New Love SMS Messages for Someone Special

When it comes to love, I know you agree that sweet words from a sincere heart matter – words full of inspiration and feelings mean a whole lot to a relationship, whether new or old.

In case you want to make your lover feel loved and appreciated, this is where you will find lovely words beaming from a loving heart.

Pick as many new love sms messages as needed make your lover feel special. Much love from me and I wish longevity in your relationship!

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Romantic New Love SMS Messages

The most romantic New Love SMS Messages for Someone Special.

  • I’ve searched for just one thing I can give you, that will remind you of the love I have for you, that will make you sight me in you. I’ve thought and searched, and I’ve found out My heart is the most precious thing I can give to you. I love you cos you own my heart.
  • Take my heart, that’s where you are. I wish you could see yourself in my eyes and You have dominated my heart, therefore you are in my eyes; When I behold the mirror, I see you in my eyes, Look me in the eyes and see the love I have for you.
  • Though there are many ladies just like the sand of the sea, I’ve not seen one of your kind, You are you cos you are incomparable. You have a heart of gold which differentiate you amongst them all& I always pray for the day I met you because I have seen that Indeed love is sweet.
  • Indeed love is sweet, cos you’ve shown me. Why did I not meet you earlier than now; Indeed there are princesses but there will only be a queen. You have captured my heart, you have captured my love and You have made me tasted, drank love.
  • When I’m with you, I feel thirsty. Whenever I think about you, I feel drunk. You have made me a drunkard of love. Indeed your love is better than any other.
  • If my woman is a movie, I will watch her over and over again. If my woman is a sea, I will swim always. If my woman is in my dream, I will not wake up. If my woman is in a class, I will always attend, those are my thoughts when it comes to you because I always want to feel you, see you and hold you.
  • I didn’t know how great love is until I met you and I’ve always thought I’m not meant to love, I’ve been broken but you’ve shown me the other side of life.
  • I’ve been to the sea, to the mountain in search of love but You came to me, God brought you to me so, I call myself blessed because I have you the love of my life.
  • While swimming I’ve thought surviving is all there is to life, In dancing I thought rhythm is all needed, In singing, I thought melody is all needed, In weeping, I thought life is just life. Then you appeared and changed my thought, Life is sweet, purposeful, fulfilled with you in my life.
  • Your smile is everything to me, your existence has been a blessing untold to me and I can’t keep still until I profess my undying love for you. I really do love you, sweetie.

Heart Touching New Love SMS Messages

Copy and paste these Heart Touching New Love SMS Messages.

  • A Goodman will say I’m hard work has brought me here, a great man will say hard work and love has brought me thus far. Thank you for being my pillar all this while. I love you, my queen.
  • My love for you cannot diminish because I bear you in my heart. I cherish you more than anything in this world. You worth more than ruby. I love you, angel.
  • The angel of my life, the one who gives meaning to the world I am in, your voice is my favourite sound, I love everything about you and I won’t get tired of hearing your voice or holding your hand. You rule my heart baby.
  • Since the time I met you, my tears reduced to almost nothing, my laughter took a new turn because in you I found happiness and no sorrow, my life and living became better. Every moment with you became a dream come true. I love you and I love it when you are with me.
  • Before I met you, I thought paradise was in heaven but when I met you it was like you brought heaven into my life because every moment with you is like I’m in paradise. Thank you for accepting my love.
  • Impossibility has been what I see whenever people talked about love, but you taught and showed me that the word impossible can be seen as I’m possible. Your love showed me, your words taught me that I can love and be loved. Thank you, the lover of my life.
  • When I look back to the day you came to me to profess your love for, I always feel like I can go back in time and capture the moment, every of your demonstration of love towards me has been great. You’ve shown what a great man you are and I am happy to be your woman. Love you loads, honey.
  • No matter how dark my day is, seeing you always bring brightness and whenever I’m cold or hot you being with me brings balance to my well being, thank you for lighting my path and I will forever be grateful my jewel.
  • I want you to know that my clothes need replacement, yes my shoes need, I need new thing but one thing will never get a replacement and that’s my love for you. Growing old, my love for you will not wax. I love you so much.
  • Your eyes are always opened to see me, your ears are readily available to hear me, what else do I want in a man that you don’t have, you showed me light, gave me love and that is the reason I’m saying thank you and that I will cherish you till eternity.
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Sweet New Love SMS Messages

Also check these Sweet New Love SMS Messages.

