Miss You Messages for Wife – Heartwarming Emotional Quotes

Miss You Messages for Wife: Do not hesitate to send a miss you message to your wife when you are on the verge of breakdown without her around. Here are some messages if you are looking for I miss you message for my wife. Send some love and romantic messages for your wife while missing her. You can send some missing wife quotes, but rather than saying just saying “I miss you my wife,” tell her how miserable you feel without her. Mention your love, your difficulties, how your days are dull without her. Here are some missing you messages which will make her smile and say “Gosh! I love this man so much”.

Miss You Messages for Wife

Wish I was holding you right into my arms and could say how much I love you- right at this moment. Miss you, darling.

I can’t stand the distance between us any longer, my soul mate. I love you and miss you terribly.

Nothing feels right as you are far away- come and make everything better. Miss you, gorgeous.

The divine gift of my life is you. My better half, at every beat of my heart, I feel you. It’s your hubby who misses you each and every moments.

I don’t know what is love. I don’t know what is happiness. I only know you. And badly feeling that without you, I can’t make a single step in the road of my life. My wife, your hubby miss you crazily.

My love, Life being stopped without your company. It is so hard to run my life without you. At every breathing, I’m badly missing you.

Hey my dream queen, what are you doing right now! I am sure that you are waiting for me, and your hubby also missing you so much.

There are series of stories stacked around the days when you were with me. Days are running but I remain to stop. My lady, please come back and keep me in pace; I badly miss you.

As you are not around, my heart aches for you. I miss you, my beautiful wife.

Even if we are worlds apart- I always hold a part of you in my heart. I love you and miss you to death, dear wifey. Take care of yourself.\

My beloved wife, You are the only asset of my life who fills the colors of happiness in my universe. A little absence of you makes me crazy. At every moment, I need you. Miss you, my dear.

My sweetheart, Today I wanna tell you a truth, which I wanna say every day at my office hours, but finally couldn’t do such. The truth is “I am missing you”.

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You know my queen? From the beginning till now, you are the best thing to happen in my life. I love you so much. But whenever you keep a little distance from my sight, at the very moment I used to miss you.

Just the sun has risen, it’s morning but you are not here beside me! I can’t take it anymore! Please, dear, come back, I am missing your morning kisses. Miss you badly my dream girl.

Give me a further chance to see the sunset together. To walk in the open wind with you. I am here but my heart is always with you. My life I’m missing you badly.

My beauty queen, I used to see your sweet face and charming smile every morning when I open my eyes. But now, home seems empty without you and so I badly miss you.

There are several scenarios that revolve around the time you spent with me. Days pass, but I refuse to give up. Please, my woman, come back; I miss you.

My queen, I used to see your gorgeous face and attractive grin every morning when I opened my eyes. But now that you’re gone, the house feels empty, and I’m missing you terribly.

Your presence is the comfort I seek everywhere; please come to me soon. Love you lots, sweetheart.

Whenever you are not around- I feel numb. You are the missing piece of the puzzle I am. Truly, I am incomplete without you. Miss you so much.

Emotional Miss You Messages for Wife

My love, you are the angel of my fairytale. Please never keep a distance from me. Keep me in your mind, where else I could go if you leave me! I’m missing you so much.

I can leave the world for you but can’t survive a single moment without you. Please give me the way how I can express my deep hearty feelings for you. My queen, I miss you crazily.

My dream girl, I love you so much, you can’t even imagine how much! If I could open my heart, then you can see how much your hubby missing you.

I love you so much, this much that more than a hundred times in a single moment. I don’t like the distance between us! I can’t take it anymore. Missing you badly. Please give me the chance to love you from closer.

My dear beauty, if you leave me and go, I will just wait for my death. Please cool down and come back to me. Your soul mate hubby is missing you badly.

You know my love? In my kingdom, you are the only queen. My soul mate, my queen, I can’t take the distance between us anymore. Miss you crazily.

I am the problem, and the only solution to the problem is you. Our home seems empty without your presence. My beloved wife, I am missing you so much.

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You are I are meant to be together no matter what time of the day it is- and now that you are not here, I miss you terribly.

Your hug can make my mood better in a millisecond, and I need that. Please come and hug me love.

I can leave the planet for you, but I can’t live without you for even a second. Please show me how to communicate my deepest heartfelt thoughts for you. I miss you.

Every drop of rain brings me a strong sense for you. Such a gap separates us and makes me nostalgic. My love, I miss you so much.

Without your presence, the world is totally worthless to me. I can’t think a single day more without you. Your husband misses you badly.

Every droop of the rain comes to me with a deep feeling for you. Such distance between us hurts me and makes me nostalgic. I miss you so much, my lady.

Missing Wife Quotes

I cannot take a single step forward in my life. My wife, your husband misses you terribly.

My sweetheart, you have no idea how much I love you! Without you, I can’t think of a single moment. Miss you so much.

My sweet mistress, from the day you come to my life. My days became lighten from the deep dark. You put shining in my life. And so, your husband missing you every single moment.

I miss you so much my rib. I cannot wait to hug you and inhale you in my lungs.

I am crazily missing the warm touch of you, my lady. The morning kisses, the hugs at the time of leaving the house for the job make me nostalgic. I miss you so much my love.

You can see how much your husband misses you if I could open this heart for you.

I’ve been missing you terribly. Please give me the opportunity to love you from a closer distance.

I wish I had the wings like a bird, then at lunchtime, I would visit you. Feeling very excited, within a few hours gonna meeting you. but, still, I miss you.

Every morning when I think about the day’s routine, then I feel so much bored to think that “I have to spend 8 hours in the office” without you! Through this time, you will be sadly missed, my love.

A day without you feels like a year. Come back to me soon, dear wife.

My sweetheart, it’s your hubby who is missing you badly. I can’t take the distance and the absence of your precious company anymore. I need you, now. Miss you, my love.

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Long Miss You Message for Wife

This distance is troubling me and making everything feel colorless. Please come and be with me and make everything better. I miss every ounce of your moment, starting from lying together, laughing at a terrible joke, and whatnot. Miss you so much, my precious wife.

Now that I have you as my wife in this life – I cannot function a day without you around. How did I manage to live my life without you all these years? You make everything better. Please do not make me suffer anymore. Miss you so much, love.

A day without you makes me realize how empty my life is without your existence, dear. I hope you are also missing me and planning to run towards me as soon as possible. Come and hug me. I miss you every second, the love of my life.

I adore you so much that I could say it a hundred times in a single breath. I don’t like how far apart we are! It’s too much for me. I’ve been missing you terribly. Please allow me to love you from a closer distance.

I attempt to treat you as if you were a queen ruling the world, complete with diamonds and silky robes. I am here ready to serve you yet again and for the rest of my life. I’m suffocating and dying without your love, so please come back. I’m missing you.

I swear I’ll never leave dirty laundry on the bedroom floor again. I swear I’ll never take the TV remote from you. I swear I’ll never burp in front of you. After supper, I vow to assist you in cleaning up. I promise you; I miss you so much.

Whenever our loved ones are away from us, we tend to miss them. This empty feeling makes us realize how much important they are to us and how much space they hold in our life. To make them feel a little special while the separation still continues, here are some of the miss you message for your wife that might come in handy. If you decide to drop for a huge gesture, here are some long missing you messages to send to your wife. If you are thinking of dropping cute little messages each hour, short messages maybe are appropriate. Romantic or emotional; however, the mood is, this compilation would help with your ‘missing you’ moods as well. Don’t let the distance stop you from letting your wife know how much she means to you.