Romantic Love Messages for Her – Girlfriend

So it’s time to spoil her with the best of Romantic Love Messages. If you think your girlfriend deserves some romantic love messages, you are about to get the best for her. Follow the table of contents below and Enjoy!

Romantic I Love You Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Romantic I Love You Messages for Her: Romantic Love Messages to send to your Girlfriend and make her feel loved.

  • You complete my day. Like the sun, you give me warmth. Like the moon, you brighten my dark moments. I love you.
  • Everything changes, but one thing is true and that’s the fact that you’ll always remain in my heart. I love you.
  • If I were to edit any dictionary, your picture would be the illustration for “perfect love”. I love you as much as that!
  • The love a mother has for a child. The love a good leader has for his followers. The love… No other love can be compared to that which I have for you.
  • I can walk freely and know that I would never be lost because I know that I am trapped in your heart and yours alone. Kisses to you!
  • Papers tear, rocks break and water dries up, but nothing can happen to the love I have for you. We’re unbreakable and inseparable! I love you.
  • When I’m with you, it feels like planet where time doesn’t exist, where there is no end. I want to be with you forever because I love you.
  • Take a bullet. Catch a grenade. Jump off a plane. There’s nothing I won’t do to be with you, you have my word.
  • I’m so fortunate to have you in my life that If I have a chance to rename you, your name would be love. You’re bae!
  • Until I met you, I never knew what love means. You showed me the meaning of love. How can I find true love and leave it? I love you.
  • Without you, there’s no me. Without your love, my heart is empty. And now I wonder how I had managed to live without you. I love you.
  • Everything can be taken from me and I’ll survive, but I can’t live without your love. I love you to the moon and back.
  • Money, cars, houses and all I have are good, but you surpass them all because you’re priceless. I love you.
  • One for all. All for one. I am all and so are you. I am one and so are you. Here’s a toast to a lifetime of love!
  • Love is like a transformer, you are the socket from which I draw mine. I’m connected to you forever!
  • When you have a daughter, I bet her name would be love, because you are love. I’ll wait to see that happen. I love you.
  • I searched all over the earth, and I found only one like you. That one was you. You’re the best!
  • As far as this relationship is concerned, “You + ME” is not just one, but one in a million. Together, we rule!
  • Now and forever, I promise I’ll always love you. That’s a promise I’ll keep for sure and you can take me for my words! I love you.
  • If it’s me and you against the world, then I rather stand against the world forever. I love you. Mwah!
  • You are my only feature and you’re my missing piece. Without you, there’s nothing called me. I heart you.
  • I’m sure I would not have been created if you were not. You’re the reason I exist, my love. And you exist because of me.
  • You are the beginning and the ending of all I do, my everything is who you are in this life and the hereafter.
  • My heartbeat is false without you. Yes, it is. With you only, I have the best. With you will I be all my life. I love you.
  • Nothing can separate or come between us because it’s obvious that I find rest with you and you alone. I love you.
  • I’ve come to let you know that, loving you has never been a mistake. I have no regrets loving you. Yes, I love you endlessly!
  • You’re my everything, the love of my life. You are a reason I look at my future and sigh in awe. You’re mine! You are!
  • If I could sing, the only song that I’ll sing is you. Well, I’m on my way to the studio of hearts. Kisses.
  • The sight of you is preferable to that of movies, your voice than music, your sight than images. You’re lovely beyond description!
  • If you’re taken away, there wouldn’t be anything called me. There’s no me without you, my complement. I love you.
  • Make me your radio, turn me up when you feel like it and I’ll sing out loud how much I love you.
  • I’d like for us to sail away to the Bahamas just you and me. We’d go so far out in the sea where nobody can find us, just angels and Dolphins as beautiful as you.
  • If God gave me just one wish for life, I’ll not choose fancy cars or holidays on sunny beaches… I will boldly choose you.
  • When my friends asked me, “What’s your best side?” I stood back and pointed at you. Just checking on you, love.
  • If Bruno Mars could catch a grenade for his girlfriend, I’ll go to North Korea and catch a nuclear bomb for you.
  • Missing you is as bad as missing heaven. You’re my heaven on earth, my love. I love you.
  • When my pastor asked me what was the most precious gift God had given me and I told him your name.
  • If there was a category in the Oscar’s or Grammy nominations for the most beautiful girl, I’m sure you would win it unopposed.
  • Ask me what beauty is and I’ll say your name and I won’t be lying. In all sincerity, you’re beauty personified!
  • Here’s an advice my girl, “please take away all the mirrors around you cause if you look in the mirror you might date yourself”.
  • A day with you under the mango tree is just the same as being on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.
  • Your heart is my Buckingham Palace, for there alone my throne is. Since you’re my Queen, I’ll faithfully serve as your king.
  • Never take away your smile from me, you could take off your clothes instead. My love.
  • Your hands are so soft, they feel like serviette each time you touch me. Your heart is softer and it’s for me.
  • I could be your melody, I could write you a Symphony, just say yes and it’s a resonance.
  • When your hands are pressed against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck that’s when I know heaven is real.
  • If you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you. I’m here for you always.
