Expressing Feelings Quotes to Express Your Love

So today, you have this special person in your life you want to surprise with some toning sweet words of quotes that would help express your feelings to him or her? And you’re confused all of a sudden, not knowing what to type…

Well, forget the worries. Here’s something you can send to express both your loved and feelings to that special someone.

Love! Love! Love!
We all know what it is: A feeling we cannot explain;
The one that sends a million butterflies into our system.
We feel what we feel but sometimes lack the words to express it. They fail us so that we are left with nothing else than the words “I love you”
Again, that’s not convincing enough, when we feel there’s more we need to say.
Well here’s the good news. We’ve got you covered, putting the pieces together for you below:

Expressing Your Feelings Quotes for Him or Her

Having feelings for someone is beautiful, and would be more beautiful if you let them know how you feel. Here are Expressing Your Feelings Quotes you can send to Him or Her.

Lilies are beautiful;
Flowers are heartwarming.
Crystals are clear;
Golds and diamonds are perfect and glow lovingly
But you my Sweet are the fairest, most beautiful; clearest, most perfect and loving thing ever existing in this life.
I love you so dearly…

“I do not think the words to express my feelings towards you exist in the dictionaries:
The adjectives and nouns fail me already…
Like injuries’ stigma that lingers on;
Like a blanket that keeps you cozy;
All I feel is you and you alone. I love you.”

Should the day pass without my welcoming the most charming thing in my life? It’s a beautiful thing to have you so very close to me. I should never stop loving you forever.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg… Here are romantic collection of Expressing Love Quotes and Expressing Feelings Quotes for your lover.

  • And so I woke up today, and a smile is planted on my lips.
    I had a dream of my one and true Love smiling at me;
    Voicing the sweet words “I love you…”
  • Like the Sun, my love smiles at you, brightening your day;
    Like the Moon in the night, it lightens your path; saying, be confident…
    And like the stars, it says “make many wishes and I shall fulfil them”
  • Sometimes, it feels difficult to say the words.
    I scold you. I say unaffectionate things;
    I jeer at you, and other times, I play with you and celebrate your success as well;
    It’s all because I love you.
    I really do Sweetheart!
  • Could Love be this loving?
    I seem not to truly know it’s definition.
    It’s a bond; a feeling inexplicable.
    You cry one time and you’re smiling another at another time for no reason in particular.
  • Wherever life throws us;
    Whatever it seems to dart to us ward;
    I know I can overcome it because there’s a reason:
    His love is all I need.
  • There were times your words became stone;
    Your actions degraded my intentions,
    Times when your corrections were insults.
    Times when I had to make tough decisions;
    I see it all now
    I knew you had always loved me… And still do.
    Thank you for being there.
  • You are my Joy, my Life, my Love.
    Surely, my missing rib’s been found
    And that I cannot deny.
  • Your undeniable love has transformed my entire being
    I see myself doing things naturally I would not have done without murmur or grumble
    Your love My Love has transformed me into an Angel for life.
  • There is one secret I have come to understand over time.
    It is the importance of love.
    It gives you that support,
    Those smiles that say “life is easy”
    The laughs that console you, giving you strength;
    And the chastity that puts you in place, and still echoes the words “I love you”
  • When I look at my life, I just can’t stop appreciating the day I met you; the day I fell in love with you. And what love finally did to me. It healed me, baby.

Expressing Love Quotes

Romantic Quotes to express love.

  • Your first name is Fragrance
    Your last name Sweetness
    You smell of the Sweetest Fragrance money can never buy.
    Thank God I have you!
  • The sweetness of your lips, the softness of your skin
    The tenderness of your love will ever keep me burning, till death do us path.

