Latest Tuesday Morning Prayers and Messages

Each day has its own significance to us individually and there are certain things set out to do at the dawning of each day.

Isn’t that right?

Tuesdays are the third day of every week and you and I have all the reason to thank God for His faithfulness and love over us. It is as well important to place every of our journey before the Lord and trust Him for abundance of mercy in all we do according to His purpose for us even in the year 2019 and beyond.

That’s right.

Then search through this list of the latest Tuesday morning prayers to pray for yourself and also share with those lovely ones of yours.

I believe you will be happy you came across this not in boasting but in the mercy and grace of God.

Let’s move on!

Good Morning Tuesday Messages with Prayers

It’s going to be another Tuesday with whatever you make of it. For your friends, lover and family members, sharing some Tuesday morning prayers and Messages could be all they need to make a significant difference. Send it to your special friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and every other special person in your life.

  • O Lord God Almighty, I appreciate all Your goodness and Your loving kindness towards me and my family, I give You all the glory. It’s another Tuesday, Lord, I commit myself before You this day that as I go out to do my daily work, let Your mercy go with me, and Your strength come upon me that I may become victorious both in Your will and in the work you have given to me. Thank You, Father, for answers to prayer.
  • Everlasting Father of all graces and favour, I humbly beseech Your mercy and entreat Your favour that as I step out today, being a Tuesday, may I never stray away from the covering of Your love and kindness. Thank You, Lord.
  • Gracious Lord, I thank You for Your guidance over me and my family always. I place myself before you this day that as I go out, Your eyes shall guide me and see me through all I do according to Your will. May I return home safely.
  • Thank You Lord for Monday, I am really grateful. May today be a blessed day for me. May I find Your favour and kindness.
  • May all my experiences today be a joyful one. May sadness and sorrow not find expression in me and through me.
  • May the sun not smite me by the day nor the moon by night. May Your guidance be over me throughout today and beyond.
  • O Lord of mercy I commit myself before You that You deliver me from all fears and darkness. May I experience freedom in Christ.
  • O make today a blessed day for me, Lord and make me fruitful unto all good works in Christ Jesus. Thank You Father for today.
  • I entreat Your favour O God that today being the third day of the week, may I find favour in the sight of God and man. Bless me and keep me.
  • O Lord I commit myself and all that belongs to me, both my family and my friends that You shall shield us and preserve us from every form of evil. May we not be victims of evil occurrences. Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy.
  • Eternal Father of Lights, all glory and honour to Your name on high for Your wondrous works in my life. I once again beseech Your mercy that as I go out today, O direct my footsteps in Your word and guide me in all my ways.
  • May Your light brighten my path today. May Your word be as a lamp unto my feet.
  • Hey, best friend, it’s Tuesday again, we thank God for Monday and all He has done. I pray that your going out today shall be of peace and your coming in shall be of fulfillment in God plans for your life. Enjoy your Tuesday, dearie. Good morning to you.
  • Nothing shall be of hindrance to you today on the journey of your achievement. May you receive the grace to journey safely today. Good morning friend.
  • As this day dawns, may your going out and coming in be safe. Goodness and mercy of God shall follow you all through.
  • May the favour of God be expressed in all you do today according to His expectations of us. May the grace be made sufficient for you.
  • May you be strengthened to do all your day’s job successfully. Happy Tuesday!.
  • The arrow that flies by noon shall not be targeted at you. Good news shall be all you will hear today and henceforth.
  • Today is Tuesday friend, all glory to God for life again. I pray that the mercy of God will bring you nearer unto the place of the fulfillment of His plans for your life. Always have faith and be positive. Good morning to you, sister.
  • May the light of God lighten up your life and cause you to increase in the knowledge of God. Have a lovely day ahead friend.
  • As you step out this Tuesday, may your life speak of the glory of God. May you be blessed bountifully on all sides. Good morning, darling.