  • If I must mad you must be my craze. If I must high you must be my blaze. If I must die you must be my grave. And if I must eat you must be my taste.
  • The Bible says, “occupy till I come”, and I think it’s referring to my heart. Take the keys from me. Smiles.
  • I can lose everything, but surely not you. You’re all of me, and I’m all of you. I love you.
  • One of the reasons I can’t do without you is because you are my nature. We belong to ourselves. Together. Forever.
  • Darkness is black, Light is white and they’ve been for ages. You are love and you are you. Forever.
  • Everything I do is for you, even when I stay away, I do it for you. Just be assured of this love, dear. I’m here to stay!
  • Timbuktu is the place people like you are sought for because many don’t still find. I’m glad I found you.
  • Like fire burns, so the thought of you ravages my heart. And no matter how much its intensity is, I don’t want to be set free!
  • As the oceans flow, so can I not stop thinking of you. Your love has captured my heart. All of it.
  • You can say our love is light or heavy, but it is sure that it’s real and forever will remain so. I love you.
  • God made me and you and saw that we were good. Together. So tell me why I won’t stick with you forever!
  • The beauty of creation to me is that you exist. And more so, that you exist for me, my love. I heart you.
  • To me, a life without meaning is a life without you. So you see why my life is so meaningful?
  • Even death can’t do us part. We were meant to be together forever. For as long as we exist, we’ll love!
  • For better, for worse, is not for us. We can stay even when things are not better or worse. We love beyond reasons!
  • You’re a treasure of inestimable worth because I asked God to give me the best gift and he gave me you. I love you.
  • My heart keeps telling me that Romeo and Juliet is not a love story that can match ours. My heart can’t be wrong!
  • Happily ever after is true to me and you. I can’t wait to finally have you as mine, forever and ever. Mwah.
  • No matter how fierce the battle of life is, I know I won’t die young because you’ll never leave me. I’ve got you, baby!
  • Every breath you take is a blessing to me because I can’t lose you – not for any fame or personality!
  • Even though the thoughts of losing you is scary, I laugh at it because I will never lose you.
  • I looked for everything else and found other people. I thoughtfully looked for love and found you. You’re my treasure!
  • Valentine day is for seasonal lovers. Every day is for us because our relationship defies the dictates of seasons.
  • Seedtime and harvest time is like me and you being together. It shall not cease and we won’t cease as long as we have a life.
  • God created you on the 8th day. He had to rest before creating such beauty. You’re such a bundle of pleasure and joy!
  • I don’t believe that the heart of mankind is wicked because I’ve seen yours. You’re altogether lovely.
  • The way you love me, I can never let go of you or I’ll die of guilt. So I’m here forever with you. With you alone.
  • The world can be at peace now because we are together. Thanks for giving your heart. I heart you.
  • The only reason I will fight in a war is if you are the reward. And, yes, you’re my reward, war or not!
  • Without elections, you won my heart. Now, be a dictator, use it the way you want. I know you won’t break it.
  • The thought of saying that I once loved you is scary to me, my love. It’s not an experience I can recover from, so I’m here forever. With you.
  • I would pick you over Nicki Minaj, any day, any time. If you ask why I’ll say, your worth can’t be estimated!
  • I feel like I’m I’m heaven, just because you love me. And, yes, I’m in heaven on earth for real. I love you too.
  • It’s my utmost desire to take you around the world, just to show my love for you. I’ll start the journey from your heart!
  • My heart, love, body, soul and money are all yours. Use it as you will. I know you’re more than capable!
  • If I met you by accident, then that accident would have been a beautiful one. Here I am, with you forever.
  • Every pain I’ve fought since I met you is a beautiful pain. Baby, I’ll give everything to keep you for myself.
  • I rather die a celibate than not be with you. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, my numero uno. I love you.
  • The world was shocked when Lil Wayne said he’ll never leave Christianity. Lemme shock it again. I’ll never leave you!
  • Every other thing that has had their way with me will not conquer from today because you’ve taken their place.
  • With you is where my plan A lies. After that, I have one more plan. A plan B, which is you.
  • Forget love notes and letters. My love for you is beyond all of that. But I’ll still have to use them. Smiles. I love you.
  • Come, let’s explore what our parents told us about. And that’s? Let us be the leaders of today. The world awaits our love!
  • With you in my arms, I feel richer than Bill Gates. With you by my side, I feel secure than those in the Pentagon.
  • I rather have you, than have power over the whole world. You’re my all and life’s essence.
  • Even if they say being with you is a thing of shame, I’ll rather be shameful with you than be happy elsewhere.
  • Love begins where you are, my love. And love ends where you and I are. Our love is boundless, dear.
  • I may not be romantic to save my life, but you understand that I love you and that’s all I care about. I love you. I do.
  • Take everything I have but just leave you behind, and I’m good. I can’t live a worthy life without you.
  • Even though we know there are always substitutes, in my heart, you have none. You’re my numero uno forever!
  • I see all of me answering to the dictates of your unspeakable love and asked If you don’t love me, who else will?
  • Since love can heal broken hearts, I know my heart is in good health forever. I’ve got the best because I’ve got you.
  • You are not like seasons. You stay forever. You don’t come and go, you’ve come to stay. Forever. Kisses.
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101. Please, Don’t Go