Expressing My Love Quotes

  • People say Love is blind, but I say is crystal.
    It helps you understand too many life’s mysteries
    Clears you from your dust, sharpens your character
    Moulds you into a better person, while perfecting your imperfections.
  • Love is like water, you thirst for it.
    You’re satisfied, refreshed and renewed when you get one.
    But almost like a dead man when you find none.
  • A man in love can live for love
    A man in love can die for love
    A man in love can kill for love
    A man in love can do almost anything and everything for the love of his woman.
  • I have been too many unpleasant places; have seen the very many beautiful ladies;
    But your love transformed me, healed me and gave me lasting Joy
    I love you, Sweetheart!
  • I could climb the Everest Mountain to be in your arms; to feel your warmth.
    While your left hand gives me comfort, your right hand protects me, giving me the sensation of how much you love me
  • Roses are beautiful, Flowers are lovely
    But you My Love outdid them a million times
  • My light when darkness seems to overwhelm me;
    My comfort in time of depression
    My Sunshine, My Muse
    My whole life changed the day I met you.
  • I look at you and I feel Joy;
    I gaze at you and I get Peace;
    I watch you from a distance and I wonder what my life would have been without you.

Express Your Feelings Quotes

Express your feelings to your lover with these romantic quotes.

  • God created the Flowers, the Gold, the Silver and all Precious things you can ever imagine
    But the greatest gift He ever gave a man is the power of Love.
  • Love means you
    Love is you
    Love was you the day I first met you
    And love will continue to be you as long as you’re here with me.
  • In your arms, I lay silently like the cradled baby.
    Your sweetness is all I can think of
    Your love consumes me, Dearie.
  • Sometimes we make mistakes that we all regret and wished we could reverse, turn back the hands of time and make amends
    Never, however, regret loving someone
    Every memory is a blessing.
  • If loving you was the only thing that life could afford
    Then I would love over and over again.
  • You never realise the power of your love sometimes until you lose the better half of you
    You understand better the emptiness of your soul without love
  • Love can attend the broken wounds
    Love can tempt you
    Love can be appeasing.
    And in the darkest moment gives you light and direction
  • Through life’s faithful paths, I learnt one huge lesson, you don’t look for love. It naturally comes when you are love yourself. Kindness is the birth of true love.
  • The path of life is sloppy and scary, but only one thing helps you overcome those hurdles and fear. It is Love. Not just love but true love.
  • In sunshine and harvest;
    In tears and pain;
    In sorrows and desperation
    I find my solace in you My Love, My Heart.
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Express How You Feel Quotes

Sweet Quotes to express how you feel to your Lover.

  • In my dreams, I remember your beautiful smiles
    The angelic pair of eyes, and the way they confirm your love for me through their sparkles
  • Love never cares about your face
    It never cares about your beauty
    It never cares really
    It looks at all incompleteness and says you are complete
  • Could I have carried through without you?
    Could I have conquered without this alone?
    Your gentleness, the savour of your soothing words, the beautiful eyes that said “we can make it My Heart” kept me all along.
  • My heart, My love, My life, My mystery; Mystical wand, My grace.
    I love you to the moon and back.
  • Angels are beautiful, pure in deeds, confident and protective of their duty.
    They glitter like diamonds. You could sense the awe and glory when they’re around
    That is what you exactly are My Princess.
  • Love is like a star, you gaze and gaze
    You wonder at its mysteries and still not get a clue
    You just flow with it
  • Let me the one to hold you, let me kiss you, let me caress you, protect you and feel you in my arms. Please let me just love you.
  • The thought of you invade me on awakening, inspires me for the whole day and slowly leads me to bed smiling.
  • You have a heart full of goodness and courtesy inside out. You are full of love and this is why I Love you more than the air I breathe
  • You are more than a Princess
    Priceless than the priceless gold
    You supersede Kings and Queens
    And our love is sweeter than the sweetest honey.

Express Love Quotes For Him

Let Him know you love by sending these romantic quotes to express your feeelings.

