Long Love Messages for Her (Your Girlfriend)

You love her we know and therefore, we thought just like you, it will be wise you pulled a smart move by sending your sweetheart one or two or even more of these love messages.

Do not forget, love is triggered in many ways. A love message is a bullet that can trigger her love for you once again. It is not falling in love that is most important, staying in love is a distinction! So be the best, send her some of these love text messages to keep her in love.

Take the thrills!

Long Love Messages for Her from the Heart

The best of long love messages for her from the heart. Sweet and romantic long love paragraphs for your girlfriend from the heart.

  • I thought words were the only tools of complimenting a Queen, but each time I look at you, my eyes give compliments I’m fallible to describe. I wish my mouth could tell you how I feel about how you make me feel, but words fail me. I want to touch you in a way that sends my love messages through your skin. I wish I could wake up by your side, it will make my day beautiful like a white wedding gown adorns a wardrobe. I love you like I love to see your face.
  • I sought for love in this earthly world, then I found you silent in my heart. You’re the peace that covers the noise in my storm, your face sends message that only my heart can explain. I would cover you with love when it’s cold, and when it’s hot, I will keep you under the temperature of love. You unveiled true love to me in the most grandeur manner. I will only ask that you stay with me to share the brightness of this love.
  • Nothing is new on earth, but my love for you is newer than a new day. I’ll take you to the front line of my heart and cover you in the depth of my mind. If I lost many things in this world, your place and being in my heart cannot be found wanting. Shielding you is akin to shielding my heart. I blink my eyes because I wanna capture beautiful moments of looking at you. You’re the perfect picture of my heart. I’ll take you from the earth and put you in the heavens of my heart.
  • I’m a half moon, you make me complete a full moon. I’ll moon over you because you’re my largest satellite. You’re a beam of sunlight, you stand out as the richest colour in the rainbow. Knowing you have conditioned my heart to loyalty and a faith that cannot be shaken with you by my side. I’ll look at you with the look of love, even when you stand to be hated. You breathe life into me each time you call my name, it’s safe to call you my creator, I’ll live for you. Can’t love you less.
  • I’ll always love those legs, with them, you gracefully walked into my life to set everything right. I can’t seem to get enough of your eyes, they pop out with love and gaze with affection. Your heart aggrandized mine and made it a home for our love to be nurtured. I’m a freshwater and you’re the waterbird that inhabits my environment. I’m grateful to your hands, with them you beckoned on me when I was on the verge of giving up on love. I don’t wanna experience what it feels like to miss you and long for your breath on my face, I’ll rather make a home for you, where you can stay each second of every minute. Thanks to you, the earth hole in my heart was filled with the bubbles of love.
  • The bed was made, so I could lie by you till eternity. You’re the ocean of passion which separates me from loneliness. I wouldn’t mind turning into an enigmatic pillar of salt just to look back and save you from destruction. Your happiness matters to me, my love for you flows to the heels of my body until I became head over heels in love with you. I do not wish to change something about me and that is my love for you.
  • After meeting you, my heart became a magical place. After kissing you, my lips became a wetland flooded with passion. Loving you is so natural to me, it makes everything right. If you ever saw my bended knees, I must have been praying for you, if you ever saw my eyes shut, I must have been dreaming about you and if you saw me waiting, it must have been for you. I love you more than it can be written in this piece.
  • If time should stop, it would be for you, if the sun and the moon should stand still, it will be by your command. The universe and all that is in it answers to your demand and I am not an exception. I am always at your beckon and call, it makes my heart leap for joy. You and I are like Mary and her little lamb, for everywhere you go, I’ll be sure to go with you. The ends of the earth ain’t far enough for me to ride with you. You make me happy than the rain makes the soil happy.
  • My mind has become a host of love rather than logic. My heart no longer pumps blood, it carries love. I may see everything as beautiful but one is amazing and that is you. If I could cover you like the cloud covers the earth, I will, just to protect you. I don’t mind giving all up for you, you’re worth it. Love became a sweet experience for me when you stepped in and became the seat of my loving emotions. You’re the best, no wonder you came in a shining armour.
  • I mined my heart in search of love, as a miner mined the earth for oil. You came unaware to me, then love began pouring until it ran over in my heart. I wish I could call you all the endearing pet names in the world, yet it won’t describe how I feel for you. You are many things and everything to me. If I could hold you tighter than how a stranded man holds onto a cliff in the middle of the ocean, I will. My goal is a lasting relationship with you and my purpose is an unconditional love for you.

Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

Romantic Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend are available for you here.