Stay with me, I can’t navigate the cruelties of the world without you. Stand by me and I’ll weather all storms! I need you forever.

102. You Are My Choice

I love the discipline choosing to love you has taught me. The beautiful responsibility that burdens my soul since I met you is as amazing as you are, Sweetheart.

103. Always on My Mind

The next silence I enjoy thinking about you I hope to make real loud till we all stop being racist to the ‘p’ in ‘Pneumonia’. LOL. I love and miss you.

104. Glad I Met You

I have always lived life naturally and normally before i met you. But there would be nothing normal about it, if I went back to life that way. It’s unimaginable, I would rather not think about it. You light up my world, Sweetheart.

105. Will Keep Loving You

Looking back at how much I loved you when I met you and how much I do now, I realize both are not even close relatives. Today is one more day to love you wholly and I am willing to do so, for as long as forever takes. You make my world go round and I truly mean that.

106. I Am Proud of You

Given one more life to live with a set of different choices to make, one choice I would re-make is finding you and loving you consciously and willingly over again. I want to always do that, it’s one choice I don’t regret. One more good choice I made, I’m proud of it, because you are worth it.

107. I Will Never Leave You

I challenge you to remind me how many years we’ll be together, because the correct figure lies in a breakup I’ll never make with you. I love you epic, Sweetheart.

