Most Romantic Love Text Messages for Wife

When it comes to getting the best out of a romantic relationship, expressing oneself in words is not to be taken lightly. For those who enjoy monumental joy in their marriage, words play a major role. Obviously, I have put the stress upon myself to write all the love messages a husband will ever need to send to his wife – Love Text Messages for Wife.

I Love You Text Messages for Wife

You would love to say “I love you to your wife?” Then use the love messages below.

1. Forever Journey.

We’re on a journey of love
We’ve e experienced it’s heights
And can boast of it’s depths
We’re on s journey of love
A forever journey.

2. I Will Never Let You Go.

Thank God l didn’t miss you
When it was time to choose
I would forever have known regret
But you’re firmly in my grasp 
And I’ll never let you go.

3. Who is an Angel?

If I’m asked to define what an Angel is,
I’ll spell your name
And describe all the wonderful virtues that make you qualify as one.

4. Wife of My Youth.

This is for you, wife of my youth
Who carried my children and bore them a replica of me
I’ve always loved you and I always will.

5. Life Without You.

What would life be without you?
It’d be a daily monotony
A mirthless existence
Of which magnitude
I don’t want to contemplate.

6. They Lied About Love.

They said “no one can ever love you as much as you love yourself”,
Well, they lied!
With you I’ve experienced the joy of selflessness
And the pain of sacrifice.

7. The Colour of My Love.

This is the colour of my love for you,
It’s all shade of passion in glowing red
And the whitest of whites in it’s purest beauty.

8. A Long Walk with You.

I want to take a long walk with you
And talk till there’s nothing left to talk about
And then fall into peaceful silence
Knowing the thoughts in your heart.

9. You Love Like No Other.

No one could ever love me like you do
No one could ever tolerate my drama
And lap my shits like it was ice cream.

10. It’s You I See.

I don’t want to have a choice
In the matter of love
It’s you I see and only want to see
I don’t want to have a choice
No, never.

11. My Superwoman.

You juggle tasks, like they’re kid’s play
I can only wonder and marvel at the strength of steel beneath your beautiful, delicate form
My superwoman.

12. You’re The Reason.

You’re the reason I wake with a smile
You’re the reason there’s a spring to my steps
Our hearts beat as one
And there’s no match for me in another.

13. No Fault In You.

I find no fault in you 
It’s all buried in layers and layers of love
I could never dig any out even if I tried.

14. I’m Alive.

I thought I was alive
And then I met you
Now every fibre and every vein connected to my heart
Knows what it is to be alive.

15. Love is Simple with You.

Love is a choice
A sacrifice of self
A doing away with ego
For the good of all
It would have been daunting
But with you, it’s as simple as ABC.

16. We’re Getting Better.

We keep getting better
With every obstacle we overcome
We keep shinning together
As we explore the depths of love.

17. It’s a Wonder You Chose Me.

Often I wonder
Why you chose me
When there were choicer alternatives
I don’t deserve you my love
But I aspire daily to be the man you truly deserve.

18. I’m Lucky.

I count myself luckiest of all humans.
I see myself most fortunate of all mortals…
For to look into your eyes and be beheld by you is gold in its purest form.

19. Until I Met You.

Love was just a word in the dictionary
Until I met you
You gave it a definition
And made it real for me.

20. I Found a Good Thing.

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing” so the Holy book says
And yes, I’m a living testimony of the timelessness of this wisdom.

21. My Umbrella.

Your love is an umbrella
Shielding me from the elements of nature
Your love is home
Where my heart is at peace.

22. Priceless Jewel.

You’re the sunshine in my days
The twinkling star in my nights
You’re my priceless jewel
And I’ll forever adorn my life with you.

23. No Fear.

I have no fears
I don’t ever waver
Your love cheers me on
Till every challenge loses its sting.

24. Guileless.

With you, ” what you see is what you get” 
No guile, no deceit in you
Just pure undiluted sweetness
And enduring love.

25. Wind Beneath My Wings.

You’re the wind beneath my wings
The air that boosts my sail
You’re the anchor that keeps me grounded
The joy of my life.

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26. The Beauty of My Love.

