Trending Long Love Messages for Him from the Heart

Are you in a new relationship and you want to set out a strong romantic foundation? Look no further, use these messages to set your stage for a great romantic experience that will last a lifetime.

Also, there are time that you will want to sparkle your love relationship, a great and inviting love letter can rekindle the fire of romance in your relationship.

Here are 120 long love letters and long love messages that you can copy and send to your lover and you will come back to share the testimony of how they have brought revival of love to your relationship. Looking forward to your testimony.

Long Love Paragraphs for Boyfriend or Husband

Whenever your husband or boyfriend is with you he is always happy. Why not make him also feel the same while he is away by sending him these Long love paragrpags for boyfriend or husband, or these Long Love Sms for Husband or Boyfriend.

  • My Dearest,
    Sleeping and waking up with the fragrance of your love has made me to almost forget that our relationship is a year old already. A whole year has gone by and I have almost not noticed it.
    I do not even think of ever feeling depressed simply because it seems almost impossible that this could happen if you would always be by my side, as a tender and vital part of my life. I love you crazily and I can say that again and again. I just want to give you all the pleasure I can possibly give you and make you the happiest man in the world because you deserve all the happiness possible.
    I will try to be as creative as possible the next time we see because you deserve all the love in the world, all the surprises and joys possible.
  • My Happiness,
    You have this natural apt to make me happy. Your ability to surprise me every day is really impressive, and it is always in a positive way.
    As each daybreak, there is a new touch of affection, and as a result, my necessity to always be with you grows day by day.
    What would be the secret that makes me more yours each minute? I believe that it is because I usually lose count of time when we are together. The time I spend with you usually seems short. I am waiting for the time I will be with you permanently. I love you very deeply.
  • My Peace, my love, my joy, my darling,
    It has been years that I have married you but do you know that every time you caress me and every time that your soft skin touches my hard body, I feel like it was for the first time. I love you, I love you so much.
    I know that I do not need to tell you so that often and I know I am repeating myself, but I must because I do not have the same talent to surprise you the way you surprise me. A kiss from your old lover. You are the source of my warmth.
  • Dearest, let’s make it tomorrow my coolest babe. Sweet dreams. I keep missing you. I will make it up tomorrow. I did not hear your voice today as such. I love my precious pearl. Thanks for your love. I sincerely appreciate it.
    Hope you will dream about me. You will see how I will cuddle you. It is all because I really love and care for you. I’m in love with you for real.
    Although I know that perfect love is never too early or too late, I wished I have met you from primary school, my love. I will love you till the end of the world. Accept my little appreciation of kiss.
  • You are my source of happiness and I love to give myself fully to you. Believe that every syllable that comes out of my mouth when I talk to you does not contain a single drop of a lie.
    All my words and my wishes are sincere, deep and true. After all, you deserve to get all the love on this planet. And I’m willing to give it to you. I am willing to do anything and everything to make you happy, my love.
  • My cool lady, I remember that you once told me that you find it hard to feel loved. Love is a tough and rewarding exercise, and there is no exact formula that defines what it means to love. You, who are loving and docile, has, however, difficulty in loving and being loved. Know that I love you for who you are and will keep loving you. I am happy that you have also started showing that you love me.
    You are as calm as the morning, my treasure. Today is one of d best day of my life. Why? I have the most lovely and sweetest babe by me. I will keep loving you, sweetie.
  • Do you know the beauty of love? The beautiful thing about love is that it is a mystery. When love happens, what comes to light is a great avenue of giving away one’s time and the whole of oneself
    Disclosing love requires art and skill, sensibility and attention. Love has to be sowed in the form of trust. This is the only way it will germinate and grow, and finally, bear fruits.
    So you should follow your immense heart and plant your love on who loves you the most and dedicates you all the attention, concern and affection. A happier birthday in advance.
  • Dearie, here is my call for letting go of the past. You have to get rid of your fears, which derive from bad experiences that are long gone… After all, sooner or later it happens to everyone… Love has found you in me. Embrace love and let go of the hurt.
    Let us come together and build something firm and beautiful for colouring our lives and days that are yet to come. Forget the fears and pessimistic forecasts, let´s surrender to love. A kiss from the one who best knows how to love you. I love you, deary.
  • When my heart is too full to speak and longing for that precious feeling which is too great to utter, I have come to know that my deepest thoughts should be heard through words, spoken or written.
    The art of writing love letters is something I celebrate and cherish because I usually go back to read and reread the texts you have sent to me, so, I have chosen written words above spoken words which will enable you to go through them again and again.
    Telling you how I feel from the phone or whispering magical words into her ears may make you happy but receiving a love letter from me should be able to do wonders I believe.
  • My beloved, like a knight who proposes to a princess, you have shown your love for me and you have made me feel like a queen in your life. I am sending you this love letter to tell you how amazing you are.
    My life is beautiful because of you, my love. You entered into my life as a candlelight in the dark. You showed me the meaning of love not only with your words but with your care too. I know your shy nature doesn’t let you open up to me, but your eyes speak up the love you have for me. I love you a lot.