108. I Love You Always

When time stops and all fades away, the certainty of my love for you remains the same. The only thing that changes will be the date of my confessions of unfading desire to be with you.

109. To Be Part of You

I want to be a part of all that certifies you a complete woman. I hope to be the spine of all the reasons you decided to be vulnerable to love & hope. I love you, Baby.

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110. Loving You Sick

A pacing heart loving you is a threat more beautiful than a clean bill of health without your beautiful friendship. Did you see the news 2day? Headline read “I AM SO INTO YOU!”

111. I Love You so Much

If I am too blind to see how good you love me, I can’t be too numb to not feel how much you both sold & souled out to more than the physical symphony with me. I am Pacific-deep into you. If I do drown, I hope to find Jonah’s Whale take me back to day one knowing you. I love you keenly.

112. I Am Proud of You

I am proud to have you beside me and more than confident about our future together, one so bright that people would need sunglasses to peek into it. I love you, Sweetheart.

113. On My Mind

My heart is given to the fondness of every memory of you; my mind taken by all hopes of nursing the abs out of this bond. I love you, Candy.

114. Not a Game

This heart is no game, so thoughts of you won’t be paused; this mind is no gamble, Dearie – you won’t be staked. This boy may humour you, but my love ain’t a joke. You are always on my mind.

115. Only You

It’s fine if folks ask “You think she is The One for you?” Well, I understand you always make me forget there are other figures, including trending ‘8’. I love you, Baby.

116. My Heart with You

Remember this always: you are the lady of a man who just doesn’t know how to quit being proud he has got you. All may fail me the contact with you, but never will this heart be taken from you because it is forever made yours alone.

117. We Always Work

Making our relationship work is the best way I could give expression to the fact that I ended up loving you more than I originally planned. Merrily – I’ll choose you again, dearest.

118. Anything for You

I love you real good, my Lady, and would take a bullet for you any day. I will take even six; once they are all served very cold. LOL. I love you, Dearie.

119. Loving You Ever

I am committed to loving you as long as I have breath in my nostrils & I have watched my desires align to taking interest in none other as much as I found in you. I am confident I can do this. I am guaranteed you want this too- so I love you even more. Sweetheart, you are always on my mind!

120. You Are Beautiful

Like an owl, I still stare at the beauty of the gift God gave me in you. Down my spine surges the warmth of your tenderness at heart. I’m fully given to the bond we share. I love you.

121. You Are My Favourite

A tear may break, but in the rain of the bond we build, they’ll go away. I first saw a girl, then a lady; a friend then a hobby in my favourite person – YOU. I love you.

122. We Will Overcome

I’m certain this bond is not for nothing. Together we have been made to overcome, come what may. Together we have also been made to celebrate our victory. Together we have also been made to soak in the reality of the love we have found. I have chosen to stick with you through it all, so help me God.

123. I Am so Fond of You

I hope to drown in the torrents of the love we rain; amused by the frequency of your fondness to my mind. What is wrong with me? I don’t need answers. I just need directions to the depths of bliss in the bosom of euphoria with you, my Lady. My sanity is at stake because I find a strange peace with you. I love you.

124. With Me

So far, it’s been beautiful waking up to find you tucked away in my heart every day. And if one day is every day given to forever with you, then I’ll give three  introducing the sparkles in your eyes to the cackles in my voice.

125. Stronger Together

This bond will not be a survival of the fittest; never a test of our strength & fitness- it remains a show of God’s ability in our hopeless weakness.

126. Sticking With You

Sticking with you makes it a beautiful bond. Staying true to the promise makes it friendship for me. Hoping together will give us the future we pray. I adore you.

127. My Favourite Person

When I say you’re my favourite person, I do not mean you are one in a million. I mean you are THE ONE. So I stay disciplining my will to remain responsible to and for you. Good morning.

128. You Are My Dream

I prayed for a lady of my dreams. In answering, God gifted me one beyond my dreams. I have spent long hours in sleep, but today I’m awake and living my best dream with you, my Lady.

