I Love You So Much Baby Messages and Quotes

Love! One word that evokes different emotions in people. It renders some speechless!
This is exactly what Don Williams of blessed memory described in one of his songs titled “Senorita”.

If you express your love for someone but you aren’t loved in return, the pain is understandable. But if you don’t have the courage to let that person know; that’s more painful.

Truth is that love is an unfathomable phenomenon.
But we’ve provided you with 120 ways, with just the right words, to get into that special person’s heart.

Romantic I Love You So Much Baby Messages

These are the Best Romantic I Love You So Much Baby Messages you can send to your lover.

  • If you’re this beautiful wearing a frown, I bet even the angels will stumble seeing you smile.
  • Thinking about the curves, edges and contours of your body make me wanna apologize every time you hurt me.
  • Knowing you in the atmosphere of love
    Is something nothing can compare.
    My girl, you’re my share
    From above.
  • I’ve fallen in love with only two women my whole life: the first was you when we were just friends, the second is you now that we’re lovers.
  • Seems this relationship won’t work out. Well, just so you know, we’re starting a new one. I mean if it doesn’t work out with you then it won’t with any other girl.
  • They say love is wicked; I need your wickedness in my life.
  • I wish time knew love endures forever, it wouldn’t come in between us like this. I miss you!
  • This distance can’t overtake us because our love is faster than the speed of light.
  • The love trust brings is that which I have for you. You don’t have to fear deary, I’ll never be unfaithful to you.
  • Do we ever really get to understand love? No! But loving you is the closest to understanding it anyone can ever get.
  • My friends say I’m going insane because of you. Dunno how true that is though. What I know is that if sanity means not feeling this way for you, then I love being insane.
  • Let’s meet, hug, sit out, eat, play, go home and cuddle up into each other’s arm – no sex. I need all of you in my life, not just your body.
  • Your voice is so transparent that it feels like the recipient of your call can see your face; every nuance of the freckles, grimace and so smirk smiles are visible in your voice.
    One reason I always call you.
  • Growing up with lots of sisters made me think I knew everything about women. Then I met you. Damn! I know only a speck about your love-filled personality even after these years together – so, please I want to spend our eternity learning you. Will you marry me?
  • I know the trust issue is because he recurrently fed you lies to the point that even the truth comes across to you as a lie. But all I ask is that you trust and believe in me.
  • A capable wife who can find?
    My loveable hind,
    You’re one of a kind
    I’ll never change my mind
  • I’ll give you love to your fill. I’ll make you understand the power of a woman’s love. I’ll show you love that’s only second to God’s. Be my man.
  • If Romeo and Juliet were alive, by now, they’d realize that what they had was a preamble to love – you and I are the definition of love.
  • Time cannot wear God out, thus, there’ll be no such effect of wear and tear in our relationship if He is in it.
  • They say love is blind. I agree because even the blind can behold your awesomeness. In all its blindness, love still led me to you.
  • One day we shall part. When the rat kills the cat when the East meets the West when fire freezes and ice burns when beauty becomes the beast – that day we shall go our separate ways.
  • You’re my sunrise; waking me at first light, my sunshine through the day, my sunset in the evening and my moon; seeing me through the night. I love you with all love.
  • I neither can afford the latest car or take you to the best bar. But I can assure that my feelings for you are pure.
  • I want to be with you. You’re the kind of woman I’d give my all and a little more. Please say yes you’ll be my date.
  • We’re still far apart because you’ve not let go of your fears and let me in. Just give me the opportunity and you’ll see that though I’m now once a stranger, I’ll be twice your friend.
  • My love, I wish words could convey my feelings for you. Mankind is yet to develop a language that can do that. Not even a blending of all the major languages into one would suffice. I love you beyond human comprehension.
  • Morning love! I didn’t dream of you last night. No, instead I was with you throughout my dream – I dreamed you. You were my dream itself.
  • My darling wife, you know every marriage is dissolved when ‘Death do us part’. So please, let me be the first to woo you in advance: Will you marry me when we meet in the next life?
