Twin Baby Congratulation Messages – Wishes for Twins

Wishes for Twins : Best wishes for newborn twin baby, congratulation messages for twins. There are very few parents get the experience giving birth twins. Really it’s a great source of joy for them who have newborn twins. If any of your friend, relatives, colleagues or knowing someone who just had twins you must congrats them by this congratulations wishes for twins to celebrate and cherish this amazing joyful time with this family. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of their life’s most memorable moment.

Congratulation Messages & Wishes for Twins

Here we provide a list of heartfelt congratulation messages and Wishes for twins which you can use to convey your congratulation and best wishes for the parents who are blessed with two adorable newborns at the same time. Shear these wishes for twins with a congratulatory greetings card, posting on their Facebook timeline or write a note to send with gifts for their babies.

God gave you twins because your intense motherly love was too vast to be absorbed by just one adorable baby. Congratulations.

Having twins means that the parents never have to fight over who gets to hold the baby. Congratulations.

Having twins is symbolic of the fact that you always have more love to give than you think you have. Congratulations.

Lucky folks like you always get more than what they wish for. Congratulations for having twins.

Look at the bright side. At least you won’t have to spend for two separate birthday parties. Congratulations for having twins.

Identical or fraternal who cares when the twins are so adorable. Congratulations.

Always be a fair parent by giving the same to both your twins – except medicines. Congratulations.

Having twins is like setting up a new business – double the hard work in the beginning, but double the return as the years go by. Congratulations.

Now that you have twins, it’s time for you to switch from Wal-Mart to Costco and start buying supplies in bulk. Congratulations.

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Cute little toes – twenty instead of ten. Dreamy eyes – four instead of two. Heart-melting cuddles – two instead of one. Parents of twins, everything in double.

Confusion and chaos, brouhaha and brawls, cacophony and commotion – welcome to your new life with twins. Congratulations.

One heart in your body and two cute adorable babies – how will you possibly do justice? Congratulations.

By having twins, you have given yourself not one but two pillars to rest your remaining life on. Congratulations.

Congratulations for giving birth to twins – a cute boy and a beautiful girl. Now sit back, enjoy watching them grow up… and let the happiness unfurl.

Reasons to celebrate, you have more than one. God had blessed you with two bundles of fun. Congratulations.

Congratulations for your twins and thanks for not giving your family members the trouble of remembering two birthdays.

Yes, you’ll have to change two diapers instead of one. But you’ll have four arms hugging you instead of two. Congratulations for having twins.

Can you believe it? In-between your husband and your twins, you have 6 arms to hug you. Congratulations.

I am glad you had twins. Just one carrier of your awesome DNA wouldn’t have been enough. Congratulations.

Sorry to say, but your newborn twins have beat you both to become the cutest pair in the whole world. Congratulations.

Forget all the happy memories of the life that you’ve had so far. As compared to being parents to twins, nothing comes at par. Congratulations.

Having twins means double the work, but also double the happiness – making it all the more priceless. Congratulations.

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Managing twins is like going through a beautiful storm… it will turn your life upside down but you’ll come out smiling with precious memories. Congratulations.

People will say you have two new reasons to smile. But in reality, you have a million. Congratulations for your twins.

While you will have double the happiness and double the cuddles, you will also have double the cries and double the troubles. Congratulations, in double.

Who will wear red and who will wear blue. In sorting out this confusion, I wish good luck to you. Congratulations for having twins.

With one as radiant as the sun and the other as glowing as the moon – you have the whole universe in your lap. Congratulations for having twins.

May everything in your life be nice, may good things happen just like your twins – twice. Congratulations.

The stork was in a good mood when he came to you, that’s why instead of one he got you two. Congratulations.

I always knew that you were an efficient person, but by having two babies at once… you’ve taken the meaning of efficiency to a whole new level. Congratulations.

Congratulations, you are the lucky winners and recipients of Life’s one-plus-one-free offer. Enjoy.

Now that you have TWO, ‘TOO much to handle’ will be an obsolete phrase in your life’s dictionary from now on. Congratulations.

Your life’s best time is about to begin, now that you have given birth to twins. Double the pain, double the joy… now that you have, a girl and a baby boy. Congratulations.

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I was expecting you to become a family of three, but you got an extra one for free. Congratulations for becoming a family of four, by having twins that you can lovingly adore.

Your life is about to be smothered by heart-warming cuteness, excessive sweetness, loads of happiness, tender blissfulness and memories priceless. Congratulations for having twins.

Two not just one, means double the fun. Two not just one, means cuteness by the ton. Two not just one, a daughter and a son. Congratulations for having twins, to the new dad and mum.

It wouldn’t be fair if only one child got the chance to grow up in your beautiful home with a loving mother and a caring dad. No wonder you were blessed with twins. Congratulations.

Not all couples are capable of being good parents to just one child, let alone two. Life gave you twins because it knew, that there was no one else more capable to raise them but you. Congratulations.

One will laugh, the other will cry. One will be wet, the other will be dry. While one will yell, the other will sleep. But these memories will become your most precious keep. Congratulations for having twins.

Bringing up twins is definitely going to be challenging. But I bet your experience is going to be amazing… simply because you will be the most caring, loving, giving and nurturing parents the world has ever seen. Congratulations.

Dear, we hope thankfully that these sample congratulation messages & wishes for Twins will make it really easy for you to come up with the perfect lines to write a heartfelt congratulations message or wishes for having twins!