Sweet Long Text Messages for Him to Wake Up To

If your goal is to build a passionate relationship, after expressing your love in physical ways, it’s also important and advisable to express your affection toward your partner through communication.

Communication in a relationship is very vital for grooming the relationship, maybe verbally or non-verbal, maybe in spoken words or written, your partner waking up to your invisible voice in words could be something cool to do.

And you know we’re always ready at your service, to provide you with the right romantic words to brighten your partner’s mind just awaken from sleep.

Sweet Love Paragraphs for Him to Wake Up To

Sweet long paragraphs and long love texts messages for your boyfriend to make up to. If he deserves some, copy and send to him to make his day.

Love is Promise,

The promise I see in your eyes every day you look at me,

The promise I feel when you plant a kiss on my forehead,

The promise I feel when wrapped in the grip of your arms,

The promise I smelt in your everyday breath when you’re breathing down my neck,

The promise from your mouth that never fails to remind me, that life is beautiful,

The promise of your heart desires that never want me out of your sight,

The promise I never wish to forget even when I’m deep in sleep,

Same promise I got from your precious lovely smile on a daily,

The promise that would never allow my tears to touch the ground before its caught,

This promise, I found in your existence,

This promise is you.

  • Somethings are wild, just like the whirlwind, very dangerous, and violent, what about tornadoes, volcano blast, avalanche etc, all these things are also wild and reckless, but they cannot be compared with the wildness your love has created inside of me, before our path crossed, my life was too calm, gentle and no fire but after you came to be in my life, the fire started burning and now it’s a wildfire, all because of you, I now feel alive, I feel on top of the world, and not a day passes that your love do not rekindle this fire inside of me, I hope you never have a reason to leave me, so that this fire does not go out in me, cause you’re the source of this fire inside of me.
  • I have a prayer in my soul, a prayer for the one my heartbeat for, a prayer for him that I can’t do without, my mind never stop saying a prayer when you’re not here, a step away from me and my mouth opens in prayer. I pray for you every morning, afternoon and night, I pray for you every minutes of the day, when it’s rainy and when it’s sunny, when I’m happy or sad, I’m praying for you, and even this morning, every of the words that come out from my lips sends out a prayer to the heavens, to keep you safe and sound, happy and alive. When you’re asleep, I’m praying that your dream is as sweet as strawberry and may you wake up to inhale the fresh morning breeze. This is my prayer for today, My Love.
  • There’s a smile I long to see, it’s a smile that opens up the stairs to the sweetest of memory, anytime I’m in need of inspiration, I just need to see that smile, the only thing I wish for, is that smile that never fails to makes me feel at ease with life, when I see that smile, I’m not moody, I just know I’m in another world of mine with you, the smile is an assurance of love for me, it’s that smile that slays every demon in my heart and calms all of my worries. The only place I can see such smile, is on your face, a smile that shields me from harm, a smile that’s full of love, that gives tranquilly to my heart and gives a beat to it, that’s the smile I wish to see on your face this morning. Please, wake up and give me your smile, Sweetheart.
  • Love so warm, love so strong, love so dearly, I have only seen in the movies and soap opera but never have I felt it with my heart, my mind had never experienced it either, nor have I ever expressed it to anyone. But with the inception of your friendship, there was a gradual turn around, I felt my heart race when I’m around you, I’m never myself and when you say goodbye, I feel broken yet hopeful that I’ll see you again, and again and the day after. With you, I feel high, happy, and on top of the universe, for every day I wake up I say a prayer to the God of love, to keep you and keep this love cause it feels so good being loved by you, I appreciate it more because I’ve only known hurt but you prove different and you make loving feel so good, you make sleeping feel so sweet and waking up, you make better, because every morning, I’m looking forward to you.
  • On this day, before the early morning dew step down and wet the surface, before the dawn show forth its golden ray, before dreams started fading away from your mind, before your body is ready for the new day, before your alarm cries out, before you kneel to pray, before you hit the shower and transform into your precious self, let me take the time to really explain myself to you and tell you how much I love you. You have made me content with you, my whole mind is filled with your words, my dreams have you in it and you are the most wonderful man that makes my heart yearns for some fun, life is pretty awesome with you, every day for me is incomplete without you, because your words, your touch is what renew love in my heart daily and make me forget all my past hurt and that’s why I’m in love with you every day.
  • What a blessed day, the day you found me. To appreciate the light, one must have experienced darkness, and a series of pain in our life helps us appreciate happy moments. You came at a point when I was used to being hurt, sadness was an everyday thing for but you came and turn the page for me. Since then, my life has been on a pretty ride with you, but every now and then, I still pinch myself to see if I’m not dreaming because your kind of love towards me is filled with unforgettable moments, every minute with you has given me more happiness than the sadness I’ve ever experienced. Honey, I can’t wait to start this new day with you again, I love you.