  • If you stand before the red sea, it will path just for you, a rare gem of a queen like you is unstoppable. The mountain becomes a valley so you could walk through graciously. Life is made beautiful with your existence. My world is bigger with your presence in it. I’ll take classes on love, so I could have a distinction to give you an impeccable love story. Loving you is unquestionable and irrevocable.
  • Your hair waves with joy whenever they feel my touch. I love singing to you. It nourishes my soul to see the effect of my treble and bass in your eyes. I would stay away from magic all for you, I don’t wanna trick your heart. I’ll cling to miracle all because of you, for I don’t wanna explain what I feel for you. If the earth was a lonely place, your presence will be my companion. Amongst the twinkle stars, you’re the most expensive diamond. I love how you call my name. Say my name.
  • So they say “there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”. I’m, therefore, glad that I found my happiness in you. I can’t compensate you for loving me, but I can appreciate your love and hold in honour your dignity. I’ll start this period of my life as one of my favourites cause, it is the moment you stole my heart and in turn, gave me joy. I’ll take a million risk for your sake, I’m not afraid to risk it all. The energy we share gives me strength that I can’t explain. You’re my power bank.
  • If life was a game, I’ll be gamed with you forever. If life was a movie, I’ll star with you forever and if life isn’t fair, I’ll go through the darkness with you forever. Loving you has made me courageous. Look into my eyes and you’ll behold the fire of a warrior. I can never retreat in fighting for your love on a daily basis. Loving you has taken me to a place of profound peace, I bet I’m on heaven on earth already. I’ll not only make you a woman to be proud of, I’d make myself a man you can be proud of.
  • Loving you has given me a space in the book of life. You’re the reason why an eternal bliss is sure for me. I place you in the safest place of my heart where the impurity of this world cannot behold you. I love you for many reasons and the greatest is for your wellbeing. I can’t create anything but I succeeded in creating a space in my heart for you. My love for you flows like a stream, and falls like a rain thus, it can never return back. I love you unbeatable.
  • You’re the reason I glow every day, you’re the reason I’ll stay forever young, in that, through the eyes of love, love never grows old, it stays young and fresh. I’ll give the world excuses, just to run away with you. Even without a diamond ring, you’ve been engaged to my heart, my heart and yours have since hooked each other. I’m in love with a girl I knew before I knew the world. I can’t stop loving you, my mind is constantly occupied with your thought.
  • I’ll be loyal to you than a dog is loyal to his master. I’ll message you to give your heart a relief rather than your body. If I don’t tell you good night, that’s because I do not want you to depart from me. The night is too long and the day is too short, baby please, let me be where you are. You’re the breeze that gives me comfort, you’re the water that quenches my taste, thus, you’re my everything. No gainsaying about that.
  • The sun isn’t as loyal to the earth as I am loyal to you. The teeth ain’t as loyal to the tongue as I am loyal to you. My love will be loyal to your heart more than anything else. How beautiful are the feet of a woman which brings peace and joy? I’m like a canopy tree in the forest of love, I’ll shield you from harm and cover you with passion. I’ll take my time with you, so I could make every moment count. You’re not to be belittled therefore I’ll aggrandize everything that carries your name. I love you both in words and actions.
  • Pain ceased from my heart, the moment you placed your beautiful hands on it, tears ceased from my eyes, the day you gave me the look of love. You mean the world to me than Juliet meant to Romeo. Your eyes are radiant to behold, your face is beautiful to look upon and your words are soothing to my heart. You carry the power of mesmerism and you bare the honour of dignity. I’ll treat you like a Queen, fight all the battles you deserve and win all the crown to befit your status. You’re priceless.
  • Our love will never be blown away in the wind, nor flooded by the storms of life. If love kills slowly, I’ll die in your arms in peace. I’ll not conceal our love within a nest, I’ll show it off to the world. I believe your love for me has made me the man that I am and I will make you a better woman than the Shakespeare’s cast, Juliet. If sword and battles could prove my love for you, I’ll fight better than Lancelot and if distance could kill love, I’ll never leave your side. You’re every woman to me.

Long Sweet Message for Girlfriend

Spice up your relationship with these trending Long Sweet Messages for Girlfriend.