129. You Excite Me

There’s a song on my inside; an anthem in my chest; a creed in my soul; modulating to the crux of my being – it’s all a chant to the beautiful essence of having you as my one true obsession. I love you big time, my Lady.

130. The Beauty of Our Love

This is the beauty of US – Two imperfect souls agreeing to stay connected to the pains & joys of the other that brings them to perfect perfection with the Most Perfect; going all in with the confident expectation of being infinitely fond with the other, held in eternal bond inseparable. This is US, and I love the “U” in it.

131. Crazy About You

I find beauty since choosing to go ‘crazy’ with you so the world can emulate our madness. I love you, Candy.

132. I Will Tell the World

Non-stop, I’ll keep finding the loudest ways of making known my exciting love for you, Twin Soul. If it continues to astound me, then I am convinced my every experience of and with you is leaving US outstanding together. This is how I have chosen to lose sight of my worries- finding joy with you.

133. So Into You

Every day, I’ll allow the whole of you to be poured in me- no filter. I’ll song an ode to everyone figment of you that compliments me – holding together a finer US.

134. More Than Words

Somehow, loving you has become more than just the words or the overwhelming feeling. It has become part of my attitude. I love you down to the tiniest detail: the way your lips get pursed when you try to stifle a laugh, causing the cutest of dimples to take shape. I’m just into you.

135. All of Me

If all of me be not given to bringing out the best in you, then I want to start getting used to the pain of never having had you, my lady. Boldly, I love you.

136. You Are My Song

I have a rhythm, and the rhythm lives with you. I enjoy the song when am with you, but understand the lyrics when time takes you away. I love you, Sweetheart.

137. I Chose You

To love you is my decision. it is my judgment. It is my promise. If my love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love you forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision! I am given to you, my Lady.

138.  All of Me

If I ever leave you in doubt of how passionately I am still into you, then you should check- We should be somewhere close to April. You have me to yourself full time.

139. You Make Me Happy

If today harbours this much flow of happiness understanding & loving you, then I want to be strong for the torrent of forever’s Bliss knowing you as My Lady.

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140. Beautiful Memories

I can’t recall my first day with you. Neither can I the second. But I never knew what I was missing till it happened. It’s been beautiful having a Sweetheart as you, my Lady. I want forever with you.

141. I Love You

Flashes of a beautiful future with you is all I get when I find any second in silence, like the 60 in this minute. I mean it when my will says ‘I love you’.

142. Glad You Joined In

I have figured that family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile; who love you no matter what. In this understanding, “Thanks for being part of this romantic family.” I love you!

143. So Right

I’ve made several wrong choices; but the lady I’ve chosen to share my now & future with is not one of them. I mean, who wouldn’t love the soul reading this?

144. Loving You Better

I have found strength in loving you like a child; I have known Patience being fond of you through the distance; I am understanding better by listening to you every day. I dare me to get tired of you; because if you really know ‘Me’, then you should know what I want… and that is ‘You’…forever. I miss you.

145. Twin Soul

Aside the cuteness, the goodness & the excitement- I love the beautiful responsibility of nurturing the agreement to be Twin Souls with you. I love you, Dearie.

146. Daily Loving

I own not too many things as prized as the promise of a better covenant with you. I own one more thing to stay happy & true for- and that is loving you daily- forever. I miss you.

147. Always You

If I met you today, and we talked as much; argued as good & laughed this well, I’ll still have the best reason to find my best friend in you for a twin soul. I love you, Dearie.

148. I Am Sure

In quiet, thoughts of you become loud. Amidst the noise, hopes reach blaring heights of meeting you. I am sure, once again, of my bond with you. I want it forever.

149. Loving You Full

If music be the food of love, I have fears your voice will one day make me a glutton. The sound of your voice is a definition of graceful. I love you.

