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Love is not just something to be taken with levity. Beyond the friendship, and making things better, you could decide to make it happen for a lifetime.

The dream of any person in a healthy relationship is to desire a love life that will last for eternity.

And if this is your desire for any kind of relationship you find yourself in, then you could always look for a way to spice things up between you and your partner.

That is why these trending quotes have been compiled for your reading and usage pleasure as they are meant to bring in more life to your relationship.

You And I Together and Forever Messages

The beauty of love is when it’s set to happen until a day after forever. And with these love sms messages, you can express the perpetuity of your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend, as proof of undying affection and love you promised him or her.

  • You are my sunshine and my rainbow of many colours. My heartbeat and morning dew. I choose you for eternity.
  • I choose the sky for the rainbow. I choose the sea for the fishes. I choose the air for breath. And I choose life with you.
  • Forever is till eternity. I choose you over and over again, my love.
  • Every time spent with you is ever valued and appreciated because I still long for more, and even till eternity.
  • My desire and only promise is to love you till eternity.
  • I desire no other’s presence other than yours all my life.
  • I love the feeling of being yours and you being mine. I desire to feel this way forever.
  • Your eyes speaks of your ingenuity. Glad I met an exceptional being like you.
  • This love I know will last forever because it has surely come to stay, and so shall it be.
  • I have always desired for a long -lasting love. And this I’ve found in you, my dear.
  • I won’t stop loving you come what may. Our love is to eternity.
  • The sun may stop shinning, the wind may stop blowing, the river may stop flowing, but I will never stop loving you.
  • Before I found you, I made a wish. That I can see a love a that will last till eternity.
  • I’m happy I found you. Our love is made in heaven and meant to last till eternity.
  • I can not fully comprehend the depth of your love these few months we met. I can only wait forever to do so.
  • Your love is all I see, all I need and all I have. You’re mine forever.
  • I need you in my life and forever till death do us part. No me without you!
  • You showed up when I needed someone so dearly. You’re such a rare gem too special to miss.
  • A day would never pass by without living on food and sunshine to survive, so do I doubt my survival without you in it.
  • Deep within me, I’d known this love is meant to be. It has come and it will stay forever.
  • I will never take this love for granted. My desire is to take it to the next world till eternity.
  • My greatest wish now is to just hold you close and never let go, forever.
  • You and I are just meant to be together, baby. This love is meant to last forever.
  • I’d longed that together we’ll cross the oceans and sail through the sea.
  • Two are better than one, not only because they have a good reward for their labour but also because you and I are just destined to tread the same path for eternity.
  • If I ever need someone’s love to survive, it will definitely be from you. No me without you.
  • Come rain, come sunshine, our love will last for eternity.
  • Teach me how to love you. And I am ready to sacrifice my eternity to be with just only YOU!
  • I am ready to do anything to gain and retain your heart to be mine forever.
  • Come what may, I pledge to stay with you forever through thin and thick. But I don’t know about you.
  • You’ve got this great ignition that is compelling me to want to be with you forever. Keep it up, darling.
  • This world is ours, so long it’s just you and I that is left to be.
  • I depend so much on your love just as I depend on air for breath. No life for me without you.
  • Life without you could never be a sweet ride. Never can I imagine being with anyone, but you for life.
  • One will face a thousand, but two will face ten thousand. So, together forever, we will surely sail through.
  • I will forever keep to this promise: to love you for everything you are, and never to hurt you for no tangible reason.
  • One thing I will never do is to take this love for granted. All I want is to be yours forever.
  • My heart longs to be yours for as long as I breathe. You’re mine forever, baby!
  • I want to look back and see you right behind me always to be my support system always.
  • Can I actually live a day without you, my love? I doubt if I could survive it.
  • Ever since you came into my life, my love for you grows day by day. I will keep loving you till eternity.
  • If there’s any place I’d longed to be, it’s to be in your heart forever.
  • Just as I need the air to breathe and live, so do I need you in my life and to be together forever.
  • I look round the world and I’m yet to see someone who is as close to perfection as you are. You’re such an angel! I need you to rule my world.
  • Half of the time is not enough to savour our good memories together. All I want is the totality of your being forever.
  • My greatest achievement so far is my sacrifice to love and build you for eternity. I am contented so long I’ll gain you all to myself.
  • No matter the distance, our heart will always beat together and forever as one.
  • I don’t just want to be a part of your life, but I want us to be together forever. That is my greatest desire.
  • I will choose to tell a story that starts and will end with you and I being together forever.
  • The story of my life can never be interesting nor perfect without you in the picture and to be together till eternity.
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