  • Just before I go to bed
    Let me see your face, let me hear your voice.
    Your voice chases the nightmare
  • All my life, I have sought your forgiveness, your affections, your Love.
    And now I have it back, I swear I’m never letting you go. Would shower you with all of me.
  • I miss your hugs, your kisses, your body, your love.
  • I love you and will never stop loving you, Darling.
  • Behold the body of my Honey is so firm. It suits his manliness and makes my heart skip every second he’s out there
    You’re the sweetest creature I have ever encountered. Thanks for being there.
  • I could climb seven times seventy mountains just to see a glimpse of you. You are more precious to me than the most expensive wine on earth.
  • I do not know you but I feel like I have known you all my life.
    I felt I had found my other half the instant I saw you and look where we are now
    I just love you. I’m happy destiny brought us together sweetheart.
  • Your smiles could melt the hardest heart.
    Your laughs are so contagious because the depressed comes around again.
  • Every destiny is written and ordained by God. You came into my life and it is part of my destiny to fall so hard for you.
  • Your voice, deep and sexy keeps me in check when I feel like exploding.
    Your manliness taught me respect and love. I love you so dearly.

Best Quotes to Express Love

Best Quotes to Express your love for special one.

  • It takes two hearts to love;
    And it takes that love to trust.
    But it takes Trust to sustain a relationship.
  • You may call it love;
    Call it an obsession, fascination, infatuation and the likes of it.
    What I know is that every second of my heartbeats is for you.
    You leave me I’m worthless.
  • Love is life
    Life is love
    We live our lives and attain great heights, just because someone cares enough to encourage us.
  • Love is like a garden;
    You nurture and tender it for it to blossom. It takes the tears, the joy and the challenges shared together to spice it up.
  • Never underestimate your partner’s prowess
    It kills his ego
    It kills his love for you.
  • Love is understanding
    It says “I just want you to always be happy” even if it means your leaving me.
    “I still love you” it echoes.
  • I watch you sleep and I see that beautiful face clearly;
    the face that dazzles more than that of the Angels.
    Let’s get married Honey, so I can watch you sleep for the rest of my life.
  • Accept me now that I seek thee with even my last breath;
    Accept me now you know that I truly love you;
    You may never be able to gain access later when another woman replaces you.
  • My life has been a mess without you;
    A jungle ever since you walked out of that door;
    I now realise how much you mean to me.
    Please come back baby I Love You.
  • The day slowly turns to become night;
    The night never seems to end;
    Just yesterday you weren’t with me seems like a year.
    I miss you, My Love!

Best Love Expressing Quotes

Best Love Expressing Quotes you can send to Him or Her.

  • I miss your laughs, your smiles;
    The places we went together;
    The movies we saw together;
    I miss every moment I spent with you.
    Do come home safely my love.
  • Who says love is not worth the risk?
    The memories of sweet times encourages and keeps me alive
    The pain, guilt, disappointment and torture for Love taught me perseverance.
    And the fool for Love taught me a life lesson.
  • Love starts with friendship;
    That moment when you let out your pain, your joy, your success to the one close guy and walk hand in hand;
    It is that moment the connection locks.
  • The day I encountered you was the day my journey to destiny began;
    And the day we became one white Bird, I completed my journey.
    Your love sustained and gave me strength all along.
  • To the world, you may mean nothing, just another person like every other person;
    But to me, you are the world, the one person that I live for.
  • You are the best thing the world has ever conceived;
    You are the most beautiful thing the world has ever known;
    And the most beautiful thing I have ever come to feel. I love you so… so… much.
  • If I live, it’s because of you; it is for you and you alone.
    If I die, I die for you. I die with you; we leave this world together. I love you that much dear.
  • Love is like a charm at first sight,
    You follow as instructed, without having to probe.
    Your partner becomes more than a perfection.
  • Love becomes more than honey when you meet the right person.
    Just one word frees you from all worries of life;
    And the pain and frustrations of life suddenly fade away.
  • For every hug I received from you;
    For every kiss, every sensation;
    I could go a thousand times to heaven to get them back.
    I love you with my life.
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Quotes to Express Love to Fiance

Express your love to your Fiance with these sweet Quotes.

