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Love is such a beautiful thing and a profound blessing to the heart of humans. So, when it happens, it should be met with great appreciation for many may not find it, whilst others may lose it still.

For the latter not to happen, it is wise to keep your love with the sheer appreciation that flows from your heart. So, reciprocate your darling’s love with words and actions of appreciation on this day.

I’m So Blessed to Have You, My Love

When the presence of your lover in your life has become the surest of blessings, use these you are a blessing to me my love quotes and messages for him or her. Romantic messages to express how your lover’s presence in your life has been the best of blessings to you.

  • How you lift me up when I’m down blesses my soul for a lifetime, my love.
  • You’re a blessing presented to me by an heavenly angel. The whole of me yarns to have a day and forever with you, my love.
  • You took away my weakness in exchange for your strength. Such a blessing you are to me.
  • I’ll smile infectiously for the rest of my life, cause you’ve been a blessing that never brought sorrow to me, love.
  • You’re a Prince with many enemies, cause you’ve chosen to stand by me and fight for me. What more can I say than to call you my saviour.
  • Every kiss, every hug, every smile blesses me, so much so that I lack nothing.
  • I had the taste of a good life when you knocked at my door and I welcomed you wholly into my world.
  • Because of you, I flourish like rich vegetation enjoying the brilliant sun in the day and absorbing the refreshing rain at night.
  • You’re God’s gift to me. I unraveled a blessing when I met you.
  • Never had I felt so loved and so prized above everything else. You are the blessing I’ve been searching for.
  • You took away my loneliness and turned my sleepless nights into my sweetest ones. You are a blessing to me, my love.
  • You appear in my night sky as the brightest star safeguarding me from the thoughts of darkness.
  • You’re a blessing to me, my love. Take my smile and every ounce of my love as a gift from me to you.
  • I no longer feel dejected cause you’ve transformed my heart into an amazing paradise.
  • I felt ashamed until you gave me a reason to be proud of myself. You are my pride and blessing.
  • I thought I had lost it all until you came and gave me a brand new world. You are a blessing to me, my love.
  • You are an absolute gem, living to love me for as long as I live.
  • I was distant to happiness until you drew me closer to love and I knew what it means to be in a happy place.
  • I was broken. Then, you mended my wound without a reason. You’re the epitome of love.
  • I’m blessed to have you as my own. I’ll trade you for no one else. You’re enough.
  • Countless times, I have failed at love. But with you, I never cried a sad tear, cause you’re the blessing I’ve been waiting for.
  • I count you as a blessing to me, cause I’ve never been loved like this before.
  • You’re a blessing to me, my love. I’ll do everything to jealously protect you from all.
  • If I had known, I would have met you earlier before now, for you’ve made my life more beautiful.
  • Love has been my greatest joy, cause you’ve been my biggest blessing, my love.
  • Never seen a star so bright. Never met a lady blessed with so much grace. Since creation, you’re the best thing that came into my world.
  • I’ll love you with my kisses and keep you with the kindness of my character. For you’re a blessing to me, my love.
  • There’s no comparing you to another, for you fill my life with beautiful lights flying in the air. I’ll rather be with you than with anyone else.
  • No matter what angle I take, my heart beats for you. You’re a blessing to me, my love. Forever you’ll dwell in my heart.
  • When you walk near, my heart jumps in excitement. Since I’ve met you, the cool waters of happiness never stopped flowing by my side.
  • A man like you I never thought would grace my path. A lover like you heaven has blessed me with. Now I can only smile. For you’re a blessing to me, my love.
  • I feel happiness overwhelming me. I see smiles all over my mirror. You’ve changed my world for good, my darling.
  • You’ve taken my fears away and filled my tender heart with love. You’re a blessing to me, my love. How could I not know it!
  • I can watch over you all night long, cause your presence is heaven to me. How I love you, my darling!
  • You’ve bitten me with the sting of love. Now I feel delirious for love has found me. You’re a blessing to me, my love.
  • You have remoulded me with love. Blessed me with peaceful kisses. Your presence is God’s miracle to me.
  • Your smile comes when I need it the most and heals when I thirst for it the most. You’re my number one blessing, my love.
  • Sorrow is far away, cause I have found an angel of love. Happiness betides me, for your presence is so near.
  • I never thought love to be this great until you marched into my world with grace. Now you’ve changed everything and darkness has turned to light.
  • All my sufferings are gone, cause I found me a partner so true and pure. I won’t let you go, my love, for your love have I sworn to keep.
  • I’ll love you with all my heart, cause a man like you deserves nothing but the purest portion of the water flowing from the spring of love.
  • Love came like a whirlwind but so much peace it brought and so much happiness I can feel for its sake. You’re a blessing to me, my darling.
  • I wouldn’t change a thing, cause meeting you was heaven’s greatest favor to me.
  • I don’t want the end to come, cause our love is sweet and refreshing. You’ve changed everything within me and made me a better man, my darling.
  • You deserve my vows and my commitment will I give to you, for your love is everything I needed to feel my best in life, sweetie.
  • I’ll choose you a million times, for there’s no love better than the one flowing through your heart. Yours has blessed me for good.
  • Your aura brings peace, your kisses beget smiles, your laughter births joy. I’m super blessed to have you.
  • Life was never meant to be walked alone by me. For by your side, my darling I have unlocked the treasure of joy unending.
  • I look forward to tomorrow knowing with you, the future is brighter than the crystals in the sky. I love you, baby.
  • I’ll love you now and I’ll love you in the future. For you’re more than a blessing to me, my darling.
  • Let the clouds tremble, let the earth shake, I’ll take pleasure in being by your side all day long. For your presence is my earthly paradise.
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