  • It is by the power of God that night becomes day and day turns to night. May the Lord turn all your sorrows to become a success story. Happy lovely Tuesday.
  • May you be filled with joy unspeakable, blessings unlimited and good health. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
  • As this day breaks, may you also break forth into greater things that God has put in place for you by His mercy. May your life experience newness all through. Good morning to you.
  • As this new day dawns, every old thing in your life shall be done away with by the mercy of God. Your life shall be filled with new things. Happy Tuesday witnessing!
  • May this day be a remarkable day in your life. May you come across the benefactor that the heavens have put in place for you. Blessings galore! Happy Tuesday!
  • All things are in the hands of the Creator. He controls all. May you not stray away from His control this day and beyond. Your life shall continually be under His leading. Stay focused on Him till the end. Have a blessed Tuesday.
  • As the light of the sun brightens the morning. I pray that the light of God shall brighten your life and cause your life to be an expression of God’s grace.
  • Hello cute brother, how was the night? I believe it was good. May this Tuesday morning set your feet on the path of greatness. May the mercy of God speak for you everywhere you find yourself.
  • As you wake up this Tuesday morning and you set out do your day’s work, may you dwell in abundance of good things. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
  • As the days progress and the years increase, may you be granted grace to progress in every good thing. May your life never experience stagnation of any form. I love you so much, cousin. Happy Tuesday!
  • Lord, You have made us witness yet another new day in good health and position. You bless us with a beautiful family even lovely friends. All praise to Your mighty name. As we go out today, may we not fall victim of unfavorable conditions but Your favour shall be as a shield around us and for us. Thank You for always hearing us.
  • Lord Jesus, I thank You for all You have done and all You will yet do. I pray that You will perform wonders in the life of this beautiful friend of mine and heal her of all her infirmities. May she experience wholeness in her body. Happy Tuesday to you, beauty.
  • May the Lord give His angels charge over you to keep you in all His ways. May you not fall prey of the tactics of the devil. Today shall be blessed for you. Have a wonderful Tuesday!
  • Happy Tuesday to you dear, may you be favoured among all odds. May your life be a testimony of good things. Have a great tuesday ahead.
  • As the day breaks, may you break forth into awesome experiences that will emanate into a great blessing in your life. Good morning and a happy tuesday!
  • Everlasting Father, we thank You for this brand new day. I pray that you, friend that you shall move forward in life. There shall not be any form of backwardness in your life. Happy tuesday to you.
  • Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life today. Thank You for the endlessness of Your love and Your mercy. O let this day be a remarkable day of greatness in my life. Thank You for answers to prayers.
  • We are alive today, only by Your grace O God. May God strengthen you and keep you all through the day. May your night be restful. Good morning and a happy tuesday to you.
  • As you step out this tuesday, may you not step into calamity. May your feet be guided in the ways of the Lord. Blessings shall come your way. Good morning.
  • May this day bring to you good things and may everything you lay your hands on be blessed bountifully. Have a blessed tuesday.
  • Abundantly shall your investment be and bountifully shall your reward be. You shall know no lack today and beyond. Happy tuesday.
  • May this particular tuesday be a remarkable one in your life. May you come in contact with the blessing heaven has set in place for you. Amen. Good morning to you.
  • As today dawns, and the sun sets, may your journey throughout today be secured in the mercy of God. May you find the peace of God. Wake up, dearie. Happy tuesday.
  • May the goodness of God locate you today. May this day be recorded as a blessed remarkable day for you. Have a wonderful week ahead.
  • The blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow which is from the Lord shall find you today. Gladness and happiness shall be your portion. Good morning friend. Happy tuesday.
  • May you never fall, victim of evil circumstances, this day. You shall be secured by the mercy of the Lord. Good morning to you.
  • Go out in peace today and you shall return in peace and fulfillment. Happy tuesday!
  • Your going out today shall be guarded by the angels of the Lord. Bad news shall not be heard of you. Enjoy your day darling. Happy tuesday.