  • The day I saw you, I knew you came from a high social hierarchy of love and all for you I became an aristocrat of love. You refined my heart, the moment I got a grasp of your breath, you polished my being with the colour of love. If I wanna thank you for this, I’ll lay my love on you time after time. You’re the science of love, you’re Marie and I’ll be Pierre. I’ll establish my love for you on the sands of time, our love story will become memorial.
  • Our love is beautiful and can never be a tragedy. Loving you is so easy for me. The sun is no longer a light to me, you are the source of my light, the moon no longer brightens the earth, you’re the brightness of the world. I can’t cheat on you, my love for you is excessive and prevents multitude of sins. You’re the reason for this season of joy in my life. I’ll never want to experience other seasons, this is the bliss I want to hold onto for the rest of my life.
  • My love, my joy, my world. The second you said yes to me marked the beginning of my journey to true love. You’ve made me the greatest love character. I was born for you and I dedicate myself to your service. We’ve both achieved immortality, our love has made us immune to death. I may not be the best singer but I’ll keep singing your praise until my voice echoes to the end of the earth. I love you.
  • It’s time to make you the most important one in my life. It’s time to love you endlessly, it’s time to kiss you with the desire not to stop, it’s time I share my being with you. If heaven and earth pass away, our love will never be moved. I’ll score each goal in your heart and crown you as the winner. My love for you will leave no crack on the wall. If we ever broke up, we’ll break up for a greater comeback. Whenever you see me in your presence, I’m here to love you till the end.
  • Anytime I think of you my love, I behold the face of a flawless woman. The traces of love in your system has made you immune to heartbreak, I can never break your heart. My spirit, body and soul are aware of my affection for you, so I can never escape the feeling of your love. You’re the object of my affection and care. I came into this world alone but on arrival, you became my partner for life. Show me your colour and I’ll paint you with love. You’re the reason for love.
  • I wouldn’t mind loving you with my body and soul. I wouldn’t mind loving you till you conceive love. Grasses became greener the day we met each other and rivers became deeper the day we fell in love. Wow! Love beckoned on me at the sight of you. Without watering the flowers, they blossomed, in that, your love flows like a river to them as well. Your heart has become my home. I have many things to thank you for, and one is for the gift of life, loving you breathed a new life in me.
  • You hit the airwaves whenever you walk like the uptown girl. The clouds become whiter due to the purity of your heart and love becomes stronger due to the colour of your heart. I’m falling harder for you as the day passes by. I don’t wanna love you in a simple way, I wanna fight for your love even though I don’t deserve it. You make me a great man with such valour that could cross the seven oceans. For you I can walk on waters, you make me a superman.
  • The Queensland is built in your honour and the garden of Eden will I recreate for your dwelling. Serenity is your personality and love is your principle. You’re one of a kind. If I could build a tower, I’ll build it to heaven, so you can only behold the glory of the world. Your love is hypnotizing, I can’t get my senses back. You’re the miraculous wonder in my life, for with you nothing is impossible by me. You smell better than the sweet berries. You’re a bundle of joy for me.
  • Humans may behold your appearance but all I see is your beautiful heart. Your heart is the most precious asset, for it has earned you the respect of kings and queen and above all, earned you an unconditional love from the depth of my heart. I will never make you promises I can’t keep, I’ll rather surprise you on a daily basis. Loving you is the best thing to happen to me, it has washed away my sin and given me a pure heart of gold. I can’t eat without knowing you’re satisfied. I need not to search for gold and diamond for you are here with me already. I love you hopelessly.
  • Like a blind man, I followed you and like a Wiseman, I chose to abide in the abode of your heart. You’re blessed with great feet, a lending hand and a sparkling heart. If I choose not to utter a word, that’s because you render me speechless and when I chose to speak, that’s because I couldn’t hold this good feeling it anymore. I’ll make a vow to love you till the end and with the water of Avalon, I’ll heal you in your darkest hour. You can’t touch me without me quivering. I love you.
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Long Love Words for Girlfriend

Your love journey with your Girlfriend could always get sweeter with these Sweet Long Messages for Girlfriend.

  • You’re the sparkles that make my world bright and the joy that renews my heart. You’re the medicine that makes me younger and the moisturizer that keeps me glow. I’ll party with you till the morning comes and I’ll be sober with you when you’re down. Your love directs me to the safest place on earth and that’s between your arms. I’ll put you in a safe ride till we get to a destination where our love cannot be threatened. I’ll run away with you and leave like a free man. Loving you is what I prioritize in my heart. Kisses!
  • Common on! I won’t be long, please don’t cry when I travel afar, for your thoughts will always occupy my heart. As long as I carry your love in my heart I can never forget you. I’ll love you till the end and I’ll go back to the beginning of loving you again. I and you rock the dance floor better than a ballet couple. Baby, I don’t need the world for I have what means the world to me and you’re that special person to me. Your face is the look of love and your feet are the steps of grace. I love you just the way you are.
  • You make my odd world beautiful with your tenderness and cheerfulness. If I accrue all the wealth in the world without you in it, I’ll be the poorest man. Your respect for me has given me such an honour that I couldn’t have dreamt of. My heart was healed the moment you touched me and I never remained the same. We’ll both tell an untold story of love. You’re the music that makes my feet leap for joy. I love you better than a piano man loves his piano, I’ll kiss you tenderly than a mother cares for her child. Kisses, my love.
  • If times passes by, I’ll never count it too late to tell you that I love you. You painted my world with the colour of love and flooded my heart with affections. How you make me feel is indescribable, yet, I’ll choose to tell the world about it. I can’t seem to get enough of you. Loving you inspires my heart to do the best and be the best. My peace is knowing that your heart is at peace with mine. When I look at you, I see what many can’t see and when you say you love me, it triggers the angel in me to keep you safe.
  • My glory days and heydays will be with you, for you deserve all the fame and fortune in the world. The only time you make me cry is when you recite me those lovely poems. I can’t keep romance far from you, loving you has birthed a new lovey dovey guy in me. If I should die this very day, I’ll be grateful I spent my life with you. You’re the reason I was created and you make a difference in my world that I cannot overlook. If love was in classes, you’ll be in the first class cabinet. I love you better than you know.
  • I do not wish to make any mistakes with you, for I’ll seek to be a perfectionist for you. You must be my promise land, cause, when you arrived in my heart you flooded my world with milk and honey. I can’t afford your love but yet you gifted it to me and I promise to cherish it for the rest of my life. You’re the icing on my cake. You take away every bitterness. When I can’t write songs, you’ll be my melody and when I can’t see the beauty of the world, you’ll be the glory I see. I love you so much honey.
  • If I’m lost my love for you will not lead me astray. The rule of my heart is to love you till the end. With you, I’ll never yield to the temptations in this world. I’ll give you a boisterous round of applause for stealing my heart the way you did. I grew more loving from the day I fell in love with you. We’ll make the best news when we make it as a couple in love till the end. I’ll love you when you don’t deserve it, you can count on that. A hard life just became beautiful with your arrival in my world. I love you in a special way.
  • It’s overwhelming to love you the way I do, in the midst of it all, I relish each moment. I’ll sip the drink of your love until it quenches my taste and replaces the blood that flows in my vain. While I was gazing at life forlornly, you came and blew my feet away, making me the happiest man on earth. With you, loneliness is sure far away from me. From coast to coast, I’ll remain loyal to you. What we share, I cant share with another. Our dreams are beautiful than the Disney land, they make me wanna keep dreaming with you. I love you.
  • I’ll run till I catch you and hold you tight till you don’t wanna leave. You unseated loneliness in my heart and sat on the throne of love. I didn’t want to fall in love but you gave me no choice. You’re worthy to be showered with love. You’re the brightest of all the shining stars and the reason I’m happy. You can never break my heart cause joy is the only thing you’re capable of giving me. I dream of you both night and day and I love you each second of the minute. I love you, sweety.
  • Loving me has given me the mandate to love you endlessly. You’re the reason behind my, courage. You’re the most fascinating creature on earth. I’ll never spare a minute without telling you how much I love you. I can’t reply you in anger, love is the only language I’ll speak to you. I love you so much it shows. I’m proud of the way I feel about you. The snow is white, because of the purity of your heart and love is red because of the colour of your heart. I love you, darling.