  • Another day of you and I is breaking forth again, I am ready to start the day in your arms, the way your presence makes my heart beat is strangely amazing, it’s only exclusive to you. You came into my world unannounced, you climbed into my soul and solve all the waiting puzzles, my daily direction starts in your arms and smile, because understanding is written all over your face, and in your words, there’s a healing for every hurt in the minutes of day, in the iris of your eyeball, I see a vision of what the future hold for us and I always want to see them every day just to be reminded that we’re happy together and in your mouth, words of affirmation to tell me that I’m enough when I begin to doubt myself and that’s what I’m waiting to hear from you once again when you wake up today.
  • I am not alone even when I’m lonely, your thought at the moment of loneliness keeps me warm, but right now, I’m missing you desperately, I guess it’s the early morning rain that’s been pouring down since night before, everywhere is frigid, the whole room breathes ice, offering goosebumps to my body but you’re nowhere to be found, you’re not here to tend to the need of my body, you’re not here to give love to my freezing heart and still, the rain pours on and on, causing more coldness, I know you’ll also be feeling the same way, I wouldn’t mind if you can decamp from your bed over to my side but since it may not be possible, I’ll be expecting your invasion very early, so you can come and do the necessary things over me. Good morning to you, My Love.
  • Sweetheart, I know you’re probably still sleeping, just like the sleepy head that you are, I have been awake since 3 am, thinking about us and every of our moments together, I thought about how we met, what initially brought us together, about the things that made me completely lose my guard for you, to be sincere with you, I don’t know how you do it, the exact time cupid finally struck me with its arrow. Here I am, couldn’t get enough sleep, couldn’t think straight, your thoughts keep me captive every midnight, torturing me with sweet memories of us, while you sleep comfortably in your bed, I’m here wide awake with you on my mind. I’m not writing you this note to complain, I’m writing it to let you know how much of hold your love has on me and to tell you how thankful I am to share this lifetime of mine, loving you.
  • It was an unbelievable experience for me, falling in love again and for the life of mine, I never thought this would happen in a long time but this early morning, I’m awake with you on my mind and it’s pretty amazing, that I’ll get another shot at love, with someone so awesome like you, every morning and I’m looking forward to us being together, for that is my daily routines to share happy moments of love with you.
  • I have found someone that spark that light inside me, the closer I am to you, the brighter you light me up with feelings. How I wish we could stay this young for a long time so that you can light me up often and I, in turn, can keep on lighting up the world with the smile you put on my face on a daily basis.
  • I have a confession to make, it’s been on my mind for a very long time now but I don’t know how to say it to you, it’s not because I can’t say it, it’s not because I’m afraid but it’s the way or how to say it that has got stuck on my mind but this morning, I realise that I’ve had enough cause every night I’m up thinking about you and I just thought to send it as a message and you’ll see it when you wake up, that my night has become a sunny dawn because of you and I love you.
  • In this era, where love and trust is so hard to find, you came into my life with more than I could ever have imagined, that I even doubt my own strength when it comes to love and trust, because you fill my soul and spirit with so much life with your love and there’s nowhere I want to be than in your embrace always, because I am happiest when I’m right next to you.
  • I love the fact that you’re not just strong and masculine in nature, but you’re just beautiful with emotions, just the way you see through my strength and sense my vulnerability, same way I always see the weakness side of you, if we’re to flip the script and see, no matter the role you’re playing, we won’t lose, cause I am yours, you are mine. And when you are weak, I am strong and when I’m weak, it’s a happy feeling for me to know you’ll be there for me, always.
  • When I remember how far we’ve come together, I bless God for us, when I go to bed at sundown or when I wake up to see the sun coming out, it’s you I’m thinking about cause you own a part of me and during the day, you’re always on my mind. And when I think about you this moment or the next, there’s only one thing that comes to mind and it’s being there with you because the only two times that I want to be with you. It’s Now and Forever.
  • I have heard it from one or more mouths, that people come into our lives either to hurt or love us, to build or wreck our emotions and that ideology has made me jittery but conscious for a long time, about the people I allowed in my space, but since you arrived in my heart and life, I have learnt more, you’ve motivated and taught me to face any storm rather than cower before it. You have built me up that without you, I can only do so little, but with you, there is nothing I cannot do because I am stronger with you.
