Tips on How to Make a Girl Like You Over Text

Do you know how to text correctly? Do you know what to talk about with a girl? It often happens that you get a number of a girl you like, but don’t know what to do next. What to text to a girl? You need to write something so that she wants to answer you; something that warms up her interest in you. We will teach you how to do everything right, but first, try the Internet service of Nataly marriage agency, where you can find a girl and text with her.

. Be Original

Do you know what your trouble is? The fact is that you’re boring, monotonous, and stereotyped. You’re afraid of offending her, losing her. You’re like an excellent student. But this doesn’t cause her any emotions. And this is your big problem. You write to her: “Hi, how are you?”, “Good night”, “Good morning”, “How is your day?” – All this is boring. Thousands of men text exactly like this! First, wit is important: jokes, fun, non-standard answers. All this you must put in a small message. Write out-of-the-box: “Hope you will see a dream where you rob the bank”, “Have you already been in space in your dreams”, and so on. Be different from other.

2. Ask Right and Open Questions

Open questions are those questions to which she can’t respond in one sentence, for example: yes/no/good. These are questions such as: “What emotions did this movie cause you?”, “What are you interested in?”, “What did you feel when meeting me?”, and so on. She will start answering you and you will get into a conversation. And yes, don’t ask her how she’s doing. It is better to ask her how her mood is. You communicate with a girl and want to evoke emotions from her. So, appeal to these emotions, ask about them!

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3. Write Ambiguously

When a man wants to say something to a man, he just speaks. And the second man hears what the first man told him. But women always look for subtext in your words. So, always use ambiguity. For example, you can write to her: “I thought about you and got up, I want hugs”. Another plus of ambiguous communication is that you give her the opportunity to think it up by herself. And here comes the female fantasy. Women are very fond of thinking.

4. Use Humor

In winter, you can write to a girl something like this: “Let’s build a snowman, I have a carrot”. She will immediately have positive emotions from your message. In summer, you can write something like: “Let’s go to a beach. It is so hot outside”. When she doesn’t respond to your message for a long time, don’t write “Where are you?” Better say: “Are you alive?” She immediately turns on the fantasy to answer you more original and both of you will laugh. Don’t be boring. Use your brain because this is the sexiest part of a man.

5. Don’t Bother Her

You don’t need to write to her every hour. It is not necessary to ask whether she ate or not, how her state of health is, where she goes and so on. Don’t bother her with numerous questions. Give her freedom and personal space. Make a pause. Don’t answer immediately as soon as she sends a message. If you are very persistent, then you will show your interest and she will get boring.

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6. End Your Texts First

You are a man. You started a correspondence, you control it, and you finish it. You are independent and you decide how everything should happen. Do everything so that she read your message and answer it. End your texts on a cheerful note. Say goodbye and leave a girl interested.

7. Invite Her on a Date

This is one of the most important points. If you see that everything goes well, a young lady is interested and reacts positively to you, then you don’t need to delay. Ask her out. No texts will replace a live communication. Women like men that act.