Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

One swell way of letting your husband know you are crazy about him is by telling him outright. Keeping it bottled up does no one no good. Love expressed brings joy, diffuses tension, raises hope and improves a sense of well-being.

That men are all tough, self-possessed and macho, is a myth carried too far. By nature, men and all that and more. However, hidden or understated is their need to be loved, cherished and adored, especially by their wives.

There’s a place in a man’s heart that needs the constant touch of his woman’s love. He can be her hero, champion, Prince and everything if confidence is assured in their hearts of their wives’ love and devotion.

Is your husband adorable? Let him know, as often as you can. Every other day isn’t often enough.
Your husband doesn’t care for such nonsense? It’s a myth, a front. No man is immune to his wife’s sincere expression of love.

Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

If you husband is sweet, then he deserves some Sweet Love Quotes for Husband.

  • “You are my first love, my all-time champion, larger than life hero, and my crown. You are the love of my life. Marrying you was my best decision in life.”
  • “You are an embodiment of perfection. Gloriously perfect for me. Yours is the only cap that suits and pleases my head.”
  • “My husband, my hero and my lover. You are unique and special.”
  • “You are the love of my life, my friend and protector. I’ll cherish you forever.”
  • “Marriage hasn’t dimmed the fire of your love for me, it fans it. You are the breath that I take, without you darling husband, there’s no me.”
  • “My darling husband, you are heart sole desire, my joy and my best friend.”
  • “I had a wonderful childhood. Growing up into adulthood was a thrill. Nothing, however, prepared me for the pure joy of being married to a most amazing man like you. You are the best husband in the world: you deserve my heart!”
  • “Loving you isn’t enough, my adorable husband. I want to give you the best of the world on a platter of gold. You are the best.”
  • “I don’t know about others. I speak only for myself. Being married to you is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. You are the best!!”
  • “Marriage is an institution. Some feel caged or irretrievably trapped, some are bored or restless, some are strangers at best, some are sworn, enemies… Our love story is an exception. You made all the difference, my wonderful man. Marriage to you is a dream come true, exciting and fulfilling.”
  • “Home is wherever you are. Hut or palace, here or abroad, countryside or city…my heart has found its joy and peace with you.”
  • “I’m a Queen because you are my King. I look radiant because your love lights me up. My eyes are merry and my heart jiggles crazily because your love is the melody that silently sings to my soul.”
  • “People rarely have second chances. Those that do rarely grasp it with both hands. I’m a rare brand. I got my second chance at happiness with you and I grabbed it. You are a great man, and so I’m indescribably happy!”
  • “Loving you was a choice I was given no chance to make. You literally swept me off my feet like a Prince Charming. In reality, you are much more than you projected. My hero, my joy and my pride.”
  • “If I were given a second chance in life, I’d choose you all over again. You are, incredibly, the best man for me.”
  • “Public opinion and grapevine news rarely align with facts. In this case, they are right, but certain facts are missing. People say I’m a wonderful woman, wife and mother.
    Hidden from prying eyes is the fact that I have a great and devoted husband, who works tirelessly to bring out the wonders in me!”
  • “You mean the world to mean, husband dearest. This is because you are my world!”
  • “Loving you wasn’t a matter of choice, it’s a matter of survival. Without you, hubby, I’d have simply faded away.”
  • “I did it! I snagged him! I got married to the best man God created. I pitched my tent to the most loving man ever. It’s not luck, it’s destiny. You are my destiny.”
  • “Silence is a gift when you are full and overwhelmed…with love and gratitude.
    Encompassing peace, well-being and fulfilment, one’s daily lot.
    Even chaos has this to say, ‘my husband is the best man ever created!'”

Romantic Love Quotes for Husband

Every Awesome Husband deserves some Romantic Love Quotes for Husband.