  • I close my eyes and all I see is you
    All I can feel is you; your tender body slowly giving me a sensation like never before. I miss you, My Love.

Expressing Feelings Messages

  • My heart has never stop skipping since the day I fell in love with you.
    Every time I hear your name, a million butterflies rush in like the wind to welcome you.
  • I miss you so dearly.
    My heart aches for you;
    My lips want to feel yours;
    My hands just want to hold and feel you, give you all of me to affirm my love.
  • Sometimes I just wonder why you are too sweet and lovely;
    Your love is the sweetest thing ever;
    I could reach up to hold the sun and withhold another moon for your sake. I love you, Dearie.
  • I love you because I love you
    Your weaknesses, your failures and mistakes are part of what made you special to me.
  • Love is art.
    It is beauty; the spice of life;
    Without it, the world would be the most boring thing ever existed
  • There is no reason better
    No question, no answer either
    I just know I Love You.
  • Every moment with you is a blessing
    You are my heartbeat, my golden moment, my life, my one true mate. Love you like my skin.
  • You are the first thing I think of every morning
    The one and only person that takes my sleep away
    Please marry me and let me never be restless again from the thoughts of you. I just can’t stop loving you.
  • Baby, it’s okay, we can scale through this together
    I’m never leaving your side Sweet;
    Just so I can give you strength. I love you dear, I truly do.

Express My Feelings Quotes

Best Express My Feelings Quotes you can use.

  • I may not be able to write the sweetest poem ever
    I may not have that voice to sing those beautiful lines
    I may not be so much of an actor in portraying my feelings for you
    But I know I can say this: I Love You.
  • If I had magical powers,
    I would make the sun shelter you.
    The moon be your bed,
    While the stars would wash your feet every morning. Loving you like never before.
  • Love is something ornate
    Something you cannot explain
    You just know you care so much about the person in a unique way.
  • I would go to the deepest places one million and one million times one million to be in your arms, My Love. I heart you, dear.
  • Once upon a time, my heart was a jungle of broken pieces with no hope;
    But your love came by and suddenly I was healed. Love you to the Moon and back.
  • Love is a beautiful thing; changing your motive, your actions, your drive
    Bringing you to the place of fulfilment.
  • Good morning beautiful;
    Rise like the lioness, sour like the eagle Baby,
    This is to let you know my thoughts are for you. I love you.
  • I love your face
    I love your body
    I love the fact that you also do
    You mean the world to me.
  • You are my sunshine, my moon, my diamond.
    The world could not have been any better without you
    You are my everything Sweetheart.
  • The lion of the jungle is very brave;
    Every animal trembles because of his strength.
    Your love dear gave me a heart as well to love.

Quotes Of Expressing Love

  • Every time I think of you, a million butterflies rush into me like a teenage girl
    I love you with even my last breath.
  • When God created everything He made them beautiful;
    He created you however and made you absolutely exceptional.
    How lucky I am to have my world around you. I love you so dearly Honey.
  • The most beautiful thing that can ever happen to you is falling in love.
    Love breaks limitation and barrier…
    It is the small voice saying “I would do anything for you”.
  • You become my muse, my smile, my joy, my happiness
    My burden which I would gladly bear if you just say “yes”
    Just say yes baby because I love you.
  • Oh, My Love, let me feel your strong body overshadow mine;
    I want to feel your skin on mine; the tenderness of your touch as you take me somewhere you and we can both explode. I love you Sugar.
  • My heart beats for you dear
    And there is nothing that can change the fact that I’m in love with you. I love you plenty.
  • Baby, I love you!
    I love the way you kiss me; the way you hold me; the way you ride on me
    Thank you, Sweetheart, for being there.
  • I swear I’ll take you to anywhere you may name;
    I’ll make your dreams come true, and we can sour together because I love you my heart.
  • When I sit beside you, I just want to kiss you;
    to take you in my arms and make sweet love to you. I love you, Baby.
  • you are more beautiful than the Flowers;
    more glorious than the Angels;
    more worthy than any other being in this life. I love you dearly, Sweetheart.

