Romantic I Love You Text Messages for Him or Her

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No matter how much of love we profess in our individual relationships, love has not met its completeness until we express it in words and in deeds. It is still valid, you’ll say, that, “It’s easier said than done!”

Is the above really addressing you? That you say more than you would or could actually do? If in the affirmative, then it’s high time you chose the path of action rather than dwell perpetually in the “just-talk-it paradise”

My good friend, it’s more than mere feelings but more of a show of love when we text our lovers. It’s such a lovely act at that. And such that could help skyrocket your relationship.

Now, where from here?

Make it a habit to always communicate with your lover through the media. Send them a lovely text like we have on this website and you would begin or continue to see results of love that lasts in your relationship.

Send these messages to your Sweetheart, your Boo, your Guy, your Lady, your Man, your Woman, your Best friend who is your lover, you mate, your world’s best and whatever you call yours.

If you don’t let them feel loved, who else will?

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Numbers 31-50 are so lovely!

Any of these I Love You Text Messages Collection is good to be sent in the morning night and noon as best wishes and greetings for your lover and loved ones. Just pick one that meets your taste and send or text to your Lover. You can end anyone with “I love you” I miss you, Good Morning and Good night.

Now enjoy your I Love You Text Messages and don’t forget to share if they are lovely and worth sharing. Thanks for coming.

I Love You Text Messages for Her

The Best Piece to Say I Love You to Him or Her? Pick your best, copy and paste.

