Why You Should Give Couples Counseling a Thought

Life is not a bed of roses, they often say; and love isn’t either. Love can be all you want to live for in a moment and then suddenly becomes a reason to call life shits over shits – the differing factor is always linked to preparedness and individual’s choice.

Most assuredly, it’s not of those 21st centauries’ rants for one to do all it takes to be prepared for the ups and downs that may occur in the course of running the race of love, if indeed you must have the last laugh. One of such things to consider for help is seeking professional help.

As a wise lover, you don’t have to reach an impasse with your partner before turning to a counselor. Take for instance, the medical practitioners who often implore the public to go for medical checkups even before the symptoms of a disease raise its ugly head. So also, it is advisable to seek professional help from a counselor even though trouble isn’t shooting in paradise.

When it comes to making a relationship work, the benefits of booking some sessions with a therapist cannot be overemphasized because there’s no such thing as being too careful in this game of two.

Couple counseling is a pearl of every thriving relationship for the undermentioned reasons.

1. You Need Guidance

Couple counseling is advised because of the guidance it provides to a couple in a relationship or marriage.

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From history, most relationship issues arise from misunderstanding, psychological disorder, misconception and conflicting perspective. Hence, guidance from a professional is needed to properly reorient the couple involved, so they have a healthy and lasting union.

In essence, a good counselor awakens the consciousness of a couple to solely make rational and objective decisions in the long run.

2. You Cannot Know It All

That you are a genius doesn’t make you have expertise in marriage or relationship matters. A counselor is in the know of the tenets of a functioning relationship and therefore helps in playing the significant role of giving you appropriate practical advice and mapping a healthy love map to help you go through the difficulties in your relationship – whenever one surfaces.

3. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Couple counseling is a proactive measure adopted against divorce and, therefore, should be taken before going into marriage or even at the nascent stage of your union. In other words, seeking professional guidance would prevent you from failing where others have.

You shouldn’t be weary of the cost of doing this. Moreover, comparing couple counseling costs and benefits would help you understand its advantages over not employing its service at all.

So, be wise and beat divorce to it, for woe betides anyone who overlooks the place of a counselor in their relationship.

In addition, “Studies show that, in the hands of a good counselor, marriage counseling is successful 70-80% of the time,”

In other words, couple counseling increases your chances of a happy ever after, whilst preventing trouble in paradise.

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4. A Counselor Can Help You Communicate Better

More often than not, lack of proper communication skills increases the rate of divorce.

During therapy, couples state ‘growing apart’ as a reason for divorce; this reason has become a tale of great woe by many divorcees.  This, however, can be tackled through mastering the act of proper communication which involves honesty and openness.

A skilled counselor would teach you how to express your feelings and emotions in the bid to communicate more effectively. Thereby, avoiding the consequences of miscommunication.

5. Therapy Gives Room for Confidential Dialogue

Secrets are not only safe with the Priest, but also with a well-trained therapist.

A good counsellor is like a neutral third party with whom you can freely discuss your relationship issues without fear of being judged, blamed or gossiped. A date with a professional therapist would help solve your relationship issues and highlight hidden concerns.

Take a clue from the Hollywood bright screen actress, Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwayne Wade, whose relationship has become the ideal couple goal for many; they have openly stated couple therapy as the reason behind their smile.

So, because of the aforementioned benefits of employing a counselor, one can say, couple counseling is akin to gathering precious stones in the bottom of the ocean and coming up adorned. If I were you, I’ll rather give counseling a thought than give separation and divorce a chance. If it isn’t too early to be happy, then it isn’t too early to see a counselor.