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Wait, did you really know this?

The best gift anyone can have on this planet earth is nothing but love. And it is soul-soothing if it’s such that lasts. Isn’t that the type that your relationship has? Kudos, if that’s indeed true.

With love, there is no limit to how a heart can feel great deals of ecstasy. With love, especially when proven to be very true, the worst of moments in life can take a magical turn for the best. Love in its truest form is the best gift a heart can ever receive. And when it’s expressed mutually, there is no word on this planet heart that can measure the feelings thereof.

Love is just too unexplainable – Love is a world of wonders on its own. It’s good to be in love and to be loved in return.

But on the flip side, my friend, it saddens me when I see or hear relationships end. More than heartache is what I receive when the news of another breakup is released. It makes me kind of wonder why people love to break the heart they are meant to keep secure forever.

And this for heartbreakers: No matter how professional you are in the game of breaking people’s hearts, it won’t be long before you realize that you have missed the real one for you. Yes or no?

If you are not ready for a serious relationship, it’s way too better you don’t plan it at all. And if you know you can’t keep one for long, it’s a better option for you to let go as soon as possible.
Letting the other person invest much in the relationship before you call it quit with them is more than heartrending. Please let us end this act together.

That’s by the way, here is more…

When I see people like you are visit a site like mine to get love messages, poems or quotes (even if it’s copied for free – lol!), I am as happy as the world happiest man or woman. Do you want to know why? It’s because investing in a relationship is deep, and the one of the best investments anyone can ever have.

When you have the burning desire to help your relationship grow, it’s a pointer to the fact that you know what love entails. More so, you understand how much having a relationship with limitless streaks means.

Before we continue, allow me to say kudos to you for your effort in making sure your relationship works – isn’t it true?

Here is yet something more…

How much is your Love worth? How deep is Your Love?

The video below is one of those that makes me think deep about love. With every paragraph of the lyrics, my heart is enlarged to know more about love. Even more than the words therein, I can see an outburst of love from each of the expressions. In short, it’s great to love and be loved in return.

Below is a reflection on the video above.

How Deep Is Your Love?

Love could be expressed without leaving any stones unturned. I could be done with the any available … there is. One can see an outburst of affection from one’s partner in a moment and presume the feelings it give would be forever.

What happens next? Maybe a few words that sever the agelong romance.

Ideally, love in a relationship should be more than the glamorizing touches. It should be more than the zillions of promises. Love should be proven and proven again until there is no iota of doubts left in one’s partner’s heart.

Do you care to know why? The song has something to say about that:

“How deep is your love, How deep is your love

I really need to learn

‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools

Breaking us down

When they all should let us be

We belong to you and me”

Let’s talk more. Shall we?

As the song rightly said, that you know the door to your lover’s soul, happens to be the light in his/her darkest moments and the saving hand when he/she falls is enough to give in to loving them totally. Because, when you break the commitment you prove to be giving, you wouldn’t know what an agelong misery you’ve done to such a heart in love.

It is true that we live in a world of fools wherein those we hold dear are the very ones that break us down when they should have let us stand up tall or at least, let us be. What a defeat, I sigh!

Can I beg you? Please, take care of the heart that cares so much for you. If you don’t, you add to the perception that there is no such thing as a real love. But if you do, you will be glad you did – you will have helped the world to spread the ideality of love.

I know you will be your best to your lover. Therefore, thank you. Mwah.

It’s time to get the romantic piece for that Cutie/Sweetie.

I’ll suggest you read through to see the best Good Morning Sweety/Sweetie Pie Messages that fits your lover.

Each of them has a hint for better understanding. The hints are the texts in block quotes. So, are you ready for the best treat? Here you go!
I’ll even suggest you read the Good Morning Sweety/Sweetie Pie Messages on numbers 5, 14, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 28, 29, 30, 33. They are my favourites. You can use the comment box to tell your favourites too.
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To Wake up and realize that there is such a lovely person that’s more than a friend, whose thought alone is more than the answers to a million of questions, is sure one of the best miracles that can happen to any mortal. Does the thought of your lover make you feel so complete every morning? Then copy the message below and send to him/her.

1. You can’t leave my mind every morning. With every little thought of you, my day is made. Thank you so much for being the best of you for me. Good morning, I love you.

If he/she is such a lover whose thought is the muse you need to have a good day ahead, and you are very sure that it’s true, send the Sweet message below to him/her.

2. I am the half of me without your thought every morning. How am I supposed to live without you? Good morning my dearest. Have a wonderful day ahead. I love you.

It is really true that the simplest of love is weightier than can be written in 140 Characters of Sms. When love is taking over you, you just can’t express it in words. Do you feel this way presently? Then send the message below to him/her.

