Trending Good Morning Sunshine Quotes

Morning, the beginning and one of the most pleasant moments of the day, most importantly, a miraculous transformation of night time to a luminance.

It’s the time of the day when hope is renewed, and most especially, it’s one of the moment you can fully get the attention of your partner, you know right? And yes, you surely want to share that tranquil moment with them, one way or the other.

Blessed Morning Sunshine Quotes and Wishes

Blessed Morning Sunshine Quotes and wishes to that special person.

If that’s the case, follow these numbers below, dig in here and select not one, but some beautiful morning quotes that go with your mood or that of your partner and share with them.

1. The source of each day starts from the tranquil moment of the day, it helps to think about the things that really matter, especially about you. Good morning, my sunshine.

2. The light in your smile, the kindness of your face, somebody up there really does love me, for I open my eyes to see them, and it shed light on my morning with an amazing effect on my day. My sunlight, good morning.

3. In this time, dreams are renewed, the mind is relaxed, the body is ready to meet anything the day’s coming with and the eyes are ready to see the morning sun. Good morning, sunshine.

4. From the horizon, I can see the yellow star glistening, sending warmth to lives on the face of the earth, can you feel the warmth, honey? Good morning, my beautiful sun.

5. The world, this morning is painted with the bright colour of the sun, glistening through my window, I hope this shiny sun paint your face with a lovely smile my darling, Good morning.

6. My sunshine, do you know where I’d rather be this morning? Opening my eyes to this morning light, I’d be more than happy to see the sunshine through your eyes. Good morning, my sunlight.

7. What a precious moment it is, to wake up to inhale the earth’s freshly air while enjoying the feeling your thought gave to my mind. Good morning, my pretty sun.

8. I promise myself to wake up before the sunrise today, so I can watch it crawl out of its abode with you beside me. I didn’t get to fulfil my promise but I see it in your eyes.

9. Wake up to this beautiful morning, my dear, life starts at this very moment, as the sun is preparing to surface. Have a beautiful morning, sunshine.

10. The stillness in the breaking of the day is a pleasant time to wake up to, and the sun coming with its golden rays gives a breathtaking view of the horizon. Good morning, my sunny heart.

Best Good Morning My Sunshine Messages

Here are  Best Good Morning My Sunshine Messages to make them feel special.

11. My darkened heart need some exposure to light, I believe the light in your eyes can do some justice to that. My dear sunlight, Good morning.

12. Every phase of life has moment, but whatever moment it is you are or you found yourself, I want you to know how beautiful you are both in and out. Good morning, sunshine.

13. There is strength in the silent sanctuary of the morning, take advantage of it this minute and seize the day. Good morning, beautiful sunshine.

14. To wake up in the morning, it means you somehow survived yesterday and another day’s toiling is ahead, I wish you a lovely day. Good morning, my sunlight.

15. Yesterday is past, forget it and focus on this new day that just began, it has so much in stock for you. Let’s ride into the day, my dear. Good morning.

16. The day has started here, stand up and draw the curtain, see the sun coming through, smiling at you and wishing you a great day. Good morning, sunshine.

17. I see it coming through, with a reassuring strength and hope, birds chirping and basking in the golden eyes of the sun, it’s a beautiful day. Good morning, my sun.

18. The big picture is when I see you curled up, right there on the bed, with the ray of sun radiating on you, what a precious sight to behold in the morning. Good morning, my precious sunshine.

19. Can you hear that sound? The song of nature, birds tweeting, cricket noises, the breeze touching the grass and the sun coming alive, it’s the sound of life. Good morning, my sun.

20. With ease, this morning came softly, the gentle tap of the morning dew on the rooftop, and the gentle breeze on skins bringing out goosebumps. Good morning, darling.

21. Take chance of this day, it’s never coming back again, saddle up to inhale and exhale the moment inside, start right this minute. Good morning, sunshine.

22. Clear your mind, tune your heart, set your thought straight, it’s a new day and a good day to start all over again. Have an amazing morning, my pretty sunlight.

23. Good morning, sunshine, that dream you saw overnight, it’s time to fulfil it, take the dawn by surprise, it is time.

24. The dawn is coming, are you ready for it, meet with it halfway before sunup and cherish every moment coming with the day. Good morning, my sunshine.