  • I wanted to write you a love letter. I know that it is a little silly not to know what to write but I my feelings for you is so deep that I do not know how to describe it with words but I thought I would try anyway. It is just that I feel so much when I am with you that I try to put the feelings in words so that you know how I feel about you.
    I can’t see you right now but I can picture how you are. I see your hair and the way it falls on your shoulders, the way you smile and how you look right before you laugh. I want to be next to you right now. I don’t want you to hold anything back. I can feel you close to me even though you are far away. Please believe me when I say I love you.
  • I think about the time before you were a part of my life. I remember being aimlessly drifting from one place to another, for I was bereft of a particular purpose in my life. I just kept having the feeling that something is missing and that I am not just yet adequate.
    And along came you and from that day forth everything changed. You have given me so much that I can never pay you back and I know that I can only spend my lifetime loving you and make you feel safe and secure in my arms. I know that you are that once in a lifetime gift that is bestowed upon lucky ones from heaven above and you mean the world to me. I love you my charming wife,
  • I send you much love and fondness to you with this letter. My adorable wife, how far can you go for me? I am keen to go far and beyond just to let you realize that you are the most excellent thing that has happened to me!
  • Sweetheart, your love is deeper than the deepest ocean, extensive than the skies and brighter than the brightest star that shines all night.
    My loving wife, you raise my soul every time I think of you. You are my sunrise and the shining star! I really want to make you know that I love you beyond what you think.
  • I’m here within the walls of my room, thinking about how to be happier the next leave I will be taking. I do not want to feel pain because I miss you so, I am going to drop everything and run into your arms. I want to kiss your hands and feel complete to enjoy the amenity of this season.
    My commitment will be only to you, I am in need of care and affection. As I believe these are things that only you can give me to my satisfaction. So I’m on the road to happiness and I will not stop for anything. I long to be near you soon.
  • I am going to forget my commitments and devote all my time to our love. I hope this decision finds all receptivity on your part. I know you love me very much and all you want is to be by my side. So, it seems, we will satisfy our hunger for each other. We will finally enjoy our love full time.
    Whoever it is who said that so much love just hazes, didn’t know what they were talking about. Love is the greatest source of joy and happiness and what we need is more time to enjoy it. I’ll forget everything and just love you so much. Many kisses deary.
  • I love and adore you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you I was certain they would never again picture sweeter image. You are extremely beautiful.
    Your beauty and finesse seduced me right away. Your voice reached my ears like the sweetest melody, beating the lustful pulse of my aching heart. Ever since you have been my balm of Gilead. I love crazily.
  • I can still remember the first time I met you. Ever since that first glance, my life shifted as a whole because in an instant I understood what love really is because I understood that when love and joy are shared, move intensely they become, and that grief and hardship are a lesser burden when faced with clarity and trust.
    Loving you makes me feel safer and more alive. Bring me the courage to search, in purest spring, the water that will quench our trust, the strength to reach for the ripest fruit that insisted in growing in the highest branch, energy to overcome each and every obstacle and to have a forever open chest and a willing heart to keep you warm, body and soul, always.
  • With care and joy in my heart, I write this declaration of love for you. I will always be aware of our love and a constant readiness to review this feeling is a promise, of a truthful worship I have towards you.
    Have absolute certainty that my biggest fulfilment is knowing that I can make you the happiest woman and the most beloved on this earth because I dedicate my seconds to this goal. Receive this with all my love! Cheers.
  • I hope you have a day full of radiance: that the morning might be clear, that the afternoon keeps on with its brightness and that the night might give us the best hours of our lives.
    Starting a day is a difficult moment, but do not despair because you are strong and capable. Stay calm, because everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to turn out just fine. Just be careful to fulfil your part just right, because I want all of you and I want you ready for me when you return.
  • As you leave home this morning, be sure to look carefully at the sky. Thank the sun or the rain. Thank Mother Nature for everything good it offers us, and forget the small inconveniences that might come in the day. Concentrate on the fact that you are alive, that you have eyes to see this message coming from me.
    I miss you this morning dearest. Your absence gives me a sense of coldness and longing.
    Go on. Go to work! When you return you’ll get all the love in the world. And you’ll also get the most appetizing food. Your new bride is missing honeymoon already.
  • I suddenly started remembering, not with a nostalgic feeling but with a lot of tenderness, the time we really were together, the time we used to share to the full our emotions, wishes and hopes. I remembered everything we have shared together and I missed it!
    Isn’t it strange that I am missing you so soon? I remembered those things we said to each other. And yet, for me, this is just the confirmation that a great love will never die and I hope you feel the same. I love you and you? Waiting for your response.
  • I was alone this evening and I started thinking about us. I started by remembering only the good things that surrounded us. The way you used to touch me, the tender words we dedicated to each other, the way you used to look at me (always with a mix of love and desire), the warmth of your body.
    And it’s as if I could feel it all over again as if I could hear the sound of your voice penetrating my ears just as it used to happen not so long ago. I am missing you big time.