Sweet Long Messages for Her

Sweet Long Messages for Her also available for your lover.

  • I’ll never be far away from you. My heart keeps me near you because without you I cannot breathe. Your thought gives me joy and my bed has become my favourite spot cause that is where I reminiscence about you. Let’s travel the world together and let’s conquer our fears together. As a perfect duet, we’ll make the best love characters in the world. You and I will teach the world what true love feels like. I’ll cover your shame, trade your broken wings and keep your dignity. Look into my eyes and see how I feel for you.
  • The world isn’t a safe place for you, that’s why I’ll rather keep you in my heart. Let’s swim in the ocean of love from coast to coast. Tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you. Show me how you feel and I’ll be mesmerized by it. We didn’t build love but love built us into a great soul. You’re my soulmate and I’ll never trouble your spirit. You’re my morning, noon and night. You own the power of the sun and you own the key to my heart. If I wronged you, I’ll not fail to apologize and if you wronged me I’ll forgive you before you ask. I love you.
  • I’ll be your angel when you’re stranded. If your lips are dry, I’ll wet them with kisses and when you’re lonely, I’ll keep you company with tight hugs. The world is made for us and I was made for you. I can’t love you less than I love myself but I’ll love you more than you love yourself. Take it from me, you’re the joy of the whole world because you bring light to the earth. Let’s always greet each other with a smile for from your smile I draw my joy and happiness. I love you all day.
  • I may not be good at many things but I’m a pro in loving you and showering you with tenderness and sweetness. I can conquer the world for you and I’ll give you the price. You’re the reason I’ll wish to come to the world again. My secret is known to you because you know my strength and my strength is in your love. If the world turns against me, my breaking point will be when you leave my sight. I dream to be yours and yours only and I dream you’ll be mine forever. I’ll love you in all time.
  • Show me your flaws and I’ll miss it, show me your perfection and I’ll cherish it. I’ll cave you in my heart. Whenever you walk by me, I feel so complete inwardly. I’ll shut down the town just so you could walk freely. Many ladies are in the world but you stand out with everything you’ve got. Whether you are breathing or not, I’ll always love you, whether you’re sleeping or not I’ll always guide you. I’ll not make little of your love, I’ll build my whole world on it. I love where we’re heading to.
  • If I wanna leave, what I feel keeps pulling me back. Nobody loves better than you do. The beauty of loving you has left me decorated in royals. I’ll splurge and eat with you all day long on the high table. Your voice has a usual warmth that is void in this world, you’re simply one of a kind. You taste like a carrot juice, you’re irresistible. Your grace makes me worship the ground you walk on. Your words ring in my heart, they make my heart sink in joy. If I love you today, then, I’ll love you forever.
  • Love is the most beautiful feeling. Indescribable since ages. Faithful to the ones who have been lucky to find it truly, heartbreaking for the ones who were jilted by it. My dear sweet, throughout our years together, I promise to hold your hands every day, kiss you on your lips to tell you it’s fine. Your wishes will be my command and your happiness my responsibility. I love you to the moon and back. We’ll grow old together but our love will be new every day.
  • I’ll love you like I’ve never been hurt. I’ll make you feel good like life has never been bad. It pays to be in love with you. I’ll give the only love I have in me to you. I’ll show you that my smile belongs to you, that my loyalty is with you and my dream is about you. I would fly a plan just to reach you faster, I’ll adorn you with the finest things in life. Because of you, I’ll make my life about love and whenever you say you love me I’ll fall in love with you all over again. My love, never listen to naysayers.
  • When I was selfish, your love made me a cheerful giver, when I was insecure, your love made me feel confident and when I was bitter your love made me the sweetest guy. I owe my sweet personality to you. Love is powerful, love is transformative and love is beautiful. All these I realized the moment I fell for you. Our love has become everything to me, I find solace in loving you, I find peace in loving you and I find unspeakable joy in loving you. I can’t get enough of you.
  • I love you today, I’ll love you tomorrow and I promise to love you forever. If you came first today, I’ll cheer for you and whether you come last tomorrow I’ll cheer you up. My love, with you, my world is hopeful, with you my world is strong and unconquerable. I believe in you and I. Our future has become the brightest all because we found love in a hopeless place. I’ll save you with my life, my love for you is unconditional. We’ll storm the weather together.
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Long Love Text for Girlfriend