150. Meeting You

Meeting you was a normal event. Talking with you was just leisure. Knowing you was fun. Missing you became a hobby. Loving you is now a life. Whatever happens next will be my Ultimate way of desiring a better future with you on the other side of this beautiful bond. I trust you want the same too.

151. Why I Love You

Don’t bother too much trying to make understanding out of why I love you so; I don’t know of a Super reason either. I just know I love the chance to always love you better. And if loving Sandra is the only Reality left in my heart, I hope to make a TV Show out of it.

152. My Dream, My Wish

You are a part of the dreams I prayed about. You are part of the realities I wished for. You are part of the hopes I hoped for. In all things, I love you.

153. Showing You

It is easy to talk eloquently; it’s no effort to sound smooth. Yet I hope my actions do most of the talking. That would be the most natural way of being your one true man.

154. I Mean It

Every time I say “I love you”, what runs through my mind is a wish that you understand just how deeply I mean it. I say that with all the sincerity there is in my heart.

155. Boundless Joy

Since we met, I have known happiness & the purest of love. Joy has been boundless. Am glad it’s mutual. I am so into you.

156. I Believe You

Same way I don’t have to see air before accepting to breathe it; that’s how I don’t have to see your heart before believing how much it’s already given to me. I cherish you.

157. You Belong With Me Always

No matter how big you become, regardless how tall you ever get; always understand this one truth: YOU WILL ALWAYS STILL FIT INTO MY ARMS. If I miss you less, I love you more!

158. Your Beautiful Frame

Thoughts of your mind’s beauty haunts me longer than your physique will ever tease me. You are that forever beautiful.

159. Thank You for It All

Knowing I have an awesome future to make with an amazing lady makes life all good. Really- I feel alive, Thank you so much for everything. I love you.

160. I Knew It

You love has set the pace, my heart is following its lead. I felt it from the start that it would be a road to endless joy. I love you.

161.  No Matter What

We may not talk all day, but thoughts of you always occur to me. So in your joy, your tear, your puppy face and red face – understand that I am always smiling back.Back to top

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162. In Times Like This

In moments like this when I miss you, the silence can get quite deafening. I’m confident I could sell my heart off and still have all of you backed up in my head. I love you, Candy.

163. Thinking of You

I’ll dance to every beat of your heart for me and enjoy the drenching from the thoughts your mind rains of me. I’ll delight in the reality of my wake dreaming of you. I miss you.

164. Present in Absence

As distant as you are, you are still as close as needed. As big as you are, you still fit perfectly in my little heart. As hidden as your heart is, I still see it clearly in all of its beauty and sincerity. I love you, Darling.

165. When I Think About You

I cannot number the times my eyes have sparkled, a smile crossed my cheeks, or I have let out a chuckle when I think about you. But mostly, I cannot count the number of times I have been awed thinking of how we found each other. I just love you, Dearest.

166. Thinking of You

Sometimes, I stare blank into the clouds & still end up with motion pictures of the most beautiful scenes of US. That’s how present you are in absence.

167. Thinking of You

Just like that, I can go on and on thinking about you, and still never find a point where my mind knows of a good excuse to get bored. You are such a cheer to me, Dearie.

168. Always on My Mind

Ever allergic to forgetting you, I stay sipping saliently from memories of times with you – hopefully to go joy-tipsy on the reality of the moments. I adore you, Baby.

169. I Miss You

My Princess, I miss you so much because you have become a part of my happiness, a shareholder of my heart, a twin to my soul, the sparkles in my eyes and the one more reason I want to get better.Back to top

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170. To My Delight

This is “Good morning” to the lady that delights me; the one I take pride in; the same one who I won’t stop loving crazy. You are the best.

171. Waking Up

Every day I wake up to one of the best realities of my life- the fact that I was chosen by the most beautiful soul ever. I love you, Dearest.

172. Good Morning to You

Tear open those eyes that drown me in the depths of a soul’s purity; blink them so I understand once again the assurance of having a heart so pristine. I love you!