  • I am awake and furious but in total awe of how you still make me feel despite all my anger. You’ve taken over me to the point that I am not myself when you’re not here, even when you got me angry and my boiling point is very high, just when I think that it’s impossible to show you any more love, you constantly prove me wrong, because when I go to bed angry, the thought of you keep me awake until I give in to your love, and that’s why I can’t do without you, My Love.
  • My mind has been filled with nothing but joy, it would amaze you to know that my life has only your image inside it, I am curious to know how you’re all in one body, you’re a hunk, handsome, full of energy and wisdom with understanding, and with so much love to give. You’re just a rare kind of being, like a cake rich in flavour with special toppings on it, you’re sweet and cute. I am the happiest because you’re in my life.
  • Restlessness, that’s how I feel every night when you’re not here, all by myself on the bed, it’s like I’m in an empty world, I am missing you and I won’t sugarcoat anything for you, I am at my best when I’m with you, cause with you in my life, I am a force to reckon with as you give me strength, you enhance my heart with your amazing sweetness, I miss you and that’s all that matters right now.
  • My Love, I have always loved you for being selfless and lovely and special in every way, I don’t really know how to start this my note, because I have hurt your feelings with my attitude, that I know, and I’m really sorry for being the one to upset you, my wish was never to make you go to bed being mad at me, I’m deeply sorry for what I did, I hope it won’t stop you from blessing me with your smile when you wake up this morning, because your smile is a recipe for my day.
  • We argue we fight, and that’s what grows our relationship, I am not perfect, neither are you but the best part of it is that you understand me more than myself. You have never let me go to bed angry, even when I’m proving stubborn and headstrong, you make sure that our differences never get in the way of our love story. I’m just so thankful that the love we have for each other is bigger than these small differences. Thank you for being the leader that you are.
  • I have spent many years of my life searching for love and wasted so much of my time looking for the perfect lover, but I was blinded, even so that when you surface, I never thought you’d be the one, until you, with your amazing soul started filling my heart with bliss and pure love, creating what we needed more, a perfect love. Now, without you, I can’t live alone cause I love you more than words could describe.
  • I don’t know if you feel just like me, but I’m not finding it funny anymore, sleeping and waking up alone, it’s becoming too much and it’s making my heart ache. I have no idea what love is like when you’re not here, I feel so vulnerable and void. You alone are the one with a solution to my heartache and I can’t wait till that moment when you’ll finally ask for my beating heart to become yours forever, because you’re the only one it beats for.
  • Love is rare, but I have found it, it’s right here in my heart, from the most amazing and wonderful man ever. His love towards me, is like that of a rain, nourishing my soul from above. Just when I thought finding love is impossible, you came with your piercing smile, broke down my defences and show me that I’ve got it on the inside of me to give too. Since then, I got no reason not to love you, you’re extraordinary and I love you like that, Honey.
  • I held my phone in my hand, thinking of what to write, and how to write it but nothing is coming to mind. I thought about your coming into my life, I thought about how you made me feel, and every little time you’ve held me in your arms and stare into my soul, yet nothing comes to mind. So, here’s me scribbling what my heart wants to say, your love has simply rendered me speechless, and I wish to be like that in your arms for a long time, speechless in your arms.
  • Everywhere is wet today, the whole night, the sky wept all through, and it left me with a longing heart. Rainy nights like this should be spent with you, because you alone know how to calm my nervy self during this period, let me use this medium to tell you, that your love alone is enough, though the whole place was cold a mere thought of your endless love for me is all the warmth I needed. Thanks for giving me love, even from miles away.
  • When I hum a song, know that I’m thinking about you, when suddenly, a smile crops on my face, hope you know you had something to do with it, and when I am having a sleepless night, your thoughts are what kept me awake. My Love, I’m at the mercy of your love, lost in your world and only you know how to find me.
  • I asked for a little love, to guide my path when I thought I was at the end of my journey, instead, you gave a love so profound, more of your love to me, you offer. Healing is what you have given to me, in time of my circumstances, when I looked around me, you’re the one I see, I bet God must have loved me so much to bless me with you, if only I could be a giver of love like you, but I know I can still love you till forever cause I got that much from you.
  • It’s rarely hard before I could have any favourite thing, but since your advent, there’s been a turnaround. You got me loving what you love and having interest in what you’re interested in, your favourite day is now my day, I have a favourite colour, everything you’re interested in now interest me. But the most beautiful thing about all these adoptions is that my favourite song is about you, my favourite day is any day you’re with me as my favourite person in the whole wide world is you.
