Sweet Love Messages To Make Her Happy

Let’s be real: she is so special to you that the task of making her smile regularly gives you immense pleasure. We all like to be sincerely loved.

What better way is there to show the depth of one’s love for a woman than making conscious efforts to tell her?

Love is really sweet and its sweetness is ensured when the right words are spoken at the right time. Though showing her is good, she finds it easier to believe you when you creatively show her through your words.

Expressing your feelings becomes an assignment you look forward to when you read these romantic messages. Watch her blossom like a fresh fire, and your love grow with an amazing intensity as you send any of these lovely messages to that special woman.

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Sweet Love Text Messages for Her to Make Her Happy and Smile

As a responsible husband or boyfriend, making your wife or girlfriend happy should be of great importance to you. Below are romantic love messages, quotes and sayings to make her happy and smile, that you can send to her to fill her heart with uncontrollable happiness.

  • Everyday keeps giving reasons to fall in love with you all over again. I cannot ever be tired of telling you how special you are to me. You are specially loved, sweetheart.
  • Even without meaning to, your personality keeps showing areas to cherish in you. I know I’ve said it, but can never become fed up of telling you how amazing you are.
  • Anytime I become a little worried about the future, I am reassured because of your presence in it. Sweetheart, you’re a gift to be treasured. I bless the day I met you
  • I understand why the future may look bleak to some people. Love is what makes living worthwhile. I dread a future without your loving presence. You make my life meaningful.
  • I had always thought I was complete until I met you. Meeting you was a pointer to how empty my past was, and what I stand to lose it your treasured presence is missing. I love you so much.
  • I know I’ve sent a message today. Pardon me. But what else can I do? You’ve got a prominent space in my heart. Thoughts about you invade my hearts regularly, and with ease too.
  • I’ve been smiling since I woke up, and the reason is not farfetched; I am blessed to have this special woman in my life. You have successfully captured my heart, and I am not even willing to ever have it released.
  • You’re my perfect fit. Since I met you, my life continues to experience richness in all areas. Thanks for being you. You make me happy in a special way.
  • You’re an embodiment of amazing qualities. The fact that you are not even proud, despite all, is endearing. I am blessed to have you in my life. Thanks, Sweetheart, for accepting to be mine.
  • My woman is a special gift of God to me. You are a beautiful package I open everyday with glee. When I think I’ve seen it all, you show me another amazing side.
  • Meeting you has shown me that true love still exists, even if it is scarce. This is not surprising though; a piece of gold is too precious to be found anywhere. Thank you for teaching me how to love.
  • You complete me in a beautiful way. I can afford to lose several things. However, a life without you in it is as good as empty. You bring out the best in me with ease.
  • I can no longer keep it to myself: you make me happy! When I remember the number of years I had spent without you, I pity what I went through. Your presence makes life worth it.
  • You make love an enviable concept. I see how blessed I am to have your amazing presence in my life. We are one of a special kind.
  • When I was pitied because of loneliness, I kept wishing for someone who would make the wait worthwhile. Now, I know why I had to wait. Having you in my life for a day erases years of loneliness.
  • I love everything about you. Though your weaknesses should get me scared, I am blessed because I realise they only make you real. You are a blessing to my world.
  • You bring out the very best in me always. Anytime I need to decide, I consider its likely effect on you, then, I am encouraged to do the right thing. I treasure what loving you is doing to me, I appreciate the person it is turning me out.
  • I keep asking myself what I ever did to deserve such a special woman. I am favoured to have you as mine. I promise to guide your treasured presence in my heart with care.
  • I used to think love was expected to make one feel shy and want to hide it. With you, I can’t help but shout to the whole world how blessed I am. Mine, you are treasured.
  • Now, I understand why it never worked with someone else. Our meeting was specially ordained, our love is divine. We are created for each other; you complete me in a way no other person can ever do!
  • How do I describe how much I love you? Where do I get words to do justice to your amazing personality? Describing you leaves me speechless. You are a rare one, Sweetheart.