  • “I love life simply because you are my life, and I love you, absolutely. You are my charming hero!”
  • “Life with you hasn’t been a smooth sailing, because of life’s unpredictability.
    Life with you is certainly the best ride of my life; bumpy or smooth, I won’t change it for a thing!
    Your love is spontaneous, predictable and available.
    Love you, my darling!”
  • “Perception: I’m strong and independent. A hardcore feminist.
    Reality: I’m crazy about you, completely putty in your hands, partial to your smiles and unabashedly head over heels in love with my husband!”
  • “It’s official: we are the best team ever! Being married suits and becomes us. Forever with you, I look forward to, with excitement.”
  • “You are my hope, my pride and joy. I glow because your love sets me above. I bloom because our love thrives. You are a hubby like no other!”
  • “You are my best gift from God and I cherish you. I’ll treasure your love forever.”
  • “You are my first love, all dreamy and innocent. My lost love when the much-needed space sought and obtained turned sour and awry. My last and only love, that through the eyes experience and maturity, will be forever treasured!”
  • “Let’s face it, it’s no secret! I adore you, love of my life. Marriage hasn’t dimmed the intensity or quenched the fire of my love for you. Rather, everyday life occurrences as a couple reinforce my feelings for you, as they make me realize how really special you are.”
  • “I can hold my breath for as long as it takes, but I can not live without you, even for a microsecond. You are my life support, without you, I’d simply expire.”
  • “All my life, I searched and waited for that special man that would sweep me off my feet, pursue me and fight for our love. You fulfilled all my secret desires and more.”
  • “I thought all romantic novels were pure works of fiction, no reality until I met you….and you proved me wrong. You are a diehard romantic! Marriage didn’t slow you down, you just got better at it. I love you now, more than ever!”
  • “Joy is what I feel when I set my eyes on you. Excitement reigns when we are together. Contentment describes my emotions when I’m wrapped in your loving arms. My husband, my very heart delights!”
  • “At last, a reality it became. A dream, no more! I’m now the beautiful bride of a most handsome groom!! No need of eavesdropping on idle chatters, I’m one lucky damsel!!!”
  • “When life’s stormy winds assail, your love is the anchor that holds me rock steady. When heaven opens showers its blessings on me, yours is the presence my heart desires to celebrate with. You are my rock, my husband!”
  • “In life, I can’t control the wind, but your love is the compass by which I steer the sail to a place of Paradise. You are my Paradise, my crown!”
  • “You are the only man for me. The only one capable of making me melt in his arms with that smoky looks in his eyes. Drawl my special name in that peculiar way of yours, and my knees become weak. Little wonder I literally fall into your arms. Well, it works all the time, because you are my lifeline!”
  • “You are my forever love, my soulmate, and my heart sole delight. You, my awesome husband, are my heartbeat, my sunshine and superhero. I adore you.”
  • “You are a very special man. Handsome, caring, loving and generous in every way. Being married to you feels like a singular honour. You are every girl’s dream prince charming, so I’m extremely pleased you are really mine!”
  • “My dream man’s specification: handsome, tall, broad shoulder, dimpled with bushy eyebrow. My heart’s secret desire and what I got: loving, kind, caring, intelligent and charming! I’ll never trade what I got for a shallow pretty face!!”
  • “I love being in your arms, I feel secure and contented. Everything in my world feels right when you hold me in your embrace and whispers sweet nothings into my ears. I love you my husband, more than you know.”

Loving and Caring Husband Quotes

Is your husband loving and Caring? Then don’t hesitate to send these Loving and Caring Husband Quotes to Him.