The beauty of my feelings for you is more glorious than the fireworks of Christmas
More explosive then grenade s
Yes, that’s the effect you have on me my beautiful Angel.

27. My Centre of Gravity.

My world lacked coherence
I needed a centre of gravity
And then you came and with your perfect touch restored order.

28. The Aroma of Love.

The sweet smelling aroma
Everyone perceives in our home
Is the incense of your love
And the fragrance of your sacrifice.

29. The Recipe of Love.

You taste better than the sweetest of nectars
The very recipe of love is all that makes up your being.

30. Recipe of Love.

The combination of your smile, your poise and elegance
The beauty of your character is the recipe of love.

31. Where Angels Fear to Tread.

There’s a saying ” fools rush in where angels fear to tread “
But for the taste of your love
I’d gladly be s fool, waiting to be led to the heaven of ecstasy.

32. With You.

With you my love
I have enjoyed the depths of love
The heights of ecstasy
The sweet taste of heaven
I’ll love you over and over again.

33. Who is This?

Who is this, that has stolen my heart?
You crept in, I couldn’t raise a guard
And you stole my heart away.

34. Till the Earth is Rolled Away.

I’ll love you over and over 
Till the earth is rolled away like a carpet
And the heavens cease to be.

35. You Stole My Heart.

I set the gates in place
The guards stood with their swords and shields
Yet you managed to creep in and steal my heart away.

36. Lost in Your Love.

I am lost and don’t want to be found
Because where I am is with you
And being with you is heaven.

37. Drunk with Your Love.

Whoever said love didn’t exist
Has not tasted the nectar of its flower
I have tasted of its wine
And I’m drunk with your love.

38. Re-set.

I never believed in love
I’d argue with and scorn at its proponents
And then I met you and I was re-set.

39. Safe in Your Arms.

The winds howl
The storm rages
But in your arms I’ll remain
Forever safe.

40. Enclave of Your Love.

I could look forever into your eyes 
And swim in the depths of your love
I want to remain forever lost in the enclave of your love.

42. When I’m Away from You.

Like fish out of water
Every scaly part 
Yearning for the watery deep
That’s how I feel when I’m away from you.

43. Tick, Tack.

Tick Tack, tick, tack,
The clock seems to be saying
Yet to me, time is at a standstill 
Till I see your face again 
And hold you firmly in my arms.

44. Time Standstills.

The sun refuses to yield
The moon drags its feet
Tick says the clock
Yet the hour doesn’t strike
How long more my love?
Please come home soon.

45. Just a Word.

Goodbye was just a word
Until you said it to me
It became a dagger 
And battered my heart to pieces
When you come back
I’ll never let you say goodbye again.

46. Love is not for the Fainthearted.

What agony lovers feel
When forced to be separated
It’s a load too heavy to bear
And indeed not for the faint heart.

47. The Goodbye Junction.

In every lover’s story
There’s a junction where they must say goodbye
We are at that junction
My heart cries and bleed
Yet I know soon again
We’ll be together
To part no more.

48. When You Said Goodbye.

You took a piece of me with you
When you said goodbye
I’ll never be complete
Until you’re back to make me whole.

49. Not the Same Without You.

I’m not the same without you
Like a deflated balloon
There’s no bubble left in me
I only manage to breathe
And hang on
When you come back
I’ll live again.

50. Your Effect on Me.

Never has another human
Had this effect on me
Never have I missed another
The way I’m missing you now
Please come soon better half
So we can be whole again.

51. Distance Is Not Enough.

See, my Love
Distance is not enough
To dim my love for you
I carry you everywhere
My heart is ablaze with your love.

52. Memories Keep Me Going.

Memories of sweet affection shared
Of your lovely touch and kisses
That’s what keeps me going
And makes your absence bearable.

53. When the Days Are Gloomy.

When the days are gloomy
When the night seems to stretch
When the symphonies of the birds
Remind me of your love so sweet
I close my eyes and reach deep within for memories of sweet moments shared.

54. How Do You Smile.

How do you smile
When your heart is cheerless
How do you sing
When the days are mirthless
Come home my love
Let my heart cheer
And my mouth sing again.