  • This day being the third day of the week and henceforth, you shall no know sorrow but peace shall be the banner of your camp. Go with this assurance in the Lord. And have a blessed tuesday.
  • As you wake up this tuesday morning, may you be awakened to the treasures of the earth. May all you do today according to the will of God for your life yield bountifully for you. Have a blessed week ahead.
  • Waking up is only by the grace of God. May this grace of God be made sufficient for you in all you do today according to His purpose for your existence. Enjoy your day darling. Good morning.
  • Blessings, joy, peace, increment in wealth, good health, love and the salvation of the Lord, all these shall be your portion. Good
    morning friend. Happy tuesday.
  • You may be wondering why I am sending this to you, friend. Don’t think of it at all. I felt I should send you this on this day. As you go out today, you shall encounter with the goodness of the Lord and His mercy shall speak for you in all ways. Have a blessed tuesday and a wonderful week.
  • May all your labour today find favour even to bring you a sweet savour of blessings. This is my prayer for you dear. Good morning and have a lovely tuesday.
  • Everywhere you step your feet into today, may you find favour and the kindness from all. The day shall be blessed for you. Good
    morning to you brother.
  • In whatever situation, may you never be a prey to the scheme of man and of the devil. The guidance of the Lord shall be sure over you. Ensure to be obedient. Have a
    great day darling. Good morning.
  • Regardless of the things around that makes it look impossible for any miracle to happen. I want you to know that we serve a living God. May your miracle not by pass you by today. Have a lovely tuesday.
  • The presence of the Lord shall go with you wherever you go to according to His precepts which He has laid down. May you not stray from His presence. Be obedient dear.
  • As you wake up this morning, ensure to do all things according to the commandments of the Lord and you shall eat the fruit of the land. The Lord shall bless you tremendously today.
  • May your testimony be secured. May you never be denied of the blessing the Lord has put in place for you. Make sure you are always thankful.
  • As you go on your journey towards the day’s job. May you do all successfully. May all your labour be rewarded bountifully. Have a great day ahead.
  • May the mercy of the Most high God find you today, may you be located by the blessing He has set in place for you today. Get yourself prepared, friend, you shall be blessed today. Be thankful and walk in the fear of God. Good morning darling. Happy tuesday!
  • The stresses of yesterday being monday, was indeed tedious and wearisome. May you be granted strength to overcome that of today and beyond. May the blessings of the Lord come upon all you do according to His will. Do have a blessing packed day. Good morning.
  • Lack shall be far from you and you shall experience no need. May the goodness and mercy of the be with you always to bring you into abundance according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Be obedient, dearie. Have a wonderful week.
  • May all your heart desires in the will of God be granted to you today and this week. May you never be filled with sorrow and pain. Happy tuesday, friend.
  • May you be treated more special today and even from this tuesday on. For you are a special friend. I love you so dearly, friend. Happy tuesday!
  • Good morning handsome friend, how was the night? I pray for you today that in the grace of God, may every of your sweat today commensurate into sweet reward for you. More grace, darling. Happy new tuesday!
  • May the grace and mercy of God single you out for favour, kindness and greatness. May your life be an expression of God’s grace. Have a lovely tuesday. Good morning
  • May it be well with you, everything that belongs to you and everyone that surrounds you. Go in peace for it is well!
  • This day, the third of the week. May it be said of you that your story changed for good. Always be appreciative darling. God loves you. Good morning.
  • May you always be in happiness. Sorrows and troubles shall be far away from you. Have a wonderful week ahead.
  • May the Spirit of the Lord guide you in all of His ways. May darkness not find expression in you. Enjoy the day darling. Good morning to you.
  • This day and henceforth shall be filled with peace and joy for you. Blessings shall fall on you. Go out with this assurance in the Lord. Good morning and have a blessing packed tuesday.
  • More than the blessings of Monday, may today’s blessing be so bountiful and remarkable. This is my prayer for you, love. Have a great day ahead.