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25. Each day comes with a story if yesterdays’ story didn’t sound well, stand up and write a beautiful story. Good morning, my lovely sun and have a great day.

26. Every morning comes with a new plan to go at your dream, to face the failure and mistakes of yesterday, which signifies that you’re on the right path. Good morning, sunshine.

27. The day is breaking, the sun is popping its glowing smile on the earth, and time is calling out to you from beside your bed, it’s time to do what you have to do now. Good morning, my sunlight.

28. The breeze just whispers into my ear, there’s a surprise that awaits you, it’s the morning star, get up and start sunning your beautiful skin. Good morning, beautiful sunshine.

29. The dawn probably won’t tell you when it’s coming out, I’ve taking it upon myself to wake you up this early morning. Good morning, precious sunshine.

30. The beginning of another day starts when the sun comes out, but mine starts when you step out my beautiful sun. Good morning.

31. I love seeing you at that moment when the dark dawn starts to fade away, and the sun projects its light on your amazing curve, leaving your silhouette on my mind. Good morning, sunlight.

32. The making of the sun is now, make use of it as the making of your dream when it’s coming out, you also step out to make that dream a reality. Good morning, my sun.

33. Each day has both positive and negative moments, but it’s better to focus on the positive moments and take the negative moments as part of your learning. Good morning, sunshine.

34. My sunshine, waking up next to you has a way of energizing me, it comes with a special feeling, I feel high and on top of the world. Good morning.

35. If you want to know what it feels like to see the sun coming out of its shelter, you must learn to wake up before dawn. Good morning to you, my sun.

36. I wish to see you in my dream last night, so I slept early, only for me to wake up and realise you staring at me and it’s already morning. Good morning, sunlight.

37. To have an exciting and thoughtful day, some dosage of your smile early in the morning, with some amount of cuddle is required. Good morning, sunshine.

38. In the wake of each day, just as darkness fades away, before the birth of the morning sun, I don’t miss a thought of you, it is my daily routines. Good morning, my lovely sunlight.

39. The night darkness turns the horizon into a golden brown, the beauty of it only reminded me of someone special, you. Good morning, my sunlight

40. In the ash cloud of the morning, I see nature designing the sky, with its golden ink, touching each bud of cloud as they travel in the wide open sky, it’s worth waking up to. Good morning, sunshine.

41. Today, I woke up feeling amazing, the grace of God came at me in the morning freshness, can you imagine what the rest of the day would be like? Good morning, my amazing sunlight.

42. Your smile mixed with a really warm cuddly hug is the most precious gift to wake up to, waking up has never been more lovely. Good morning, sunshine.

43. How I wish you could see how adorable you look, when you’re yet to wake up from sleep, especially when the morning ray shows up, trailing your figure as you lay down. Good morning…

44. Nature has a balm, that heals us and gets us ready for the new day, it’s in the coming out of the sun. Good morning, my sun.

45. Let this dawn be reminder of your dream, let it strengthen your mind, to stand face to face to any challenges the day may pose. Good morning, sunshine.

46. I have decided to release the pain caused by yesterday’s failure into the morning sun to melt it down, that will free my mind to see new possibilities coming in today, Good morning, my brightest sun.

47. Mornings are beautiful, the calmness in the atmosphere and the quietness that fills the world just before the start of a busy day, are the most wonderful time of the day. Good morning, sunshine.

48. Hey dear, rise up, I have a secret to tell you, it’s really going to interest you, that the dawn came looking for you on my bed, but you weren’t here. Good morning, my sunlight.

49. Today, the first sunlight rose gently, with a great assurance, and everything at that moment feels like it doesn’t really matter but the cheerfulness the morning sun brings. Good morning, sunshine.

50. The glow of the sun, in the early hours of the morning, gives a heartening and a healthy stroke of relief to the mind. Good morning, my sunshine.

51. Each day has within it 24 hours, but how and what you make of it, depends mostly on how positive you’re on your mornings, be positive and have a great day.

52. The best time to find yourself, it’s in the calmness of the day, because that’s when your mind is just coming back to reality. Good morning.

53. The pale light coming in through the windows, the faint sounds in the streets, and the bird’s early tweet, are all reminded that there are tasks to conquer. Good morning, my sunshine.