  • I am so blessed every day, waking up to a wonderful sight, to a sun shining over the world and a beautiful love inside of me. This love that I have inside me, speaks volume of you, the beautiful thing I’ve come to know about love came from you, and it’s been a privilege, to share in your smile and in the love that radiates all over you. I love you beyond words and I mean it, Sweetie.
  • Today, I wish to tell the truth without mincing of words, I don’t have to wait till Valentine’s Day to tell you how amazing you are, it doesn’t have to be told to you only on Anniversaries, that you have a wonderful soul. If I call you a beautiful being, it’s because you are when I told you that I am most happy because of you, it’s because you’ve been a source of happiness to me and I’ll give anything to be yours, every day, and all day.
  • I want to appreciate my best friend today, for every time you’ve had to rescue me from my own self, making me see that life isn’t always about pain and hurt, you’ve always been there for me when depression struck me with loneliness and isolation, you’re the only one I see. Loving comes easy for you and that’s the most precious everyday gift I receive from you. Thanks for being my best friend and my soul mate.
  • You are the rain that falls on my pasture, making it greener, you are the sun that shines light over my gloomy days, you are still the balm that soothes all of my injuries. You are the song that my heart sings, the thought that runs through my mind, though you might not be the blood flowing through my vein or the air that I breathe but you’ve made my heart pump in a stable way and your fragrance, makes the air pleasant, all in all, you are my world.
  • Loving you is like air to me, I can’t do without loving you. To stop loving you, is to stop myself from breathing, it’s really impossible for me to do, just like it’s impossible to stop the rain from falling, or the sun from shining, that’s how impossible it is for me to stop loving, I’ll love you from now till my last day.
  • If I’ve got 10 things to desires from inside of me, you’ll have something to do with all of it, cause every desire that I could have all started with you. If I desire to have anyone’s attention, company, love, it’s no other person than you, because the only greatest gift of all time, is to love and be loved and I can boast that I am in a happy place with you.
  • For all the things I couldn’t say when you’re in front of me, for all the words I couldn’t utter in your presence, and for every time your touch has made me speechless, I am voicing it all out now cause I got my tongue released to me, now that you’re over there, I must confess that you are the sweetest man I know.
  • Many people don’t know you, so they are quick to talk and give judgement on how I could be here and you being so far away from me, yet we claim to love from a distance. I laughed cause I know how easy it is for people to criticize what they don’t know, they know not how unique and special you are, you are the one who knows how to love me best, you are the one with a beautiful soul, matured with understanding, not in my many years on earth, have I been loved like this and it would be unfit of me to think any other person can love me better, cause no one does it better than you.
  • If I could have your presence with me for the best part of each day, I’d always be the girl on top of the world, if I have you all to myself every blessed day, I’m sure I’ll never get tired of being in your care all day, that’s how much I want you all to myself, today and always.
  • Your love is a little too strange, how did you do it, I locked up my heart and you disarm the last guardian, broke into my heart without a notice, and took over space. No wonder I’ve been acting crazy about you, there’s nothing I want to do without you, my mind is obsessed with your thoughts and daily, I love and fall deeply in love with you.
  • I have had many blessings in life, I’m happy to say you are one of the best of these blessings, the most amazing of it all. No matter how many blessings one has, without anyone to share it with, then it’s a waste, for no one is meant to be alone, no human was created to be isolated. You being in my life is my best blessing and I won’t take you for granted cause you’re my sweetest thing.
  • They say love reckons hours for months, that’s when I’m having trouble finding my breath, you going away for long that I’m breaking down without you, and days are going for years, yet my emotions aren’t on the right course, giving me concern, and all these things make every little absence of you become an age. Baby, all I’m trying to say is, when you’re far away like that, I feel useless, I just need you, here and now.
  • The rain falling these days has caused the sun to hide behind the clouds most of the mornings, but I’m not worried about it that much, I have a sun that shines very bright into my life, so, whenever the sun isn’t coming to play, my personal sun comes to the rescue and giving me sunlight and warmth. That’s what you do to me, Honey.
  • I know you must have heard me tell you countless times, how much you mean to me, how much of beauty you’ve added to my life, how much happiness you’ve deposited in my days and all the colours you’ve always given to this world of mine with your love and support. Should in case you’ve heard it too much that you’ve forgotten about it or mixed it up, I am telling it to you again, that you mean everything and more to me.
  • I am taking my chances, trying to make use of this moment because we might not have our whole lifetime to look for happiness, or search for love, that’s why I’m taking this moment, to appreciate every happiness in my life and most especially, the love that I never planned for but came for me. My Love, every little chance I get, I want to spend it in your embrace, at that moment, is where my happiness lies.