  • Let me start by saying that I want you back in my life. I know that so many things have happened but do you know that I still love you? In fact, my love for you has deepened because of your absence. I miss you.
    I believe that there could be a chance for us to relive those times… I know we’re living a different reality today and we’re more susceptible to everyday problems, letting them interfere with our lives us. But I thought that perhaps we could fearlessly give in to this beautiful and strong feeling that, at one point, has brought us together and that, for me, is more alive than ever! Think about it carefully, my darling!
  • Our wedding is getting closer and closer. You know what, I will multitask for you once we get married. I want to be many things for you so that you won’t have a need to have any side chick.
    I will be your wife, your cook, your prayer partner, your prostitute, your adviser, your stripper, your children’s mother, your gist partner, your entertainer, your financial advisor, your private motivator, your comedian… what else do you want me to be?
    Waiting for your response…
  • A pearl is a smooth lustrous round structure inside the shell of a clam or oyster; much valued as a jewel. You are a pearl to me and I value you more than a jewel.
    You are not just a pearl to me, you are a precious pearl. Having you in my life gives me joy and I would not have mind telling the world about our relationship but I have just decided that I will be discrete about for the main time and that is taking a whole lot of discipline and restraining myself.
  • What should I write for you today? May our love bring only smiles and laughter. There are stories of life that ended in tears. Some in bitterness but there are many that keep growing in happiness and joy. Ours shall keep waxing stronger in happiness, joy and divine grace.
    May we be all that the Lord wants us to be. You have been a source of laughter to me may you never be a source of regret to me and may I never be a source of regret to you.
    I simply love you. Happy birthday in advance.
  • I was almost troubled when I could not reach you at first which is unusual. I am happy that you are safe.
    The ‘break in communication’ really makes me see how you have become a part of me. Even if it was just for a day, I really missed you.
    You are one lovely part of me now and I wish I can use my writing skill to make our love life a special one
  • You sacrificed so much for me and I deeply appreciate it. I am lost without you. I am desperate for you. I am blessed to have you. You everything to me. You are precious to me. You are more than special to me.
    I am praying to God to help me with more skills to show to you that I love you more than you think. Kisses to you my wealth. I love you very deeply deary.
  • I hope I will not exhausting words. The naughty part of my heart sometimes feel that I will someday exhaust the lexicons of the English language if I keep expressing my love for you but you know what? I will not stop expressing myself. You are my choice.
    I will keep expressing my love and if I exhaust all the words in English, I will switch to African languages. When I exhaust that, I will then switch to sign language. I better start learning that, smiles.
    I am sure that I would have not exhausted all the numerous languages in the world until we get old. I love you and will keep loving you.
  • When I noticed the fairness of the skin of your arm and I smiled at it. You smiled and predicted that I will write about it. However, I have decided not to write about it. Winks.
    God saved you that we both do not have to keep standing in this public bus, if not I would have kept commenting on how fair the skin of your arms is in contrast to the other parts that are usually visible.
    You are my man crush all the time. Chop kisses.
  • Although I am always attentive to your facial expressions, I do not notice any effort mark? Really, I don¹t know. I only know this is one more of the mysteries that make me like you, even more, each second, however. You pull up new surprises every day.
    Your uniqueness is what I love and cherish. Have I ever told you that you mean the world to me? I want to make you feel on top of the world by translating my feelings into words. I love you. My darling, my sweetheart, my love, my girlfriend. I am blessed to have you, dear. Nice night.
  • My Treasure, please don’t be discouraged. I understand how you feel but they that TRUST IN GOD SHALL BE STRONG AND SHALL DO EXPLOITS. My Treasure, wait and see the MIRACLE God is set to do. Remain Faithful and continually put Him to remembrance to that which He promised you and I. I love you, dearest.
  • Good morning deary. Recently, you have been sending me messages frequently. I really appreciate it. Thank you, my love. I love you very plenty. I was surprised when I saw the fairer part of you. I love everything thing about you. I am hundred per cent blessed to have you. I won’t let you down my love.
  • I was feeling ‘geez geez’ when we were talking on the phone. Don’t let me describe my feelings in details. This feeling cannot be false; it has got to be true.
    I love you and should I tell you that your sincerity is sexy? So, in your sincerity, who taught you that ladies can be moved by an imaginary bite on the ear? I love the perfect combination of your body parts. God must have seen my heart and what I would want before creating you especially for me.
    You are my dreams come true.
  • I do not mind speaking with you a million times a day because speaking with you bring me more gladness. Hearing your perfect well being gladden my heart.
    Over the night, I can’t stop thinking about you. Reading your lovely texts and admiring those beautiful pictures of yours was what I was doing till I finally fell asleep. Loving you is the best thing that has happened to me. You are my most reserved babe.
  • I love the fact that you are always open to me. I really love your openness and so I will always be open to you. There is the belief that ladies should not be too open to their lovers because men do not overlook things easily as much as ladies do.
    But, I have been open to you against that belief because I believe that secrets and lies can kill relationships. I love you beyond secrets. I love that I will keep being open to you. I love you, deary.