  1. Your Beauty and Elegance are Matchless
    Your elegance is matchless and so is your beauty.
    Your care is fitting to my soul than the best of clothing in winter.
    Thinking about your love, I’m left in awe!
    I love you, I will forever do.
  2. Your Love is Truly Perfect
    Your love is perfect, no need for an update.
    Your care is matchless, and that beyond comparison.
    And I check my heart and what merriment it gives me because it has your love in it.
    You’re my joy. I love you.
  3. You are the Reason for my Awesomeness
    I’ve got to know how awesome my life has been.
    I’ve come to realize how greatly it’s going too.
    I look around for the reason and everything is pointing to you.
    I love you and thanks for it all.
  4. Your Love makes Me a Star
    Seems I’m becoming a celebrity.
    A celebrity with countless fans.
    I look around and within and your love is making this out of me.
    I love the way we are going!
    I love you.
  5. We Will Be Together Forever
    With every moment passing by,
    I thank my star for finding you.
    When I feel my heart in me,
    It beats with a revelation of my future with you.
    Doubtlessly, we are staying together forever.
    I love you.
  6. Your Love is Real, I’m Sticking with You
    I’m bound to this love, tied to the affection we daily share.
    I’m done with following shadows,
    You’re the real deal so I’m following you until the end of time.
    I love you.
  7. I Love You so Much
    I think about my plans, my future,
    My goals and my ambitions,
    And I smile in awe knowing they’ll meet fruition
    Because I’ve found someone like you.
    You know I love you, right?
  8. You Are the Perfect One for Me
    I have tried for so long,
    Loathe my lonely moments
    And just when I was giving up on finding the right match,
    I found out the perfect one for me. The perfect one is you.
    I love you.
  9. The best Definition of Love is You
    I found the best definition of true and undying love with you.
    I see the best description of completeness in you.
    And so I choose to stay with you forever, no other.
    You rock my world, really!
  10. Your Love Amazes Me Always
    I’m amazed, and forever will be,
    When I think of all the wonders that your love works in me.
    And now I know I wouldn’t have come this far,
    If not for your love and untold care.
    I love you.
  11. Your Love Shines in My Heart
    Every night, I see stars in their countless numbers in the sky.
    How they have mastered the act of beautifying the sky is applauding,
    But when I think about how your presence in my life has wrought,
    I get more than an ecstatic feeling!
    I love you.
  12. It’s Worth the Wait
    Looking at how relationships give in easily to premarital s*x,
    Sometimes I have the feeling, but I quickly tell myself,
    It’s worth the wait! I’ll surely wait because I love you!
  13. Our Love is Everlasting
    Even if ours is not ‘love at first sight’
    I am glad it’s now ‘love at each thought and every heartbeat’.
    Our love is made to last!
    I love you.
  14. Loving You is My Daily Goal
    Sometimes, it’s so hard to set goals and keep to them.
    But I found “loving you the more” the simplest of goals
    That I achieve every day.
    I love you.
  15. Love is Amazing with You
    There are many times I can’t explain how I love you.
    In such times, after trying so hard to figure out,
    I’d say, “I just love you – I amazingly do!”
  16. I Will Give You All of Me
    I owe you the best of me.
    You deserve more than all I can ever wish for or give to you.
    You are my world best.
    I love you.
  17. Our Love is Growing by the Day
    It is true that Love takes time to develop
    And I am glad I had the patience and desire to grow mine with you.
    I love you.
  18. I Love You Beyond Our Fights
    We might quarrel and even have some fights, but I will love you more.
    All because the smallest of your good deeds will ever outweigh the mightiest of your worst deeds.
    I love you.
  19. My Day is Always Special, with Your Love
    Your love makes my day more than special.
    Makes me keep wondering what else it could he been without you.
    I love you.
  20. You’re More Than a Friend
    I find completeness in my daily tasks
    Because I have someone who cares more than a friend for the lovely me.
    Thanks for always being there my love.
  21. I Fall in You Daily
    You love and care always touch my heart and make me fall in love with you ever more.
    You give your best and so you deserve my very best too.
    I love you.
  22. Loving You Makes me Special
    Now I look deep down my heart
    And feel so special, special
    Because I made you my choice long time ago.
    It’s the reason my life appears lovely. I love you.
  23. I Didn’t Deserve Your Love
    Your love is magical and so undeserving.
    Your love is great because it gives my life a better meaning.
    Thank you for loving me this way.
  24. Your Love Always Makes Me
    Your love redefines me.
    Your love brings the very best out of me.
    If I am forever happy, it’s because of your love.
    I love you too.
  25. I Will Spend My Life with You Forever
    If I can live perpetually,
    I promise to spend every moment of it with the lovely and wonderful you.
    I love you.
  26. My Life Would Be Nothing without You
    I am now of the understanding that the best definition of my life without you would be misery.
    Thanks for being mine. I love you.
  27. You’re a Priceless Treasure
    I searched all my life for a treasure that is priceless and I stopped my search when I found the lovely you.
    You are more than a gem.
  28. Your Love is My Joy
    Your love creates the centre of my world. It brings more joy and happiness each day.
    Thank you for loving me this way – the best way!
    I love you.
  29. I’m Loving You Forever
    It’s not a promise but a lifetime decision plus commitment when I say,
    “I will love you – only you – for the rest of my life.
    It’s worth it. Morning, my love.
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Special Love Messages for Him or Her

These are lovingly special.
When you need to send a special love message to your lover, whether you want to show appreciation for what he or she has done in your life, the messages below qualify for that.