  • Spending time with you is very precious to me, it’s like having a light shine on my path on a dark night, and that made every mile between us feels like a burden to me. I just want to be cuddled by you most times, and enjoy each of our moments with you. I don’t want any other thing than your presence, if I’ve got you, every other thing is settled, just you being with me, around me and that’s enough.
  • If I have a beautiful moment every day, you should understand that there’s no other reason for it but you. When I sleep at night and have a sweet dream, definitely, it’s because of you. And whenever I stayed up all night which I don’t usually do, it’s because you are on the other end. You’ve made me addicted to you, cause when in feeling low, you’re there for me, and when pain threatens to bring me to tears, you are offering your shoulder, that’s how sweet you’ve been to me.
  • You’re my strength, the S on my chest, the Clark Kent to my Lois Lane, always coming to my rescue. You’re the one who watches over me in corridors of the city, the Peter Parker to my Mary Jane. You’re my superhero, my everyday bodyguard, never allowing any harm come close to me, you’re my eyes in the darkness. Thank you for always watching over me, I love you, My Hero.
  • It was told to me, that we’re born to love those who most wound us, but I never knew the wound would be in this manner, it’s a kind of sweet torture, when you’re far away from me, it’s like swimming all alone in a big ocean without anything or anyone in sight, being away from you isn’t pleasant to my nature. Please honey, I love you too much to stay far away from you.
  • My heart feels better than ever when I’m with you, I am immensely lucky to have met a guy like you. What you did to me, I really don’t know but I’m really enjoying the feelings I’m feeling with your thought, the feeling I’m getting from your warmth, the beautiful feeling that I get from your knowledgeable mind, is topnotch. You’re really an added blessing to my life.
  • Slow and steady they say always win the race, you’ve been to me so far, the source of comfort and happiness. We started at a very slow pace, our story is love at first sight, I never for once underestimate what initially brought you into my life, the way you came into my life with your delicious smell, to fill my senses and made me fall for you, is still a mysterious feeling I never want to get over, just take it slow with me, as we go into the future, My Love.
  • This night is the kind of night I want to treasure in my memory forever, every simple thing feels like we’re in a dream. It’s a night that made me cherish your existence, though you weren’t present here physically, it’s just amazing that even your absence has a beautiful effect on me, spending time with you on phone, especially in my dreams, what more can I ask for when you’re present with me everywhere. I love you more.
  • When I’m weak, you’re strong and strengthening me, when I’m lost, you’re the tour guide I look to, when tears descend on my cheek, you’re the one who wipes my tears and even when everything became too tough for me to handle, you’re the one who held me up to face the world headstrong. Thanks for being that force that gives me strength, for being a shoulder to lean on and mostly, for loving me. I love you, My Love.
  • Love is beautiful, especially when it’s induced by you, it makes me feel special like you’re so special to me too. I’m not lying to you, when I said I can’t imagine life without you, I’m still amazed at how you transform a petty and weak lady like me into a superwoman, you’re the breeze that blows my cape and make me feel alive, you’re my sweetness.
  • Gravity falls asleep when you’re close, I found myself floating on air, your breath is a fragrance I always want to inhale, I’d be a liar to say your presence does not intrigue me, it fills my mind with a hopeful yearning, delicious desires and sweet fantasies that always made me so curious to want to find out more sweet things that I already know about you. Your love is simply adorable.
  • When I think of happiness, I think you, when I think of beauty, I think you, when I think of gratitude, I think you, when I think of love, I think you. You are the one who makes my heart happy, you beautify my life with your sacrifices, and you give pure bliss to my soul with your amazing sweetness and I can’t love you less, you’re my everything.
  • I might not be there with you, but my heart is still beating for you, your thought still invades my mind, it’s still you I dreamt about, you’re still the one I fall in love with on a daily basis, the one my soul belongs to, the one who gives meaning to my life, the first breath I take and the many reasons I live for. You’re still the one, my Sweetheart.
  • I know change is the most constant thing, but I don’t want to change anything about you, I don’t pray you change from this lovely you that I know, and have had different experiences with. I’ve enjoyed your special love, take solace in your sweet embrace, and I have had a countless moment of bliss with you. I don’t want any change about you, I want you that way.
  • If only you knew, how I have imagined being in your arms by morning, the whole night, I have tried stalking your dream, just to feel your warmth and have a feel of your love. You might think I’m going crazy, I don’t care, I just miss you too much and staying up all night with loneliness torturing me makes me want you more.
  • Sweetheart, I want to look back on this day in years to come and remember that, life blessed me with a blissful love, I want to be beside and be thankful that we conquer every moment holding hands, I want to look back in time and remember how in every moment, my heart kept your love and yours never let me go for a second. And I want to be there in your embrace and still be missing you.