  • “I know I’m not easy to live with. I’m certain I’ve sorely tried your patience and endurance. Many a man would have given up on me, but your sweet love refused to quit on me till I got transformed into a butterfly from a moth. My husband, my champion!”
  • “Sleeping in your arms is my best sedative drug ever. Your smiles are capable of wiping away any lingering sorrow. You inspire me always, I cherish you, my man!”
  • “Without you, I’m kind of lost, barely alive, even. With you, I come wholly alive. Many think I’m high on hard drug on drunk. They have no way of knowing I’m high on the love of my life, totally intoxicated with my husband’s love!”
  • “In this life or the world to come, I choose to love you, only you, my charming husband and bonafide crown of my head.”
  • “The power of love is incredible. What others see and despise, you saw and loved. You saw beauty in my imperfections, and I feel truly beautiful like a beauty Queen. You looked beyond my weaknesses and celebrated my strength. You saw me through the eyes of love and my world became transformed. My husband, my hero!”
  • “My best times of the day, are the moments I spend with you, my darling husband. What we do is irrelevant, what matters is that we are together.”
  • “Ask me what I’d like to change about you, I’d tell you honestly, ” Nothing”! I love you exactly the way you are, even when you are infuriating, you are absolutely adorable!”
  • “Life is in phases, change inevitable. I’m glad and reassured that my today and tomorrow will be spent with my best friend and husband!”
  • “Two different hearts beating as one knitted together in love divine. One destiny, same purpose, diverse personalities and temperaments: love, the only unifying factor, strengthened by marriage!”
  • “Marriage is a game of chance or luck. Nothing is certain, risk is inevitable. I gambled and hit the jackpot! You are the best!”
  • “I’m crazy about you, husband of my youth. You fulfil my wildest fantasies. Even after all these years of being married, my heart still beat wildly for you. I’m loving this feeling you evoke in me, my love!”
  • “Words are totally inadequate to express the depth of my love for you. Look into my eyes, it mirrors the intensity. My smiles show how happy I am with you. Even the silence of my hurt, can’t hide the fact that you mean the world to me.”
  • “Only you have the power to hurt me deeply because I love you with the whole of my heart. I’m proud to say the one who wields the power has only one goal: to love and cherish me. You are an amazing man, hubby!”
  • “I entrusted my heart to your care. You could have trashed, thrashed or trampled on it. You did no such thing. All you did was to love me in every way possible for you, and more. I adore you, my hubby!”
  • “Loving you was what I was created to be. You are my lifelong project: I’ll never stop loving you. You are so adorable that it seems like an easy task.”
  • “I love you. You bring out the best in me. You aren’t just my husband, you are my champion.”
  • “Love inspires, builds, brings joy and happiness. Love is hard work, mixed with faith and commitment, combined with trust. Love is my husband aptly defined.”
  • “Falling in love with you is easy, you are simply adorable! Staying in love with you is my forever ambition.”
  • “You are the reason I rush home anytime I’m unavoidably away. Thoughts of you calm my jagged nerves when I’m upset, being in your loving arms rolls away all my troubles as I experience peace and joy. I love you.”
  • “Your love makes me feel secured, cherished and protected. Letting you take the lead in our home wasn’t a struggle, and my testimony is that you are an awesome husband and leader. I love you!”
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Proud of My Husband Quotes

Are you proud of your husband? The these proud of my husband quotes will do.

  • “You are my true love, my best friend, my life coach, my mentor, partner and buddy. You inspire and encourage me. I love you.”
  • “You make me laugh when tears of pain or hurt threaten to spill. You inspire and spur me on to greatness when all I want to do is to quit. You aren’t just a great husband, you have a beautiful soul!”
  • “My husband is a smashing, handsome dude. I love you!”
  • “Behind that, all that gay and carefree exterior is an absolute genius! Your brilliant mind never ceases to amaze me. I’m proud to be yours, I love you!”
  • “It’s confirmed! I’m my husband’s baby girl for life!! I love you!!!”
  • “My best accomplishment in life was giving my heart to you.”
  • “I couldn’t help myself. Falling hopelessly in love with you seems as natural as breathing. You are one swell guy!”
  • “If I’d known the truth, I’d have grabbed you earlier and dragged you to the altar, willing or not. Loving you is my ticket to unending happiness. I love you!”
  • “Money, fame, position and privilege… hold no appeal to me. It’s your beautiful soul and generosity of spirit, hidden beneath the veneer of macho, that caught and held my heart. I love you!”
  • “You are my all-time favourite. You are my favourite friend, your arms my favourite place, your eyes my favourite colour, your love my favourite joint. I’m definitely high on you, husband mine!”
  • “I love you madly. Do I have a choice? Who else but you would love me with my madness and idiosyncrasy?
  • “If war breaks out on all sides, a kiss from you with a bear hug and my world is surely at peace.”
  • “Professing love is cheap, proving it is the deal. You are the real deal because you’ve shown me in thousands and in one way, how much you love me. It just can’t be as much as I adore you!”
  • “Being married has a definite advantage: I get to sleep and wake in your arms. I love being with you, I can’t have enough of you.”
  • “Boy meets girl, sparks fly. They tie the knot, love dies. Our love story is a miracle, it gets better each passing day!”
  • “Come rain, come shine, my love for you remains unshaken. I have no frilly words to express my heart, only time will really tell the depth, intensity and authenticity. Time is the real judge of people and character. I love you.”
  • “Marriage didn’t chain me or clip my wings. Rather, your love helps me to stretch my wings, fly and soar to heights hitherto unattainable. You are my hero, I love you!”
  • “I’m not normal, and I know why. I’m so completely in love with you that I have no space, time or inclination to even flirt with another man. Winner takes it all, my husband!!”
  • “If by a fluke of fate I have amnesia, your face, your name and memory of our times together will never be lost, as long as my heart beats. It’s deeply etched in the recess of my heart. I love you.”
  • “I love you. I can’t tell you enough, but I’ll try to remind you at least three times a day.”