  • May the Lord guard you and protect you from all evil and darkness. May His light be your companion. Remember to yield to His commandments. Good morning, friend. Have a lovely tuesday and blessed week.
  • Each day has its own blessings and burdens. Joys and calamities. I pray that the ‘first ones’ shall be your portion today and every other days. Good morning!
  • All thanks to the Lord Almighty for His faithfulness over us always. He gave us the gift of life today again, adoration to His holy name. I pray for you today darling friend, that you shall be granted grace to remain steadfast in Him always. May you not deviate from His statutes. More strength and
    liveliness! Good morning.
  • Good morning to you this tuesday. May this day spring forth for you her blessings and her treasures. May you be granted the mercy to receive them in abundance. Have a blessed day.
  • Glory and adoration to you mighty God for yet another wonderful tuesday. May this day be remembered for good in my life. May it be the birthing of greater things in me from You. Bless my going out and my coming in. Thank You, Lord.
  • May every drum you beat today sound beautifully. May every line you draw be of great attraction of blessings. This day shall be blessed for you. Remain blessed darling. Good morning to you.
  • Father Lord, it’s Tuesday again. We commit all of our day’s works into Your care from the smallest of it to the biggest, we beseech Your mercy that You take total and complete charge of them all. For we know that they shall all be successful. Thank You, Father.
  • May you not be deaf to the speakings of the Spirit of God in you today and henceforth. May you be given discerning Spirit to know all things. Go in peace darling. Good morning to you.
  • May your tree be bent beneath the weight of the wind and mercy of God. May you not be ignorant of the leading of the Spirit today and beyond. Have a great day ahead.
  • This day is a unique day that the Lord has set aside for you and you will rejoice and be glad in it forever. Good morning, lovely Mum.
  • May the mercy of God make a way for you today even when it seems impossible to man. It is possible with God. Just believe, darling sister. Good morning.
  • May the day ends with a song of rejoicing for you. This is my prayer for you, dearie. Have a wonderful day. Good morning.
  • Dearest brother, it’s my prayer for you this day that the favour and kindness of God shall be expressed in you. And you shall be highly favoured among your mates. Good morning cutest brother, have a great day.
  • As you unleash yourself into the day, may you be encountered with heavenly blessings and your happiness shall not be cut short. Good morning beauty.
  • Hello lovely cousin, may merriment and happiness not cease from your heart. Today shall be an additional day of merriment, happiness and joy for you. Good morning, my beautiful cousin. Happy tuesday!
  • May you be given the wisdom that will outsmart the tactics of the enemy against you today. The Lord shall be with you, darling dad. I love you so dearly. Good morning sir. Have a lovely tuesday and a wonderful week.
  • As you go out today, it is my prayer for you dearest sister that the Lord shall go before you, with you and be after you. May you return home peacefully and fulfilled. Good morning to you, dearie.
  • I speak on your behalf before our Creator, Lord God Almighty that every mountain of sorrows and hills of confusion before you shall be made levelled and as the dust. Good morning, sweetest love. I cherish you so much. Have a blessed tuesday.
  • May God help you in focusing on the significant things to do and assist you in taking off your concentration on the things that are of not significant. More precision shall be granted to you. Good morning sweetest sister.
  • May you be helped by God to find the blessings encompasses by every problem and trouble. May you find grace to endure to the end. Do have a pleasant day, beautiful sister.
  • Not just today, darling friend but every day of your life. You shall be blessed and favoured on all sides. Good morning dearest nephew…
  • May your strength be renewed for today’s job. May all your labour be successful and yield bountifully.
  • May you be under the watch of the Lord and the eyes of the Lord shall be over you. Good morning my charming brother.
  • May the Lord keep you and make His face to shine upon you. May His lift up Hus countenance on you and be gracious unto you. Do have a wonderful day ahead darling. Good morning, cute and charming brother.
  • May this day be a day of great achievement for you. More progress and speed for you in all your endeavours according to the will of God. May this week be blessed for you.
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