  • Oh dear, I miss you. I have tried to call you severally but your number was switched off. I know you have your choice to make especially when the future is involved. One thing I wish that I can do but know that I cannot do is for me to open my heart physically for you to see through how I feel for you. You place in my heart and life is special. Please don’t let me cry, my precious lover.
    Wholeheartedly, I love you. I think I don’t have to struggle for a place in your heart and life. Please, let it come naturally but I will forever be grateful if you choose me.
  • Let me give you an outpouring of my heart. I usually tell myself this for a long time, that whatever will be yours might be delayed but can never be denied.
    I know I have delayed proposing to you but the Almighty God in His infinite mercy kept you for me. I proposed by God’s grace in His perfect timing.
    Wherever I was, It never occurred to me to be afraid that you will be doing something wrong. I believe it was God perfect timing that I came into your life. I sincerely love you and you know it because have shown it in every way I can.
    Please do not disappoint me and make me lose you. Read my lips, my words, my heart, my ways and see truly that I esteem you above anyone on earth. I am not sure if words can ever be able to communicate how I really feel for you. I have kept back nothing from you in sincerity and all truth. In all, I will always respect whatever your stand is. Either to put tears of joy continually in my heart or to make me weep profusely all the rest of my life. Smile and tears of a lover.
  • I already have a fixed heart about you. I love you and nothing can change that. My heart is made up for you. No going back from you. You don’t have to worry or be afraid. I can say it over and over again and never be afraid or ashamed that I love you my darling, darling. WHAT ABOUT YOU?
  • I woke this midnight thinking about you, my peace. The world underestimates the power of peace. Jesus recognised the importance and said His peace He leaves and gives to us. With the Prince of Peace, you and I can attain greater height according to what God has written concerning us. Together we are one. You are sweeter to me than honey, my peace
    There is this peace of mind I have whenever I remember your presence in my life and that is the simple reason I call you MY PEACE.
  • I have been falling in love with you over and over again. Do you know am in love with someone special, who is chocolate in skin colour, hairy skin, very gentle, average height, full of wisdom and understanding, God fearing, caring, intelligent, builder, brilliant, above all, most admirable and handsome man on earth. To mention a few.
    He is no other person than my knight in shining armour. Expect another love letter soon. I hope you love this.
  • He is all MINE. As charming as he is, as caring as he is, as courageous as he is, as cool as he, as creative as he is, as handsome as he is, as sexy as he is, as intelligent as he is, as spiritual as he is, he is all MINE.
    No wonder those ladies do not want to leave him for me. They keep swarming around him. Smile my love and wealth.
  • I am making a declaration of love today. As a ‘proposed to’ lover of yours and as the lady whose heart beats for you, I hereby declare my love for you.
    My love for you is the reason I embrace the dawn of each day. My love for you flows like a river in the raining season.
    You have always been creating time for us out of your busy schedule and the way you show that you care usually makes my heart beat skip.
  • It will be a crime to denounce my love for you and so, by virtue of being your ‘wife to be’ and the powers vested in me, according to section AFFECTION, subsection FEELINGS, of the Article FRIENDSHIP subsection EMOTIONS, chapter CRAVING, a paragraph CRUSH, of LOVE and MARRIAGE Act of SOFT SPOT read together with constitutional amendment , section PASSION of paragraph DESIRE, I hereby have the right to say… I LOVE YOU.
    Enjoy your day my sweetheart!
  • Good morning love. As flowers open every morning with a sweet scent, so shall the hand of God open the day with grace, success, protection and blessings for you.
    Remember during happy moments to praise God, difficult moments to seek God, quiet moments to worship God, painful moments to trust God and every moment to thank God. …..because when you are down to nothing, God is up to something. Welcome to a new glorious day.
  • Thanks for your sweet texts. I love you more and more with the passage of each day. May your birthday be filled with joy. May you fulfil destiny. May you be all that God wants you to be. I respect you, dearie. Your numbers aren’t going through.
    Declaration of my appreciation for all your lovely wishes and love letters. Most times when my phone beeps, I usually, have the notion that it will be a message from you. I really love you. I also love the way you show your love to me.
  • Hello my PRECIOUS. Look into the mirror and see how much you mean to your PEACEFUL lady. May the Almighty God gives you and I the POWER to find our PLACE, to fulfil God’s PURPOSE and enables us to reach our PEAK. Do not wonder if I am now a POET. I can be anything for you just for you to know that you mean much to me. Hope this love letter is on POINT!
  • Do you know that you mean a lot to me? You deserve nothing but the best. Guess what? I have something special for you. If you can still talk, you can call me now. If not, till tomorrow. I love you and I love your love. Kisses to you my Treasure, I desire to always hear from you.
    I love you and I cherish you beyond expression. I will love to hear from you but I think that you will be stressed up now and I believe you will need rest. But if not, I am available for you so that I can tell you the special thing I have for you.
  • I love you my husband to be and lover. I know that you men love it when issues are ironed out together by not looking down on their point of view even though it may not be right. Rather, they should be taught what is right in love with some form of encouragement.