  • Love only meant a word to me before you came into my life. Now, it means my life itself. I never knew there’s another world of possibilities like this – thanks for bringing me here. Let’s stay here together forever.
  • With all the scary love stories I’ve heard of, it wouldn’t make sense to fall in love. But then, I did fall in love with you. You paint another story of love, a beautiful story. Thanks for showing me the completeness of love.
  • I’ve always wondered how two persons just come together in love. I found the explanation in you. They so much care about each other that one can’t function well without the other – that’s what keeps us together.
  • True love doesn’t exist; it’s created by two individuals willing to be together. True love is not a bed of roses; it’s a journey to happiness which requires tenacity and consistency.
  • We all have our past wounds, love heals. We all need someone to understand us even when we don’t understand ourselves, love does. We all have fears and worries, love reassures. You are love.
  • I pray the angels watch over you tonight. But I’m worried because you’re so loving and lovable that even the angel might fall in love with you.
  • Hello handsome! Remember that you’re my heart, don’t do anything stupid you wouldn’t want me to do okay? Love you!
  • Why is there never enough time to spend together but there’s a lot of it to be apart? Why does a day with you feel like just an hour but an hour without you feels like a day? I guess my heart is playing tricks on me.
  • I’m tired of those moments I have to suppress my affections due to fear of rejection. I’m done with being scared of unreciprocated feelings. So here I am, saying I love you and want you in my life.
  • When we first met, I was just going about my daily life. Nothing got my attention until you subconsciously stole my cares. I dunno how you got me swooning over you but I love it. I’ve learned to love you.
  • Basking in the cosiness of our love is the sweetest escape from life’s troubles.
  • You asked me to choose between you and my life; I said My Life and you got angry. If only you knew you’re my life.
  • Sorry doesn’t cut it, I know. I also know I’ve said more ‘Sorrys’ than Thanks, I Love You, Miss You. Even though these are what you deserve. Just this time and I’m done hurting you. Please!
  • I’m sorry that I had to hurt the allegiance I gave to this relationship! I still love you as much as I ever did.
  • The best apology is a changed behaviour. You can’t keep hurting me and be apologizing. I need to be reassured it won’t happen again. I forgive you though.
  • We’ve got to the point where you feel you can do just anything because you believe, after all, I’ll still forgive you, right? Someday, just someday, you’ll stop taking me for granted.
  • When we first met, the last thing I intended was to hurt you like this. Guess we can’t help hurting the ones we love most. I’m truly really sorry.
  • I’ll only be a living ghost if you decide not to forgive me. My life would cease. Please forgive me, my love.
  • I fell for her trick, not because you were insufficient but because I was stupid. You’re my completeness. Please don’t kill our love now that I need you most.
  • You’ve been an amazing person, my love. Though I can’t understand why you acted that way, I forgive you because I know we all make mistakes. I love you so much that peace eludes me if I don’t forgive you.
  • My love, please don’t give me that “I’m sorry” just to sweep this under the rug. I forgive you! But let’s sit and talk this out so it won’t repeat itself.
  • I’m running out of ways to apologize to you. It’s a good thing because it means I’ll hurt you no more when I exhaust them.
  • Some say Time and Love are opposites. But I disagree because time will prove my love for you.
  • The sweetest love story I know is neither Romeo and Juliet nor Jack and Rose. It’s you and me.
  • They ask what I see in you that I’m willing to die for you and I answered them that it’s what they can’t see in you that I see; love that can’t be compared.
  • ‎I love you so much so that not even death can do us part; it will just be like a long holiday without you.
  • ‎When people see how successful we are together, they can’t help but ask the secret. Our love speaks volumes about what a relationship should be about. I won’t trade you for anything in this world.
  • You’re so beautiful that no sane man would see you and not say ‘hi’. You’re so lovable that no sane guy would get to know you and not want more than friendship. Thanks for choosing me.
  • My Queen of hearts, I just want to say good morning and remind you that I love you. Let that keep replaying in your mind throughout today. Much Loves!
  • I’m pretty sure the angels usually scuffle during roll call for who’ll be in charge of watching over you each night. Tell them not to bother tonight, cos you’ll be in my arms through the night.