Romantic Long Love Text for Girlfriend to make her blush.

  • My eyes wait to see you every day like a watchman waits to see the morning. The light in your eyes when you smile brings serenity into my world. Many are the women who have come by, but none is like you, my love. Many are those who claimed to love me but none has ever served their love to me as you do. Even more, are those who want my heart but I choose to love you instead cause, it’s you or no one else. It’s you my heart longs for so steadfastly.
  • The way you make me feel is a feeling I desire, for the rest of my life. The more I have you by my side, the more I want you. It is like the savour of a new wine, I wish to take it until I’m drunk. My heart was meant to steal yours away. My nostrils were meant to inhale the smell of your skin. I wanna breathe in the air you take, I wanna walk on the path of love with you, wherever it leads us, had better be eternity together. My world is you, and you are my world.
  • Who can ever take your place? who can ever gladden my heart like you do? Who can ever make life worth living as much as you do? You know who else but you? No, not one but you! You are the reason why each morning is beautiful and full of hope. You are the reason why I want this heart of mine to keep on beating! It’s all for you, baby. I just want you to know that you rock my world and I love you greatly. Can’t say any more than this.
  • I promise to love you with my whole heart, to be dedicated to your happiness till death do us apart. It doesn’t matter what comes our way, it’s your love till eternity in my heart. I love you just the way you are! You need not be anything more or less. I just want us to grow gold together. Nothing beats a journey with your arms in mine. Nothing beats a dinner with you on the other side of the table. I pray that life is kind to us, so we demonstrate our love for each other in an ecstatic manner. All of my promises to you in the secret place, I am willing to make come true under the brightness of the sun. I love you, bae!
  • True love never dies, in my heart, you will live long as much as I live. If anything matters to me, certainly, not more than you do. If any dream matters to me surely, not more than a life with you. You are my world, I’ll say it as long as I can breathe. You are my life, I’ll love you as long as I can live. If you still don’t know what this means, it only implies that I love you!
  • If I said you are everything to me, it means you are the air that I breathe, the stars in my cloud, the light of my world, my hope of glory, my eternal joy and peace, you are my all in all! So, I ask that you journey this road with me, I’m certain it will be free of potholes and ditches cause, it’s a road that has never been plied before, and it’s a ride with you and me alone. I love you, Bambi.
  • No matter how much wealth and glory I accrue to myself, if I don’t have your heart within mine, then, I’ve lost the greatest of all treasures. You are the reason why gold is of no value to me cause, if I had you, I have all. You still are the reason why diamond is of great treasures to me cause, I work hard to make sure I adorn such jewel on you! I love you, my only one. In this garden of love, may we procreate more seeds of love, may the fruits we bear blossom forever. May the ship that carries our love never sink nor capsize with the turbulence of life’s storm. I love you!
  • Meeting more people every day just makes me realize one thing for sure, that I want no one else, nor need no one else but you. I travelled to the east still I found you to be the best, I travelled west, you came out distinguished, I plied through the north, realizing no one does it better than you do, even in the south, they tried but instead, I wanted you even more. My heart desires no one else but you, this, I have found out in my journey through the earth. Let’s make plans for our future already, cause it’s bright through the eyes of forgiveness, it’s colourful through the strength of our character. It’s unique through the beauty of our imperfections. I love you, sincerely.
  • It may be easy to fall in love, but it’s easier staying in love with you. Because the taste of your lips has captured my heart, the feel of your breath, have given life to me, the look in your eyes has eased me of the pain of loneliness. You made love possible for me, you made life worth living for me. If you didn’t come earlier, I’m sure I would have waited for you still cause, only you have the key to my heart. Only your tender kisses could’ve woken my passive heart. Only you will I love forevermore!
  • You turned my day into night cause, you brought an abundance of rest to my soul. However also, you twirled my night into a good morning, cause in you I found the hope of a better future. You spun my life around just by saying yes to me. Oh, how I bless your heart! The shape of your body reveals to my eyes the beauty of creation, the frame of your heart, uncovered to my heart the knowledge of love. If it weren’t for you, I’d be a blind man whose eyes could see, if it weren’t for you, I’d be an educated man who failed in the school of love. But for you, I can see and for you, I can love.

Long Love Notes for Your Girlfriend

Excite her with these fantastic Long Love Notes for Your Girlfriend.