    The things I say are true. I will keep respecting you and loving you. I believe we will do everything in love and harmony. I will keep having your love in my heart.
  • I have always heard and I know that many ladies are also raised up to believe that suitors are everywhere. All they need do is live the right life that no man, either good or bad wants to marry wrongly, every man wants a woman that will compliment him and omen don’t have to run after men. As a lady just play your part and you see them running after you.
    However, I have seen many good ladies ending up with wrong men. I have been silently praying that I will have a man who will love me and who will always treat me well. Thank God you came into my life. You are my kind of man. Continually be the apple of my eyes. I love you.
  • My lovely, I have come into your life never to leave or forsake you. You answer my prayers.
    Over the years, you have been exceptionally good when it comes to meeting people, keeping them as friends and building relationships. That is why I am confident that ours not being just any relationship but a love relationship will last a lifetime. Most cases even before you ask me anything, I want to do it. It is simply because I love you deeply.
  • When you asked about our years after marriage plans… Understand that these are also short time vision. The next time we meet, we should outline our long-time goals.
    Thanks for the long love epistle you sent to me. I really appreciate it. Thanks, dearie. I will continue to be open to you. All I have is yours. My phone battery is very low, just 4%, but I will still send you a message because you are important to me. I love you. I respect you. I have feelings for you. I know that we will fulfil destiny together and achieve all our goals. You are the love of my life.
  • Do not forget to write out the goals for our family, five years after marriage, ten years after, and so on. Future plans and goals have started filling me. The start is our proposed studio. You can start anticipating what I will send on the eve of your birthday. That is, tomorrow’s night. Wow, I never knew it is this close.
    I will miss your daily exciting gists. I can’t wait to see you. See my dude’s baby face. Please, don’t waste any kiss. Save those kisses you are sending in your love messages till we see. I am readily available. I am really readily available for you. You can even come a day after tomorrow. Since it will be your birthday, I will give you.
    I have teaser as a lover. My love can tease me. I enjoy it every time you tease me. I must commend your courage and I won’t let you down by the special grace of God. I love you and I mean it.
  • I remember the day you lovingly placed your head on my laps like a baby. That day, I felt the instincts mothers must be feeling that makes them breastfeed their baby. I have not said that I will breastfeed you.
    I imagine me placing my head on your strong laps looking into your eyeballs. I hope that I will be able to see myself in the mirror of your eyes.
    It is the eve of your birthday. I wish I am with you. You know that I would have made tonight more fun before you sleep.
  • Many thanks for being faithful to our promise of love. The joy that fills my heart is so great. I love you. Accept my sincere appreciation. I just can’t love you. My love, you deserve undiluted love and that is what I will keep giving you. Thank you for being the love of my life. My love can so much like being expressive. Just to make you happy, I will go extra miles. I can’t stop appreciating you for your love.
    We are getting closer and better my naughty lover. You are indeed a naughty lover: a naughty person.
  • I give all my love for you. I give all my heart to you. You usually make my day a complete one. You have always used everything at your reach to celebrate me and show me that you care. You are too much
    My love for you is too much. My love for you is in excess. You really make me smile. You deserve something special. Thanks for making put on something NEW on a happy day like this. You bought me female flashy colours. Thanks.
  • I am proud to say it anywhere and everywhere that you are the man of my life My first and best man. Happy day my love! And yoυ know what? I want to say something that will save you money…things like that make ears, tingle and jaw drop like ‘wow, are yoυ ғor real?’
    Just enter any eatery and order what yoυ desire – if they demand for money, tell them your lover loves you crazily and since my type of love for you is rare, you are special and you should be served for free.
    Hope you will tell them that I said so. I trust you that you will do it.
  • I am already missing your messages. You always come to my aid just at the time I need you the most. I cannot substitute you for anyone.
    You are the man that my eyes behold all day long. You deserve more than you think… I have some messages I will like to give you the next time we meet. You know we need to keep adding value because the future is VERY GREAT. Imagine that you will be invited from one country to another on similar topics continuously and each of your speech goes online each time. That means you can not be repeating what you have said.
  • I find a friend, lover and husband to be who is very much ambitious. You are too sweet. Then you must lead and live right to achieve your goals. As long as we continue together, you will see them manifest.
    Tell me something you have been looking forward to. Tell me the gist you have always wanted to tell me. Ask those questions you have been holding back. Looking forward to receiving a love letter from you.
  • I keep smiling any time I remember those ladies struggling to get your attention. They should leave you alone. I think you need to ask yourself this question ‘why me? I mean why is it you and not another man?
    Anyway, I know that they can see the things I love about you. I know that you are valuable and many desire to have you. Keep being the nice man I know you to be. I love you, sweetie.
  • You have not really shared your long time vision with me. I know anyone who shares great dreams, visions and aspirations will always win your heart. Dear, is not in the multitudes of my dreams, and aspirations you know how ambitious I am. Man proposes and God does what?
    I believe that you know me as an easy going person. I will love to leave a footprint that even when I am no more, it will represent me. I want to practically impact lives in all dimensions. I believe this school of thought that says: Do unto others what you what them to do to thee.
