Why You Need Relationship Therapy Before the Nuptials

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is the inexplicable emotion of tying the knot with the one person who sets your heart ablaze with love. The mere thought of getting married to this one special person leaves roses in the sky and an enviable log of joy obvious in your eyes.

Then, there is the moment you start to envision the much talked about “happy ever after.” You wonder if you two would last, whilst also dreaming of a blissful union in earthly paradise.

That is typical of the feeling of love – it just leaves you dreaming without boundaries. It’s your dream as it is many others’.

So, what separates the dreamer from the achievers in this case? I bet you’d guess right.

The ones living the dream of a “happy ever after” did not just go in search of their wedding dresses, nor the fabulous venue to read loud their vows, nor were they just concerned with ceasing the breath of their wedding guests as they walked down the aisle. Instead, they seasoned their dream of love with the flavour of everything that answers to a blissful union, one of which is a relationship therapy.

And if you’re thinking that counseling is for the rich, or for the couple who are going through a hard time, you could be far from the truth. Seat back and find out with me the fabulous truth of the essence of a relationship therapy before the nuptials.

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1. Therapy Is Your Most Trusted Guide

A relationship therapist is someone you can trust to guide you through your love journey.

Certainly, you need to borrow the lens of a professional to truly see your underlying shortcomings. It’s like having an X-ray test. They see you to your bones and marrows.

You may not know it yet, or be able to admit to yourself, why there is a crack on your wall of romance, but in the course of baring yourselves to your therapist, they in turn help you identify and confront your innermost worries, doubts and inadequacies in order to help address any subtle issue that is most likely to pose a problem in your future marriage.

Marriage is a union full of surprises. Sometimes, it can’t get any sweeter; at other times, it could be better.

So, for an engaged couple to respond to unforeseen circumstances in the most favorable way for their union, it is advisable they see a therapist before stepping into the marriage train.

2. You Do Not Know It All

Since you just can’t be an island f knowledge, compared to what the therapist knows about love and marriage, you just must admit that you are a novice.

The vast experiences of a trained therapist would expose you to a whole lot of other important topics you shouldn’t be overlooking as a couple. So, preparing that much for the forever journey builds hope and faith for a successful marriage.

3. Therapy Helps Solve Relationship Issues

Relationship issues come in different forms and sizes, from communication problems, sexual incompatibility, financial worries, personality clash, psychological disorders… The list is endless.

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However, no matter how strenuous your relationship problem may be, a therapist would help break down the wall and have you talk about your issues just so you can confidently wear your wedding ring without a pinch of doubt.

4. There Is Freedom in Letting It All Out to a Therapist

Have you ever felt relieved just because you talked about your worries and doubts? A problem shared can be half solved.

Relationship therapy gives you that inexplicable peace and serenity. Most times, seeing a therapist helps unburden the troubles on your shoulders and demystify your concerns. That alone is good for your relationship.

5. To Avoid Getting a Divorce

Divorce is an end that no couple in love ever wants to reach. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating and to say the least, expensive.

In the long run, having some therapy sessions before you get married is potent enough to help save you from the pain and regret of going through divorce.

Finally, marriage can be as thrilling as you want it to be. You can get the best of you ever wanted it and are ready to give it your all. Above all, don’t leave your head to make marital decisions capable of causing undesirable pains. It’s about time you have the wedding of your dream and enjoy the marriage you’ve looked forward to. Hurry up and sign up for your relationship therapy classes and you’ll be glad I told you so.