  • Do not disappear on me, your love is all I desire. Do not walk away, my love, beside me, is where you belong. If you doubt my love, give it a try, if you trust my heart, never give up on it. All I want is you! My intention is to make you happy, my goal is a lifetime of happiness with you. My objective is to do right by you. Ever since I set my eyes on you, I knew I wanted them glued on you forever. The moment you spoke to me, I knew your voice is my redemption. I will waste no time in telling you that, I love you!
  • I wanna live on an island with you, protected from the intrusion of naysayers, an island of peace, with the serenity of our love flowing upon the waters. It’s not just a wish but it’s a dream I hope to make true with you, by building a home of peace filled with love, protected by the giant walls of trust, serenaded by my commitment all day and night. Baby, cause I love you.
  • I’m not the one to hold you by your wrong but I’m certainly the one to hold you by my love. I’m not perfect maybe that’s why I love you unconditionally. I’m not terrible which is why I’ll treat you right. However, I’m good at romance, more reason I’ll light you a candle with roses on our bedspread every night, I’ll write you a song telling you just how I feel. This and many more I’ll do just to make you happy. I don’t mind them as a routine cause you alone made the routine a hobby for me. I hope you make my dreams come true. I look forward to forever with you!
  • If Michael Jackson sang me a love song it may be such a pleasant melody but not as satisfying as your voice serenading me. If I ran from pole to pole, I’ll surely run back into your arms cause with you is where I’d rather be. In your love, I hope and in your love, I rejoice. In your heart, I want to be until eternity. Cause the simple fact of the matter is; I love you!
  • Blessed is the man who found love, within his heart is an island of peace and a fountain of joy. More blessed is the man whose love is reciprocated, happy he will live for evermore. How blessed I am cause I found me your heart! Happy I am cause you reciprocated such passion to me. I’m grateful for the time I lived without you cause, it made me realize what a difference you’ve made in my world. Now I know I don’t wanna live without you. I love you, baby!
  • I want you more than I can help myself. I’ll save you before I consider my safety. I’ll choose you first without a rethink cause, I’m sure the heavens made us one. I’ll give it all up to you if you opened your arms to me, I’ll show you greater things if you chose me amongst the many other men. I really love you, so much I’d bear your pain. It’s you my heart longs for, it’s you my tongue salivate for. It’s you all the days of my life. I’ll deceive you not, I’ll never try to hide my love from you cause, true love never has to hide.
  • When I’m stressed out, the thought of you messages through my heart to give it the comfort I long for. When my heart is gladdened I look forward to sharing the good news with you. When my future is beclouded with uncertainty, in your eyes I see an assurance of a better tomorrow. Each day with you is a day of joy. Each thought of you is a thought of peace. A future with you is the one I desire. So much joy, writing this to you.
  • You made me give love a try, I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to my ignorance. You turned a Casanova to a Romeo. You changed my world with the kiss you planted on my lips. You saved me with the words of your salvation. You embraced me with the warmth of your love. I’m happy, it was you! I’m happy that I needed to be saved, I’m glad, I needed redemption otherwise, it would have been a different love story. Fortunately, this is my favourite.
  • I never knew I had such capacity to fly until I rode on the wings of love, never knew miracles do exist, until you came along my way. Never knew falling was a gift, until I fell in love with you. Never knew I was such an angel until I saw how far I was willing to go for another human, which of course is you! Never felt true love existed until I found it in you. But now I know, it’s you or no one else.
  • Is there any other thing to be more proud of, other than loving you? I couldn’t celebrate any other goal except achieving forever with you. Is there a purer joy but the one you instil in my heart? Is there a better place to be than being in your presence? Indeed, I’ve tasted and seen that your love is the food for my soul, and strength for my weakness!

Long Paragraph for Girlfriend

You also check out these romantic Long Paragraphs for Girlfriend.