  • May your day be as sweet as you are. You are my honey pie, honey pea, honey sauce, honey chips, and whatever the naughty part of my heart can imagine that honey can be used for. Winks!
    You are my sweet dude. You bring a smile to my lips and you are a source of inspiration and happiness to me. I love to the moon and back.
  • You said you have a special thing for me. What is that special thing you have for me? From my end here, I also have something special for you. Pray to God for His revelation my Sweetheart. What do I have for you? I will give you when we see.
    Have a great day knowing full well that I love you and I love the way you are consistently showing that you love me. You can call me when you are free at work. Call me to tell me the special thing you have for me.
  • Thanks for your love expressions. I was smiling out loud while I was reading the last one you sent. I am happy that you are anticipating my gift. Anticipation brings about arrival.
    I am sure that you will love it when I present it. The earlier we meet next, the earlier you will get it and I know that you will not forget to remind to bring my gift alone when next we meet. Smiles.
  • Good morning my dear lover. I wish you a sweet day like honey. I hope you will not be typing all through your journey on the staff bus? I have been awake since 4:00 am. You want to know the reason? Tell me that thing you have been keeping away from me first. Smiles.
    The Lord is with you now and always. Have a great day. I will keep thinking of you as go about my daily routine at my place of work. I love you crazily.
  • Hi dear! I want to ask you if you will always be there for me. I hope you will always be with me to love and to cherish me.
    I hope you will always protect me and will never leave me with another man who can hurt me? These are questions meant for just reassurance. I love you and I know that you know that I love you.
  • I love you and is that what you dreamt about? In less than three months, my king has become very fresh.
    Do you know? I really wish to be by your side and have fun with you dearie. Like, I just want us to robe minds together again.
  • Hi love! I probably can guess the reason you want me to come visit. SMILING… You can’t get me… I caught your tricks.
    I won’t do any wickedness or anything bad to my precious one. I hope you will not choose to leave me for another lady? I love you. I believe that all is well. Call me when you think it is convenient for you.
  • Good morning dearie. I am happy to have you as my lover. I desire you. Looking forward to seeing your sexy self. Let the next time we will see come quickly. I love you and I cherish you.
    Today shall be a happier day for you and me.
  • I called number severally but to no avail. I was already asleep when your cal came in. Today’s stress was much. It was not intentional.
    I really what us to be much more closely and understand one another than the best identical twins. It is possible. I desire you, dearest.
  • Good morning the lover of my life. The weather this morning is actually a weather for two. I will love mornings like this for our honeymoon.
    It is raining, should I bath with cold water or very hot one? Winks.
  • Can you remember what you told me you read online about ladies and hearing?
    I challenge you to make my ear tingle with words tonight. I know that you are up to the task, aren’t you? You still have long hours to prepare though.
  • I actually want to make you happy today. I want to be on top of our conversation today.
    My fingers type…type words that express my love for the love of my heart. Let him wale up to see messages from me.
  • If the curiosity of your youth days have not made you go astray, my God’s grace be sufficient to keep you and make you finish strong without falling.
    I am happy that I am in love with a chaste man. You are rare and I mean rare.
  • How I wish that there can be all the money one wishes for without having to work or do anything, oh!
    I would have loved to spend every second with you. I would have loved us to play and have fun all the time. I would have taken all my time to express how much I love you. I would have used my time to prove to the word that our love is special. From the one who knows how to love you best.
  • Dearest lover, I am indeed happy to have you as my lover. It is raining heavily over here. I long to see you. How many of your text will I have to read today? My dude has decided to make me happy.
    You are the best of your kind. Continue to be on top and make it fun. Pranks lovely lover.
  • God knows how many messages we have exchanged both on WhatsApp as text messages. I think that network providers need to give us a couple’s bonus. Smiles.
    You are one person that easily turns me on. You have a way of making me long for you. Sha keeps being yourself. Much love from here sweetheart.
  • I wish that I would not go to work and could be free to be by you all day long and every day. You mean the world to me.
    I am glad that you are serious about our relationship. I will keep loving you. Keep catching fun my dearest.
  • When I hear your name, my emotional department resumes work immediately.
    You are dear to me and may you continually be dear to me.
    You bring me joy and may you never make me cry or cause me bitterness.
    You ring the bell of happiness and may happiness never depart from our relationship. I love you like kilode.
  • Come and let us play to the love we share. Come and let us dance, come with dancing shoes so that we can practise how we would dance on our wedding day.
    Do not forget to download some lovely love songs to your phone. Songs that we can dance to. I am looking forward to seeing you dancing. I know that it will be fun.
  • Can you out to me in showing your love. Can we do a ‘love expression’ competition?
    What will be the rules of the competition? What will be the prize for the winner and who will be our judge?
    Just thinking out through my keypad. Don’t be afraid since you know that I will definitely win or do you want to challenge me to it?
  • Will you reply to every of my love letter to you? If yes, then it will be both a time taking a task and a loving task because I am ready to send you very many love letters.