  • I know you’ll wake up early to see this, and though it might have been late, I want you to be aware of it. This night, I have a wish, to hold and stay with you, I wish I could just close my eyes and be with you but loneliness haunts me and I’m losing my patience, that I just want you, since you’re the only remedy to me, and I wish I could be overdose with you.
  • I am beautiful because you made me beautiful, my life feels beautiful because you’re in it, my morning is bright and sunny because of you, I have a beautiful starry night with full moon just because you are mine. My life was all moody and gloomy before now until you made my life paradise. I’ll always be yours, forever and always.
  • Anytime you hold my hand, I am the happiest, when you hold me close, I have no fear, when you look into my eyes, I feel beautiful, not even the mirror can tell me otherwise, I am the fairest Queen and you’re my King because you alone occupy every seat in the kingdom of my heart.
  • With you, my dreams became a reality, you’re the one who brings sweetness to my life, you’re also the man I see whenever I wake to reality, the one and only one who’s relevant to my heart, the one who gives joy to my soul. There’s no mistake about this, it’s definitely love that I’m feeling, many of my best moments are spent with you, I love you, Honey.
  • If you were to be water, you’d be an ocean, cause your love for me is very deep, and beneficial. If you were a book, you’d be a dictionary, because you give meaning to every moment of my life. If you were to be a kind of light, you’d be the sun in the morning and the moon at night, because you’re the one who illuminates my life. You’re all round beauty.
  • Love is most appreciated and enjoyed when shared. Just like that, I want to appreciate you for coming my way, to knock me off my feet, for coming into my life to bring the best out of me, and I want to share every of my days with you, because you’re sweet, I want you to fill my morning, noon and night times with your sweetness, and make every moment of mine full of your loving sweetness.
  • Our love story is a series, full of bliss memories, every episode of it is simply amazing, all because of you, you should be nominated for many awards like, the best supportive partner, the most amazing partner in a relationship, the most understanding partner, best lead partner with a great humour and it goes on and on, because you’re the best man to have come my way, the one who makes my love story beautiful.
  • If only one person loves you back in the entire universe, you should be happy just like me. I found love in the eyes of a friend, and since then, my heart has become a Mockingbird, singing and mimicking every love song. Your magical way of loving and caring didn’t only capture my mind, it made my soul a habitation of love, continuously loving you.
  • Though I am not the best, but I promise to reciprocate my love for, to love you with all my heart, because the best thing to hold onto in life is each other, since love has found its way to my heart through you, I am ready to forget every hurt and focus my eyes on you, and grow old with you, because you alone have the key to my heart in your eyes, which means you will always be my love and I will always be your baby.
  • Were you for real when you said, I am the answer to your prayers, is it true that I am your good luck charm, I hope you weren’t trying to sweet talk me into believing you that I’m the girl who made your heart smile. Maybe you’re for real or not, maybe you’re sugarcoating your words or not, you’re the man my heart chooses to be with, now, tomorrow, forever and always, there’s no turning back now, I love you already.
  • Each time I found myself thinking, it’s another thought of you, you’ve been there in my heart all along, you’ve undoubtedly made me the happiest person alive without you knowing it, you’ve given me reasons to smile unquestionably, I smile at every given point, every minute of my days, I am smiling because I have you on my mind. Our love isn’t ordinary, you may not hold my hand every time, but you hold my heart forever.
  • Everything my heart needs, everything my heart wants, everything I could ever desire, I have found in you. Many men had wanted me before you, none of them made me fall, but you swept me away at one glance, you are the one that made my heart the happiest. I don’t like tattoos but I don’t mind having your face tattooed across my left chest so that when my heart beats, it would constantly beat for you.
  • Waking up every morning has never been beautiful, I wake up thinking about you on my mind, I have beautiful dreams about you and me, all because you are present in my life. If I am to give gratitude to God, you alone would be my song of praise, you’ll be the verse, the hook, the bridge and chorus of my song appreciation to God, for blessing my heart and life with you, for making my every day worth living. I love you now, I’ll love you always.
  • Everything about you feels like home, every part of you is home. When you hold my hand, then I am safe when you hold me in your embrace, I feel at peace when you cup my face in your hands, I feel assured and when you take me in your arms, then I am home. If home is where the heart is, then you are my home, cause my heart feels at home with you, my heart beats for only you, my heart breathes heavily for you.
  • You might not know who you are or what you mean to me, you have a great deal of influence on me, that I find it hard to love anyone else but you. It’s somehow interesting how much you have come to affect my life in a special way, I need you more than ever now, I need you like a heart needs a beat, I need you like a bed to sleep, I need you like air to breath, I need you like a shield to be guard, I need you and you alone, My Love.
