Heartfelt Words to Express Feelings of Love

Love is an incredible feeling.

It is a fulfilling and adorable experience.

One of the most important human relations is the ability to have an affectionate and intimate connection with another person.

Although there are several ways to express love and its feelings, it is also not impossible to have difficulties in making the expressions atimes.

There are numerous ways in which we express, or want to express our love for another, but then, we have so many thoughts and emotions, that many of us struggle to put these expressions into words.

This collection of Heartfelt words to Express Feelings of Love will help you express how you really feel when words and other actions fail you

You will see that you can always find the right words that will denote your love to that special someone, so they can really know how you feel about them.

Words to Express Your Love for Him or Her

There’s someone out there you want to express how you feel about him or her to? Your crush, boyfriend or girlfriend (husband or wife)? These sweet romantic words to express feelings of love will do.

  • In this life and the one after, you’ll always be the world to me. My feelings for you are even more than I can express.
  • Within and without, if there’s anything I’m sure of, it’s the fact that I can’t live without you. You are my breath.
  • Seeing you every day is what I look forward to. You are like the rays of life and love to me.
  • My heart is closely knitted with yours. I just love loving you more than anything in the world.
  • You are the centre of my joy, the inspiration of my days. I am sold out to loving you.
  • Don’t mind me if I can’t express my feelings always, just always remember that I love you more than anything in the universe.
  • I want to give out all of my love for you and to you, I can’t imagine love without you.
  • I want to give out my life and love to you, I hope you’ll accept it?
  • You are my love story in refined terms.
  • Thinking of you is like listening to sweet music, I can’t ever get over it.
  • Sometimes, I wish my dreams at night will be centred around you. But then, I think I’m happier you’re a reality and not a dream.
  • You make me feel on top of the world right now, can I ask that it be so always?
  • I am reminded of you in everything I see, this is a unique feeling I want to share with just you.
  • You have shaped and fashioned me with this feeling so beautiful and true.
  • You are an amazing and awesome personality, no wonder my heart strolled and stick with you.
  • You are more of reality than a dream, you’re always a spark of hope.
  • You know, it doesn’t have to be about how much we’ve been together, it’s more of how much we’ve thought of each other.
  • Every new day gives me the opportunity to love and think of you in ways that I can’t even understand myself.
  • I was looking here and there for the right thing to say to you when we see but then, it struck me, no words can describe my feelings for you. You are just my super-best human.
  • How long have I known you? But then it doesn’t mean a thing. You’re just perfect for me.
  • I am different from who I used to be and that’s largely thanks to you.
  • You are all that I wish and want to be in love. You are a special and unique one always.
  • You have made me known what love is and all about.
  • You have shown to me the way to love perfectly and beautifully. I love that you’re mine.
  • I don’t want to lose you, reason I’m always checking on you and asking how you are.
  • You are more than a friend, the perfection of my heart bliss.
  • I want to be with you all days and to the end of everything, this will be my greatest joy.
  • Many times, my heart skips and I’m aware it is because I have you. You are more than a dream.
  • You are the passion and the unique joy of my life.
  • When there’s nothing left to say, I hope you’ll always be aware that you are mine.
  • You came into my life and attacked my senses. I am captivated by your heart and aura.
  • My heart became perfect because of you in it.
  • Life is beautiful, life is precious, life is amazing and life is just you.
  • More than anything today, I hope you’ll come to realise that you’re important to me.
  • You make me aware of the preciousness of life. Thanks for being my VIP.
  • Have a great day today and don’t forget that ok thinking of you, always.
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always, I wish to just let you know that I’m thinking of you.
  • All I want is to always think of you and see your smiles always. I hope you’ll accept my heart feelings?
  • I wish to be a part of your happiness day in and out. I want to share all of life’s experience with you.
  • One thing I am certain of despite the ups and downs is that thoughts of you make me happy always.
  • If only I could be in your heart to make every wish come true even before you say them. You are my everything.