    Once your phone beeps to alert you that you have a new message, be ninety per cent sure that it is my handiwork.
    Anticipate more love letters from me. I can’t express my love for you enough.
  • Seeing your messages, I feel good and feel like being an inspiration to someone. You have written these beautiful lines just because of the love you have for me. Thank you for making me feel good.
    I will always try to look beautiful for you. I will avoid anything that may affect my look adversely. All for you. I love you and you are precious to me.
  • My Treasure, I slept with your thought in heart only to stay awake at midnight for a long time thinking of you. I eventually slept off only for me to wake up to your thoughts again. I love you big time.
    My Treasure, there is something missing in me. Guess what it is? It is you my dearest.
  • I am about sleeping, come and join me. I love you deeply. I am happy that you are my lover. Thanks for always checking on me. You are caring. You are sexy. You are godly. You are peaceful. You are all I want in a man.
  • Most people can not be trusted either male and female except Few people. That is the reason men say do not trust ladies and ladies say do not trust men but you can be trusted and you can trust me.
    Our case is different.
  • I know the secret for our continual growth in love is loving God above all and consistently showing each other how much we love ourselves.
    You are mature and that is the basis of my love for you. It is one of the things I like about you. May God keep keeping you for me. I love you plenty, plenty.
  • Come online to see many love messages from me to you.
    You deserve more. I love you beyond words and even actions. You are who I want.
    May the enemies of our love and the enemies of our happiness never be able to scatter us and may they not see the end of our love as our love will never end.
  • Hi dearest! Please, be reminded of your duties after marriage. I support these kinds of things.
    Excess holding, cuddling, fondling, midnight kisses, body warmth, affection etc…
    Pillow can’t replace these at all. I know that you will joyfully carry out your responsibilities, am I right?
  • There are many loving thoughts to share with you. There are many ways I wish I could use to express my love for you. You deserve it all.
    You usually make my day complete because you check on me on a daily basis that so many of my friends envy me. I love you big time.
  • Hearing your voice is soothing. You bring about serenity with you. I am usually at peace with you. You do not emit any negative energy and you are usually looking at the bright side of life.
    I have always been thinking that whichever woman you get married to is lucky. I did not know that I will be the one. I did not know that I will be the lucky woman.
  • Come, let us play and have fun. What is life than to live a healthy life and share the healthy life with the one you love? Come, let’s share our life together.
    What is the essence of love if it is not expressed? I love you and I will keep expressing my love for you.
  • There are many cases of love. The pathetic on is loving someone who does not love you, having someone who loves you but could not communicate it, having someone who loves you, communicates it but you do not love, loving someone who loves someone else.
    However, the perfect type of love is loving someone who loves you. Thank God we have the perfect type of love. I know that you love me and can say it anywhere that I love you.
  • We have usually been breaking the fence of distance and we get in touch with each other every day. I feel that you are very close to me. I feel your love close by all the time.
    I see you every day with the eyes of my loving heart. I feel loved and cared for with you in my life. You are who I love to spend the rest of my life with.
  • You are a perfect match for me, my love. Our love has prevailed of the enemies of love which include but not limited to distance, break in communication, external distraction, lack of time.
    We have always created time for each other out of no time. The break in communication moments we had has always made us fond of ourselves the more instead of causing friction. We take the stress to see each other too in spite of the distance. Our love prevails.
  • You are always on my mind and I appreciate your love and support. The heart of the two of us has become one since the beat for the purpose of our relationship.
    You have taken away my loneliness and have replaced it companionship. You have been able to fix my puzzle and all that thought they could have us torn away from each other’s arms.
  • All I want is you. All I need is you. All I desire is you. All I wish is to be entrapped continuously in your love for me. I wish to be ever entrapped by your love day by day till forever.
    You must have been created by God just for me and only me. We have been gummed together by love and my we never separate. I love you.
  • My heart is where you belong to my sweetheart. Our love has bound us together and it has brought us closer and closer with each day that passes by. Love has fastened us together. It has made us lovers.
    Love has kept our relationship strong so far and it will keep it strong. I love you big time.
  • I am so glad I am in love with a man like. I am glad that you are my lover. My love life is all about you. You make me feel good and whole.
    The time we have spent together has made our love wax stronger. Do you know that I can think about you for hours and would not know until I check the time? Do you know the reason? It is because time goes away very fast when you are the subject of thought in my heart. I love you and love you.
  • As our relationship takes longer, the more our relationship keeps getting stronger and stronger. I feel that we will soon be closer than Siamese twins.
  • I want to wake up each day to see you muscular and hairy body peacefully sleeping beside me. I want to use the rest of my life with you. You are loved.
  • Can I have the sound of your breath on my back and your beards tickling my neck? Can I wake up to have your long, big and cold hands around me?
    I am looking forward to when these will happen between us on a daily basis. Note that you are always cherished.
  • How can I tell you how much I respect your kind of person. You are my sunshine and my solar. I love who you are. I love your physic and your personality.
    You are loving and caring; you are loyal and cool. I love to the moon and back.