  • Serenity means nothing without you. Love is just a word when it’s not coming from you. Life without you in it is merely existing.
  • I want to lay by your side the night we wed. I want to lay by your side the moment you’ll give birth. And I’ll lay by your side the moment either you or I take the last breath. I love you.
  • I know you’re concerned about getting to know me but If you’d only give me the chance though I’m once a stranger, I promise to be twice your friend.
  • Feeling love for me is good. Saying you love me is better. But showing you love me is the best because words can’t express how much I love you.
  • You’ve captured my heart already. I can only hope it’s in safe hands.
  • You told me I’ve won your heart but that you’re worried if I’ll break it. Don’t worry love, not even the best heart surgeon on earth can treat your heart the way I will.
  • Love me for who I am. Who am I? I’m that person who truly loves you. Love me the I way love you.
  • ‎Your morning hugs are my motivation for the day. Your warm cuddle gives me the reason to keep living no matter the hurdles I face. Your smile sees me through the night. Your love gives me life.
  • If I could choose between you and me, I’d choose you over and over again because you’re me, and there’s no me without you.
  • Love is a fairy tale. It’s an illusion only fools revel in. I want to stay in this fairy tale with you. And I’ll keep on being that fool for you.
  • You take me back in time and into the future. But time seems to stop whenever we’re together; how do you do it?
  • The most interesting aspect of my feelings for you is that it wasn’t planned. You were the last person I ever thought I’d fall in love with; now you’re the first person I think about when the word love is mentioned.
  • I’m so jealous of our love that I can’t even pray for angels to watch over you. The women in Noah’s day were not half as beautiful as you yet those guys fell for them.
  • Loving you makes life worth living. I’ll love you now and in the life to come. I love you so much, baby.
  • I can’t explain how someone like you fell in love with me. Sometimes, it feels like this is all a dream. I love you with all my existence.
  • The power of true love is stronger than pride, race, social status or education. I love you irrespective of whether you feel I’m too good for you. Just reciprocate my feelings for you and our love will put us on the same pedestal.
  • That moment you first said “I love you” to me, I knew my life was enriched. You’re an embodiment of love: so much so that I can’t help loving you in return.
  • How did you do it? How did you break my defences? I was a rebel against love until you came into my life and made me love all there is to love. I love you.
  • Time and again I try to deny it. I try to tell myself that these feelings aren’t real, that I’m not in love with you; I try to fight this new reality. But I can’t seem to think straight unless it’s about you. I give up to love. I love you.
  • Sometimes, I wonder if all of me is even enough to love you with. That’s how much I love you. I want to love you more.
  • I’ve been scared of love all along. It seemed impossible to give my all to someone. I never believed anyone could understand and love me in return. Then you came along and made everything so easy. I won’t trade your love for anything.
  • My heart says it’s right. My friends say it’s risky. My head says it’s my decision. But in the end, my love says it’s you.
  • When there’s so many to choose from, it’s difficult to make a choice. It’s very easy to get distracted by flamboyance. But you see, my girl, you stand out. If you were a needle in a haystack, you’d still be easily found.
  • I took out time to reflect on my life before I met you. I still just can’t explain how I lived in such bland and dark place.
    You light up my world.
  • My dearest one. If I had to love again it
    would be you.
  • My world isn’t scared of crumbling because your love is its pillar, perpetually.
  • I get scared of looking into your eyes because I might just fall inside them.
  • How am I supposed to feel what you didn’t show? Even if I’m colour blind, I’ll see any green light you show me.
  • ‎They say women are a distraction to men but sincerely, my life took on real meaning when you came into it.
  • We’re so close that our hearts beat as one, literally. Love would be so unfair to take us apart. I really do love you.
  • Time and again, I sit back to reflect on the beauty you’ve added to my life. The unexplainable moments together, the purpose you put in me, the life you gave to our children. I’ll love you forever.
  • In moments like these, I just want to hold you close to my heart, lay my head on your chest and feel your reassuring heartbeats which remind me that you’re mine.