  • I love you, my thought since has been what is the easiest way to show you that I really really love and I’ve seen that I have to say it to you all the days of my life, thank you for sticking with me, you believed in me when others couldn’t. I love you.
  • Almost every moment I gaze at my phone waiting for your tets, sometimes I look at the messages you have sent me, sometimes, I found myself not believing that a perfect man like you is my crown. I love you, my all.

New Love Messages

  • I can define love as a feeling you have that someone gat your back, someone watches you, misses you, waits for you, cherishes you. And that is what you’ve given me, I love and miss you.
  • When I hear your voice, my heart begins to beat fast and when I see you I’m overwhelmed with joy, there is absolutely nothing I can compare that too because it satisfies me. Thank you for making my heart race.
  • Seriously, I’ve been thinking about you and I’m still thinking about you, so I want you to know that I love you so my heart can rest and work .my heart is madly in love with you.
  • You gave me your heart, love, care, joy, you brought me peace, light; baby what else will you not give me. Thank you for dedicating yourself to me and I love you so much for that.
  • I prayed for love then you showed up and I said my prayer was answered not knowing its just the start, you gave me everything I wished for. Thank you for being my rock. Love you loads baby.
  • I love your personality, your smile, your walk, your style, your words… I love everything about you darling that is why I’ve pledged my love to you alone. I love you so much, damsel.
  • My heart and mind agreed they love you, so what can my body say again meaning all my being loves and adore you. I believe God has purposely designed you for me to love.
  • Whenever I’m with you I feel safer and better, my wish is that you stay with me forever and then I will always feel secure and better. Love my safeguard.

Cute New Love SMS Messages

Melt your lover’s heart with these Cute New Love SMS Messages.

  • What can I do without your smile and love, they draw me close every time. Your love is like a sun to me and I shine brighter and brighter in it, it keeps me glowing and radiates me. I love you so much, queen.
  • Every time I tell you, that you are my life I wasn’t flattering you. I was been truthful that you hold the key to my life and I don’t desire anyone but you. I love you very very much.
  • My dream is to be with you and my desire is for you to hold me and be with me at all time. My hope and my desire is your touch and your love. I will always cherish your time with me.
  • The reason I’m awake at this time to text you is that I hold you in a high place in my heart, and my heart beats for you and seek you though you are not here, that’s why I’m up to tet you and remind you of my love for you.
  • People defined love anyhow but you gave me the real meaning of love because you became my partner, my love, my senior, my all. I love you so much, darling.
  • Before I wake up, I see you in my dream, when I wake you are the first thing I want to see. People said I’m crazy but I tell them I’m in love, I understand it because I’m incomplete without you. I love you so much.
  • A section of me is missing without you baby, I hope to see you every day so I can hold you and see you, though it is not possible I will continue to desire that till the end. I love you.
  • I found out my heart misses you when you are not near me and I discovered that my heart races when you are with me. I ruled it as love towards your baby. I love you, darling.
  • Most times you make me smile and sometimes you make me cry but all the same, you brought light to me and gave me life. I love you so much baby girl.
  • You made living worth it because I’ve found out over time that love is what I need and that you gave me. You are my craving and it is no longer hard to go through the day because you are always there.

Best New Love SMS Messages

Best of all New Love SMS Messages.

  • I want you to know that you are in my thoughts, in my mind. I think of you almost every minute; nature reminds me of your good and gracious face, air remind me of your love. I love you so much.
  • How I met you is like a dream which I didn’t want to wake from when I saw that it was real, I didn’t want to leave. We are a great and perfect match, you made my world a happier place to be, thank you for being you and for choosing me. I love you so much.
  • I call myself lucky because I found a girl like you, you are beyond my imagination, thank you for accepting my love for you babes. I always want to behold your face, to always hold you. You are my sunshine, my heart desire, my love.
  • You made me the happiest soul in the world, I reminiscence every day how our love came to be and I could see that its fate. Its destiny that brought us together, I really wanna take you home to see my mama. I love you, dear.
  • I’ve always cared about compatibility but since I met it hasn’t crossed my heart to scrutinize our incompatibility because I’ve never doubted our love. Baby, you are my muse and I profess my love for you.
  • I love your shape, your curves, your personality, your cool, your smile, baby I’m crazy for you, I wish I could sing for you, I wish I could show you how fast my heart beats when I’m with you. I love you.
  • People come and they go, I meet people every day but I know I’m going nowhere likewise you. We will stay together and be lovers forever. Your love has made other people but my love has made you special. I love you so much, honey.
  • Everyone says I’m changed, I told them it is your handiwork, thank you for working on me and making this good changes in my life. Your entrance into my life has been impactful. I love you so much, sweetheart.
  • You are my desire, how can a man be as perfect as you are, you don’t worry but only gave me peace of mind, you show me love, care, you make me feel on top of the world. I’m the luckiest woman because I have the most handsome and caring man in my life. Love you, my man.
  • Baby, since I woke up, I’ve tried not think about you but it seems to be fruitless, just want you to know my heart longs for you. I miss you so much.
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Beautiful New Love SMS Messages

