You Make My Days Better Quotes

Everybody may want a lover or friend who makes their heart rekindle with joy every other time, but not so many are lucky enough to have them.

Well, if you ever came across just this one person who by the sheer abundance of their charm so effortlessly bless your day with sonorous laughter and joy, hope and love, you’d agree that they’re the last person you want to lose.

You Always Make My Day Quotes

When you wake up daily to affection, happiness and all there is to undying love or awesome friendship that defies human definitions, these you make my days better quotes are all you need for that special someone. Send these you always make my day quotes to him or her (boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, friends and loved ones) and I will be glad to have helped.

It’s like the sun amidst the clouds, you make my days better. Like the wind swerving round the earth, I wish you could be here right now.

  1. You know, there’s none more deserving of my utmost affection than you, for you make my days better. So, let’s sing the song of love all day long.
  2. All I have to do is think of you, and I already have a goodly day. I hope your day is full of love and light as you make mine.
  3. As long as I got you, the nights won’t come. Because the sun seems to shine all day, all because of your loving kisses. I love you, my bae.
  4. Sweet is the juice of citrus fruit, but you make my days even sweeter. Deep as its root, so is my love for you.
  5. My days are without worries, cause you’ve made them better. I am a happy woman because your loving arms are wrapped around me.
  6. I don’t need ice creams anymore, all I need is you, my darling. Cause, I’ll rather taste your love till the end of time.
  7. Like the rare and colourful mountains, you beautify my days so unusually. Like the radiant butterfly on green plants, I want your kisses perching on my lips.
  8. You make my days better, maybe with your juicy kisses or your genuine smiles. But I just can’t stop wanting you.
  9. Longer than the river of Amazon, my love for you would go. Unperturbed likes its flow, my passion will be for you.
  10. I’ll have your back because you make my days better than I had hoped for. I’ll wait for you, cause there’s no happy life outside of your warmth.
  11. I await your presence from the time I sleep to the moment I see the sun, for you make my days better. I wonder what a world mine would be without you.
  12. Tomorrow isn’t to be worried about, cause I know I have an angel who lights up my day with love. Let me be your angel too, my darling.
  13. My days are blissful when I’m with you, dear bestie. So, may your days be pleasant and blessed with good heavenly gifts.
  14. With an umbrella of love, you’ve covered me on the rainy days and protected me from trembling thunder and lightening. I love you, sweetness.
  15. It used to be the rainbow, but these days, it takes just you to light up my day. I’m not afraid to say, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.
  16. I’ll do everything to keep the smile on your face, for you make my days better. Just a look at your face and I’m inspired to have a better life.
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