Top 10 Date Tips to Make Your First Date Epic

10 First Date Tips to Make Your Date Great

Having to plan out the perfect first date can often seem like an uphill task, especially if your date belongs to a religious denomination which views dating as a non-casual event, such as a catholic faithful. First dates are most times the only chance we have at igniting a relationship with someone special. Here are dating tips to help turn your first date into a great date.

These dating tips are not necessarily exclusive to religious folks, they can also help you out on your first atheist dating experience.

10 First Date Tips to Score a Perfect Date with Your Catholic Match or Any Other
An Epic Location

When deciding the location for your date, pick a place that isn’t obscene or appearing too intimate. You should go for a neutral ground where you can converse easily, and learn more about each other. Be creative about your date location without spending over your budget. If you are on a date with a catholic faithful, places such as a club or late night bars should be crossed out of your list by default.

Dress Comfortably

Don’t fall for the temptation of dressing to kill when embarking on your first date. Your comfort should be among your priority for a date night. Remember the objective here is to feel at home during your date, so clothing styles you are not comfortable with should be crossed off your list.

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Your choice of clothing should fit the venue for your date. Clothing accessories should also be items that accentuate your features while providing you comfort and confidence.

Compliment Your Partner

Though most people believe they look good, having others confirm this belief can help improve their moods. Set your partner to a conversational mood by complimenting him or her during your date. Make positive remarks on their clothing style, physical appearance, achievements, or any remarkable attributes of their lives.

Be careful not to overdo it though, as you wouldn’t want to come off as creepy, inappropriate, overzealous, or not genuine with your compliments.

Be Present

Don’t give off a vibe that you would rather be somewhere else by checking out the time too often. Also, don’t go inviting your gadgets such as your mobile to your date.

Give your partner an impression that there’s no other place you would rather be by setting your alerts to vibrate. In the event you receive a call, it’s better you reply with a quick response for the caller to text or call back later.

Try to avoid paying more attention to your drink or food regardless of how tasty or delicious either might seem.


Yes, it’s easy for you to feign listening to someone, but if you are out to impress your date and have a great time then you should pay attention. Make comments on the information your date just provided. This will give them the impression that you care about what they have to say.

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Also, try to avoid talking too much about yourself or anything else. Make most of the conversation about your partner and listen to what they have to say. Avoid interrupting them mid-sentence and keep up a face that communicates a genuine interest in their opinions.

Be Yourself

Don’t be superficial on your date, be yourself. Regardless of how much you would like to impress your date, always act normal. Trying to be someone you are not might be helpful for a short while, but would ultimately hurt your relationship in the long run. Trust they would like the real you and show up as that person.

Keep Eye Contact

Sit across from your date and maintain eye contact. Avoid situations where you have to sit in a side by side position. Save such sitting positions for the boys, not your date. Sitting across your date means you can have conversations while maintaining eye contact and induce a certain level of intimacy.

Avoid Privacy Invading Conversations

To help with conversations avoid discussions that lead to past relationships during any first date. Don’t give off an aura of over-familiarity in your conversations. Elements around your location and common interests are go-to topics for a free-flowing conversation.

Remember It’s a Date

Don’t come out with a full-blown sexual aura. It’s a date, not a hook-up. Many young people fail to understand this especially men. They aim to prove how in love they are with a woman and end up coming off as perverts. Physical contact with your date should be restricted only to friendly and natural touches, so sexual touches are off the table.

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Make Two-Way Conversations

Don’t horde the conversation to yourself, let your partner have their time to bask in the limelight. Avoid reminding her or him about your achievements or how successful you are. Instead, have a genuine interest in learning about theirs. Learn about their career and life goals.

When on a first date with an atheist, catholic, or any other religion remember the key to having a great time is to be confident, comfortable, and conversational. Don’t try to turn a date into a sexual encounter or boast about your achievements. Keep these tips in mind and you are well on your way to having an epic romance story.