Best Husband Quotes

Is he the best husband in the world? Then send these Best Husband Quotes to Him.

  • “I can’t stop loving you. If I do, I cease to exist because you are my heartbeat.”
  • “You are brighter than the sunshine because your love illuminates my world!”
  • “When I’m in a crowd, yours is the only face I search for. When I’m happy, yours is the only company I want. When I’m sad, I find my happiness with you. I love you.”
  • “Your love is the song that I sing when I’m happy. Your love gives me wings to fly when I feel trapped or down. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
  • “You left me with no choice, I had to trap your heart. You got me first, loving you is the joyful melody of my heart.”
  • “I love you, I’m never letting you go. Come what may, we’ll face it together. Loving you and being with you forever, is one and same thing to me.”
  • “You are that special being I could be unapologetically completely “me” with, and still love me to distraction. It’s no news, I love you for being “you”.”
  • “Love is an experience or emotion. Commitment is a decision borne out of genuine love. When I say ” I love you “, it means I’m committed to loving you through thick and thin.”
  • “You bided your time, watching from afar until the time was ripe, and my heart was ready to be plucked. You swept me off my feet, in one fall swoop, our love story began….never to end. I love you, my patient but gallant bird.”
  • “Love caught me unawares but had me firmly in its grip. Love that nurtures without bruising, love that gives more than it takes, love that completes and fulfils me. I love you, you are a rare breed. We are uncommon lovebirds.”
  • “I love you for your tenderhearted smile when I need your understanding. I cherish your unflinching support when I need you and I adore you when you give me tough when I go off course. You are exactly right for me.”
  • “Not all first loves forever love. I got lucky: my first love is my only and forever love! And no, I’m never letting you go. This marriage is for keeps.”
  • “I’m glad we made the forever decision and followed through, despite the odds. I need you more than I need the mornings. Only you. Forever.”
  • “Marriage to you has proved nothing I hadn’t known before. I knew you were the love of my life when you pursued me like a dying man in the desert pursued water. I love you too, with all my heart.”
  • “I love you, for being real. For not making me a picture of perfection on a pedestal. For accepting me just the way I am, flawed and imperfect, and absolutely in love with you!”
  • “You are the only man for me, my perfect match. You looked beyond the false front, broke through the façade to win my heart and undying devotion. I love you, my husband.”
  • “You aren’t just my husband or my man. You are my one-in-a-million love. Being with you arouses the wildest emotions imaginable, within me. I’m crazy about you, my handsome!”
  • “Have you ever wondered why my heart still flutters at the sight of you? That’s because marriage changes nothing! I fall more and more in love with you as time flies by.”
  • “Until we met, I was under the delusion that girls are the romantic ones. You are an incurable romantic guy and I just love it so! I love you, for being you!”
  • “My heart is full of love for you. You are that man that makes me believe I’m worth loving, the best way ever. I didn’t settle for less, I got the best of the lot: you!”
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Wonderful Husband Quotes

Since your husband is wonderful, send these Wonderful Husband Quotes to Him.