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55. Because Your Return is Near.

The days smell like roses
The nights sing with wonder
My heart palpitates faster
And it’s all because your return is near.

Good Morning Love Text Messages for Wife

Best good morning my love messages for wife, that will inspire her to give her all to everything she will be doing today.

56. Nature is Alive.

Like a dream
The night is gone
Taking with it, the woes of yesterday
Alas! Nature is alive! 
It’s a new day, good morning my love.

57. My Wishes For The  Day.

May the day bring with it victory over every challenge
May you experience the joy of success
And for the love you bring to my life
May you be rewarded with a smile for each second.
Good morning my love.

58. An Opportunity.

I look forward to each new day
It’s an opportunity to love you better than yesterday
Each day brings with it fresh wine
A renewal of our love.
Good morning.

59. Our Love Blossoms.

Our love blossoms
Like fresh petals on a spring day
Good morning my love, 
Let me love you better than yesterday
Yes, it’s a new day.

60. Like New Wine.

Like new wine, our love tastes better each day
My days are filled with success
Because you’re the first I see every morning
Wake up my love, the dawn is here.

63. Yesterday is Over. 

Yesterday is over
With the last vestige
Of hopelessness
Alas its a new dawn
A new hope
A new grace, to do it better
Wake up my love, it’s morning.

64. I Rejoice to See the Mornings.

I rejoice when I wake with you by my side
To see the Sun’s ray on your sleeping countenance
To hear your soft snore in it’s final vestige of sleepiness
I rejoice to see the mornings because you’re right here, by my side.

65. Good Bye Yesterday.

The cock’s lusty call
The blossom of the flowers
The tweeting of the birds
The golden ray in the horizon
It’s goodbye yesterday. Good morning my love.

66. This Memory.

Your hair splayed on the pillow
Gentle snore escaping your parted lips
Twitching lids in the last vestige of sleep
In all, a lovely countenance
I’ll file this memory of you
Away with treasures in my heart. Good morning

67. Today.

Today, I’ll love you better
I’ll appreciate you more
I won’t take your love for granted
Because you’re most important to me.
Today, I’ll hold you dear and never let you go. Good morning.

68. Your Royal Loveliness.

Your royal loveliness
The day doesn’t begin without you
You set it’s pace with your golden touch
I, your loyal subject await your directions
So wake up my love, let the day begin.

69. See My Love.

See my love, the pride of the pack
Up at the earliest, to set the tone of the day
I smell the aroma of your love already,
In the sweet breakfast I can perceive,
Good morning my love.

70. Flip Flap.

Flip Flap, Flip Flap
The sound of efficient feet
Melody of busy legs
Already up with dawn
Drafting the day’s plan
You’re a delight to wake up to
Good morning my love.

Good Night Love Text Messages for Wife

Now that the day is over, the day is worth all the activities there in and the night would keep you both apart for hours; Would you not mind sending some words of ecstasy to your wife
If yes, then the following good night romantic messages will really help.

71.  Look Up.

Look up my love
See the sun fleeing
To hide beneath the clouds
It’s night time
The time for lovers is here.

72. Beneath Our Blanket.

On our bed
Beneath the blanket
We will shut away the world
And play the play of lovers. 

73. I Will Be There.

A quick reminder
Just before you lay to rest
I’m your bodyguard
I’m your soul guard
I’ll keep watch for you
And keep the nightmares away.

74. I’ll Be in Your Dreams.

When the day is gone
And sleep claims our tired bodies
When our souls retire to the sphere of dreams
I promise I’ll be there, in your dreams
To keep you warm.

75. Our Hearts Don’t Sleep.

Though the body is frail
And of a must yield when sleep comes
Our hearts are alive
Forever entwined in love.
Sweet dreams my love.

76. Sleep Beckons.

Sweet sleep beckons
Who are we not to yield
But just before we do
I’ll take your hand in mine
And together, we’ll explore the pleasure of our love.

77. Night Calls.

The hooting sound of the birds
The howling hiss of the wind
My body’s crave for yours
It’s the night calling
Let’s go to bed my love.

78. Bed Set.

The sheets are laid
The pillows are placed
The bed is set
Come wrap me in your arms
And entangle me in the web of your love.