Most Beautiful New Love SMS Messages.

  • Thank you for your support of all times, you found me when I was lost. You gave me hope when life proves difficult, thank you for always being there, if not for you I would have been lost. Love you loads prince.
  • When I’m immature you played maturity, when I felt insecure you showed how great your love is for that made me feel secure again with you. I love you so much, my man.
  • It took me years to walk up to you, it took me years to say my mind because I’ve always seen you as a great woman, it took me years to walk towards the one who perfects me. I love you so much, honey.
  • My life was boring before you came, my world had no meaning before you and when you came, you brought meaning and fun into my life and I will love till eternity.
  • Life has always been hard without you but I just wanna let you know that my life has never been better before now. You gave my life meaning. Thank you lovely dove.
  • You are my number 1, you are my first alphabet which means you come before anyone else, I sincerely appreciate your mama for giving birth to you, thank you for being a lovely lady and the love of my life.
  • Every minute spent without you has brought longings, every minute sent with you is a minute well spent. I miss you every second you are not with me, I love you so much, darling.
  • We cried a little and we laughed and smile for a long and best time. They say love hurts, but because you are my woman, every challenge looks like a test that I must not fail. I really love you like my life.
  • It has become a habit to think of you every time when I sleep I dream of you when I open my eyes I’m thinking of you. I sincerely love you.
  • Seeing your smile is like a mission that I must fulfil and I have put my acts together to always make you smile. Remember this love that you are the best woman in the world. I love you.

New Love Text Messages for Him or Her

Carefully collected New Love Text Messages for Him or Her.

  • I’ve realized that I cant take a break when it comes to you, to stay away has proven difficult, it has proven to be something I cant do. I miss you when you are not with me and I love you whether you are here or not.
  • When it comes to choosing you, I know I cant be wrong because just you with me feels so right that it feels like that’s the best decision I’ve taken in a long while. I love you so much, darling.
  • You with me has brought me eternal happiness, unending love, unchanging strength, I want to take you around the world, I wanna take you to places you want to go to. Remember me as I beat in your heart. Love you loads.
  • If it is possible to like loving you to the air I breathe, I will do that because your love has overwhelmed me. I cherish you baby girl.
  • Angel of my, I want to quantify the love I have for you but I cant, the love I have for you is so much that you are part of my heart, you reside in my heart. I heart you, baby.
  • Sometimes I wonder how I came to be your Man, how I came to be right for you but I want you to realize that my love for you is very strong. I wish I could open up my heart for you to see. You own my heart dearie.
  • I’ve never wanted someone as I want, I have come to the conclusion that it is you or nobody else. I’ve agreed to love you all my life my boo. You make me feel rest. Love you
  • I’m wishing it is just you and me, you make my heart thumps yet you gave my heart peace. How much can I say to make you know that my love for you is genuine? I love you so much.
  • I owe you alone something which is my heart, and I wanna tell you that I’ve come to pay my debt by giving you all my heart. I love you so much that there is nothing I can not do for you.
  • You are beautiful in and out, your expression is one in this world. I cant give you up for anything, you are the one that makes my heart tick. And I have resorted in my heart to love you till the end.

New Love Texts for Lover

Make your lover sleep and wake up to these romantic New Love Texts for Lover.