  • “In the darkest of night, your loves shine as bright as the sunshine. You taught me the true meaning of love and I’ve come to love you more than life itself.”
  • “When in doubt, look into my eyes and you’ll see what you mean to me. The eyes are the true mirror of the heart. Just so you know, “I love you”.”
  • “The true meaning of love eluded me until I met you. You showed me a glimpse and I wanted it all. Marriage to you is the icing on the cake. Our love just gets better and sweeter. I love you, honeypie!”
  • “Our love is magical and enchanting. A love story of never-ending happiness. A picture perfect marriage that’s indeed a reality, our reality. Behind the scene is the man that worked hard at it, with his adoring willing teammate. I love you, Partner!”
  • “True love is more than emotions. It is responsibility, honesty, commitment and dependability. You love me, hubby. This I know because your love is real and practical. Little wonder, I’m practically ever doting on you!”
  • “I love you, husband dearest. Your brand of love always gets to me. A love that nurtures, understands, cares and is godly. Oh, yeah, I’m in all the way!”
  • “You are my man, I love you. You are truly special in every way. Life with you is never boring, it’s an unending adventure. You are a dreamer and achiever. You derive so much pleasure in helping me to dream and attain ” the impossibles”. You are my champion!”
  • “A more generous man I’m yet to meet. You give of yourself wholeheartedly and unreservedly. Being loved by you has made me wholesome. I can’t but love you right back. You are awesome!”
  • “The simplest way to say a thing is straight out. I love you, hubby. I need you like forever, I want you like never before. You are more than enough for me. Is that clear enough?
  • “I didn’t know I was in love with you until I realised I couldn’t breathe without thinking about you. Marriage has only succeeded in making me pant for more of you. You are absolutely amazing! I love you!!”
  • “I’m glad we are finally together. We actually belong together, we make a perfect couple. You are the love of my life, the only one in my life that can truly make me a fulfilled woman. I’m certainly crazy about you!”
  • “Sometimes, we fight… but we make up.
    Sometimes, we disagree…but we understand each other perfectly.
    Mostly we lost love and celebrate each other. Our love life is a never-ending thrilling experience.”
  • “Your love is a special gift from heaven. It quenched the fire of my rebellion, chart the course for a beautiful future and gave me a tantalising glimpse of heaven. How could I have said no, you are utterly irresistible!”
  • “You bared your heart to me without holding back. You laid all the cards on the table without pretence. What I saw was what I got. A great man, flawed but just perfect for me. Marrying was the logical step to take. Even now, I love you.”
  • “Whatever storm life manages to rouse, however hard it rages, once I’m with you…the howling sound of trouble and the drums of sorrow fade into the background. You are all that matters to me. I love you, my ageless love.”
  • “The irony of life. Challenges that was meant to tear us apart only succeeded in drawing us closer. Storms of life strengthened the chord of our love. We have been tested, but we came out better and stronger. My husband, you are my hero!”
  • “When we met, I fell in love with you. When we got married, I fell harder. Now, I’m totally lost in love with you.”
  • “No matter what life brings our way, rosy or not so rosy, I’ll keep on doing what I know how to do best: loving you.”
  • “I have but one regret about our love. That our path didn’t cross earlier. I love you so much that I wished I were part of your past even as your future belongs to me.”
  • “Sleepless nights, fantasy, daydreaming, and wishful thinking, all my lot before we got married. Now, I realise that reality is far better. You are absolutely gorgeous and lovable!”

Amazing Husband Quotes

If your husband is amazing, then choose one of these Amazing Husband Quotes to Him.