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79. Hush.

The world is silent
It’s a night for lovers
Says the twinkling stars
It’s a night to hush and talk in nothing but whispers.

80. Come To Bed.

Come to bed my love
My lips will wipe away tears of the day
My breath will be the warm blanket that covers you
Come to bed my love
Let me rock you to sleep.

Thank You for Loving Me Text Messages for Wife

Appreciation Text Messages for Wife from a grateful husband.

81. Amidst The Ovations.

Amidst the ovations
I hear yours alone
It’s the loudest
Because it comes from a heart that knows
And the eyes that saw the struggle it took to get here
Your ovation alone matters
Thank you for everything.

82. Your Hand.

Your hand gives the constant touch I need to stay on track
Your smile, the ready assurance that all will be well
Your nudge eggs me on to reach the goal
Thank you for being here.

83. You’re Enough.

You’re all I have
Yet you’re all I need
Every other thing is meaningless
Compared to your love
You’re God sent and I thank Him everyday for giving you to me.

84. My Rare Gem.

You are my rare gem
Of exquisite quality
Your price surpasses rubies
Yet in true sense you’re priceless
Thank you for adorning my life with your beauty.

85. You Decorate My Life.

See the way you decorate my life
And make marriage seem effortless
Our home is the envy of others
And it’s all because of you.
So I’m taking this time to celebrate and thank you.

86. My Drawing Board.

You’re the drawing board I come back to
When life seems to be confusing
You never sneer
You never mock
Your cheer eggs me on.
Thank you for being true.

87. My Pride.

Look at her, the pride of my life
As gentle as a dove
As fierce as a tigress
A unique blend of contradictions,
Yet so appealing
Thank you for being you.

88. Thank You.

You’re the firm whisper I wake up to in the mornings
Your enthusiasm is fire in my bones
Your love spurs me on
When all I want to do is give up
Thank you my love. I really thank you.

89. Small but Mighty.

All shades of loveliness packed in a tiny frame
The explosive power of grenade packed in dynamite
My admiration for you knows no bound
For you’re small but mighty.

90. Sure and True.

Thank you for the tears of affection shed
Thank you for not wavering when my dark side showed
Thank you for your love so sure and true
Thank you for your firmness as a rock.

I Am Sorry Text Messages for Wife

Apology Love Text Messages for Wife

91. Please Forgive Me.

Please forgive me
That’s all I can say
I’d undo the hurt I caused
Just give me the chance
To show my love is true

92. I’m so Sorry, My Love.

I’m sorry for the tightness in your chest
For the tears in your eyes
I’m sorry for the pain in your heart
Truly, I’m sorry.

93. Sheen of Tears.

I won’t hurt you for the world
But I see sheen of tears in your eyes
Is it what I said or what I did?
Whatever it is, I am sorry.

94. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down.

Don’t let the sun go down my love
Before you forgive me
See, my heart is troubled
And won’t know rest
Till I see you smile again.

95. Only Natural.

I can feel the gap
The space you created, since I hurt you
It’s only natural, for you to shield your heart from further hurt
But please forgive me my love
I won’t breach your trust again.

96. The Tears in Your Voice.

All you ever show me is love
Yet I manage to break your heart
You try to hide the tears
But I hear it in your voice
Please forgive me, I won’t make you cry again.

97. Teach Me.

Please teach me to love you
The way you truly deserve
You’re my gem but I keep hurting you even when I don’t mean to
Please be patient with me my love
I’m willing to learn.

98. Rough Edges.

I’m a bundle of rough edges
Rubbing you in the hardest way
Causing you pain even when I don’t mean to
Forgive me my love and help smoothen me out.

99. Love is a Process.

Love is a process
And I’m still learning
Still learning not to cause you pain
Still learning to treat you right
Please forgive me my love
I’m willing to be better.

100. Oh, No!

Oh no! I’ve done it again.
I’ve caused those tears that I hate to see
Come my darling
Let us reason together
I don’t mean to hurt you
I just want us to be better
I realize it’s a process
And I’m willing to learn with you
But in the mean time,
Can you please forgive me?