3. I will ever love you more than I write in my SMS. You are more than a jewel in my heart. You deserve the best of me. Good morning my honey pie.

In the world of an undying love, there is an avalanche of ecstatic moments. In the hearts of those that share such a romantic feeling that appears perpetual, adjectives have lost their values. If you are one, there is no such word that can rightly describe how you feel about your lover. Do you feel like that presently? Quickly send the Good Morning Sweetie Message below.

4. The feeling of your love is more than what can be called ecstasy. It’s more than what words would describe.

We wake up sometimes to think about a past day, week, month, year or a past moment and quickly draw an inference that they were better than the one we are in. At other times, we look into the future to catch a glimpse of the lovely moments and somehow, our heart tells us there isn’t really going to be a better moment than the present one.
Well, it happens in relationships. Some relationships are better kept so sacred else, they birth a lasting nightmare in the future.
If you have such a relationship that seems out of this world, I’ll advise you keep such. Then, send the Good Morning Sweety Message below to the wonderful companion of yours.

5. This love is the best I ever had, and it’s obvious I can’t have any close to it again. So, this is worth keeping.

No matter how bright the sun shines sometimes, we would rather think of our partner than focus on the sun that helps usher in another bright day. It is normal when you have a relationship that calls for daily celebrations. Is that your type of relationship, really? Then grab the message below and send to your lover.

6. The sun shining in the morning reminds me of the brightness your love brings to my life. I’m so glad I found you. Good morning to you my sweetness.

It’s a world on craziness on its own when you realize that there is such an igniting force inside of you. If you have been in some relationships before the present one and it’s happening for the first time in your life, I can bet that the realization alone is enough to throw you into a world of untold wonders. Let’s keep it short: does your lover give you this feeling? Then send the message below to him/her.

7. What your love ignites in me daily is more than what passion can ever bring. Oh, how I am so lucky to have found you. Good morning my harmony. I love you.

It gets to a point in a relationship where the picture about the future becomes clearer than it ever was. No matter what the situation surrounding you at such time, you just can’t let go of the blissful picture that’s futuristic. Wait, do you feel this way? Then send the love message below to your significant order.

8. Bit by bit, we are getting to our palace of fulfilment. I looked back and I can only smile for how this journey has taken us this far. I love you my armour (or I love you my angel.)

There might be many names or expression for love or one’s lover. And sometimes, there is a particular name or expression that just perfectly fits one’s partner, no matter how the whole world sees it. Do you find yourself in this realm? Then send the message below to that wonderful lover of yours.

9. French calls you Mon Ami, and English calls you My Friend. No matter what you are being called in Spanish or Hindi, you’ll ever remain close and dear to my heart. I love you.

So many things remind us of and connect us to our lovers on a daily basis. It could be a romantic sight, the scent of a particular stuff, a particular genre of music or even a lovely word. When you feel this way, celebrate your heart.
It’s such a wonderful experience to have one or two things that get you connected to your lover daily. And if it happens to you, send the message below to him/her.

10. At the sound of the word sweetness in my heart, I can only imagine one prime source of it for me; I am so glad that the source is you. Good morning my love.

How does it feel when you wake up in the morning and realize your relationship is, undoubtedly, the source of fulfilment you can envisage? If I were you, I would jump up every morning that my heart feels that good.
And even if you won’t choose to celebrate it that way, there is this form of unparalleled joy that would energize your soul. So, is that how you feel? Send the Sweety quote below to him/her.

And when you finally found out that the true love that people clamour day in day out is now part of the miracle – supposedly – that heaven has caused you… You sure will feel on top of the world. You would wish the future you waits for comes and stays forever. There is this aura of unspeakable merriment that’ll be around you. And throughout your day, the feeling will just not stop to make you blush.
Is this your experience, send the Good Morning Sweetie/Cutie quote below to that special one you have as a partner.

12. When I know that it’s true love which binds us, I can only imagine what bliss and untold fulfilment resides in our future. Good Morning to you sweety.

A part of most romantic relationships is calling one’s partner a lovely name or another. Sometimes, these chosen names turn out to be a part of our lives. We sing it and dance it whenever it feels right, especially when it’s such that one’s partner is acting in conformity to – all the time. To say the least, it’s a lovely experience to have.
Permit me to ask you to send the romantic quote below if that’s how your lover makes you feel.

13. I may call you sweerie like some do or even sweety like some others do. No matter how these sound in your ears, let your heart tells you that you are mine forever. Good Morning.

Oh, my! This is one of the loveliest. The best piece for everyone in an unending kind of love. The best miracle that can ever happen to a heart in love, indeed. There is not a word or a phrase that can rightly tell how you would feel the very moment you come to realize that your searching moment is truly over. Not only that, you also did find out that your lover is the perfect one for you.
Don’t hide the feeling! Send the cute quote below to him/her that helped to make that happen.