  • Loving you gives me a giddy feeling I never want to recover from. Though the depth looks scary, I am reassured because my heart is in the safe hands of a wonderful woman.
  • I had always thought it was dangerous to completely fall in love. With you, it’s quite different. Though I’ve totally fallen in love already, I wish for more depth. That’s how you make me feel, Baby.
  • I love US. Love is you and I. Now, I understand why love could be simple, but at the same time, difficult to define. Though our love is genuine, describing it leaves me speechless.
  • The day was going to be bleak, until I thought about you. I smiled, and I’m still smiling. You’ve made my day, Sweet Woman!
  • Your desire to make a better person out of me amazes me. As if your love is not already making me feel special, you are bent on bringing out the best in me. You are amazing, Mine.
  • The brightening of the day reminds me of your bright smile, the sun tells me of how your environment is instantly ignited once you are around. I’m not exaggerating when I say you are not just one kind of a woman; you are one-in-a-lifetime woman.
  • You make me have feelings I’ve never had with someone else. Wow, love is really amazing! You make me feel the best. Even when I am a little down, a single thought about you sets me on fire.
  • How do you manage to give love such a special outlook? With a simple smile from you, my day is perfectly made. You are special.
  • In a healthy way, thoughts about you make me tremble. I sometimes wonder at the realness of such a perfect love. To say you are an extraordinary woman is an understatement.
  • The thought of you belonging to someone else leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I don’t even want to consider it. It, however, also makes me appreciate how blessed I am to have you.
  • Since you have taken it upon yourself to always make me happy, I promise to love you without reservation. That’s what a special person like you deserve.
  • I never knew my life could become so organised! You stepped in and everything became beautiful. Even carrying out various assignments now gives me pleasure because each day presents a better opportunity to love you more.
  • With you, I do not ever need to pretend. I find it easy to open up to you. Love is becoming a possible concept everyday because you are mine.
  • I used to treasure my privacy so much until I met you. That was when I saw how blessed I am to have every available space filled with thoughts of you. There’s a meaningful me because of your amazing presence.
  • I was happy to discover that since we met, you’ve constantly worn a sincere soft smile. I am, however, beautifully dazed to see that for me too, there’s always a reason to smile whenever I think about you. I never knew I could smile this much!
  • My day remains incomplete until I see your smiling face. I carry a picture of you in my heart all through the day. This love of ours is beautiful!
  • I’m glad to discover that your smile remains as sweet as ever. I’m proud to know I’m the reason behind those lovely smiles. I’m glad you are mine!
  • Your tenderness is amazing! Though I’m sure of your strength, I’m also dazed to see your great tenderness. I’m blessed to be the recipient of love from such a tender woman.
  • Having you in my life transcends being lucky; it’s a sure sign of how blessed I am. You are simply an embodiment of all that is good in our world.
  • Though I cannot get tired of saying it, a whole day is not enough to tell how much I love you. No word can do justice to a perfect description of you. You are deeply loved, Sweetheart.
  • I cherish you now and will always do. You are an angel in human form. I look at you and wonder if I’m dreaming. Thank you for accepting to be mine.
  • The sweetness and tenderness of your smile can break a frozen heart. The brightness is rare. Thank you for enriching my life with your warm presence.
  • Each time I remember your beautiful smile, I feel happy because of its priceless sweetness.
    Though I love your smile, I cherish the owner of the smile.
  • Your presence, sometimes, throws me into a sweet confusion. While my love wants me to shout to the whole world that I’m blessed to call you mine, the gentleman in me reminds me of the need to treat you with the care you deserve. A queen, like you, is a precious gift.
  • Knowing that I’m the reason behind your smile does not only make me proud; it places me on top of the world! I know I’ve won the world’s best gift by having you in my life.
  • I can never become tired of looking at your image. At the busiest hour, it calms me down, telling me all is well. Even when I’m free, your image gives me inspiration, encouraging me to keep up doing my best. Sweetheart, you’re specially loved.
  • Though I had always had good intentions concerning my woman, meeting you has made me have a stronger resolution: I’ll always make you happy. You’re too precious to be ill-treated.