Quotes to Express Your Love For Him

Romantic Quotes to Express Your Love For Him.

  • And all I ever want to dream of is you;
    To walk down the aisle with you;
    And wake every morning to behold that pretty face every morning.
    You mean the world to me, my Love.
  • The day I met you was the day I knew what falling in love meant.
    Your love changed everything about me.
    Thank you for coming into my life.
  • Life has been easier ever since I met you.
    Never leave me, Sweetheart,
    Or else life will never be pleasant anymore.
    I love you, baby.
  • The way you touch me;
    The way you hold me;
    The way you kiss and caress me makes me want to give you the world.
    I love you Hunnay.
  • You are a Princess, a Queen, a Goddess.
    I would give my life to hold you close to me as my very own.
    I want to always be with you, Dear.
  • Your love could make any sane man unstable;
    He would do anything just to be with you;
    To love and cherish you like a garden;
    Never leave me, baby, for I love you.
  • You are my muse; my distraction.
    I think of you every minute of the day.
    I love you very dearly sweetheart.
  • Like the mystic in my muse;
    You are my inspiration;
    My pen would have to dance every time I think of you.
    You mean the world to me My Darling.
  • Money cannot buy you, My Love;
    You are far more precious than the precious jewel.
    I love you to the moon and back.
  • I wake every morning to behold your pretty face;
    I wake every morning to your glowing body;
    I see myself as the luckiest man on earth.
    I love you too much.
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Express Love Feelings Quotes

Best Quotes to express love feelings.

  • There are times when we fought;
    Times when the cords broke so that we saw lose ends;
    But nothing seems to change the fact that you are irreplaceable.
    I love you, Sweetheart.
  • We might have had our fears;
    But in all we overcame.
    Your love gave me strength.
  • Every time I look into your eyes, I see love, love and only love
    You don’t need to say it, baby,
    I know you do. I see it all and I love you too Dearest.
  • You are my most weakness;
    Every time I’m with you, I just want to hold you; to hold on;
    To love, and love you again and again.
    I love you so much honey.
  • I want to hug you;
    I want to kiss you; to caress and feel your every curve.
    You make me want to hold you every minute baby,
    I love you dearly.
  • Ours is the perfect world, Honey.
    I feel perfect now I’m with you.
    You are a true bliss from heaven.
    I love you so much, my love!
  • Let me take you to the mountain;
    Somewhere we could be alone together;
    Somewhere I could wipe those tears and pain,
    And make sweet love to you; wiping every bit of your fears and worries.
  • All the love, all the hugs and kisses;
    The moments of laughter and pain we both shared;
    It all seems a dream now.
    Please come back baby, I miss you so dearly coz I love you.
  • In your time of distress;
    In times when you need me to be there;
    Call me baby and I’ll be there to hold your hands.
    I love you that much.
  • I want to be the one to hold you when you’re down;
    I want to be there when the storms hold up;
    I want to be there when the world’s falling apart.
    I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Love Quotes Expressing Your Feelings

Amazing Love Quotes Expressing Your Feelings.

