Good Morning Prayers for Parents

Parents are the best undeserved present God can ever present to us at childbirth, they’re caregivers, life givers, love givers and strength givers. They play the most important role in our growth and development. They are important keys in our social, mental, physical and spiritual growth as a person.

Parent practically shares in all our lives right from a dependent baby to an independent adult, they enjoy to see us grow up, help us achieve our goals and are always proud to have us as their own.

We cannot overemphasize the roles of parents in our lives as children. No wonder why the holy books told us to honour and respect them for our days to be long.

Want your parent to know how much you appreciate them? Do you desire for them to open their eyes in the morning with a smile on their faces and a prayer in their heart? Want your parent to appreciate you even after you have your own family? We’ve got answers to all your numerous questions.

Here are 50 good morning prayers for your parent for them to start their day with in 2019 and beyond:

Good Morning Prayer Messages for Mum and Dad

Your parents deserve some good morning prayers, good morning messages and good morning quotes wishes? Then send these to them. Your dad and mum (mom) will love them.

  • You held me first In your warm arms, your love made my life complete. It is my prayer for you that God settles all the hurdles and struggles in your life this day and forever. Good morning mum and dad.
  • I pray God makes your life complete just as you’ve made mine since the very first morning I came into the world. Good morning Dad and mum.
  • Just as you’re irreplaceable in my heart, I pray that the sweet Lord perfect and make you whole all the remaining days of your life.
  • My prayer for you this morning mum is that may the peace of God that passes all understanding make you whole from now and forever. Amen.
  • Just as you’ve lighted my path and channelled my growth, I pray you this morning that the good Lord align your steps to greatness for your remaining days on Earth.
  • Counting the blessings of the Lord upon my life this morning, I cannot but give thanks, for you are and will continue to be a blessing to my life. A good morning to you sir/ma
  • As you start your day ma, may your days be bright as a new child opening her eyes to the world.
  • I pray you this morning that your peace shall know no boundaries and the joy of the Lord will continue to be your strength. Good morning ma.
  • Goodness, peace, love and joy shall follow you all the remaining days of your life. Have a great day ahead mum!
  • May your day be as beautiful as the stars in the sky and may it be shiny as the sun up high. Have a blessed day ma!
  • I’m happy to start the day with joy in my heart knowing that you’re happy. I pray that this joy shall never cease from you now and forever. Good morning mum.
  • Dear Lord, please bless the hand that held me first, keep the heart that taught me love and bless the soul that channelled my path.
  • I know a couple, they added all colour of love into my world. I pray that God beautifies your world just as you’ve done to me. Good morning.
  • Just as I was like a hope of a new beginning when you held me first in your arms, I pray that the dawning of that day be a new beginning to all your troubles and fears.
  • At every sound of the tick of the clock, may God help you and give you strength to achieve more than the previous day.
  • Because you’re my parent, I pray God encompasses you with so much strength to start your day and Grant you wisdom to yield bountiful harvest.
  • For my backbones, May this day be filled with joy and may you have a reason to give God all the glory as the sun sets. Good morning!
  • You both laid for me a good standard to follow to greatness, I pray and I decree that you shall be lifted above all your fears and worries as you begin your day. Good morning Dad and mum.
  • Good parents are gifts from God and you’re not exceptional, I pray that God grant you long life to reap all that you’ve laboured for in my life. Good morning!
  • Just as you’ve wiped away all my tears from babyhood, I pray that God listens to all your silent heart cries and Grant all your heart desires. Good morning ma!
  • For your care and love over the years, I pray that God strengthens your feeble knees and renew your strength as you start this new day. Good morning!
  • Having you as my parents has been a great blessing, I pray that your today will be a better blessing than your yesterday.
  • Dear Lord, please continue to keep and protect my guiding Angel as they start their day today.
  • Just as I am the apple of your eyes, mum and dad, I pray that you’ll continue to be the apple of the most high God this day and forever.
  • Mum, dad, I pray that you’ll know no sorrow all the remaining days of your life.
  • By the virtue of you being my mum, May you never be found wanting in wisdom and understanding. Good morning mum!
  • Surely goodness and mercies shall continue to follow you, mum and dad, as you begin your day today.
  • Dad, may your days be fruitful and may the world glorify God via your life.
  • May you be crowned with a crown of glory and may you never lack anything good. Good morning mum!
  • May God channel your path into greatness just as you begin your day. Good morning mum and dad.
  • Mum, As you step out today, I pray that no evil shall come your way.
  • Grace and peace be multiplied unto you just as you open your eyes to the setting of the sun. Good morning Dad and Mom.
  • Favour shall not depart from your life and mercy shall be bountiful in your life. Good morning ma!
  • I declare favour over you like an umbrella as you begin your day mum.
  • Dear mum, I pray that you’ll continue to be like a tree planted by the river side that will never lack any good thing. Good morning ma.
  • Mum, dad, I decree joy, and sound mind into your life today and forever. Amen!!!
  • Because you’re my parent, it is my prayer for you that you shall never lose your wonder in life. Good morning sir.
  • Just as you’ve sowed into my life, you shall reap bountifully in hundred folds from now and forever. Amen.
  • It’s my prayer this morning Dad, that your day be more fruitful than a banana tree in its season.
  • I decree upon you today that you are blessed in all your endeavours and you receive strength to enjoy your day.
  • May sorrow, tears and wailing Never be your portion As you begin your day mum. Have a great day today!!
  • For you bear on you the mark of the heavenly on your body, sickness and attacks shall never be your portion today and always. Good morning mum and dad.
  • May you live the remaining days of your life with long life and prosperity. God bless you, dad.
  • Mum, dad, I declare that as you begin your day, the angel of the Lord be with you and keep you till the end.
  • Dear mum, as you begin your day, I pray that songs of victory shall not depart from your lips for you’re victorious indeed today and always.
  • I pray that God surprise you today much more than your expectations. Good morning mum!
  • This morning mum, my prayer for you is that your joy and peace be as countless as the rain. You’re blessed beyond words.
  • You shall not be weary, you shall not be sick and you shall do exploits. These are my prayers for you as you begin your day mum, good morning.
  • I pray that the angel of the Lord brings to not all difficult task set before you today as you begin your day. Good morning Dad!
  • It’s my heart desire mum that the grace of God that breaks all burden of weariness and sadness fall on you now and forever. Have a blessed day mum.
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