  • Getting a lady like you looked impossible. In fact, I almost gave up. However, meeting you has also taught me that you’re one of a special breed, created specifically for me, and safely kept until we met. The long wait was worthwhile.
  • I had been rebuked of having unrealistic ideas about the kind of woman I prayed for. Then, you stopped in! Having you to call mine remains a miracle I’ll cherish forever. Yes, dreams still come true!
  • My mind can never become too clogged for fresh thoughts about you. Even when I have a lot to do, it gives me sweet pleasure to think about you. Such times are precious moments I cannot trade for anything.
  • I used to think our love would remain as strong as ever when we first met. However, everyday shows its potential to grow in an amazing way. Though I loved you then, I love you much more now, yet, the love keeps growing! That’s the mystery of loving a queen – my queen.
  • When we are not together, we are only separated by distance. You are always in my heart, even when miles separate us. My love for you cannot be hindered by any physical space.
  • Though some people’s dreams hardly come true, I’m blessed to have mine fulfilled, even beyond my expectations. My wishes sounded impossible to me until I met you. You’re an embodiment of unique qualities that can never be found elsewhere, Sweetheart.
  • It’s a great honour to love and care for you. I promise to do my best in loving you, and even when I’ve done that, I promise to still do more. That’s what a king does to his queen.
  • It’s a wonder how you make me feel. I never believed I could trust anyone so well. With you, I’m always at ease. I delight in baring all to you – victories, challenges. Your love makes everything easy.
  • You have the whole of me, Love. I really do not wish to hold anything back. Your amazing love makes even the best, better. Thank you for how practical and sincere you’ve made our love to become.
  • You’re my essential part. Loving you is a necessity for my growth. Without my knowledge, you’ve successfully carved a prominent place for yourself in my heart. Why do I have to drag the space with you, when I’ve seen how productive your presence has made me?
  • I am blessed to have met you. I am specially favoured to call you mine. I can’t even begin to consider life without your presence in it. You are me, I am you. It’s a mystery, but then, that’s what love is.
  • It’s nice that you have captured my heart. When I’m with you, I’m alive. Once you leave, it’s like an important part of me is gone. That’s why your presence in my life is essential for my survival. I love you.
  • Loving you has taught me the difference between luck and a blessed state. While luck comes by chance, a blessing is a divine arrangement. Whenever anyone says I’m lucky, I’m always quick to correct them that I’m specially blessed by God.
  • Experiences around told me in clear terms that getting your kind of woman would ever remain a wish. I didn’t know that God already answered and prepared a woman that surpasses my expectations. Wow, I’m blessed to have you!
  • The world only sees a little about you and shouts how lucky I am. What would they say if they discovered that they’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg? You’re a treasure.
  • I miss you already. I look forward, with sweet anticipation, to when I’ll have you beside me forever. Your sweet voice is what I need every morning.
  • Friends advise that it’s not too safe to love too much. I tell them that such advice is too late and unnecessary. I’m deeply in love with you and I’m not willing to even change it for anything. Loving you has shown me how healthy it is to love the right person.
  • Hearing from you gives me immense joy. Even if I already read several messages from you in a day, my heart skips a beat in a joyful manner whenever I receive a new one from you. Love is surely sweet.
  • I would have been forced to join the bandwagon of persons who believe true love doesn’t exist. Meeting you has, however, changed my orientation. Ours is a special love, I am blessed to have you.
  • You are for me, I am for you. We are created just for each other. Though the world is filled with several women, I have come to understand how perfectly you fit me.
  • My life was just the usual before I met you. Now, everyday is filled with a new level of goodness and amazing hope. I asked if I could imagine going back to the way it was before, and I couldn’t help screaming ‘No’!
  • I mean it when I say no other person would do. No! None of them can ever be you. You are specially created to complete me. Thank you for accepting to be mine. I love you deeply.
  • I used to think I could never be lonely being by myself. The narrative changed when I met you. Since you complete me, I feel a huge loss whenever you’re not with me. Your presence is like the air I breathe in.