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54. There is no feeling more satisfying, like watching you rise up in the morning, with a shiny smile like the sun making an entrance at dawn. Good morning, sunshine.

55. Mornings, one of the important moment given to humanity, to take charge and create memories, for the next few hours, take advantage of it and make worthwhile memories. Good morning, my sun.

56. A new day is upon on us, the beautiful orange haze across the horizon makes me want to seize the day and have a great day. Good morning, my lovely sunlight.

57. From a distance, in the skyline, I could see a new dawn gently approaching, my heart goes into conversation with the Creator, thank you for a new day. Good morning, sunshine.

58. Waking up next to you, that’s one of my wishes, to have my soul awaken by your smile and my eyes wanting more of your early beauty. Good morning, my pretty sunshine.

59. As I open my eyes, I thought about you, and I imagine what it would feel like, to see the sunrise on your face, I bet I’ll continually cherish every morning with you. Good morning, my sunlight.

60. My morning started in the dream, where I laid next to you, in a cuddly mood, I woke up when I heard the bird in my alarm cuckoo, I miss the cuddling already. Good morning, my beautiful sun.

61. I don’t know about any other person, and I don’t care to know what anyone thinks but with you, every morning is worth waking up for. Good morning, pretty sunshine.

62. With the dawn in sight, every darkness will eventually fade into the morning light and a new day can begin with you. Good morning, my sun.

63. Choose to spread love today, just like the sun, because we all know that love is one of the significance of the sun, Good morning, sunlight.

64. Grace is what brings light to us every morning, it’s what allows us, inhale the fresh air, and enjoy the earthly chant. Good morning, my sunshine.

65. What a privilege it is, to wake up and inhale your beauty in the morning, and love you with my mind for the rest of the day, then follow the same routine the day after. Good morning, my amazing sunlight.

66. I think of you every morning, to remind myself of the fact that somewhere, on this planet, someone special is getting ready for a new dawn. Good morning, sunshine.

67. After few hours in a dream world, within the first few minutes of waking up to life, it’s amazing how your thought invades the sanctuary of my mind. Good morning, sunlight.

68. Being able to see you rose up before the rising of the sun makes it meaningless, for I have seen a beautiful sunrise just by watching you come out of bed. Good morning, my sunshine.

69. As the sunrise this morning, so should your hope; because from hope, dreams emerges and eventually, they’ll become reality in due season. Good morning, my lovely sun.

70. As life is a path, each morning represents the beginning of a new journey that trails the path of life, rise up today to continue that journey. Good morning, sun.

71. As you go out this morning, be unstoppable in your way, become capable in your dealings and do the impossible, just be like the sun.

72. I don’t care what this day have in stock, I can feel it in my bones already, that today is going to be a good day, your smile early this morning told me so. Good morning.

73. Imagine being in the dark and seeing a strain of light piercing through that darkness, that’s how morning stride in gently and drive away the night. Good morning to you, my sunlight.

74. Love gives because it can, I understood that line more every morning, when I see the sunshine, despite our insatiable desire as humans, the sun comes out anyways. Good morning, my sunshine.

75. I count myself among the blessed, whenever I wake up to see you smiling at me and the night had gone. Good morning, my lovely sun.

76. Today, I feel thankful for this beautiful day, for the golden ray of light from the sun, for the beautiful colour it cast on the earth and for you. Good morning, sunshine.

77. The transition from night to morning, the feel of the sun on my skin, the light it shone on my path, and the love it gives, for all these, I am delighted and grateful. Good morning, my sun.

78. I woke up this morning, I see a new day, I see a new opportunity, I see a new beginning, I see a new you. Good morning, sunshine.

79. Waking up early in the morning is lovely but can sometimes be annoying too, cause the sleep at that time becomes more cosy and sweeter. Good morning, my pretty sunlight.

80. After midnight, the fresh dew starts to settle upon the earth, the calmness rests our nerves and before you know it, morning came through. Good morning, sunshine.

81. I’m few minutes into a new day, how the day would go, I have no clue, but looking at you, my mind calms down and ready to embrace whatever happens. Good morning to you, my sun.

82. There are some things that I just can’t avoid in the morning, like a silent gratitude, the sunlight shining through and your thought conquering my mind. Good morning, pretty sunlight.