  • A minute without you is like a thousand years.
    Just as a bee never misses a flower
    So is my heart with you.
    May this Love never cease to blossom My Love. Love you baby.
  • You are the apple of my eyes;
    The drizzles that wet my being;
    I see you, I feel you so very close to me even when you’re far away.
    Love you sweetheart.
  • I wake every morning and the thoughts of you lights my day.
    You are the best thing ever created in the Universe.
    Love you plenty.
  • My morning isn’t complete without you;
    My night is a misery without your presence;
    You mean everything to me, dear.
    Love you, Sweetheart.
  • Talking with you ignites my love for you unconditionally,
    I can’t afford to lose you for another man.
    I love every inch of you.
  • In a scale of twenty;
    My love for you occupies nineteen;
    I’m loving you every minute every second, Darling.
  • I find it difficult comparing your sweetness with that of honey,
    Your sweetness supersedes honey’s, my love.
    I love you like no other.
  • I bless the day I met you;
    The day destiny brought us together;
    The day God joined our hearts as one;
    How can I stop loving you?
  • Your cool-headedness and humility was what captivated my soul,
    You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
    I love you more than you can ever imagine.
  • The hugs and kisses we shared;
    The love we consummated;
    The moments we shared together;
    I wish would be everlasting;
    I love you dearly sweetheart.

Express Your Love Feelings Quotes

Sweet Quotes to express your feelings.

  • As water is to humanity;
    Oxygen to living things;
    So are you to me my love.
    I love you so dearly.
  • I miss the touch of your soft tender lips on mine;
    I miss the touch of your broad chest on my lips;
    I miss the lines across your face when you smile;
    Above all, I miss the hideouts.
    I love you to the moon and back.
  • I’ve been rejected too many times to lose you,
    The burden will be too much for me to bear.
    I feel like I’m on a life support from you,
    I never want to lose you because I sure will lose my life.
    That’s how much I love you, Sweetheart.
  • At the thought of you, I get excited.
    Every hair on my body stands,
    Every organ in my body thrills,
    My heart continually screams your name.
  • Your touch reaches my soul;
    The sound of your voice makes me forget my worries;
    You get me confused.
    Now I know why I give in easily.
    Love you like no other Sweet.
  • You might not know what you mean to me;
    Your love is a drug;
    Works more than a supplement;
    I’m so addicted to you.
    I’m lost in you that I never want to be found.
  • I hope you love me as much as I love you,
    Cox, I never want to lose you.
    This love is a fraternity in itself.
    Death is the penalty.
  • Love!
    It’s the sensation I’m having now.
    I’ve never felt this way before,
    I know I’m your missing rib.
    So don’t lose me cox I’m your perfection.
  • And all I ever wished for is to be with you;
    To be your lover was all I ever dreamed of.
    I love you my Darling.
  • With loving you,
    I realised that love isn’t just a feeling;
    It is a lifetime of emotions emitting smokes of pleasure for every minute and hour;
    In good and bad times.
    I love you, sweetheart.

Love Quotes to Express Your Love

Expressing Love Feelings Quotes.

  • Love is life; Life is love.
    You are everything to me, dear;
    My Love; my Life.
    I heart you dearly.
  • Why do I smile every time I dial your number;
    Why do I blush at every”Hi” I receive from you;
    Nothing else explains this better than “I love you.”
  • I never believed love at first sight until the day I met you;
    It was so perfect;
    So put together.
    I’ll never stop loving Sweetheart.
    I love you.
  • Why are you so perfect?
    Your charity, your smile;
    your cheerfulness even in times of nothing.
    Oh! How I love you too dearly my love.
  • I close my eyes I see you;
    I touch my chest I feel you;
    I think and it’s all about you;
    I miss you so much dear and can’t wait to have you in my arms.
  • I don’t think I’ll love anyone the way I do love you;
    Your sweet words, your soft touch, your kisses;
    They stole my heart away.
    I love you, Darling.
  • In all my experiences of life,
    I’ve realised one greatest gift you’ll ever receive.
    It is Love.
    In all my life adventures, I’ve realised one greatest loss in human existence.
    It is losing that love.
  • Love is a beautiful paint artwork
    It is the tears, the pain, the weaknesses,
    the smiles, the joy, and the laughter make up the colours beautifying it.
  • I love you! I love you! I love you!
    That’s all I ever want to say;
    That’s all I ever want to hear.
  • Before now I was a total jerk;
    Your love made me know and love the real meaning of love.
    Your love transformed me.
    I love you my Heart.