  • No matter how rich I thought I was, I became richer the day I met you. Your kind of richness is a specialty, the kind not found on the menu; it’s too precious to be bought with money.
  • Loving you remains the best choice I’ve ever made. It’s a choice I’ll keep making. Thank you for saying yes to our love. I promise to never let you down.
  • Whenever I’m counting the blessings each new day offers, having you in my life remains the greatest gift. Each tick of the clock provides a better opportunity to love you more.
  • I thought having someone around so much could crowd me, but it makes me feel special. Kindly take all of me. What’s the essence of privacy when you’re not there to sweeten it?
  • Why do you make me feel this special? What did I ever do to deserve such a sweet woman? Whenever I am bothered by my imperfections, you make me feel like I’m already more than enough.
  • Whenever I think of how much I love you and the need to express it, I feel like every moment of life should be dedicated to us. Baby, a lifetime is too short for our kind of love.
  • I wish there was a better way of expressing my love for you. I wish it was possible to get expressions reserved for us. Still, I mean it when I say ‘I love you ‘.
  • Sweetheart, I cannot become overdosed with the medicine your love offers. It defines my essence. Everyday attests to the fact that we are made for each other.
  • Before I met you, I really had nothing I lived for. Your entry gave my life a definite focus. Now, I wake up with a smile. Thank you, my Heart.
  • I used to think beauty was responsible for the nasty nature of some women until I met the most beautiful woman on earth, who remains amazing despite her extraordinary beauty. Then, I discovered that sweetness is inbuilt.
  • Oh, how I love you! You’ve given me hope! Loving you provides a pleasurable assignment that keeps each day productive. For me, your love is a must-have.
  • It’s funny how you make me feel so much, yet, I’m at a loss when asked to describe my feelings. Love remains a good riddle I don’t even want to dissect.
  • Your love makes me feel the unimaginable! It overwhelms me, fills me up with a rare type of sweetness. Yet, I don’t seem to have enough.
  • As long as I have you, I can boldly face any situation. You are not only beautiful, you are wise and remain a great source of strength.
  • Since you’ve decided to love me without reservation, I have promised to love you even more. Sweetheart, my love for you is deep, sure and reliable.
  • Love is both simple and complicated. While I appreciate its simplicity, I love its complicated nature because it’s with you.
  • Even on the coldest night, my heart is warmed from within because of your treasured presence. When I say I cannot trade you for anything, I hope you understand how indispensable you’ve become to me.
  • Even with the several moments we have together everyday, the desire to love you more makes me desire to extend each day. You deserve to be loved endlessly.
  • Reading books on love was quite enlightening. Loving you, however, is quite different; it gives me feelings I never want to recover from. Wow, I’m finally home!
  • Before I met you, I thought things were just in order. Your presence, has, however, shown me that my heart is so used to your love that an absence of it would create a void I cannot afford.
  • With you, I feel like carrying out chores that are considered absurd. I can do anything, as long as it’s for you, and can make me enjoy more of your sweetness.
  • Nothing can make me love you less. Even your imperfections only make me love you more. They are good at reminding me of your sincerity in not hiding them.
  • Loving you has created a new me. Life before you came was tasteless and boring. I like what your love has made of me.
  • Thank you for making our love happen. You may not know it but saying yes to our love remains the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • When I felt bad that it never worked with someone else, I didn’t understand that God was ordering my footsteps to my own woman – the sweetest woman that ever lived!
  • Loving you has made me amazingly creative! I keep looking out for better ways to love you. Love is sweet; it makes you consider the happiness of the other person
  • I can’t do without you. I just discovered that you’ve stolen my heart. I don’t want it back because it’s enjoying your sweetness. Worry not, yours is also safe with me.
  • I never knew love could happen so fast, and so completely too! Hmm, only your kind of sweetness could have achieved that though.
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The above must have shown how tender love makes one, especially when sweet love messages to make her happy are sent.

Since good things are better enjoyed when shared with our loved ones, why not copy and share these sweet messages with friends and relatives?