  • I’ll always be there for you through good and through trying times. I’ll always be the one ready to give you the embrace you long for, the cuddle you wanna rest in.
  • And my kisses? They are made for your pleasure, my bed? It’s yours alone to grace. My home I’ll live with you, my heart I give to you. All because I was made for you, my darling. My love believes in the impossible with you, will achieve the impossible for you cause you are my everything.
  • In your love will I delight even in anguish and pain. In your arms will I lay to find peace and comfort. My love will forever surround you like the high walls of a city. Until I make you my wife and make a home for ourselves, I will not rest. Let it please you to love me, let your heart delight in mine. Let your skin await my breath. Sure, it profits me nothing to gain the treasures of the north, south, east and west without you by my side, because in you lie my joy and peace.
  • With all my strength have I desired your love all through the night, with vigour, have I awaited your love in the early morning. I hope that the stars lead you straight into my home someday, I hope the sun shines upon our love every day. On you, I bestow my love, liken it to rain watering a plant. To you I give my heart, liken it to a friend giving up an organ for another. I love you truly. You are whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. There’s no doubt about that.
  • How have the heavens blessed me! I asked for a lover but in you, I’ve found a friend and a partner for life. Your smiles mean the world to me, your breath brings life to me, your speech endows salvation to my soul. If I could love you in a million of ways, I’ll do it. If you want me a thousand times, I’ll be there for you. I take no pride in shying away from you. Thank you for the peace, thank you for the joy. Sometimes, it’s indescribable but your love is the essence of my being.
  • I want you to be the first to wish me a happy birthday, I wish you’ll be the first to say congratulations to me. I desire your voice to be the last greeting me a good night, so I can have a happy sleep every night eluded by nightmares and turbulence. I want you to be my first and last, cause you matter a great deal to me. But for your love, I could not be me, but for it, I couldn’t be at peace. I love you deeply and will forever be true to you as the sun is to the earth.
  • There are two cardinal responsibilities I have come on earth to bear. One is to love you and the other is to spend my life with you. These I hope to fulfil so the gates of heavens are opened unto me on the last day. Nothing on earth matters to me than the love we share, nothing else is more comforting than the look in your eyes. When I stare into them, I see a future brighter than the beautiful sun, when I see you walking up to me I see a life partner in whom I am well pleased.
  • I feel as if my eyes have just seen for the first time in my life. Because sighting you was like making blind eyes see. I wish to share my breath with you, I wanna take in the oxygen you take and breath out the air you breathe. You are my light and my life. I’ll call upon you day and night, I hope to hear you answer my call. I’ll wait for you every morning, I wish you’ll be there for me. With you is my comfort. Let’s do this again in the afterlife.
  • Maybe you don’t know it yet, maybe you haven’t heard it still, maybe you haven’t seen it, but there’s a love that is true and that love lies in the core of my heart. There’s a man who loves you so much and that man is me. There’s a woman I love so much and that woman is you. I wanna take you as my wife. I wanna promise you “I do.” Let our love win, let our hearts guide us to the path of light. I’ll dedicate all of my life to loving you. It’s you I want, and the only one I need.
  • When I’m silent, search through your heart to hear me say “I love you.” When I speak, listen carefully to how my heart beats, cause there you’ll know you are the giver of my life. Everything is beautiful with you inside of it. When you are with me I feel like I have conquered the world. Your smile inspires me, your character amazes me, your beauty leaves me speechless. You mean the world to me.
  • I wouldn’t ignore you just to watch a football match, I’ll rather stare at you without blinking. I wouldn’t leave you behind when walking in the street caused by my side is where you belong. I’ll protect you from the storms of the sea, I’ll shield you from the arrows by the day. I’ll be your armour when I cuddle you. I’ll be your Romeo with my heart. I just wanna love you, baby, because I do love you with my whole heart!
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Long Text for Girlfriend

Make her feel loved and valued with these Long Texts for Girlfriend.

  • I do not write to thrill you as a great writer, nope! Howbeit, I write to make you understand the depth of my love for you. My love for you is eternal, it is deeper than the oceans of life. I’ll be more faithful than Romeo was to Juliet, I’ll fight for you than Lancelot did Guinevere. It’s not just a saying it’s an assurance. Another legendary love story is about to be told to the world, it’s fulfilling knowing we both are the main actors of these peculiar love characters. You are the one I sought for carefully, now that I found you, I’ll keep you with all my heart and strength. I love you, sweetheart.
  • There are many girlfriends in the world but I’m glad you I call you mine. There are many men who are called boyfriends, I’m delighted that I am yours. Ever since I met you, every mountain became plain, every storm became a cool breeze to bask in. You gave me an overwhelming feeling of passion, one that sees no impossibilities, one that keeps no record of wrongdoing. It’s almost as if this passion is without faults, tintless and steadfast. Nobody does it better than you do, no feeling is more rewarding and effortless than the one we share. I love you to the moon and back.
  • Because you love me, I can say life is beautiful. Because you cherish me, I can say life is worth living. Because you are by my side, I know the future is certain and bright. Because you are who you are, I can be myself for you. Because you look good in your smiles, I just wanna be the reason behind it. Because you just know how to make my heart skip for you, I ask that you journey forever with me. Because you are the only one I want, I ask that you choose me at all times. Because it’s you I want to marry, I ask that you pick a wedding date also because I love you.
  • I don’t think I can get it right with describing you, cause your beauty is out of space. They say nobody is perfect, but I think you are the perfect one for me. They say true love is rare, however, you are more uncommon. I can’t get you out of my mind, but more than anything, you are stuck in my heart. You are my woman, you are my everything. You are the reason why I’m in love, you are the reason why I am a writer, you are the reason why I can’t say no. You are the reason why I don’t ever wanna give up. I love you, my darling.
  • The whole world can see me but, only you can see my heart. No matter how beautiful you look, your heart is more attractive to me. No matter how messed up you may think you appear under the scorching sun, you only call for my umbrella. I’ll be there for you and with you every season. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being at your beck and call. Whenever you are ready, I’m ready. I love you, baby!
  • Even though there are many fishes in the oceans, if my heart didn’t catch you, then I’ll be the worst fisherman ever. When you walk around with your head held high I feel so proud of you, when you look down while walking down the road, I feel humbled by your grace. You are the most precious being on earth. You matter to me more than I matter to myself. That’s why I’ll give my whole world to you cause truly, you deserve it. I love you, darling!
  • You ain’t just one in a million, you are once in a lifetime! I’ll treat every day like it’s your birthday. I’ll light your candles, get you your favourite type of cake to celebrate these two hearts that met on earth with the desire to spend eternity together. It’s such a great privilege being by your side. It’s a waste of time if I spent a second without you. I love you, baby.
  • Even when you get me angry, the thought of your smile melts my heart, the look on your face renders me powerless. You are my strength and my desire. Sure, nobody can come between us. Not anger or hate, not a fault nor imperfection, not any man or woman, not the sun by day nor the moon by night, not the stars nor the winds. I love you, greatly. Ours is unbreakable!
  • I don’t wanna spend the weekend with my buddies but with you, I don’t need a DJ cause, only you know how to make my heart leap for joy. Baby forever is my dream with you. Tell me just how you wanna spend this weekend with me, and I’m ready to make it a hit. To you, I’ll give my attention and my time. Anything else is a waste of time. Let’s do this together, time waits for no man.
  • There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t fight, for you. There’s no better queen for a king than you are for me. You bring out the best in me, you take away my blame, I feel like an angel. You take away my weaknesses, I feel like a superman. Let me be the best I can be for you, let me enjoy this ride with you till we get to the perfect destination. I’m sure there’s no end to this one I love you, truly.