  • Thanks for Being Mine
    I have seen darkest days in life,
    Seen worst moments that were more than gruesome!
    Meeting you was the end which justifies the means.
    Thanks so much for being part of my life.
    I love you.
  • Your Love Shines on Me
    Just when I thought life had nothing worthwhile in stock for me,
    You came and shone your lovesl’s light unto my darkest part within.
    I wish I would thank you enough.
  • Your Love Saved the Day
    I was once broken inside and even dispirited.
    Looking around and trying to give up,
    You came and saved the day.
    You are more than a jewel to me.
  • Your Love Cleaned my Mess
    The best description of my life was once ‘loads of mess’.
    It was when you came that you changed it all
    And I began to experience bliss.
    I love you.
  • Your Love Changed Me
    My best of dreams and ambition were best described as nothingness
    Until you came and showed me a brighter path into my future.
    I owe you so much!
  • I Will Cherish You Forever
    I knew its but undying love when you started loving and caring for me without asking anything in return.
    You are a darling forever.
  • I Bow in Awe of Your Love
    The hardest thing for me to do in life is to explain how wonderful life has been for me since I met you.
    You’ve been my source of inspiration! I love you.
  • Our Love Will Grow Forever
    I choose to let this love forever grow.
    I choose to let it take me anywhere,
    Even if it’s suburb of Trinidad and Tobago!
    I love you.
  • You’ve Been a Lover Indeed
    Even though it’s a choice, you were always there when I needed you.
    You have shown me what love should really be.
    I love you.
  • Our Love is Boundless Forever
    I knew you’re my best friend ever, the moment I started to fall in love with you.
    It was nothing but favour to have met this special you.
    I just wished I had realized this earlier enough.
    Forever, boundless shall our love will be.
    I love you.
  • Thanks for Your True Love
    Yes, I was bad! My life was a horrible mess and all others criticized me but you loved me so much and patiently brought out the best in me.
    I love you.
  • I Just Can’t Thank You Enough
    If I am given a lifetime to appreciate you for all your wonderful deeds towards me, it just won’t be enough.
    Your love is matchless. Thanks a million.
  • Your Love Has Beautified My Life
    Everywhere I turn appears beautiful because you have coloured my world with the perfection of beauty and elegance in your love.
    I love you so much.
  • Your Love Has Brought Out the Best in Me
    Your love has brought out the lasting feeling that I am one of the most beautiful persons in the whole world.
    Glad you brought out the best in me.
    I love you.
  • I Rule the World with You
    That I feel on top of the world is not only because of what you’ve given me.
    It’s because of the future merriment
    And fulfilment that the future promises you and me.
    I love you.
  • Your Love is My Happiness
    If I am ever happy and glad, it’s because of you.
    It’s sure because I have someone who cares for me this way.
    None else deserves me but you.
  • Your Love is Amazingly Special
    Your love is a special one.
    My heart beating for it, I can feel its sweetness,
    awesomeness and sincerity.
    Thanks for being the best of you for me.
  • Your Love is forever Fulfilling
    Just at a thought of your love,
    I feel a rush of complete security and fulfilment.
    Your love is my timely inspiration
    And I pray this last forever. Amen.
  • You’re Ever Close to My Heart
    I thought I’d be closer to your heart by holding you close,
    But I was wrong when I am far away now
    And I still feel you like I am inside of you.
    Thanks for building this magnanimous feeling within me.
    I love you.
  • You’re a Proof of True Love
    True love still exists.
    Your care and kindheartedness speak volume of it.
    I am so glad to be on this path with you.
    I love you.
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Whenever you need to say you are sorry, these messages are perfect for you to send or text to your lover. Make sure asking for forgiveness is done but of love and sincere humility.

  • Please Forgive My Wrongs
    I wish I had not plied this road before.
    I wish I have been patient more than enough.
    My heart aches for all my wrongs.
    I come begging, please forgive me.
  • I’m Sorry for Making You Cry
    I hate it seeing you cry, knowing I am the cause.
    This makes me so sad. Please forgive me, my dear.
    I am very sorry.
  • I’m Sorry for Breaking My Promises
    I sure know this is not what I promised from the onset.
    I know I sure have broken the heart I promised I would keep intact forever.
    I know how of feels, please,
    And I just come that you forgive me, my love.
  • Please Forgive Me, My Love
    I know rules have been broken,
    Paths have been crossed,
    And even good have turned worse.
    In all, I humbly ask for forgiveness.
    Please, my love.
  • I’m Sorry, I Goofed it Again
    I do not know what actually came over me.
    I didn’t plan to hurt your feelings let alone making you cry.
    I am sorry, please forgive me, my love.
  • Please, Let’s End This
    No matter what good deeds I have done,
    My misdeeds started cancelling them all.
    I don’t want this to go farther than this, please.
    Forgive me, my love.
  • Please, Let’s Move On
    It wasn’t like this when we started.
    We used to be the loving ones every eye were happy to see together.
    But how this have turned still befuddles me.
    Please let the bygone be bygone my love. I am sorry for it all.
  • Can We Start Anew?
    I seek a new life with you, leaving my old selfish self behind.
    I choose to be the better me for the best of this relationship.
    All I ask is a second chance. I am really sorry my dear.
  • I Wish I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time
    It might be less fitting to call all I’ve done mere misdeeds!
    I sure know it hurts and now I wish I could undo my wrongs.
    Please forgive me.
  • Will You Forgive Me Again?
    I must have missed some details.
    I must have given little where I ought to give more.
    I just come begging, that you forgive my wrongs.

