friend indeed!

Sweet Love Letter to You

If you have a friend that cares for you and love you so much, do all in your power to keep such. The person you call your lover might be caring so much just because of the strings attached, but someone who is just a friend does things out of pure love. Keep the heart that cares for you. These friendship messages are great to help do that for him/her. Smile for a caring friend if you have one.

Cute Friendship Messages for Best Friends

29. You Are One in a Million.

You are more than a shoulder to cry on,
More than a helping hand when I needed one.
You are more than strength when I am weak…
I call you a friend in need and indeed.

30. You Are a Gift Divine

Your caring is new in my heart every morning,
Your heart of love is seen great every day, deep down my soul!
You have proven to be more than a friend to me.
You are more than a sent Angel.

31. I’m Glad I Met You

The best pillow is good for a night sleep,
As the best car is everyone’s wish for a journey.
A friend indeed is everyone’s desire in life,
And I am so glad I found such in you.
I love you.

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32. You Make My Day

You are sweet and my everyday delight,
In my dark moments you are more than a ray of light,
Closer and closer are you to my heart,
And there forever you will remain intact.
You are a friend indeed. I love you.

Cute Messages for Friends – Cute Things to Say to Your Best Friend in a Text

33. We Will Be Pals Forever

Together forever, so shall it be.
Stronger together, so shall we be,
Indeed and in need, sure we shall be.
We will be best of friends together.

34. Our Friendship Shall Be Forever

Planes may crash,
Ships may capsize,
But our friendship will be forever.
We are the best, we rock!

35. I Can’t Do Without Your Friendship

I have met friends that I don’t wish to meet again
I have met some that I miss once in a while,
I have met friends that I can’t do without.
Among them all, you are the “can’t do without.”

36. You Are the Best Among All

Among animals, greatest is lions,
Among flowers, loveliest is a rose,
Among birds, bravest is an eagle.
Among friends, so loving is you.

Cute Friendship Sms for Caring Friends

37. You Are a Pillar of Strength

Good pillars makes best support,
And so are your loving care to my life.
Through my shaky steps, you were there!
I am glad I am in the cycle of your friends…

38. Your Worth is Unspeakable

He is closer than a relation,
Gives more than a helping hand
He is caring and loving…
He is the best of friends.
And He is the awesome you.

39. You Are Indescribable

She is so sweet and loving
She is more than a sister or brother.
She is so sacrificial and selfless…
She is no one else but the lovely you.

40. I Can’t Thank You Enough

I could thank you for a helping hand,
I could thank you for a need you met,
I could thank you for staying with me,
But above it all, thank you for being my friend.

Cute Friendship Messages for Caring Friends

41. You Are more than a Lover

Some friends are better than lovers,
And are better than family members.
Among these, I found you as one.
May our friendship last forever.

42. Our Friendship is Unbreakable

May the knot of our friendship never cut,
May the fountain of our happiness never dry.
May our relationship never soiled.
May we be best of friends together forever.

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43. Our Friendship is Flourishing

Our friendship is like a flower,
It will flourish forever,
Our friendship is like a fountain,
It will sprout forever and ever,
And like an ocean,
It will flow forever.

44. We Will Be Together, Forever

More of me, more of you.
More in wealth and in health
Best Friends together,
So shall we be.

45. Your Love is Nourishing

Nutrient is the heart of wellness
Love is the heart of great friendship…
So much of this have you shown,
And so I love being called your friend.

Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste

Got the best of friends? Use these short and long paragraphs (copy and paste) for him or her. 

46. Will I Stop Being Your Friend?

I have met friend, you were not the first… But how your friendship played out to be the best is just beyond words.

I wake up each day with your thoughts and I just wouldn’t stop to wonder how you have come to amass such virtues.

You showed up in every of my ways, your counsels were so strong in every of my plans.

The more I looked back to see how glorious it’s been since we met, the more I find it difficult to describe your love for me.

Yes, we are not lovers, but your friendship is more than I see and hear of romantic relationships.

Then I asked myself if I can stop being your friend… And the answer is No, No and No.

Thank you for being such a jewel to me. I love you.

47. You Have Proven It Again

I heard how they say that true friend is sweet and my heart wouldn’t stop its search

I went East West North and South for the one to call my own

Wandered up and down my vicinity for such a friend so real

And just when I was about giving up on the maxim-turned-cliché…

You showed up in an awe-inspiring way.

And with your appearance came all I have ever learned, heard and seen of a friendship.

With each day passing by, you kept proving what it takes to have a friend indeed.

With every moment with you, you kept showing how sweet is it to be loved by an Angel.

Yes, you have proven it again that there is a friend that’s closer than a sibling.

Thank for being such a friend.