  • You are like the rainbow after each storm to me.
  • My paths are brighter and my heart lighter, because you’re mine.
  • I wish to be there in the good and even trying times. I am so much into you.
  • Life is simpler and love is sweeter because you have been with me through it all.
  • I am thankful I did this right, and that is giving my heart to you.
  • You are an amazing and spectacular personality. You’re my source of sunlight.
  • You are the best of every beautiful thing to me, your impact is astounding even to my heart.
  • You don’t know what you do to me, you have my heart always.
  • I am strong and hopeful for each day because I have you.
  • Life is precious, life is true, life is amazing and life is you.
  • You are the sun that nourishes my garden.
  • Life will be meaningless without light and love, and especially, without you.
  • I want to be with you and do everything with you always.
  • There’s no one else I want to give my life and love to, except you.
  • Thank you for bringing self-awareness and fulfillment to my life.
  • You don’t know how much I cherish every moment with you.
  • You are an amazing and most special personality to me right now.
  • You are like the blossoming of a tree to my life, the fruit of love that I adore.
  • Most perfect and astonishing human, that’s what you’ll always be to me.
  • I don’t want to get enough of you, I love that you’re always new to me each day.
  • Every morning is an indication of a blessed day with you in it with me.
  • It’s amazing how you come into my life and everything took a turn for beautiful. You’re a perfect charm for me.
  • Every hour of my day is blessed because you are always here for me.
  • Mornings, noons and even nights are all beautiful and brightly coloured for me. You made it so.
  • I don’t quite know what I want to say or how to say it, but one thing is sure; I can’t survive without you.
  • Every minute of the day finds me thinking of you. If this is not sweet, then nothing else will be.
  • I’ve been looking all over for joy and peace of mind and thank God I found it when I found you.
  • Being with you is like my favourite pastime now. It’s so satisfying.
  • There’s no doubt that you are a wonderful and amazing person to me.
  • Making decisions is not one of my fortes, but thank God I wasn’t wrong with you.
  • Every day, I still see you as an amazing and intelligent human, in new dimensions actually.
  • Since I have you, dreams and reality seem the same to me now, I don’t want to wake from it.
  • Just like a beautiful garden that blows gentle breeze, that’s what you are to me.
  • My dream, wish and hopes are to find a friend compatible with me, thank God that came true with you.
  • I cannot live without the sunshine and warmth that comes out all from you.
  • My world smiles because you came to it. You are a very special human.
  • Without you, each day had always been a blank and colourless routine. Thank you for those beautiful colours.
  • There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with being with you. It is just so beautiful.
  • Past my mind and heart, you’re etched completely in my soul.
  • You are both dream and reality to me.
  • Paradise is what I feel with you, beautiful colours are what I see with you.
  • I found you, I found relieving joy and great peace of mind.
  • Because of you, I can fully explain what love entails.
  • To me, you’re like the star, you’re like the sun, you’re like the world, you’re the one.
  • With you, I’m transformed from being the clumsy and pathetic one. I have you, I’ve got strength.
  • Drifting off to sleep is now interesting that I always look forward to my nighttime, I love seeing you in my dreams.
  • More than anyone, you’ve made me realize that my heart is and has always been someone else’s, Yours.
  • I know you don’t know, but I love seeing you laugh, those healthy and beautiful sounds are medicine to my heart and ears.
  • I love that I’m always lost in your soft blue eyes.
  • Can you send those laughs and beautiful smiles across to me? I love seeing them always.
  • I hope you, I knew you; that was the best decision I ever took in life.
  • I give my heart and all to you, I hope you’ll handle it with the gentleness that is synonymous with you.
  • You came to my life and made it beautiful with your perfect smile and touch. You are my lucky charm, always.
  • I hope that my imperfections will touch your heart and accept it sincerely?
  • It’s not enough to the moon, I love you perfectly with your imperfections.
  • You are one of the miracles of the universe, of course to me.
  • I think I got stuck, no, don’t bother to help me. I’m stuck with you forever and till eternity.
  • I wish you here, or do I wish me there? Well, I want to be with you all the time.
  • I got what I wanted in life and that is you, in all.
  • Can I use your heart as I spare? I need to feel what I’m feeling.
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