Happy I Found You Quotes

We all once in awhile in the journey of life comes around that special person who makes living fun above all else and we wished we had found him/her long before now.

Having such a one in one’s life should be seen as a blessing and one needs to treasure the value or addition such a one brings into one’s life.

Letting that special someone know how much they mean to us looks really really cool, check the messages below and pick from it to express to that special someone how much they mean to you.

Happy I Have You in My Life Quotes for Him or Her

There is a fact about human heart, it will never rest until it found it’s satisfaction. You have found that which your heart will always long for if not found. Now that you have found it, express your happiness with these You Are The Source of My Happiness Quotes and I’m Happy I Found You Quotes for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

  • You pick up every broken piece of my heart, you showed me and promised never will tears be found on my face. Because of you, I learn to trust and love again. Am happy I found you the sunshine of my life.
  • In your eyes, I see the meaning of true love. Far from what I have ever experienced. Love that can cross deep oceans, love that can move mountains. Love that is true you’ve constantly shown me how can I ever let you go.
  • It is you who gave me reasons to live happily. I feel complete with you, I can’t imagine a life without you. You are my joy so glad I found you.
  • I am happy I have found her and won’t trade her for anything.
  • I am glad I found you
    I have been looking into my life
    My past and my present
    A lot has changed for the best since you came into my life.
  • The thought of you, your touch and smile
    Your kindness and love
    Blows my mind away, Happy you are in my life.
  • When around you, I feel better. I am glad I found you.
  • You support me during the low moments
    When I am at my best moments
    You are always there for me
    I am glad I found you.
  • Life has its own challenges
    We are not different from any relationship
    You have never run away no matter the situation
    I’m glad I found you.
  • I love you my dear with all within me. I love you, you are the joy in my life and am blessed to have you.
  • I Found My Missing Rib Poem
    I have searched and searched
    My life has been lonely
    Didn’t know this day will come
    I have finally found my missing rib, never to let go is my commitment to you.
  • The moment I saw you
    When I looked into your eyes
    When you smiled, I knew
    I found my missing rib.
  • You took my loneliness away
    You changed my life
    I stopped searching cos I have found all I am looking for.
  • Why would I let go of the one thing I had found. my missing rib, the joy in my heart. I am glad I have you.
  • Happy to call you my own, happy you came to my life and above all happy I found you, the centerpiece of my heart.
  • My love,
    You are so perfect for me
    You were the missing rib in my life
    I am glad I found you.
  • Now that I found you
    You are my hope
    I will love you till the end of time
    I will always be there for you.
  • I Love You
    I Found the One I Love Poem
    I have climbed mountains
    In search of the one I love, now I have found her and am not letting go.
  • I have gone to the furthest east
    Finally I found the one I love
    I held her tight
    Not to let her slip my hands.
  • Her beauty, her voice
    Sweeps away my heart
    Whenever I am with her
    She melts my heart.
  • She brightens my day
    She makes my days memorable
    She is loving and caring
    Always there when I need her most
    I am very thankful
    I found the one I love.
  • I have searched the whole world
    For my love
    The one who blows my heart away
    Finally, I found you.
  • The journey of finding you
    Was a tiresome one
    With ups and downs
    Now I am not searching
    As I found you.
  • The one I truly love I have found.
    I was so lost until the day I met you
    I was almost giving up
    It was my lowest moments
    You brought me back to life.
  • You are the love of my life
    The one I want to spend my life with
    To enjoy the best moments together
    I am glad I found you.
  • Now That I Found you, I found Love
    Our life will not be the same
    Once we were two, now we are one.
  • You have taught me what it takes to be “WE” now we will share our happiness
    We never understood what love is
    Now we do understand
    We never knew what is to miss someone you love.
  • Now I know how it feels to miss the one you love
    Now That We Found Love, am not letting go.
  • I intend to make every moment memorable,
    Life is like a changing season and it certainly has taught me to never let go of you.
  • Love is not just saying the words
    It needs sacrifice, one to be there always holding on to the other. I am glad I found you.
  • Now That We Found Love
    Let’s make it strong, built the relationship each day
    I love you and am glad I have found you.
  • I found you, you treated my heart to a rare kind of love, it was worth it and I am glad I found you.
  • I can’t deny the way I am feeling
    I have to express the way I feel
    You brought light into my life.
    You are my lucky charm.
  • Come close my love
    Feel the way I am feeling
    You are my world, I am your world
    We are always there for each other.
  • Oh! How lovely, I found love
    Love is an amazing feeling
    It pierces the heart
    Like a sharp iron
    I am glad I found you.
  • Words fall short whenever I want to tell you how special you are to me. All I can say is that my world is full of smiles because of you.
  • Being with you is what I call happiness. Am happy you are in my life.
  • You make me happy in a way no one else can. I am blessed to have found you.
  • Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.
  • You have this incredible way of making my heart happy.
  • I have never loved anyone as I love you.
  • I Love You
    I love making you laugh because for those few seconds, I made you happy and seeing you happy makes me happy too.
  • You’re like my favorite song on the radio, I could listen to you all day.
  • You’re the love of my life and my best friend. Can’t trade you for anyone else. Glad I found you.
  • I’m so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. I love the ways you find to make me smile every single day. Am happy I found you.
  • I promise to spend every day trying to make you smile too cos thinking of you makes me smile. Am blessed to have you.
  • I did fall in love with you for a reason. There is no one like you. I am happy you are with me.
  • Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making me smile like crazy. Thank you for making me happy. I love that I found you.
  • You have no idea of the amount of happiness you brought to my life. I am glad I found you, darling.
  • I don’t mind when our conversations get a bit boring and we run out of things to say, just having you is enough to make me happy and I know am blessed I found you.
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