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Good Morning Text Messages for Him or Her

If for anything, your lovely and romantic sweet text messages is what your lover should wake up to. This is a way of assuring them that you will be there as a friend indeed and in need throughout the day. And the best way to hike up the assurance of your love for him or her.

  • My Life Jas Been Wonderful with You
    I wake up every day, and I think about your love for me.
    I just can’t deny, it’s been so wonderful living my life with you.
    I love you.
  • Is This What Love Can Give?
    If this is the best that love can give,
    I’ll rather stay forever with you than stay elsewhere in the whole world.
    Good morning.
  • Your Love and Care Are Boundles
    Your care speaks volume of your undying love for me.
    Your smile touches my heart and my soul in ways I can’t imagine.
    Good morning my angel.
  • Your Love is Truly Pure
    Your love is devoid of infatuations.
    I knew it’s a great and pure one the very day I set my eyes on you.
    I love you for being you. Good morning.
  • It’s a New Day with You
    All that we have in common are God-given.
    I wake up each morning and thank God for giving me a precious gift as you.
    Good Morning my love.
  • I will Be There for You Today
    No matter how hectic the day would ever be,
    Don’t for a moment forget that I care for you more than the rigorous activities that come your way.
    Morning, my dearie.
  • Can I Be Your Sunshine Today?
    The sun may choose to not shine, the breeze may choose to not blow.
    No matter how the day goes, it’s perfect as long as you’re right here.
    Good Morning to You.
  • I Am More Than Lucky to Have Found You
    Your love for me is more than a measure of luck.
    It must have been God at work because your type is rare.
    Just came to say Good Morning my love.
  • Your Love Has Taken Me Far
    Show me any path to blissfulness,
    And I will tell you of a heart that has taken me there.
    The loving heart is you.
    Good morning.
  • It’s as I’ve Ever Expected
    I knew it would be this great when we first started.
    I saw my life going gorgeous because I’ve found a special one like you.
    Good morning sweetheart.
  • I Want to Always Wake Up with You
    No matter how long on earth I stay,
    My dream is for you to be the woman I will always wake up next to.
    I love you, good morning.
  • You’ll Ever Be My Woman
    No matter how aged I would ever be on earth,
    My lifetime dream is for you to be the very man I will wake up next to.
    I so much love you, good morning.
  • Your Love is More than Sweet
    The thought of your love is more than a nostalgic vibe.
    The feelings that come with it is more than sweet!
    You’re my best.
    I love you, good morning.
  • Your Love is My Daily Rhythm
    Knowing how far your love has taken me always makes me want to get up in the morning and dance.
    I am forever in love with you.
    Morning my love.
  • You Will Always Be Mine
    That my love for you has come to stay is more than what can be proven in a lifetime.
    Believe it or not, you are mine forever.
    Good morning to you, my all.
  • Your Love is My Daily Medicine
    I waited all night long to hear your lovely voice in the morning.
    That’s my “have a great day medicine” so far.
    Good morning my love.
  • Your Voice is My Song
    Hearing your voice in the morning is my favourite love song.
    With few words of yours, my day is bound to be great.
    Good morning, have a great day ahead.
  • I Wish to See Your Face
    The night would always make me miss your face for hours,
    And the moment the morning comes,
    I want to see you, yes you.
    Morning, missing you.
  • I Missed the Moments with You
    I don’t want to lose a moment of being with you,
    Even if distance is taking that off me.
    I missed you throughout the night,
    But good morning.
  • You Always Makes My Day
    A perfect day for me is the one that starts and end with you.
    If you are a mathematician,
    You can tell how much of that I’ve missed.
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Good Night Text Messages for Him or Her

So what about sending a romance-filled love text messages to the love of your life to say a befitting good night to him or her? Would be so great if you belong to that bracket. Ideally, any time of the day is perfect for you to text your lover. Isn’t that true?
Just pick the one that best fits each night and send it to your lover. Thanks for being a lover that cares.