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83. The morning sun is such a magical phenomenon, whenever I feel stressed in the morning, it gives new energy and refreshes the mind. Good morning, my sun.

84. The day’s renewed on a daily basis and no one can say, I have today’s blueprint, let your apprehension vanish into the morning rays, walk in love, make someone happy and enjoy your day. Good morning, my cute sunshine.

85. On this new day, begin your day with prayer and you will be inspired with new ideas that will make your way clear and simple, just as the sun lights your path. Good morning, sun.

86. You probably don’t know how precious it is, waking up in the morning, seeing the first daylight in the open sky, and seeing the face of someone who loves you. Good morning, my sunlight.

87. A beautiful dawn start for me, when I roll to my side and see your cute innocent sleepy face or when I receive a good morning message when you’re not here. Have a fun-filled day, sunshine.

88. Your eyes are precious and magical, in the expression of your eyes, I could almost see the sun rising, you hold sparks in them. Good morning, my sunshine.

89. I am thankful for every day I wake up with you, not everyone can boast of this, but I can because every new day, I get to see a new dawn rise in your smile. Good morning, sunlight.

90. My morning started on a good mood, the sun kissed your face, and I noticed your dimpled face smiling before you transfer the kiss to me and that’s when I woke up. Good morning, sunshine.

91. I can’t deny it, that I have colourful dreams and when I wake up, my day is filled with rainbow colours, just because of you. Good morning, sun.

92. Starting my day by thinking of you is lovely, but it’s lovelier when I wake up to your amazing curve in my arms. Good morning, my lovely sun.

93. Is it just me or do mornings have a pleasant aroma that smells divine than any other time of the day? Good morning and have a nice day, sunshine.

94. I have had beautiful memories of my mornings but this one has to be the best of them all because your love this early morn gives another tune to my memories. Good morning, my sunlight.

95. How else does a beautiful day start, I’m sure it doesn’t get better than this, to taste the sweetest lips in the morning. Good morning, my lovely sunshine.

96. Every morning is lovely, especially when I get a new chance to look at you until the whole of you is absorbed with my eyes. Good morning, my sun.

97. Every day has its own challenges, but we prepare to tackle any of it from the first light of the morning. Good morning and have a nice day.

98. I’m definitely ready to wake up early again tomorrow, cause waking up to see the beautiful golden thread from the orange haze gives such an inspiration. Good morning, my sun.

99. My secret to having a great day lies in my early morning prayer and a long gaze into your eyes, drawing energy to counter the day’s heaped up stress. Good morning, my beautiful sun.

100. I had a cranky day at work yesterday because I forgot to get my early morning hug, I won’t make that mistake again today. Good morning, my sunlight.

101. I want to apologise to you beforehand, that from this morning, I want to be a little selfish with you, I’m sorry but you’re more than I could ever have imagined. Good morning, my sunshine.

102. Darkness helps us to appreciate light better, just as the night gives us chance to appreciate the dawn more, then the bright morning sun. Good morning, sunshine.

103. Life is too short for us to wake up in the morning with regrets. That’s why I have promised myself that, every morning I wake up, I’d rather count my blessings and be grateful. Good morning, sunlight.

104. Dear God, thank You for a beautiful morning and for this shiny sun, please, help me lay my selfish motives aside today and let me love irrespective of status or whatsoever. Good morning.

105. My mornings have become more pleasant, having you to cuddle and share my thoughts and feelings with is a blessing. Good morning, my sunshine.

106. I still ask myself this question daily, can any morning be more blissful than this? Because, with you, I love my mornings more. Good morning, pretty sunshine.

107. I have come to realize that my morning with you run faster than normal, I don’t think I like it that way though, as I don’t have enough time with you. Good morning, my sunlight.

108. Even if the sun cast a beautiful sight over the world, it still got nothing on you, cause your beauty glows just like the sun that it energizes me. Good morning to you, my sunshine.

109. Whether this day brings more happiness, more luck or more beauty, they would only be a plus to my already blessing of having you to share my mornings with. Good morning, my dear sunshine.

110. When I wake up this morning, I wasn’t able to see the sunrise, but having you in my life, shine bright light to anything that might want to fill my day with gloom. Good morning, my lovely sunshine.