14. I am so glad that I ended my searching race with you. More than glad knowing you are the perfect one for me. I love you so much, good morning.

Ideally, beauty could be deceptive, but when it comes as an admixture of physical endowments and an unquestionable character, there is no limitation to what muse it would give the beholder – you! Does she deserve that? Then send the awesome quote below to spice up her morning.

15. Your beauty is never fading! Even when you are old, you will still be sweet sixteen to me. Good morning my love, have a great day ahead.

To say that not everyone in a romantic relationship gives their best possible is nothing far from the truth. But when you have such a partner whose commitment to your relationship is just unmatched, chances are that you want to see yourself as the luckiest being on earth.
If you meet yourself in this awesome occurrence, kindly send the beautiful quote below to him/her that gives you the daily doses of love.

16. Every morning comes with its own joy. Joy, because it gives me an untold care from you anew. Good morning my all in one.

I’ve been there if you have. Sometimes it feels as though the night wouldn’t come. And if it comes, we sometimes would feel as though it should last for just some minutes. This ecstatic feeling can only be found in the relationships that are in the seventh heaven.
This might not come so quickly as you would expect, and so you need to keep giving much commitment into your relationship for you to have this unmetered feeling.
Does every night seem like forever without him/her by your side? Then grab the wonderful quote below and send to your sweetie.

17. Sometimes I wish the night would last for just one hour because it’s so hard coping for that long without you. Good morning,

The moment you come to the realization of what the future holds for you romantically – especially when it’s a collection of glamorous moments, there is a guarantee that you’ll begin to feel life butterfly inside your heart.
Do you look into the future and see your life so awesome? If yes, copy the sweet message below and send to your lover. Make him/her know how great it feels to have them.

18. I laughed off the failures of my past when I realized how glorious my future will be with you. In am the most favoured of all the living. Morning my heart.

It’s true that there are machines that can measure a great deal of happenings in a life. The lie detector is one. But when it comes to measuring the romantic impact a partner’s love can do to one’s heart, all of those machines put together will be limited. Send the quote below to your lover as an assurance of your love for him/her.

19. No machine can ever measure the impact of your love and care in my life. You are my best! Good morning and have a good day ahead my dear.

Let us face it, the world is full of heartbreakers. The society we live in records more heartbreaks that it does successful relationships or marriages. To some, there is nothing called love again as some have given up the hope of ever finding love again. To be factual, it’s a world of untold horridness – a world of total gloom and despair!
To find a perfect one for oneself sometimes, more than a gigantic faith is needed. It’s tragic as the good ones are finding themselves with the wrong ones, by chance and, of course, by choice.
Over to you: have you found the perfect one for you? Then be glad and do you very best to make sure the relationship leads to a marriage. Before then, send the quote below to that lovely partner of yours.

20. It is more than fate for you to finally be the love of my life. It’s destiny that has brought us together. Glad I didn’t miss the offer. Love you, Mwah.

Sometimes, I ask what one can really give to such a wonderful lover. Sometimes, I think about the worth of a caring heart and sigh, knowing there can’t be a reward for the simplest of the acts of love they show.
When you look deep into your life also, you’ll discover that there’s really no such way to pay back what your lover as done for you. Well, I am referring to a working relationship here. If that is yours, send the quote below to your over.

21. I am sending a warm and sweet wishes your way hoping they will brighten your day than would the morning rays. Good morning my love.

Sometimes, we just wish we would make our partners see how deep and sincere our love for them is. We try to accomplish this task so many times and we would fail. The question is, do you know why? It’s because, the act of service can’t really be measured. All you need do is to continue being and doing your best for your lover. The quote below will help. Just send it to them even if it’s difficult to measure what you give to the relationship.

22. I wish I could send a portion of my heart to you and you will see how deepen your love is in me. Good morning with 1000kisses.

Let me say this to myself. Allow me to claim it that I am a proof that love is magical and the best of gifts you can ever receive form any mortal. When your lover’s words are the source of inspiration you will ever need for your every day’s activities, you are way to lucky.
If your lover is truly your daily source of inspiration, send the quote below to him/her.

23. When I hear your voice, I don’t think of any other source of inspiration for me. You are indeed a proof that love is magical. Morning, I love you.

I once read that motivation is like everyday birth which lasts for some couples of hours. To have a steady source of motivation, therefore, is to be one of the luckiest being on earth, especially when the source happens to be your lover. If he/she is giving his/her best for you, send the quote below to wish them a good morning in a special way.

24. How wonderful it is to have you as my daily motivation and happiness! Thank you for being your best for me. I love you, good morning.