  • “I’m totally in love with the only man in my life. I can’t have enough of you. Your flirty, teasing tone, your mischievous crooked smile and your adventurous spirit. We are kindred in spirit. Bring it on, I’m games!”
  • “I love you today, always and forever. Let’s take our time, I’m not going anywhere. This love intrigue has come to stay. We have the rest of our lives to sort out the details. Love you, handsome!”
  • “A gorgeous man, a great lover, attentive partner, amazing husband and a wonderful father, what more can I ask for? I love you!”
  • “You are the reason why I hope, why I dream, why I forge on and anticipate a beautiful future. The future is bright with hope and glory because we have each other. You are more than enough for me, my love.”
  • “I’m brimming with excitement because I have this awesome man in my life, my crown and my pride.
    With you, life’s cup is always half full, almost full or filled to the top or spilling over. Your optimism is infectious, I love you!”
  • “Without you, my life becomes an epilogue. The prologue? Precisely when you came into my life and swept me off my feet. I’m not being dramatic, I give you the truth from my heart. Shall I spell it out? I love you passionately!”
  • “You aren’t just a dude, you are my dude. My guy, my handsome and extraordinary husband. My perfect fit. You aren’t a part of the bulk of my past, but my today and tomorrows are absolutely yours! I love you.”
  • “I love you, my charming husband, for being an integral part of my life. A modern traditional man. Responsible, gentlemanly and progressive. You are all I want and wish for.”
  • “I trust you implicitly because I love you. Wherever you are, is where I want to be. I’ll follow you anywhere because my happiness is with you.”
  • “My place and lot in life are with you as long as I breathe, wherever you are. Comfort or discomfort is nothing compared to the joy of always being with you. I love you.”
  • “You are a whole lot to me. My comfort zone, my excitement trigger, brainstorming partner, my fulfilment topper and much more. You never ceased to fill my love tank to the brim. You are my winning star. I love my husband.”
  • “Sometimes, I feel I’m in heaven already. You make me feel so special that I feel giddy with joy as I bask in the euphoria of your love for me. My cup of love for you daily overflows.”
  • “I’m such a baby, your baby! I can’t survive a day without being enfolded in your arms, drawing strength from inhaling the smell of your fragrance. You are my favourite place.”
  • “I love you so fiercely, it hurts. I know very well my place in your heart and I’m confident our future is as beautiful as our today.”
  • “You are a gallant man, and a wonderful husband and superb
  • “You are my endless love. I love you with a passion that so frightens me. You are mine to love and cherish, I pledge to do that without fail, for the rest of our lives.”
  • “Love untested by time and trying circumstances, shouldn’t be trusted or vouched for. I love you and I’m committed to being a perfect helpmeet to you. Only time will tell, I can’t wait really.”
  • “I had such a horrible past love experience that even I thought I was scarred for life. You came into my life like a gallant hero, won my heart free and fair, and showed me such beautiful love that I had no choice but to love you right back. You are exactly right for me. I love you!”
  • “Your love changed me. I was positively transformed by your tender loving care. You broke down my resistance and made me your willing and adoring slave. I love you, my husband. You are an uncommon breed!”
  • “I love you, not because of what you are or what you have. It’s who you are that I fell madly in love with and married. Your beautiful soul remained unchanged by life’s largess and adversity, friends’ subtle and overt influence or any such. You are still the man of my dream!”

Beautiful Quotes for Husband

These Beautiful Quotes for Husband are best to be sent to the best husband in the world.