  • Have you seen that you light my world, whenever you are around, you make me bubble and I’m gonna love you till the end? Thanks, baby for always being there.
  • Indeed this saying ( behind every successful man, there is a woman) is true because you didn’t only make me successful but you made me happy too, thanks for loving me so much my woman.
  • I really have come to notice your deeds In my life and I have seen that nobody can do these things for me. I love you angel of my life.
  • Knowing you has given me peace of mind, I wish I can show you how important you are to me, darling. You have captured my heart, my heart is consumed by your love. How else can I describe what I feel for you than to smile and say I love you?
  • Nothing ever will try to change the love I have for you, you have proven to be the best woman I can ever be with me. You helped me find myself in this world. I love you so much my guardian angel.
  • I have never thought meeting someone would change my life but when you came to my world, you did give me a new look that people noticed something had changed. Thank you for the impact, love you so much.
  • You give me give goosebumps whenever you are near me, you make me long for you whenever you are far away, what can I do without you and how can I live without you, you have made my world more meaningful And I love you so much.
  • Your love and care have made my world colourful and meaningful, and that is the reason I am saying I love you from the bottom of my heart.
  • My love for you is eternal and It is inexhaustible, I will lavish it on you for the rest of our life, I love you so much, damsel.
  • I wish I have found you before now, I wish I have known you before now, I wish I have recognized before now amongst the crowd. I thank God for bringing you to me at this time that I need you the most. I love you sweetie pie.
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Daily New Love SMS Messages

Daily use these New Love SMS Messages for your lover.

  • I want to be by your side always so other babes won’t stare at you, I want to make my stake on you, known so other girls will know you are taken. I tirelessly love you my knight in shining armour.
  • I don’t wanna fall asleep without seeing you, I don’t wanna start my day without hearing from you. How much I love you, darling, thank you for being the coolest and perfect man in my life.
  • At the moment when everything doesn’t make sense, at the moment when everything seems odd, at the moment everything has lost its value, I look around and you are the only one who makes sense, the only one who is meaningful, the only one who is valuable. I love you my priceless jewel.
  • How can I describe what I feel for you, how can I put it Into words; which language can convey my message towards you, all I think I can do is just to scream out I love you so much, darling.
  • Looking at your picture makes me feel like I’m in a flower garden, seeing you makes me feel I’m over the moon, my love for you is indescribable and you make me feel on top of the world.
  • Do you know I really love you more than I’m showing or can show, I have become a perfect man because I have the perfect woman in my life. Thank you for coming into my life, I love you so much.
  • Sometimes ago I was trying to know and quantify my love for you but while thinking of that I realize I love you too much because I want you to be the mother of my kids. I love you so much, my princess.
  • My consistent dream is that I see you as my husband and the father of my children which has made me conclude that indeed I really love you beyond doubts.
  • A while ago people called me a fool because I choose to love and I chose to bring you into my world, but I know they cant understand my feelings for you, honey. It is unfathomable, what I have for you.
  • When I look into your eyes, the world revolves around me as if I am the sun, you light up my world and I love you so much.

Heart-touching New Love SMS Messages

Also see these Heart-touching New Love SMS Messages.

  • How I came to love is really a dream to me, because I picture you with a better person than me but you gave, a chance to love you. Thank you for that chance and also for choosing me, I will forever love you.
  • I’m sure I can and will do anything for you, I will pick a star for you and take you to the moon; whatever I can do to make you happy that is what I will do because you are my love and I cherish you.
  • I don’t have luxuries, but when I’m asked about my priceless property, it will be my heart because that is where you reside. I love you so much baby girl.
  • When I check the reason for my smile, I found out you are that reason and I’m grateful for that. Love you loads.
  • Time doesn’t count when I’m with you, all that I do is for us, for our future because that is where my heart is. I love you so much soon to be a bride.
  • You make my world around when it was all upside down, you solved the problem. When I thought I had no one you were there, you took care of me and showed me so much love and for life, I will be grateful to my king I love you so much, darling.
  • You own my heart not because I sold it to you but because I gave it to you, my goddess you have captured my whole heart and I’m gonna love you till eternity.
  • My major action is to make you only mine soon, to crown your head with my title, I can’t wait for such to happen sweetheart. Always know that my heart beats for you.
  • My exact feelings for you cant be compressed into worth but I guess I have to explain it somehow, you are the one that I treasure the most, you mean everything to me. I love you and I cherish you.
  • My love for you is one without measure, it is just not making sense to people but to me, it is worth all I am doing. I wish I can do more than this to show you how much I cherish you. I love you so much.
  • Some People live without remembrance, some people are forgotten without cause but I can’t forget your personality either can I forget or lose my love for you because you brought meaning to me. I’m grateful because you are my love.