  • I have the feeling that our souls are coming to form an alliance. Our souls are coming to merge in unison.
    I want to always sleep and wake by your rib which is very close to your heart. My love for you can never reduce. Lots f love.
  • The river of our love flows continually never to dry. You are my crush every time. You are my reason for smiling when I am alone.
    I appreciate how you daily create time out of your busy schedule. You compliment me perfectly and your compliments come infrequently. Thanks, dear.
  • Let us come together out of love and raise up the banner of love. Let us add a catalyst to the fire of our love so that it can keep burning for a lifetime.
    Eternity seems very close by when we speak on the phone or text chat or our other means of communication. This is the reason, it usually seems as if the clock ticks faster whenever we are together.
  • Come to me, my king. Come and lay by my side. Let us drink from the cup of love and get ourselves drunk with love. Come now to me.
    I want to feed you with affection until you are full to the fullest. Come to me and let me see your enchanting eyeballs. Let me see your inviting lips. Let me see your hairy chin and let us be the lovers we are created to be. I crazily love you.
  • You are handsome and cool. You are a reflection of how creative God can be. Your eyes shine bright colours as I looked at myself in the mirror of your eyes. I enjoyed our date.
    Like a baby in her mother’s arm feels secured so do I feel secure with you in my life.
  • You are I want in a lover. Living is more attractive when I know that someone with a good heart like you who loves me is out there.
    You know you are just the best of your kind. I have chosen tonight to remind you of my unending love for you. Sleep like a baby.
  • My longtime crush for men who are tall is satisfied with your height. You are my tall man. Being with you was heaven to me. You are heavenly. You are heaven sent.
    You are my choice. You are my dream. I know what I want in a man and you have got all that I want in a man. You are my dream come true.
  • It is getting late already and today is going to a close. Go and sleep to rest for the day. As you sleep, may your strength be renewed. As the dusk covers the earth, let me make my declaration of love. You are the lover of my heart. I love you. I will never let you go of you. I never let anything come between us. You are my choice.
  • I want to express my love deeply. I want to tell you that I love so much. I want to bring to your remembrance that I love you today and I will love you always. You and you alone all my life. I speak nothing but the truth, I don’t want to lose you.
    I don’t want to share you with any lady. I love you with all my heart. Good night dearie. You are my Angel. You are my sweetheart.
  • It was a really stressful day. I have just showered and I am about to sleep. Come and sleep beside me so that I can feel your warmth.
    If I am asked for the things I don’t like about you, I will answer that what I don’t like about you is nothing. I love everything about you. You are just perfect for me. I love you the way you are. I love you in you. Sleep well, my love.
  • I want to use this text as an opportunity to express my feelings towards you my loving man. I want to place you on a bed of love and cover you with the blanket of care.
    I love you for who you are. You are loving; you are reliable; you are trustworthy; you are accessible; you are caring; you are all that I love.
  • I promise you that I will always be there for you whenever you need me. I promise you that I will give you all that I have and can give.
    I am sure that I will keep loving you as long as I live because I love you more with every moment we spend together. It was delightful hearing your male and sexy voice. It gives me joy, happiness, pleasure and peace. There is nothing that can stop me from having the love that I have for you. You are my emperor.
  • As long as I live, I will keep loving you and I will always show you that I care. I will ever be there to help you as much as I can possibly can. In helping, I will be there.
    Let me tell you the joy you bring and let me tell you that you create a loving atmosphere for me. The water of your love has washed away my sorrow and tears. I love you.
  • I will express the strength of my king. My strong man who has trained his heart to be loving and the courage to stand alone with gut. I simply love you.
    In spite of the distance, the wind of our love has blown away the distance. My strong man is both weird and sweet simultaneously.
  • I keep imagining both of us together in your absence. I imagine being in your arms. I imagine our nights together.
    You have lit my heart and you have brightened my mind. You are my man like no other. I found no man like you. You are loving and caring.
  • I am fortunate to have you in my life. I am fortunate that I am the one you love. Your commitment to the relationship lighten my heart.
    Your consistent efforts to make sure that our relationship works out my soul. You can be sure that I love you and will love you always.
  • I believe you every time you tell me that you love me because I also love you. I am sure that you love me and what you say is true then tell me that you love me deeply because I love you too.
    When I watch you take care of our children, I love you more. I watch you help me in the kitchen and my heart goes out to you like it used to when we just got married. You are all I have.
  • Do you know that all I ever want is for us to be lovers forever? All I want is for our love to keep getting deeper and deeper. I want you to be with me at all times and I with you all the time.
    You have been my friend and my confidant. You have been my counsellor and my private motivator. You have been my gist partner and my gossip mate. Please, do not change.
  • At the beginning of the day till the close of the day, you are always in my thought. May I never recover from falling in love with you and may I always be in love with you as you are in love with me.
    All I want is you, my love. I want you always.
  • Do not let it ever flash through your mind that I do not care about you. Do not believe any thought that may want to doubt my love for you. Such a thought is a big lie.
    My love for you is constant. It does not vary at all. I will always want you.
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