Sweet Long Paragraphs for Her

Sweet Long Paragraphs for Her you can send to your girlfriend.

  • If your love were an ocean, I’ll carefully sip it so, it lasts a lifetime. If it were the stars in the sky, I’ll patiently count it so, I know the numbers of years we’ll spend together. Ever since I met you, I’ve dread a moment without you, ever since I kissed those pinky lips of yours, nothing tastes more delicious. I desire you more than the air I breathe, my daydream is full of your smiles inside of it and my nightmares have disappeared because of your love for me. For a moment I’ve asked myself, who am I without you? I am but a man without love. Oh truly, I love you.
  • There are only two ways that lead to my heart; the shape of your smile and the light in your eyes. You make me feel something so special and out of this world. Something so real but I can’t grip, it’s a substance but one I can only feel. I’ve questioned the essence of humanity without love, only for you to bring unto me the good tidings of finding love again. I’m most grateful, however, that I found it with you. I love you more than my words can say!
  • I promise an unwavering support to your dreams, I promise you the home of your fantasy. I may not be a magician, but I’ll make your wishes come true. I may not be Santa Claus but I’m coming to town with a reward for you. I may not be a doctor but I promise to heal all your pains. My love for you is timeless, it is blind to a fault. It is forever yours!
  • We have what I believe is a definition of true love. What then is true love? True love is you! True love is the feeling of peace you give to me just by looking straight into your eyes, it is the butterfly in my tummy when I hear your name, it is when my heart skips seeing you from afar, it is an unspeakable joy of your lips rubbing against mine. It is the fulfilment of having you by my side all day long. True love is the reason why I write you this. True love is what I feel for you, my love.
  • Like most humans on earth, I dreamed of finding “the one” someday. But luckily for me, I found you on a good day. Ever since then, there has been no gloomy day, your love took that away with loneliness. I’ll campaign for your love in the heavens, I’ll ask the Father to join me with you, cause I’ve tasted and seen you mean everything to me. There’s no greater sorrow than losing a jewel as you. There’s no greater joy than resting in your arms every day. I love you in such an unquantifiable manner.
  • I got the impression we were made for each other cause, ever since I found you, I found peace. There is no fear with you by my side. There is no mountain high enough I can’t climb. There is no trial I can’t win just by the inspiration of your smile. This isn’t my first time in love, nevertheless, it is the last I wanna be caused, with you is where I’d rather be. Yours in love!
  • As old and potent as a myth, my love is true to you. You took me from agony to ecstasy, you changed my life in a split of a second. Love for sure isn’t for the faint hearted, though it’s journey you’ve revealed all my strength to me. No matter how hard it may be sometimes to tell you “I love you” your smiles will get the words out of my lips. No matter how much I wanna be mad at you, your kisses sure will soften my heart. So, if you wanna hear me say those words, smile more to me, and if you wanna soften my heart, my lips are yours to kiss.
  • For me to rejoice, I need to see you smile first, for me to endure its cause, I don’t wanna see you suffer, for me to stand in the rain, it’s cause, you are out there all alone, for me to enjoy love songs its cause, I’m in love with you. For me to wanna dance, it’s cause you’re in my arms, for me to wanna sleep, it’s cause you are laying by my side. For me to close my eyes, it’s cause I see you in the dark. I love you, angel.
  • I’m selfish with your love, I just want it all for my self. I remember the first time you told me that you love me, it felt like an end has come to every impossibility in my world. I felt like the most accomplished human on earth. I may not have been the genius who created the light, but I think I’m better a genius unlocking your heart to me. It’s a dream I’m glad came true. It’s an achievement I’ll forever hold dear to my heart. I love you, darling.
  • Come on this journey of love with me, I guarantee you will hate to reach the end. Fortunately, It’s not a brief one, it’s a special one that lasts forever with me and you alone in the ride. I assure you, it’s one of the most conducive and fascinating journeys ever. During its course, we may pass by the dark bushes, worry not, for I carry the most brilliant light with me, and that light is you! We’ll never run out of fuel, cause my love is a fountain that never dries. I love you, truly.