  • No one was created for isolation, I am not made to live and be alone. My existence would be useless if I have no one to share it with, but I’m not even worried about that, because, on one enchanted evening, you breezed into my life, made my life into a rollercoaster of beauty and a fresh air of happiness, but more importantly, I need you always, to feel alive. Your love is all I need to feel complete.
  • Honey, the first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours. With you, my heart is never broken. If you are away for a long time, I will wait for you till you come back, and if you never show up, I will embark on a quest in search of you. Every moment with you is a happy time, happiness resides in your smile, every word your mouth speaks is sprinkled with love, I love to hear them always because it is sweetest of dreams come true anytime you speak to me.
  • Everything started when you love me, that’s the beginning of the whole thing, it’s in the work you put into bringing a smile to my face, it’s in the little things that you do, it’s in the way you pay attention to the details of me, it’s in the way you’re always willing to listen to my heartbeat, it’s in the way you make every moment count, it’s in the way you make me feel each time you look at me, and that’s the trick of the whole thing, that’s how I started loving you.
  • Forget the fact that you’re not here at the moment, you are the one with my heart, wherever you are is where my heart is, where my heart breaths and resides, just like the place I am right now is a temporary abode cause I’m not with you. To the whole world, we’re just another lover, but to me were much more than just lovers, I see me in your eyes every time, I see us in your idea and wherever you are, it’s where home is.
  • You are the only one I want to know, just you and no one else. If it’s not you, then I don’t want to know any other person, not even another you. And that’s why when you are not here disturbing me with your sweet nibbling and lovely mumbling, I feel down and alone, reminiscing on our first, second and past moments together, while your absence continuously slam my heart against my ribs when I think of the many other nights I’ll spend alone waiting to feel your touch.
  • I’ve had it inside me for a while now, to confess to you, what you’ve been making me feel, truly I have been loved before in the past, I have also loved and seen love is shown in different ways and places, but my confession this morning is that I have never seen or experienced this kind of love, I can’t possibly imagine what I could have done to deserve it, but I’m grateful that you came my way.
  • I won’t admit that I’m good with direction but I do find my way when I go out, the only place I get lost is when I look too deep in your eyes, it’s as if there’s a magnetic attraction that draws me to you when I stare in your eyes and make me forget every other thing around me. And when you’re looking at me, something inside of me just lose control, making me feel happy, giving me an awesome feeling. I’m the happiest when with you, you have made life exciting and blissful just for me.
  • You might not know this, but meeting you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Imagine me, living a life like a character of one of the famous fairy tales movies, with love, you’re warming my heart and giving me countless of reasons to smile continuously, it makes me wonder maybe I’ve done something very graceful in the past that makes me deserve a lovely person like you. You’re amazing and now I’m feeling amazing through you.
  • I have lived my life believing there’s no true love, not until you showed up in my life, even then, it was strange to me that someone could love and be considerate of my emotion, I thought you’re an alien but your love towards me prevail and open my eyes and heart to know that there’s true love. I am happy and happier because you came my way and give to me, a love to feel happy about.
  • Happiness has many sources, it could be financed for some, it could be opportunity for some and for some, being in a place might bring them happiness, but for me, my happiness starts with meeting you, just being around you make me want to be better, makes me take extra time to look beautiful, and when I’m opportune to be in your arms, my happy emotions come to life and that’s why you’re my source of happiness.
  • I don’t know when or how, but I find myself falling in love with you, and to think that it didn’t take you long to get me to fall in love with you. Since then, loving you has been so compulsory for me, is like breathing, how do I stop myself from breathing, it’s impossible. Life is full of bliss with you in it and I’m not going to take your presence for granted because it means a whole lot to me, you’re the sweetest.
  • I’m not sure you know what you mean to me, life had given me a bitter experience in the past, that I almost believe there’s nothing special about life and that nothing good can come from it, but here you are, opening my eyes to something special and pretty amazing. You place me on a higher level of respect, I think that’s why I get jealous when I notice any lady around, cause I can’t imagine anyone taking my place in your mind, I love you and I can’t live without you, My Love.
  • Sometimes, love just happen with no reason, without each partners having a prior knowledge about it and that’s our case, we were just but I remember you were the inspiration that made it all possible, you were my excuse for missing out on events, maybe with friends or at work, you’re the one I want to be with, all day, every day and no one else.