As long as the love in your relationship is awesome, there is every possibility that you have momentary smiles. When you try to compare this to what nature gives, I am sure there won’t really be a match. When you think of your lover that much and you need to express it in words, send the piece below and you’ll be glad you did.

25. Like I can’t resist the soothing relief the morning dew ushers in, I sure can’t resist the feelings your love brings to my heart daily. Good morning.

How do you really feel when you think of how far you’ve gone in your romantic relationship that appears so made to last? My own feeling is ever unmetred, guaranteed.
It’s one of the best forms of overwhelming emotions to think of your lover and you feel more than mere tingling sensation. The atmosphere of such is just more than can be verbalized. Wait, is that how you always feel? Then send the love quote below to him/her.

26. The thought of your love and care is more than that of a tingling sensation on my skin. It’s such that ushers in unparalleled joy. I love you, good morning.

This next lovely quote is good for couples. When he leaves home earlier than expected and there isn’t a lovely exchange of hugs and, maybe, kisses you just send the lovely piece below to them and be expectant.

27. I missed this morning Cuddling hugs from you but I wouldn’t miss that of the afternoon (or night as the case may be). Take care of yourself and be back lovely for me.

It is nothing to be in the dark when there is a sure source of light. It’s nothing to fall when you have such a caring soul that’s ever ready to help you up. To be sad is nothing when there is always a source of merriment that’s readily available to you. To find yourself in such an atmosphere is to have gotten a portion of heaven on earth.
If your lover is always there for you and you are sure, send the lovely piece below to him/her. (On your behalf, I thank them for being such a wonderful person to you)

28. Thanks for ever being there for me. Thanks for bringing me up when I was down. Thank you, my love for everything. Good morning, I love you.

I know exactly how it feels to have a lover who’s the centre of all the loveliness that happens to one’s life. I know, even, the dictates of a heart that cares to a life in need of a caring heart. I’ve been there and forever will be. To say it as it is, having a lover that cares for you round the clock is the best gift you can ever get in life.
And when you look around then sees your lover as someone who’s totally fit into this category, your heart is made to last in love –forever!
Send the lovely quote below to him/her and watch what happens next.

29. My morning, afternoon and night are meant for you my love. Meant for you because you deserve it all. Good morning my heart.

I’ve seen the cruel madness in the world today wherein people bask in limitless lust that they see as true love. To tell you the truth, ideal love invests in your future than in the perishables of the present. And when you find yourself in the arms of the one whose investment in your life is targeted towards making your future blossom, you are one of the luckiest being on earth.
If this is how you feel, send the quote below to him/her that’s worthy to be called a friend indeed.

30. A friend indeed is a friend who cares for your future than for your present. No one else qualifies for this but you. Good morning, I love you.

Every day is sure the day that the lord has made, and its realization comes on a platter of gold if it meets an enviable portion of love inside your heart. That you will rejoice and be glad in it is pivotal to how lovely your life is. The loveliness in your life therefore, could be there because someone special is your love.
Do you feel such awesomeness? Then grab the good morning sweetheart quote below and send to your lover.

31. No doubt, this is the day that the Lord has made for you and me. Limitless joy awaits us. I wish you have the best of it, my dear. Good morning.

This next quote is simple enough to welcome your lover into the success of the day. It’s such a Sweetie Quote for him/her to wake up to. What are you still waiting for? Copy and send it and you’ll be glad you did.

32. Open your lovely eyes to the beauty of this day. Open your heart also to the wonders that is in the day. It’s a day of success for you and me. Good Morning my Love.

How much has love ever given to you? Like a thousand of sweet accolades or a world of an unending joy? I know the glamorous feeling that readily comes from a relationship that’s bound to last forever. To find yourself in on is to see a glimpse of heaven.
Does your lover’s care appear unending? Then send the quote below to him/her.

33. Your care is a brook from which I find unending sweetness. It’s amazing to know it’s such that can’t dry up. I am lucky! Morning my love.

It’s a common feeling to think of a million ways through which we can express our heart to our lovers in the morning and still not find some suitable words or paragraph to help that. When you have a million wishes for your lover on a lovely morning and you need to put it up in a summary, the lovely quote below can rightly help.

34. Sweet wishes from me to you my love. With the whole of my heart, I come wishing you the best of today. Good morning my sweetie pie.

Well, there are hundreds or even thousands of adjectives that can help describe or define love. The last time I checked, none of them can perfectly describe the feelings in the heart of someone experiencing undying love. Hey, do you know what an undying love is? Are you very sure? And is that what your lover gives to you? If yes, send the quote below to him/her.

35. Your love is more than what can be likened to sweet accolades. I am speechless to talk about it all. Good morning to you my lovie.

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