  • “You are my eternal love, my Prince charming. Our love has no traceable beginning or foreseeable end. With all my heart, I pledge all my being to you.”
  • “You are a real man, and I’m proud of you. In you, our daughter gets to see firsthand how her hubby ought to treat her, and our son has a role model. I love you for treating me like a Queen.”
  • “No one is perfect, but my husband is perfectly right for me. Indeed, you are my Mr Right! I love you just so!!”
  • “Finally, I believe it. This marriage is never going to crash, it has come to stay. Sometimes, love is never enough, but ours thrives because we made a pact to make it work. And yeah, I love you more each day. You are incredible, my love!”
  • “When the shine leaves the feeling high of the ‘in love’ experiences, eyes clear. Reality dawns, faultfinding and blame games set in till things fall apart. I love you, my husband. We are truly happy and fulfilled because we both fell in love with the real us.”
  • “People who fall in love mostly fall out of love unless they grow to love their partner. Spending eternity with you really looks good. I loved the man I married, and I’m positively crazy about the man you are today.”
  • “Real love isn’t just a feeling or a commitment. It entails discovery, acceptance and lots of consistent hard work. My crown, you are the best of the pack. I love you!”
  • “When I’m restless, listless, dull or lethargic, I need not a doctor, clubbing or hanging out with friends. A healthy dose of your special brand of love gives me a high like no other. Need you to wonder? I love you very much, my sweet hubby!”
  • “I need help. I’m an incurable addict and enjoying it with relish. No, I don’t want to break the habit of a lifelong bliss. I want to extend the addiction beyond eternity. I’m ‘high’ on my husband’s love! I’m totally addicted to your sweet love. I love you unrepentantly!”
  • “People have all kinds of superficial reasons to fall in love: beauty, character, intelligence, wealth, privileges, charms…only to fall out of love just as quickly. I love you, and I have no single reason for it. But…I love you, from the depth of my heart.”
  • “Have no fear, my darling husband. My beauty is God’s gift to dazzle and delight only you. You are the love of my life, no one else comes to appealing to me. My heart is yours, forever is the deal.”
  • “Love, when it’s genuine, produces a positive result with obvious laudable transformation. This is my experience with you, my loving Adonis. Everything I am today, I attribute to you and God. I love you, hubby.”
  • “Everyone is my friend, but my husband is my best friend. Everyone deserves respect, my crown has earned my deepest regard and honour. I’m not short of words, let me just say you are my champion. Loving you is a privilege I’ve come to appreciate.”
  • “You are unique and ultra special, husband like no other. I’m like a special plant in your care. To be nurtured, groomed, cared for till it grows, blooms and it’s fruitful. I love you now, more than ever.”
  • “I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. If the first few years of pure marital bliss is any indication, forever with you is the loveliest song ever sang. I love you, mine!”
  • “Men like you are rare and few. A gentleman to the core. You know how to treat a lady right. You never ceased to amaze me. You are special in thousands and one way, too numerous to mention. I just love you so!”
  • “I feel special and loved because you are an amazing husband. It’s like your number one goal in life is to treasure your wife. I’m loved, this I know. I love you right back!”
  • “I can never have my fill of you. Yours is one hunger that’ll never get fully satisfied. My thirst for your love, hugs, endearments, the company can never be quenched. You are my amazing discovery. Finders are keepers. I love you, my heart’s delight.”
  • “My husband, my guy, my pal, my leader and my handsome dude!
    I can’t seem to help myself, each time I see you, my heart melt like butter. I’m filled with love for you. My joy knows no bounds because you love me just as much!”
  • “Whatever you do, wherever you are, however busy, know that your wife is crazy about her man. Love you, handsome!”
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Great Husband Quotes

Send Great Husband Quotes to your husband, of he is surely great.