  • With you, love was never an option. It is compulsory, a necessity. With you, I am well, without you, I am ill, ill because I’m alone and lonely but well wherever you are, because you are my everything, you start a kind of fire inside of me that boost my heart to fall in love, not just fall but be in love, and most importantly now, you’re giving me reasons to stay in love because I wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life without you.
  • This might not make more meaning to you, but it means a great deal to me, it’s what brings me to a beautiful moment, bring out the best feeling I could imagine, it makes me feel that I’m alive at the right time, and if only you knew how it makes me feel on the inside, maybe you’ll always do it again and again. What I’ve been trying to say with all my many words is that anytime you take my name, my heart always skips a beat, it’s like you press pause and the world along with my heart just stop.
  • If we can’t blame gravity for falling in love with nature, then no one can blame me for falling in love with you, you are the star that guides my path every night, the sun that shines on my world, the thought that makes my whole heart glow and brings smile to my face, you’re the only one I want to be with and spend my minute, my days and the rest of my life with, that’s why I shouldn’t be blamed for continuously falling in love with you.
  • We’ve been friends for a long time, we did almost everything together, we’ve made each other smile, happy and even got each other angry on countless times before we realise that we’re more than friends, but one thing you and I did not realise early enough was that I have loved you all my life, it has just taken me this long to notice it, but now that I’ve realised it, I am telling it to you that you’re the best thing that life has gotten me.
  • Through the worst of times, you are there standing by me, helping me get through each storm, making me know that I’m not alone, giving confidence to my heart. In the best of moments, you are present always, inspiring me and pushing me to reach my goals. And in my sweetest period, it’s you alone that makes it all happen, you are not just my love, you’re my support system, my number one fan, my everything.
  • This day, my heart is gladdened, different thoughts on my mind making me feel elated, and you’re the cause of every single thought. You’re not the only person in my life but you’re the only one in my heart, you’re not the only one in my world but you’re the only special one, you’re not the only person I see but you’re the only one my soul recognised and accept, you’re the only one for me.
  • If there’s anyone I want to be with always, that person would be you, if I’m asked to write about anyone special, the only special person I know is you, if there’s anyone that gives joy to my soul, the mere thought in my heart alone will pick you over and over again, if there’s one thing I want to say to you, for being my special one, for giving joy to my soul, for constantly being on my mind, it’s that, my heart beats for you alone.
  • For every day I wake up to life, I’m always happy. Happy because I have another day to share with you, another beautiful moment to be with you, staring into your lovely face and enjoying the words as sweet as honeycomb coming out of your mouth. Just knowing that I have you to wake up to every day is the best feeling ever and with that, I have everything I need for every day.
  • I had no idea what love really was, until I met you, and there and then, my love story began with you, you became the sunshine in my world. It is an irony that you’ve made me speechless in many ways, and you’re still the oxygen I need to breath when you’re suffocating me with the heat of your love, and still, I need you always to be complete.
  • Before you came into my life, I’ve always had to deal with the troubles of heartaches and that makes me worry a lot. But now that you’re here in my heart, everything has changed, I don’t need to exaggerate but to be candid, you have filled me up with some good loving, you have replaced my nightmares with sweet dreams, my worries with smiles, and my fears with love.
  • Anytime I look at you, I see beautiful things, in your eyes, I’m seeing what the future would look like and with what I saw in your eyes and in my dreams, you’re the only one I want to live and the one I don’t want to live without, I can’t wait for that moment to come fast, the moment where I’ll stand in front of you and many others, and say I do.
  • The only magical thing you’re yet to do is to give me wings to fly so that the whole world will know that you are not ordinary, you’re a special being. Every other day, you amaze me with your sweetness and I can’t wait to be wowed by your extraordinary and enchanting way of love again. And I promise to always love you, My Sweetheart.
  • When I say I have everything I need, it’s you in referring to, if I say to you, that you’re my everything, you should, believe me, the more I think about you, the more I give thanks to the heavens. When I’m afraid, you’re there to cuddle me, when I’m in doubt, you’re there to assure me and when life gives a little trouble, you’re ready to protect me from the claws of trials, I love you and I’ll always do, My Love.
  • Dreaming of you and me together is no more new to me, I am eager to go to bed at times, cause when you’re not around, I know you won’t come to my dream late, all I need to do, is to close my eyes and I’m there in your world, to continue drum where we stopped in reality. Life has granted my heart’s desire and it’s you.
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