  • Your Voice is My Sleeping Tablet
    The best sleeping tablet ever since is hearing your sweet voice before I sleep.
    Thank you for giving it today again.
    Good night.
  • Your Smiles Make My Day
    Your cute little smiles and your laughter always make my day.
    I wouldn’t let that go away never.
    Good night my dearest.
  • You’re Always in My Heart
    I watch the clock ticks away,
    I watch the night deepen into the day,
    But I can see my heart is not moved,
    Because you’re in there forever.
    Good night.
  • My Dream will be Sweet Again
    My dreams will ever be sweet as long as my day ends with this sweet you.
    See you tomorrow my love.
    Good night sweetie.
  • Your Love is a Lifetime Experience
    Meeting you was the beginning of my understanding of how to love and be loved in return.
    Your love is an experience I will live by all my life.
  • Our Love is True and Boundless
    This is so genuine and not a fake deal.
    True love is what bounds us.
    We are inseparable no matter how gross the night darkness is.
    Goodnight, my sweetness.
  • I Can’t Love You Enough
    I love you, I love you, and I love you!
    I just have to announce this before sleep takes you away from me.
    Have a sweet dream and good night my love.
  • Let Me Say a Goodnight
    Let us leave it all here
    And meet in the tomorrow that’s full of love for you and me.
    Good night my sweetness.
  • My Day is Complete with You
    My day is never complete until I find the perfect time like this to say…
    I love you so much.
    Good night to you my love.
  • See You Tomorrow My Love
    Before the day ends,
    I am whispering in your ear,
    Goodnight and have a sweet dream.
    See you tomorrow my love.
  • Let the Stars Grace Your Night
    In the morning, you opened your eyes and saw the sun shined,
    And now it’s time to close them as the stars shine on.
    Good night my love.
  • I’m Missing You Tonight
    The day ends so sweet when you are next to me, my love.
    Missing this tonight that it’s hard to say goodnight.
    Sweet dreams dear.
  • I Will Be Here Forever, My Love
    I just need to remind you that even if the night would be forever,
    I will be here for you sweet.
    Good night my dear.
  • Your Love Completes Me
    Whenever I think of how your love has come to complete my heart and my soul,
    I just see myself as the blessed of all living.
    Love you, goodnight.
  • We Will Be Lovers Forever
    I entertain no worries of losing you.
    God who has given you to me will sure keep you forever for me.
    Have a nice sleep my dear.
  • I’m Favoured to Have You as Mine
    Like a rainbow makes a complete colour,
    You make a complete me.
    Favour is what I enjoy for having you.
    Good night, my love.
  • I Celebrate My Day, Daily
    No matter what any day brings,
    It’s such that is worth celebrating
    Because I have a love that is so undeserving.
    You make my day!
    Good night.
  • You’re a Perfect Gift from Up Above
    You were the reason I see the light in the midst of my tunnels.
    I am so glad God loves me so much to have given you to me.
    Good night, my daily desire.
  • I Won’t Let Go, Never
    I have not come this far to let go.
    No matter how dark the night is,
    The morning will come.
    All is well, good night.
  • I Kept Thinking about You
    Every morning begins with a smile from the intoxicating power of your love.
    Every night ends with the thought of an exceptional gift that you are to me.
    Night or day, you’re always in my thoughts.
    Goodnight, I love you.
  • You’re Worth Being Treasured Forever
    Do you want to know how my nights end every day?
    I think about what a precious gift has your relationship with me brought in my life.
    You are precious, really,
    And a gift worth being treasured.
    I love you so much.