Islamic Messages About Life, Inspiration & Hard Times

Islamic Messages: Allah has created us. Allah has written in the Quran how we should live on earth. In this worldly life, we should follow the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). We all should have a religious mind. We should believe Allah and his meeting. Then we can hope to go to Jannah. Here are some Islamic messages which are very important for our daily life. These Islamic messages in English are good to share with friends as well as very motivational for hard times. Read to get inspired and share with your close ones to help them lead a peaceful life.

Islamic Messages In English

All the things you have in this life are temporary. Only your work is permanent. Do a lot of good work to make Jannah your permanent address.

You feel empty? Pray and cry to ALLAH. Tell him all the problems you have. You will have more than you imagine.

Allah wants us to pray to Him. He can do anything. So pray from the bottom of your heart. Allah will help you.

Don’t delay to do any good work. You don’t know which actions will lead you to Jannah.

If you do something only to please Allah, you will surely get the good reward. None of any good work is worthless.

Islamic Messages About Life

Your life is precious because Allah has created you who also created this beautiful universe. Allah knows what is best for us. So the way you are living now is perfect.

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No matter what how much wealth one may have, if his life is without Allah, the life is worthless.

If Allah wills, He can change your life in a moment. Our life is on his hand. Never give up! Allah loves us. No matter what how much sin we do, how many times we disobey Him, if we repent to him He will forgive us.

In Islam every life is important. There is no difference between white and black, short and tall, poor and rich. We all are the slave of Allah. We are the same.

Allah has created countless things to make our life comfortable. Why can’t we be grateful to him? If we are grateful to him, Allah will give us more.

Inspirational Islamic Messages For Hard Times

When you suffer for your sadness and loose, remember your sins are wiping out and you are getting saved from hellfire. ALLAH always knows what is best for you.

After every hard time, you will find happiness. It is Allah who is controlling your life. He gives you fresh air to breath, good and sweet water to drink, fine fresh fruits to eat. How can you be sad?

If you don’t taste a hard time how can you know the value of a good time? We face trials to think about our happy time. Not only that you can know others pain also. That will make you humble.

Allah sometimes tests us to make us stronger. To make us the better person. Your entire thoughts will be changed and you can feel the truth of this life. You will be a mature person. So in hard times learn from that.

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If you are in a hard time, just be patient! Allah will solve your problem in a way you can’t even know. Just believe and pray.

Islamic Messages For Friends

Dear, always make Allah your best friend. You can easily tell him about your problem and secret things. You will never regret because your friends can leave you. But Allah will be with you every time.

You may have many good friends. But who always pushes you towards Allah and makes you stop to do a sin, remember he is a diamond in your life. You are that diamond in my life.

If you have a friend who fears Allah, you can trust him. He will never leave you in your hardship.

A pious friend is very important to boost your Imaan. Because he will always tell you about Allah and his command. He will not gossip or backbite. So make friends like that.

Touching Islamic Messages

If you live your life according to Quran and hadith you will feel peace in your mind.

Allah gives us all the things we need. We disobey him frequently. Yet he gives us all the things. How merciful He is.

You may have done a lot of sins. But your one drop of tears can wipe them all!

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prayed for you, cried for you. He will pray for you at the Day of Judgment. Isn’t it great?

We live for Allah, we will die alone. So fear and obey Allah. Not people.

Why are we living in this world? What is our purpose? Are we here only to eat and increase our family generation? We Muslims believe that our life is a test. We are here only to worship our Creator. Those are some Islamic Messages to make your mind relax. Islam is never difficult to follow. It is we who make it difficult. ALLAH always loves us. He is always with us.

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