  • “I live and enjoy life because you are my treasure and fun partner. If I die, my love for you will never cease. It lives on in the legacy of special love we leave with our children.”
  • “You weren’t my first choice. You are my second chance and saving grace. Loving you has restored my faith in humanity. You are my tonic, refreshing and invigorating. I love you, my husband. You are my final choice!”
  • “As wine gets older, it gets better, sweeter and more valuable. My love for you increases with time. I love you, my heartthrob!”
  • “You are the reason for everything good that my life has become. Loving you is my motivation. My husband, my hero!”
  • “When I pause and smile when chatting with my friends, they do not know my little secret. Thinking about you brings a smile to my face. You are my adorable darling!”
  • “All my life, I waited for my knight in shining armour to sweep me off my feet and carry me to the world of sweet fantasy. My fantasy became a reality when you appeared out of the blue to fulfil my wildest desire. You are my dream come true, I love you.”
  • “I’ll never be too busy, preoccupied or forgetful to tell you how much and deeply I love you. For a fact, I love you!”
  • “Your love is the reason for every season of success and accomplishments in my life. In all the seasons of my life, I celebrate you, my husband. I love you!”
  • “You are my hero. You rescued me from a life of pure boredom and unfulfillment. You are exactly what I need, I love you to distraction!”
  • “I will like to write a dictionary. Then, I shall describe the word love in its simplest form: you!”
  • “Love had no meaning to me until you came into my life. You defined the word without using words. The meaning of love became clear and mine to cherish. You are love defined, I love you.”
  • “The three magical words that changed and define my words forever, were uttered by you and treasured by me. “I love you”. Music to my ears. I re-echo my response even now, ” I love you too”.”
  • “My life was empty before we met. You came into my life and filled the void with your love. Marrying you was my lifesaver. I love you!”
  • “”Men are chauvinist pigs”, so I thought till you breezed into my life. My newest discovery? Men are adorable creatures, my husband is clearly the king of the pack.”
  • “You are my special gift from God, an answer to my prayer, my dream come true. I love you, my husband.”
  • “Life is certainly worth living with you by my side. Loneliness, boredom and depression buried in the ashes of the past. I look forward to enjoying the beauty of a future with you. I love you, my handsome!”
  • “There’s nothing shallow about you, you don’t do things by halves either. It’s all or nothing. I love you with the whole of my being, from the depth of my heart.”
  • “I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life, but I’m glad I got this one thing right. I married you! I love you!!”
  • “I don’t mind when we fight and argue, for then we get to make up with passionate hugs and kisses! I love you!”
  • “We’ve known each other like forever. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always nursed this ambition: marry you! If you hadn’t acted on time, I’d have kidnapped you. Thank goodness you did, I wasn’t cut out to be a criminal. I was specially designed to be your adoring wife. I love you!”

Caring Husband Quotes for Him

Every caring husband needs to receive some Caring Husband Quotes.

  • “My heart belongs to you, and as such, my life and all that I am or possess. I’m completely yours. I love you.”
  • “You are my king, and I’m your crowned Queen. I bloom and blossom because you pour out all your best into me. No one can love me the way you do, it’s a fact. I love you.”
  • “We’ve been married for years, I can help but say our love gets better each year. I love you more and more every day.”
  • “Every girl I knew was crazy about you. I fought so hard not to fall, victim. It was a losing battle and I gave in graciously by falling harder! Being married to you hasn’t changed a thing, I love my guy forever!”
  • “You came courting, I resisted your charms. You became my friend, love caught me unawares. We got married and I made a vital decision: “you are a treasure, I’ll never let you go”. I love you.”
  • “Every day with you is filled with one adventure or the other. With you, there’s no predictability. Life is full of thrills, fun and valuable lessons. I can’t have enough of you, my amazing husband. I love you.”
  • “I love you, my darling husband. It’s the only thing I’m sure of in my life.”
  • “You are my everything. My life counts for nothing without you. You are my life, I love you.”
  • “I’m in love. My husband is the newfound love of my life. It just so happened, you are my old love as well. I love you with every heartbeat.”
  • “I have just one hobby – loving you!”
  • “When all else fails around you, know that my love for you remains sure and unchanged. I love you passionately, my sweet husband.”
  • “You are the reason why I am thankful every day of our married life. Yours is the thought behind my secret smile and your love gives me the strength to tackle any obstacle. Love you!”
  • “You are my beloved husband. You rock my world every day!”
  • “Just a smile from you and everything is right with my world. Clouds clear, doubt vanishes, burden lifts, solutions appear and my heart burst with love for you.”
  • “I just smiled, because I love you. I will always smile… because I will always love you.”
  • “If loving you is a crime, I’d gladly go to prison for it. I’m glad we are man and wife, so then I have the liberty to pour my love into you.”
  • “The rarest gift a man can give to his wife is love and acceptance. Love transforms even the most wicked of hearts. Your love is my redeeming grace. I love you, my dearest husband.”
  • “When I’m with you, I get a taste of heaven. Loving you is my surest way to perfect bliss. I love you, my Prince.”
  • “You captured my heart, but I don’t want it back. I have yours as well, so let love enjoys its merriment. I love you.”
  • “The Ice Queen’s heart got shot by Cupid’s arrow and melt into an ocean of passionate love. I’m glad you got me, my husband. I’m loving you!”