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It’s so much a show of love, appreciation and admiration when you see your man as your king. One awesome implication of that is the fact that you are automatically a queen – you both rule and reign in the kingdom of love.

So why not some you are my king quotes, poems and text messages for that cute boyfriend/husband of yours?

You are my King

As Lions are Kings of animals
And Peacocks are Kings of birds,
You are the King of my heart.
Long live my king, my heart.
I love you and I will forever do.

The quote above is very romantic to tell your Lover (Boyfriend, Husband) that they are really worth a place in your heart. Send it to them if it’s true.

When Your Boyfriend, Fiancé or Husband deserves to be called an Armour, because he’s been there for you through the thick and thin of life, send the love Quote/Poem below.

You’re My Armour, My King

My fortitude when I am weak,
My sight when things go bleak
My strength even when I am so sick
Yet, you care for me and you’re meek!
I love you my King!

Hint: All the Quotes on this page can be sent to your Queen also. You can do so by changing the word King to Queen. Send it as You are my Queen Love Quotes.

Every heart has a kingdom, and some take it by force while the real owner walks and works his way into it, loving and caring for the heart to keep it safe. If he is such, then the Love Quote below is suitable for Him.

You are the King of my Heart

In my heart of heart forever is your home
In there is where with you I build my Rome
Live it large, it’s the best place you can be.
For without you in there, there is no me.
I love you my King.

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For Lovely and Romantic Collections of “Love Quotes for my Queen”

Does he really occupy your heart and is in every of your thoughts? Is he worthy to be in your future? Then the quote below is worth being sent to Him.

Letter to my king, my Love

I see you daily in my dreams
You are in my every thought
I envisage, you are in my future
If you ask about my daily desire…
I want to build an empire with you.

I know sometime you want to show off. You really want to tell how it’s been going great and lovely between you two with no sense of regret. When you need to do that, the next Quote is perfect to be sent to Him.

About my King

Sovereign in Understanding
Mighty in his thoughts
So Loving in his ways
And He is my King.
I love you.

Having the best for a life of significance and limitless romantic streaks is everyone’s desire in their relationships. You want to tell him he deserves your future, and the most pleasured place in your heart? Then the next Quote is lovely for that.

Will You Be My King?

Fashionable is a head with a Royal Crown
And sovereign is such a hand with a staff
To have a King is to be part of the Kingdom,
And I wish you are mine, my king.
Will you be my king? I love you.

Awh! And when the time comes that you are sure and sure and still very sure that something is amiss in your life… You looked around and can’t really picture what’s wrong until it strikes you that you have been missing him. Happening to you? Then send the next Quote.

I Miss You my King

The Night Misses the Sun
The Summer Misses the rain
Lonely am I, missing your presence
My joy my love, my life’s essence.
I love you so much, but I miss you.

Everybody loves being loved, cared for and being teased even. And it’s everyone’s desire to have someone so close than a brother would to them. So, what happens when you really have someone who’s giving you all those amusing stuff , but so far away this time? I know how it feels – You will miss him badly! The next quote can help send your feeling across to Him.

Where is my King?

My arms are empty of your embrace
My heart is cold, away from your warmth
I am losing the mind that i own
Because I am away from my own!
I love you, but I miss you.

Yippy! It’s morning and the day is sure bright. You think about the previous day and it was lovely at its best. You try to think through the previous days also, and they’ve been avalanche of merriment. Within you, you are sure he’s sure responsible for the romantic moments you had. Yes or yes? So, don’t wait before you send the next Quote to him or her.

Good Morning my King

I watch the Sun ushers in its rays
And the oceans send in their waves
The air gives out its soothing breeze
As your love flushes through my heart
Good Morning my King, I love you

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More Good Morning Poems and Quotes

As far as I know, the best of nights are determined by how the day went. When you go through the rigorous activities of the day and luckily for you, there is someone who cares enough to help you through, you feel on top of the world. Many people want their lovers to fill up this position and it’s one of the worst defeat in life when the person doing this is just a friend. So, does he care enough to see your day going great? Good! The next Quote is for Him.

Good Night my King

The day gives way to the night
The Stars take the shift from the sun
My heart takes delight in your love
And I smile, my heart fills with joy..
For tomorrow is yet another day…
It’s another day for you and me in love.
Good Night my King, I love you.

There are real men and there are boys, as far as love in relationships is concerned. Some men in relationships are boys and some boys take the courage to be men! Well, you know what you really want – you want a man in your relationship. And that’s when the question comes: is he a man or a boy? Share the next quote with him as a proof.

You are my Man, my King

The jewel in your crown am I my dear
The signet to my heart, that you are
You are my muse and every hour joy
Even more and more of you, I enjoy
I love you, my caring king.

Love can be undying and even limitless! Love can be the reason you wake up and sleep lovingly. The last time I checked, love is all you need to make the best out of your heart. And even in the heat of the day, love can be the source of sootiness you could ever need. If he is soaring high, you too can! The next quote has something to say about that.

Your Love is my Limit

You’re mightily an Eagle flying high
I am the wing, with me you flutter
You are all I need, no saying bye!
My allegiance for you, I won’t alter.
I love you my King.

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