Short Love Messages for Boyfriend

What is the essence of love if it goes unconfessed? What joy would it bring if he never gets to hear from your lips just how much he makes you come alive? If you’re enamoured by your man, why shouldn’t you let him know?

Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Him

Making your boyfriend (or husband) feel specially loved is easier when you use these short love messages for Boyfriend. They are the best of sweet and romantic love text messages for him from the heart.

  • For your sake, I could turn back the hands of time and make you mine from the start.
  • Love the way you make my heart think about you; only you could do this to me.
  • You’re the best choice I ever made, cause you’re my only salvation.
  • I stand a chance of making it to heaven, cause loving you has made me worthy.
  • Looking at you, my future is clear. You’re the reason for my living.
  • If there’s a love that lasts, then it is the one I feel for you, sweety.
  • I love the smell of you. Even in my dream, I can’t get enough of you.
  • The only thing I need to know about you is if you’re willing to stand by me till the end.
  • When it comes to you, I wish all men were like you. You’re a rare gem.
  • You may be down today, but I’m willing to be with you till you make it to the top, my love.
  • Let me be the anchor you cling unto when the storm rages, handsome.
  • I’ll be the woman that once built your world with her word.
  • Your dreams may be tall, but I believe in them all, even more than you do.
  • If you ever find yourself in the miry clay, I’ll be there to lift your feet upon the solid rock.
  • I may be your queen, but I’m willing to fight for you as your knight.
  • You don’t have to ask, I’ll be yours till eternity. My heart is for your taking.
  • I don’t have to impress you, cause you love me just the way I am. Who else can I give myself to, if not you, my love?
  • As I smile upon you all day long, may heaven’s radiance shine upon your path, sweety.
  • I believe your words. They are holy and unsoiled. You’re my saviour and lover.
  • I wish I’d started life with you, I would have had only beautiful experiences, my love.
  • You’re the salt of my world and the light that guides my feet.
  • You’re best as an angel and my lover. I love you to the moon and back.
  • I am like the wind while you’re the force that keeps me in motion.
  • You warm my heart and touch my soul once you give me that beautiful smile of yours.
  • I believe in your dreams because two believers are better than one. Together, we’ll make it come true.
  • I love you so much so that I’ll never force myself on you.
  • I no longer own my life nor my breath, cause they all belong to you, my love.
  • It’s like living in Limbo whenever I’m around you. Tell me if I’m still alive.
  • You’ve done everything to make me fall in love with you. Now, I’m ready to give my life to you.
  • I can’t wait to give myself to you. You make me want to sleep next to you even after life.
  • You took me out of hell and gave me the future I longed for. I am yours forever.
  • I itched your name on the palm of my hand so that I may lift you up whenever you’re down.
  • I’m intrigued whenever I read the love letters in your eyes.
  • You healed my once bleeding heart. You deserve to have it all to yourself, baby.
  • Even when you stop believing in what I feel for you, I’ll still be there fighting for us.
  • I relish how you correct me out of love. Your manner of love is so heavenly.
  • As you make me happy, I’ll triple your joy in like manner.
  • Kiss me, baby. Let me drip of love until I’m submerged in the pool of love.
  • It may matter to the world if you’re a winner, but when you’re next to me I do not mind seeing you in your weak state for I’ll love you still.
  • Tease me for the rest of my life with those warm morning kisses.
  • I want to know you more. Give me a chance by giving me your eternity, baby.
  • Turn around to make me see you in all of your glory. You’re heaven’s best.
  • I look forward to giving you my world even if it takes every strength in me to do so, baby.
  • When I have you by my side, my whole world feels perfect.
  • Give your kisses to me and I’ll give my life to you in return.
  • If I ever betray you, my whole world would come crashing down before my very eyes.
  • Love is what I feel for you, sweety. Thus, never underestimate what I can do for you.
  • I’ll be your cheerleader no matter the battle you may face, honey.
  • Heaven was made just for the two of us, while the earth is meant for our love.
  • I will never give you less than what I give you now, my love.
  • Look into my eyes and you’ll find the secret of my love for you, baby.
  • I’ll dance to the rhythm of your heart until I get to the altar with you, baby.
  • If we stay together, my love, I have no doubt that we’ll conquer the world.
  • I look at you through the window of my soul, all I see is a man whose heart I desire for myself.
  • You are the blue regal star that makes the blue sky envious.
  • I have a dream of spending my life with you till eternity. Make my dream come true, baby.
  • Whenever you feel tired, rest on my bosom, you’ll feel the peace you truly deserve.
  • Each step I take will always lead me to you, ’cause you’re my eternal destination.
  • Because I love you, I’ll ease your world by confessing the beauty of my feelings to you.
  • I’ll give you my best even at my worst, baby. You’re my joy.
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