  • If I ever tell you I saw someone better than you, just know that it was in the movies. There’s simply no one like you.
  • My heart feels it and my body tells me that the chemistry between us is unexplainable. Let’s keep it that way, please.
  • I understand it’s not easy to hold down a stable relationship; lots of people can’t. But my promise to you is that as long as I’m alive and you’re willing to stay, nothing will separate me from you.
  • I believe Love without the creator is unclassified because God is love personified.
    Let’s put God first in this union and it will succeed.
  • Though I miss you Everyday,
    I still feel you from a thousand miles away.
    Like Celine Dion, my heart will go on.
  • I’m convinced you’ll love me for all of the time because you loved when I had no dime.
  • You’re the seal upon my soul,
    my one and whole.
    Like sea waves that don’t end,
    My Love for you will never bend
  • My love is not the kind that novels define on one page. It’s rather that which can endure even to the grave.
  • Your love feels like pure wool; soft and smooth. Just what I need in these rough patch I’m going through.
  • Who can find a capable wife? I have. My dear loveable hind, I’ll give you my time and spend my dime.
  • Even if I miss you for a whole year, it pales into oblivion the very moment I see you.
  • ‎I dunno how but you have such soothing effect on time. I can’t seem to get tired of you; I’ll never.
  • Some people wonder why the time spent with a lover always feels short. It’s because your heart beats faster. The faster the car, the shorter the journey.
  • Nostalgia doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel when I miss you. Come home please, come home already.
  • How can I tell you how much I miss you when there are yet no dictions able to capture the feeling?
  • Can I sincerely look you in the eyes and say I don’t care about you? I’d be the greatest liar to ever live. I love you!
  • Time seems to come in between us whenever we’re together. Why does it have to be so short? I need more it when I’m with you because I just can’t get enough of you.
  • I can’t believe we looked at each other eyeball to eyeball and lied that we didn’t feel the same way for each other. How wrong we were. I want you in my life.
  • ‎I used to think you were an angel. I used to think you were Godsent. Now I know you’re all these and even more. Thanks for proving your love for me. I’ll love you forever.
  • It’s been more than wonderful knowing you. I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is happier with you in it as my girlfriend. That’s why I believe I’ll be happiest with you as my wife. Will you marry me, please?
  • Sometimes, I really wonder what exactly I did to deserve a man like you. I keep trying to figure out whether I earned or deserved you; I definitely didn’t. You’ve brought so much love into my life.
  • A lot of persons have love handed to them on a platter of gold yet they take it for granted. Some have to toil to find love yet it eludes them. ‎I dunno how but love found me when you found me. I really do love you.
  • You’re almost too good to be true. How can so much sweetness be embodied in only one person? The way you treat me keeps me in love with you. Thanks for your love.
  • I learned something today. Although day and night are together, they still see things in different lights. Yet, they always follow each other; they never separate. With love, we can always learn to compromise on our individual preferences.
  • I want to love you so much that the mere thought of me will bring a smile to your face. And trust me, I’ll give you reasons to always think of me.
  • ‎I’ve written letters for you. But I won’t send them because the words cannot explain exactly how I miss you; I believe you deserve more than that. The words are almost meaningless compared to how I truly feel.
  • My queen of hearts. My pride. The only woman who truly makes me understand what it means to be a man. I know exactly why Adam couldn’t help but go poetic immediately he was given Eve. I just can’t even find the right words to explain how you make me feel but just know that you’re the flesh and bone of my life. I love you more than Adam loved Eve.
  • The fears of letting you into my life didn’t stop us. The cares of how we’ll make things work out shouldn’t deter us. The challenges we’ll face together will not separate us. I’ll love you throughout the duration of time.
  • I’m not asking for much. Neither can I offer you much. We’ll only hurt each other with unrealistic expectations if we want perfection. But we can be successful in love if we perfectly love each other’s imperfections.
  • People are quick to assume that they’re in love. It’s clearly because they don’t know what this love is. Like Faith, love is expressed in actions – consistent actions in accordance with the professed love. All these years together, you’ve taught me this. You’ve proven your love for me. And I’ll keep doing same.
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