Phrases to Say to Calm You Down

Anxiety can be hard for you to handle. As you’re going through the motions, be it trying to ask your crush out, having an anxiety attack, or waiting for some bad news, you sometimes just need to calm your brain down by saying some phrases and paragraphs. Here are a few of them to get you started.

Touching Words to Say to Calm You Down

  • This is just a flicker of my life. This will pass and I will be back to normal. Just stay calm and breathe.
  • My brain is just playing tricks on me. Every odd sensation I feel is just all in my head. Everything is fine.
  • I cannot control what is to come, so I should not let my body fret. Instead, I should take care of myself until the news actually happens.
  • I have a family that loves me. My parents, children and everyone else around me cares for me and will get me through this moment.
  • I need to take deep breaths. Breathing fills me with life and gives me the ability to make sense of this world. Just take a deep breath and let the air enter my lungs. Feel the wind gently rocking me to a more relaxed state. Ah.
  • God, I thank you for giving me this life. I know that this is just a challenge put before me and I know You will guide me through it no matter what. Please give me the strength to calm down and fight this with a clear head.
  • I know that nothing is wrong with my heart. It is beating fast and in pain because it’s anxious. Imaging it slowing down and returning to normal. Doesn’t it feel better now? I thought so.
  • This anxiety that is keeping me up is just an illusion. Instead, I need to imagine angels rocking me to sleep and giving me the energy I need to carry on. Let me rest.
  • Panicking about this event will not solve the problem. I need to have a healthy level of stress in order to handle it, and I should calm myself down right now. Take deep breaths and handle the problem once I have a clear head.
  • I’m now on the beach. The sand is tickling my feet, and the waves wash the sand away. The beautiful sounds of seagulls, water, and the warmth of the sun calm me down and allow me to think straight. It’s so nice to be back in this normal state again.
  • You have had this anxiety attack many times. Each time, nothing bad has become of it. Instead of worrying, realize that it’s all an illusion and then come back to reality.
  • Life is too short to be anxious. Instead, I should face life with everything I have and show it who’s boss. When I am through with life, it will be begging for mercy and want me to stop.
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Seeking Help

Reciting phrases is just one way to calm yourself down when you have anxiety. If you are suffering from chronic anxiety, consider speaking to a therapist about all your problems. There maybe a root cause, triggers you’re unaware of, and a way you can calm yourself down, and you can find more information here to help you with your family.

Thanks to the Internet, therapy is easier than ever to find, too. Sites like Regain allow for therapy at your fingertips. Just sit back and talk to a counselor. Then, recite those phrases and calm yourself down. Doesn’t it feel good to be calm and collected when life has other plans? Have a happy life.